I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 198, Net Spreads To All Heavens; Start of Magnificent Play.


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Meanwhile, in the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty.


“Reporting, we have determined the spatial coordinates of the Heavenly Star Realm…”


“The Unrivaled Guards already has five hundred thousand members, we are now forming the second group”


A female officer respectfully gave her report.


Inside a palace, Yue Mingkong was standing with her hands behind her back. She looked out of a window, out into the distance. Her expression was calm yet deep. Even when under her large imperial dress, her posture of confidence and pride could not be hidden. She was currently in deep thought, until she heard the report. It shook her out of her thoughts but now, her fairy like face seems to be in a trace as she gave a nod, “Well done.”


The Heavenly Star Realm. It was something she had learnt about from her memories of her previous life. It was the place the reincarnation of the Mortal One would be born, and the place he would exit when entering the Beyond. It took her a lot of time to find this place.


She was also busy with the creation of the Unrivaled Guards. She had also spent a lot of her time and energy into its formation. However, due to priorities, it was not yet completed. After all, Yue Mingkong plans to resolve Gu Changge’s hidden danger first.


Naturally she knew that if she could not accomplish it, she should consult Gu Changge, and let him handle it. However, it would be bad if the Mortal Palace notices him and exposes him as being the true Successor of Demonic Arts. If that happens, the entire world would become his enemy.


[If I go to Heavenly Star Realm now, I might miss it…] Yue Mingkong’s expression showed reluctance, something rare for her.


She fears that she would not have enough time if she does not leave now. It was currently, most likely, the Mortal One’s weakest state, which was the best opportunity to deal with him. After all, once the Mortal Palace finds him, the difficulty of dealing with him would multiply by manifolds. However, she does not intend to directly eliminate him with her own might. She merely wishes to delay his appearance in Boundless Heaven.


[Heavenly Star Realm is extremely far from the Inner Domain. It is obvious that the Mortal One won’t be found by the Mortal Palace so soon… In fact, if they wish to find out where the Mortal One is, the Mortal Palace will need to spend a lot of time and effort.] Yue Mingkong pondered over it for a long time, before she made the decision to go after waiting for a few more days. After all, in a few days, there was going to be a birthday banquet for Gu Changge’s mother. It was something Yue Mingkong could not miss.


Gu Changge’s mother had always treated Yue Mingkong like her own daughter, even in her previous life. Their relationship was something Yue Mingkong cherished. Her own biological mother had passed on when she was young. Furthermore, in her previous life, Gu Changge’s parents were the only ones who continuously provide her with parental love. Thus, she absolutely wanted to attend her future mother-in-law’s birthday banquet. She refused to go to Heavenly Star Realm mainly because it would take too much time, and she would not make it back in time.


Naturally, over the course of the past few days, she had also been carefully paying attention to whatever was happening in the Celestial Ancient Continent.


[Seems like it ultimately ended pretty much the same way as it did in my previous life. The only difference is that Gu Changge at that time did not reveal himself as the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Instead, he used some other methods to force the clans to submit to him. It’s not surprising. After all, Ye Ling did die early in this life so, he could brazenly make use of his identity.] Yue Mingkong was not surprised by this outcome; it was something she expects Gu Changge would do.


[The Successor of Mortal Palace will soon leave for the outside world. It is said that their power is unfathomable, that only those ancient monsters can be a match against them… It is obvious that my current strength cannot hope to compete with them. It seems like I have to go to the Ancestral Land now. I can take in the Emperor Essence over there to strengthen myself, and refine the remaining Celestial Spirit as well…] Yue Mingking pondered for a while and moved to send out her orders before setting off for the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty’s Ancestral Land.


Every Successor of the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty had the opportunity to absorb the Emperor Essence and strengthen themselves. It was a method to inherit power, which helped the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty to stand since the dawn of time, with an indestructible foundation. Naturally, since only the Successor had such an opportunity, it meant that only one person in every generation could make use of the Emperor Essence.


Yue Mingkong originally planned on doing this only after advancing into the Sacred Realm. However, since the Successor of the Mortal was going to come out, she felt pressured to improve her cultivation level. Naturally, she would also make use of the Celestial Spirits Gu Changge had given her.


[I have to fully refine and absorb these two things. Otherwise, from here on out, I will no longer have a place in the future.]



After all the Celestial Ancient Races were unified, Gu Changge did not sit around idling. He continued to plunder as much as he could and obtained quite a harvest.


There were countless Ancient Immortal Scriptures, Teachings from Great Masters, Indestructible Stone Carvings, Rune Formations, Divine Medicine, books related to the Dao, godly weapons and Dao Artifacts. With all these cultivation resources in his hands, Gu Changge had never felt so rich!


The resources accumulated by all the clans in the Celestial Ancient Continent was truly astounding. Even those in the Sacred Lord Realm would be jealous of what he has!


Naturally, with all these resources in front of him, Gu Changge obviously took this opportunity to use Nommening to break through to the Sacred Realm in one go. Meanwhile, for his surface cultivation level from Skyward Ascension, he had also allowed it to breakthrough to the True Enlightened Realm.  


[This should be enough to still fool most. Many will still doubt my cultivation level. They will believe it to be much higher than the True Enlightened Realm. But so what? Can they see through me and find out my true cultivation level? So, I see no reason to care about this. I’ve already reached a level my peers can never hope to match. Even when the Successors of the Mortal Palace is in front of me, she is still beneath me.]


For the past few days, Gu Changge had been finding out more about the Mortal One’s reincarnation. He even made use of his knowledge of novels from his past life, trying to predict the likelihood of him taking over and replacing the Mortal One. Unfortunately, he came to the conclusion that it was not likely, though also not impossible.


[I first need to find his reincarnation before I can move forward with my plan. But how? The Beyond is boundless. Not to mention, how many Nethers are there? And how big is each one of them? There are even other World Planes as well. The search would be endless. There is no way I would search them one by one. It’s not realistic. But more importantly, too troublesome.] Currently, Gu Changge was pondering over this, puzzled as to how to solve it.


So far, he thought of two ways. The first was to get clues from Yue Mingkong. However, his trusted subordinates had informed him that she had gone to the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty’s Ancestral Land, and would not leave the Unrivaled Celestial Dynasty’s territory for a while.


Thus came his second method, which was to find the Mortal One’s reincarnation through the Mortal Palace. He would be basically stealing their hardwork. Unfortunately, this was not without risks and difficulties. It was impossible for the Mortal Palace to not have preventative measures. Similarly, Gu Changge might even get his hidden identity exposed to the whole world.


There was also another thing, which was Wang Zijin’s attitude towards finding the Mortal One. She hardly cared about doing it. However, it was to be expected as she was a transmigrator. How was it possible she would willing slave away for others?


[What should I do to turn Wang Zijin into one of my useful tools? Guess it won’t be that easy and will take quite a while. With Yue Mingkong going to her Ancestral Land, I should set matters related to the Mortal One aside for now. I’ll continue once she’s back.]


[Over the past few days, I’ve already exchanged the Fortuity I’ve earned to evolve my Inner World. I’ve already erected the foundation and the Immortal Gardens from myths. Just as planned, in this boundless mysterious world, there will be a large expansive golden palace that has seas of stars around it, with hundreds of millions of stars falling each moment, giving a scene of chaos in its surroundings to build contrast. It’ll be incomparable space which would make anyone, even those in the Sacred Realm blown away. They would not be able to help themselves from prostrating in worship.]  


Naturally, Gu Changge was thinking about this because it was his following plan. He had to be careful in how he designed it, else, it would not seem sufficiently almighty enough to frightened people and attract the ‘leeks’.


[Everything seems to be ready, except the most crucial parts. Nonetheless, I should have someone go and test it.]  Gu Changge thought, with his eyes set on Hei Ming. He was previously a trash young master and had now transformed into a radiant star of the Black Hawk Family. The power and influence he held was now monstrous. In fact, he was second only to his older sister, Hei Yanyu.


Naturally all the success had gone to his mind. He was even thinking of how he could get his family out of Gu Changge’s control, all without realising he was the source of his family’s downfall.


“Greetings Young Master!”


Gu Changge soon appeared within the territory of the Black Hawk Family. His arrival had alarmed the entire Family. Everyone came to him to offer their greetings. They were uneasy, uncertain of what he was planning to do to them.


“No need to be so polite.” Gu Changge nods and scans through them to see their progress in their training. He was quite pleased that all Celestial Ancient Races under him were now secretly training to be a terrifying force for him. In fact, he believes that his gathered forces were strong enough to take on multiple factions at the same time. However, this was not what he came for.


“Is Hei Ming here?” Gu Changge asked with a profound smile.


“Reporting to Young Master… Hei Ming is here. What would you like him to do?” An Elder quickly replied, voice trembling as his complexion worsened. That was just how terrifying Gu Changge was.


“Bring him to me.” Gu Changge lightly ordered with an expression devoided of emotions as he turned around from them and stood in the main hall.


No one could guess what he was thinking. They were so afraid that they trembled, and everything they did felt like they were walking on thin ice.


“Hei Ming, just what did you do…” Hei Yanyu, who was in the crowd, had turned pale. She was thinking of the worst, worried that Hei Ming had offended Gu Changge. Naturally, this was due to Hei Ming’s earlier declaration to her, that he would find a way to save the family and escape from Gu Changge’s evil grasp. Her first thoughts were that Gu Changge had found out, and Hei Ming would have to take his own life.


Soon, in front of the uneasy and frightened Black Hawk Family, Hei Ming was brought to Gu Changge by his fellow people.


He was now no longer the useless trash he was before. He was confident and spirited, even when compared to others. Even so, he still had a mix of emotions written on his face, confusion, shock, fear and etc. He could not comprehend why Gu Changge wanted to see him so suddenly. Meanwhile, Gu Changge was the target of hatred and fear. After all this young man had the lives of his entire family in his hand and was controlling them. Naturally, He Ming refuses to accept living like this. Thus, he had all these feelings when Gu Changge demanded for him.


“Young Master, Hei Ming has arrived.” A Black Hawk Family member reported, with his voice trembling.


“Alright. Hei Ming is to stay, while the rest, leave” Gu Changge ordered.


“Understood.” Following his command, the rest quickly retreated. Soon, the main hall was only left with two people, Hei Ming and Gu Changge.


“Young Master…” Hei Ming was the first one to speak, while forcing himself to calm down.


However, Gu Changge treated him like air, as though he heard nothing. He did not bother to turn around and face Hei Ming.


Seeing this, Hei Ming dared not to speak another word. His forehead was covered with sweat. His face had turned pale as his body trembled.


“I heard that you wish to remove the Slave Mark plaguing your family…” When Hei Ming could not take it any longer, Gu Changge finally spoke up. He even turned around and showed a smile.


In an instant, Hei Ming’s brain seemed to have blown up. After all, he had only said this to his older sister so how did Gu Changge know?


Hei Ming instantly showed an expression of despair. Without even thinking, he knew that Gu Changge could read his thoughts and was certain he would be killed. Since he was under the control of the Slave Mark, he would not able to resist. His life could be taken by Gu Changge at any time. After all, his Ancestors in the Sacred King Realm could not resist!


“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. After all, You are the one the Absolute Being has chosen…” Just when Hei Ming was consumed by despair, Gu Changge spoke again. This time, he made a smile of deep intrigue.


[What?!] Hei Ming’s eyes suddenly widened. He was too shocked for words. [I didn’t hear him wrong, right? He just said it right? ‘Absolute Being’?]


It felt as though he had been struck by a gigantic bell in the head. His mind turned blank as a deafening chime was produced.


[Can it be…? Is Gu Changge also a follower of the Absolute Being?] Hei Ming wondered, shocked. It was hard to describe what he was feeling at this point in time.


“You…” Hei Ming’s relationship with the Absolute Being was his greatest secret. He did not expect Gu Changge to speak of it. Nonetheless, he was quick to figure everything out.


[No wonder. No wonder Gu Changge has this familiar aura emanating from him. That feeling that I felt when I first saw him. It turns out that he is also a follower of the Absolute Being!]


“The Absolute Being wants me to tell you this. As long as you are sincere from the bottom of your heart, everything you want can be obtained. As long as you say my true name, you will be able to escape reincarnation and become an Immortal!” Gu Changge looked at how shocked Hei Ming was and his smile deepened.


[This is how I am going to set up my Inner World. I’m going to fool others into thinking it was a place where the Absolute Being is living in. We can’t have the Absolute Being always showing up to see his followers right? That would be too unbelievable. Once is more than enough. Naturally, that would mean he would need a representative, which would be me. Who would ever suspect me of being the Absolute Being himself? As for who the Absolute Being is, does it really matter? He can be a True Immortal, a Main God, a Minor God, there are just too many options…]


Gu Changge had already exchanged his Fortuity to construct something where others could make contact with the Absolute Being. Since Fortuity could buy anything in the System Shop and his Inner World was multipurpose, it did not take too much Fortuity to set this part up.


The important point was that there was a cost of contacting them using the System directly. The cost would differ based on the strength of the person he was contacting and the spatial distance between them. Nonetheless, it could cost way too much, and he had no plans on paying.


Instead, for anyone, if they wanted to see the legendary ‘Absolute Being’, they must first have faith in him. Gu Changge has many ways to find out. For example, he could uncover how faithful the person was once they recited the Absolute Being’s true name. It was also through this method that he could uncover how much Fortuity they have. Once he knows, Gu Changge would then decide how to harvest them.


So, for how they can show their faith, it was simple. They do so through the dissemination of the Entanglement Immortal Might. That way, the net will spread to all Heavens, World Planes and the Nethers. As long as one practices the Entanglement Immortal Might, they would be followers of the Absolute Being.


[This so-called display of faith is just a way to set up a line connecting to me. A line I can use to have control over their life] Gu Changge had already thought of a plan. He just needed to use Hei Ming to test it out first.


After hearing what Gu Changge had said, Hei Ming seemed to have grasped its meaning and immediately became excited. The despair from before was nowhere to be seen.


[As expected, the encounter with the Absolute Being the previous time was not by accident. If I was to see him, I would need to recite his true name out loud.]


“The Absolute Being had a task for you. Within three months, you are to find thirty devout followers for the Absolute Being. Once done, recite his true name and you will be able to see him.” Gu Changge gave a small smile and gave Hei Ming his first take. Though, whether it could be accomplished or not was not important as this was just an experiment. In fact, Gu Changge did not care how Hei Ming would accomplish this. If he doesn’t, it just means that this pawn was now useless.


“I understand. Young Master, I will definitely complete the task sent by the Absolute Being!” Hei Ming replied with fanatical enthusiasm.


Gu Changge replied with a nod and stepped back. Behind him, space turned blurry as the void opened up, and he disappeared. [If this goes well, I can move onto phase two.]


[Right now though, the Eternal Overcast approaches, and the Mortal One is about to appear…] Gu Changge’s expression became somewhat unfathomable. [For those in this world, the Eternal Overcast is certainly an unavoidable disaster but to me, I just can’t help but see it as the greatest of opportunities.]



Gu Changge had left the Celestial Ancient Continent and returned back to Skyward Schloss. He needed time to devour and refine all the resources he had obtained. He had brokethrough to the Sacred Realm after devouring a few Sources, and his cultivation had already consolidated. Furthermore, with the Fortuity he had just earnt, he got four more Absolute Detachment Bones. This makes him have a total of thirteen!


With more Absolute Detachment Bones in his body, his control over the World Principles had increased, and his understanding of the Grand Dao had strengthened. In fact, with how many means he now has, he was not afraid of facing someone in the Sacred Lord Realm.


Nonetheless, time passed quickly. Except for Gu Xianer would often go to the foot of his mountain to provoke him, it was mostly uneventful. Naturally, Gu Changge continued to treat her antics with indifference. Furthermore, since he was ignoring her, Gu Xianer was grinding her teeth in rage.


Meanwhile, Gu Nanshan had chased the Ancient Sea Palace back, killing all those in his way. He had forced the Ancient Sea Palace to seal off the Endless Sea. Thus, no one from the Endless Sea Clan was allowed to step foot outside the Endless Sea for the next hundred thousand years. This was a huge incident that caused a huge uproar.


It was said that some had witness a jet-black sword blade pierce through the air and struck a mighty Sacred Realm expert in Ancient Sea Palace, causing heavy injury. No one knew where it came from, they just knew that it was from somewhere inconceivably far and the attack was so strong it made the whole world tremble. Some believe it was from another Ancestor from the Immortal Gu Family, who could not accept that someone from their family had been bullied. However, there were many more who believed it was from some mysterious unknown expert.


[Should be one of the masters behind Gu Xianer who had finally made his move…] Up in Supreme Peak, Gu Changge was not surprised when he heard of this incident.


There was also a letter from the Immortal Gu Family in his hand, which he was quietly opening up.


[Mother’s birthday banquet is approaching. In that case, I should take Xianer back with me.] Gu Changge calmly scanned the contents written. His eyes narrowed as he thought, [What a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the force behind her, the Peach Village. Xianer, I have set up a magnificent play for you. It will be the start of something extremely exciting.]




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