I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 197, Why Not Cancel The Engagement; Brother Gu, You Are Truly Unfathomable!


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[Wang Zijin is someone who is indifferent, arrogant and aloof. Her personality resembles Gu Xianer. That little girl would always act colder when in front of others. Even to me. But still, she is still just a silly little girl in my eyes. Since I already have experience, I am familiar with these kind of people and have methods prepared. Since Wang Zijin is still not aware of me being a transmigrator as well. When I deal with her, I just need to pay special attention to the unique ways a transmigrator thinks.] Upon thinking of this, Gu Changge’s smile deepened.


[All I need to do now is to follow along the story she has in her mind and act like a special natively born young prodigy. After all, isn’t that what makes me interested in her eyes? Ah, Wang Zijin, don’t you know? Being interested in strange men is fatal for women. Well, you certainly won’t know that I will never keep someone who is a threat to me by my side.]


[I have plenty of means to deal with her. The only condition is that she does not realise that I am also a transmigrator. Otherwise, there are plenty of ways I can go about this. After all… she is a woman. Making her submit to me and be my tool is also an option, one that isn’t that hard to accomplish]


Soon, a few hours had passed and on the summit of the mountain, shrouded by clouds, decorated by ancient trees and Sacred Herbs, giving the appearance of the Celestial Realm, two people continued to chat.


It was originally, officially, Wang Wushuang who had come to visit Gu Changge. It was supposed to be his older sister having joined in to visit for fun as well. She was supposed to remain some who sat at the side and just listened in. It was supposed to be just for her to get a good look at this so-called number one of the younger generation. However, now, Wang Wushuang and the others had been relegated to be the one sitting on the side-lines.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge and Wang Zijin were jovially chatting away, raising their tea to each other. Wang Zijin was gracefully smiling as she spoke about different things from cultivation to life with Gu Changge. It was as if she had completely forgotten about the others.


This scene made Wang Wushuang, Xiu Er and others doubt their eyes a little. After all, although Wang Zijin usually appears to be approachable, she was arrogant down to her bones. She had never placed any young prodigy in her eyes.


From what Xiu Er knew about her, even if the son of the Jade Emperor were to come down from Heaven and visit her with tens of thousands of his vassals in tow, she would still hardly care about him. Instead, she would prefer to just send him away.


However, in contrast to that, Wang Zijin’s attitude towards Gu Changge was like Heaven and Hell. She even described him as ‘mere cannon fodder’ before. Now, she was taking the initiative to actively converse with him. It was a sight that made Xiu Er’s eyes widen in disbelief.


Meanwhile, Wang Zijin did not care about how those from the Wang Family around her felt.


She had already noticed the difference between Gu Changge and the other young prodigies. During their conversation, she was surprised to find that their thoughts on cultivation and other matters were really similar. This pleasant surprise had made her even more interested in Gu Changge. For the first time in 20 years after she came to this world, she finally found someone who holds the same views as her. It was as though she had found a confidant.


[Finally, in this strange wuxia world, I can unexpectedly find some sense of familiarity. Gu Changge’s perspective is truly refreshing. Be it his manner of speech, knowledge or opinion, everything is refreshing. He really is completely different from the other young prodigies I’ve met before. Even those old monsters that have cultivated for eons are inferior to him in terms of his mind.]


[His views are so similar to mine that I initially suspected that he is someone from the same world as me… but, as the conversation went on, his words and actions have quashed that suspicion. He is just someone who shares many similar opinions to me. His viewpoint still stems from someone born and raised in this world. In other words, he is just a little bit more special than the rest…]


Even though she thought of it as a little… It was more than enough to make Wang Zijin have an extremely strong interest in him. She had never felt such a strong urge to pry into someone else’s past before.


[Though he does not seem to be someone I can regard as an honest to good person, he is still so much better than someone who would constantly talk about selflessness, honour and righteousness…]


The strange gleam in Wang Zijin’s eyes was getting stronger as her evaluation of Gu Changge in her heart got better. After all, it was not easy for someone to make her share her deep interests on their first meeting.


“Lady Zijin, your various insights truly makes this Gu’s eyes open. It is certainly refreshing and new.” Gu Changge at this moment, made an expression as though to say ‘it is a pity’ as he sighed. “After meeting Lady Zijin today, I now understand phrase ‘to regret having not met earlier’.”


After he spoke, his facial expression seemed to be one that indicated that he finally found a confidant.


Naturally, after hearing what he said, Wang Zijin pursed her lips and said with a smile, “Brother Gu, you seem to share many of the same opinions as me. I’m certain that in the future, you will achieve great things and stand at the apex of the world, overseeing everything.”


Those from the Wang Family behind her trembled after hearing what she had said, especially the old monster. It felt as though a tsunami had hit them.


Due to Wang Zijin’s Talent, they knew she would reach the True Immortal Realm someday. There was also the fact that her views were always different from others. Thus, no young prodigy had ever entered her eyes. Yet, today, she spoke highly of Gu Changge. If her words spread to those in the Sky Domain, there would be an uproar amongst the young prodigies there, and it would send mighty waves everywhere.


[There is only one explanation. Gu Changge’s true might is not as simple as it seems. Even we have been deceived.] The old monster’s heart was restlessly pounding for a long time. [Just how strong and intelligent must Gu Changge be for Young Mistress Zijin to evaluate him so highly?]


Once Gu Changge heard this, he was stunned for a moment but then chuckled, not saying a word for a while. He seemed to be thinking of something before he showed a look of regret and finally opened his mouth to speak. “What a pity I did not meet Lady Zijin sooner. This might just be my greatest regret in life.”


“Brother Gu, aren’t you afraid that your fiancée would hear what you just said? You know, it’s not too late for us to really get to know each other. You are not officially married yet. Why not cancel the engagement and marry me instead?” Once Wang Zijin heard this, she was smiling from ear to ear. The lustre in her eyes was bright as she asked.


Though she said this, she could tell Gu Changge was merely saying this out of courtesy.


[Men like him aren’t easily tempted by women. All that talk about regret was just empty words. After I’m gone, in the blink of an eye, he will have already forgotten about me. Even someone as dazzling as me! Well, this just shows how resolute his Dao Heart is. He is not like those other young prodigies, who are easily disturbed by their worldly desires.] Knowing how he was, Wang Zijin could not help but ask that question, hoping to tease him.




“Young Mistress…”


Once Wang Zijin made such a remark, Gu Changge haven’t even said anything, but those behind her, like Wang Wushuang and the old monster, all had their expression changed drastically. Their eyes widened, shocked for words. They never had thought Wang Zijin would be so bold as to casually say those words!


If such words were heard by someone who understood the dynamics between the different factions, they would definitely be suspicious of the Immortal Wang Family, believing they intend on provoking the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty! After all, even if she has a high evaluation of Gu Changge, it was completely unnecessary for her to say such a thing in public. Her actions were just that jarring, especially since she was a woman and the Successor of the Mortal Palace. Just how could someone say such a thing?


Those from the Immortal Wang Family and the numerous experts from the Primal Celestial Temple behind Gu Changge were all dumbfounded. Gu Changge himself also seems to show a shocked expression, as if he had not expected this.


It took a while before he gave a reaction, which was to shake his head and smile helplessly. “Lady Zijin, your words are really hard for this Gu to accept. Even if I do, the forces behind you will most likely not agree…”


Naturally, he knew Wang Zijin was only teasing him. Only a bold woman like her would dare say such words. Thus, he did not take it to heart. Instead, he used this as an opportunity to dig up more information about the forces behind her.


Hearing his response, the smile on Wang Zijin’s face did not falter in the slightest as she said. “Brother Gu, you rejected me so straightforwardly. How saddening.”


Naturally, she was not really surprised Gu Changge would say that. After all, how could one easily break off their own engagement?


She was indeed interested in Gu Changge. However, it was not to the point she wanted to dedicate herself to him. She was a transmigrator with an ancient force backing her. She possesses such terrifying Talent that even young prodigies and children of ancient emperors do not enter her eyes. She naturally also has no intention of settling for some frivolous useless man.


Moreover, since Gu Changge have brought up the ‘forces’ behind her, this meant that he might have already deduced her other identity. It had actually surprised her. After all, even those within the Immortal Wang Family only knew about it based on a need to know basis.


“Brother Gu, you don’t need to worry about the forces behind me. As long as I want to do something, they can’t stop me.” Wang Zijin just continued to speak. She spoke with a trace of confidence and arrogance. It was as though her identity as the Successor of the Mortal Palace was not important.


Hearing this, Gu Changge’s eyes flashed with a strange glint. Naturally, he doesn’t actually know the other forces behind Wang Zijin. After all, he had not even began investigating her yet. He was just trying to poke around. It was simply impossible to deduce which forces she cultivates in with so little information and so many forces in this world.


[According to what she said, it seems like the forces behind her do not affect her decisions. In that case, they should happen to oppose me, right? Could they be the Immortal Gu Family’s enemy? Nah, can’t be. If anything, they are most likely related to my other identity, as the Successor of Demonic Arts…] In almost an instant, Gu Changge had now guessed Wang Zijin’s other identity.


[The Successor of the Mortal Palace, huh? I can’t really think of any other force besides the Mortal Palace that still has the power to oppose me as the Successor of Demonic Arts. How interesting… To think even the Mortal Palace is beginning to move.] While he was thinking, Gu Changge retained his calm expression on his face. Thus, no one sensed anything unusual about him.


He gave a nod and then smiled. “Lady Zijin, you are so talented and strong. What you say is certainly true. You have no need to care about the forces behind you.”


This time, it was Wang Zijin’s turn to be surprised.


[I still can’t see through his true cultivation level but from what he said, it seems like he is able to see through mine. My Talent is known for being the greatest since the dawn of time. Yet, he is still able to see through me? Gu Changge, the veil you hide under is truly thicker than I had thought.]


[If I take into consideration that rumour about him digging up his cousin’s Daoist Bone while he was still young, and his other identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, just how many means do you still have? Just how many are still being kept secret? I can’t tell!]


“Brother Gu, you are truly unfathomable!” Wang Zijin had no choice but to exclaim and accept it. [I have really underestimated the young prodigies born and raised in this world. Gu Changge, you have taught me an important lesson.]


At this moment, Gu Changge also heard the System prompt. It stated that he had gained a few thousand Fatums and Fortuity.


[Wang Zijin, as a leek, you are obviously a much better harvest than the other Fortuitous Ladies.]


Fatums and Fortuity kept coming in, one after another. Gu Changge had earnt so much that even he was a little surprised. However, his face still remained the same, still smiling.


[Hmm, Fatum and Fortuity are one thing. But, she certainly has other uses…]


Afterwards, they continued their chat for a while. It ended when everyone in the Immortal Wang Family had decided that it was time to leave. Nonetheless, what was said today had made them see Gu Changge in a new light.


[Not only does he have numerous means, his cultivation level is also unfathomable and could not be read…] Everyone was carrying this thought in their mind.


“Brother Gu, let’s meet again.” Wang Zijin cupped her hands while making a wide grin before she bid him farewell. When she turned around to leave, she moved in a free and easy manner.


“Take care, Lady Zijin.” While at the summit of the mountain, Gu Changge said as the mountain breeze blew, causing his hair to flutter about, making him seem ever more otherworldly.


Once he saw those from the Immortal Wang Family completely leave, the smile on his face instantly disappeared. In its place was an unfathomable expression.


“Come.” Gu Changge lightly said.


*Buzz!* Space ripple and inside the void behind him were several Enlightened Noble Realm experts. They were all Gu Changge’s trusted subordinates. Once they were out, they respectfully greeted, “Young Master.”


“Go and check what Mingkong is up to. Make sure to report her every move to me at all times.” Gu Changge thought about it and had decided to start with Yue Mingkong. However, it was not because he wanted to do it with Yue Mingkong. Rather, because Yue Mingkong was a regressor, she should know about things which would happen in the future. Hence, keeping track of her would help Gu Changge know a little about what was going to happen.


[The reincarnation of the Mortal One is about to be born. I’ve heard the rumours about the Mortal One already. If all of them are true, I need to make preparations. I must make sure I keep my guard up. But, the most important thing is still how much Fortuity the Mortal One possess. It should be a lot…] Gu Changge thought.


To Gu Changge, it truly did not matter if the Mortal One was a Fortuitous One. After all, he could still plunder a person’s Fortuity even if they were not the Fortuitous One. Thus, all that mattered was the amount of Fortuity on the person. In fact, the only function Fortuitous Ones have to him was the fact that they carried a lot of Fortuity.


Since Wang Zijin has appeared in the outside world when she was the Successor of the Mortal Palace, it clearly meant that the reincarnation of the Mortal One was about to be born.


Gu Changge would never leave such a huge danger to him alive for the future to deal with.


[The Successor of Demonic Arts and the Mortal One are mortal enemies. Since the dawn of time, many Successors of Demonic Arts have perished at the hands of the Mortal One. Because of the Mortal One’s goal of purifying the world, once he returns, he will definitely come after me.] Gu Changge was clear about this. He understood that pinning his identity onto Ye Ling was a temporary solution. It could not conceal the truth forever. Especially when the Mortal One could identify the Successor of Demonic Arts. A ‘true snake in the grass’.


Gu Changge plans on getting rid of the Mortal One before he could get strong. Be it replace or murderer, as long as it was quick, it was good enough.


“Yes, Young Master.” His trusted subordinates immediately moved, and acted in accordance with his order. They were going to inquire about Yue Mingkong’s whereabouts.


Gu Changge had planted some of his men by Yue Mingkong’s side prior to that incident in the Mountains of Horizons.  However, she seemed to have taken noticed already. Thus, she has been carefully removing those around her, and had found out who Gu Changge had planted. Naturally, this did not bother Yue Mingkong as she knew this was how Gu Changge does things. She only replaced all of Gu Changge’s men.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge had faith in Yue Mingkong. So, her removal of his men did not bother him as well. They had already served their purpose, as they were mainly sent to her after she refused to tell him where the Celestial Gate was. In fact, in this world, besides his parents, Gu Changge trusts Yue Mingkong the most; this was without a doubt.



Time passed quickly as days went by. The turmoil in the Celestial Ancient Continent had undergone tremendous changes. After the defeat of the True Dragon Clan, the other clans hesitated for a long time before making their choice.


The Ancient Flying Serpent Clan, the Divine Crocodile Clan, and the Black Hawk Family continued on eliminating any ‘traitors’ in the Celestial Ancient Continent. As for who were considered ‘traitors’? Anyone who refuses to submit to Gu Changge were traitors.


Naturally, under such oppression, it did not take long for the other clans to make their choice. They decided to submit to Gu Changge, and go under the Immortal Gu Family.


Finally, the entire Celestial Ancient Continent had been unified for countless years, with both the Skyward Schloss and Immortal Gu Family being the cause of it. This turn of events had caused a huge uproar. Though, in the eyes of the various different factions, this was something that was expected, eventual even.


The Celestial Ancient Continent was created by an Ancestor of Skyward Schloss during the Celestial Ancient Times using his supreme might. Thus, once the True Dragon Clan was defeated, the other clans would not be able to contend against the forces Gu Changge has.


After the war, Gu Changge’s fame once again reached an unprecedented level. His rumoured description of being the best in the younger generation circulated to all the factions as though it was a fact, creating a big stir. Furthermore, there was still his identity as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. An identity no one thought Gu Changge would possess.


Many cultivators were envious of him, especially those in the younger generation. Gu Changge’s Talent was already outrageously powerful, and now he was shown to be the Successor the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being? Wasn’t the that same as giving a tiger wings?


Subsequently, the details of the war had come out. It had caused countless to be shocked for words. They were deeply shaken, never imagining that one person could accomplish so much.



Within the Ancient Royal Family, Vermillion Bird Clan, there was a splendid palace that had runes around it like clouds in the sky, glowing with a brilliant light,


“Using an imitation of the Wheel of Reincarnation… I never expected Brother Changge to be the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. He sure had hidden it well. I can now tell why Ye Ling showcased abilities related to the Power of Reincarnation. He must have known about Brother Changge long ago, and had planned to pin Brother Changge as the Successor of Demonic Arts to be his scapegoat.” Chi Ling, the Successor of the Vermillion Bird Clan, had a cold expression on her face, as she said in a soft voice.


After leaving the Celestial Ancient Continent, she had been scouring for Ye Ling’s trail. However, so far, there seem to be no clues even when there were signs of the Successor of Demonic Arts appearing again and attacking numerous young prodigies. Their corpses all had their Sources taken.


Chi Ling was alarmed by this. After all, this showed that Ye Ling was still close by, and was hiding. Yet, there was no trace of him when she tried to scour for him. How could she not feel anxious?


[Ye Ling’s methods are all astonishing, especially his ability to conceal himself. He can most likely deceive even Heaven itself. From the beginning, he managed to hide his true identity and even disguise himself as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Searching for him will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It will be extremely difficult.] Chi Ling thought and sighed. She decided to instead search through the relevant books related to the Successor of Demonic Arts.


[I don’t believe we have no way to face off against him. Gu Changge manage to do it but not everyone is like him. He even got heavily injured. At the very least, we should prepare more means to protect our lives. Otherwise, if we encounter him, we will definitely die.]


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