I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 204, A Love for Belongings, Taking Over an Expert’s Body


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Yue Mingkong knew of Gu Changge’s intentions, which was to see whether she knew any other ancient monstrosity that could potentially be his next victim to pin the blame on, but she didn’t expect him to ask her bluntly and inquire her opinion.


Based on the trajectory that she was familiar with, the Successor of Mortal Palace would soon appear. Then, the Successor would roam the world in search of the Mortal One’s reincarnation, while thinking of a way to kill the true Successor of Demonic Arts.


In her previous life, it seemed like the Successor of Mortal Palace had found its way to Gu Changge, but she didn’t know what happened afterward. Even though many things had changed in this life, the only thing that didn’t change was Gu Changge’s identity and actions.


[Now, the entire Beyond is being played off by him. If everything plays out, I’m afraid that what he says will come true… Once he dies, I’ll really become a widow.]


By then, she would undoubtedly choose to kill herself and follow him, but she really didn’t wish to see that happen.


“It seems like you don’t know about Wang Zijin’s background.” Listening to her, Gu Changge revealed an intriguing smile and casually said to her, “I’m afraid that if I make a move on her, the risk will be far too great, but if I have your help, things will be much different.”


“Wang Zijin’s background?” Yue Mingkong was startled. [Does he really think I can help him? Has he noticed something?]


However, she didn’t think too much about it as she was paying attention to his other comments. [Does Wang Zijin have a huge background? Isn’t she just some ancient monstrosity from the Wang Family? Judging from his actions, it is obvious that he is now using her as a pawn.]


Seeing her expression, Gu Changgethough, [As expected, in Yue Mingkong’s previous life where I killed her, transmigrators do not exist. There have been so many changes in this life. It seems like… god himself is deliberately playing a prank on me.]


However, he didn’t care too much about it since Wang Zijin didn’t pose much of a threat to him as a transmigrator, but unfortunately, she was the Successor of Mortal Palace. This identity of hers alone could bring great benefits to him, not to mention her plentiful Fortuity, which made it worthwhile to go after her. Thus, he pretended to ponder and stated, “Wang Zijin is actually the Successor of Mortal Palace.”


“The Successor of Mortal Palace?” Yue Mingkong was left startled and in disbelief. After coming back to her senses, she furrowed her brows tightly, and her expressions changed a little as a bad feeling rose inside her heart.


[The Successor of Mortal Palace in the previous life wasn’t Wang Zijin. It was a mysterious person, whose gender is shrouded in mist. This means that Wang Zijin, who is now approaching Gu Changge, may well be a character that didn’t show up in my previous life. Again! Something huge has changed yet again. This just shows that what I experienced and remembered in my previous life will most likely not happen in this one.] All of a sudden, Yue Mingkong was filled with some expectation and hope.


“Mingkong, it seems like you don’t know about this.” Gu Changge squinted his eyes as he looked at the distance where Wang Zijin was chatting with those from the Wang Family with an expression filled with interest.


There was no doubt that Wang Zijin was the Successor of Mortal Palace, but based on what he had seen from Yue Mingkong’s behaviour, it was clear that the Successor of Mortal Palace she knew was another person.


[The Mortal Palace might still have another Successor.] Soon, the possibility popped up in his mind. The other Successor was clearly someone that should exist in Yue Mingkong’s previous life. As for Wang Zijin, it seemed as though she was forcefully added to the equation since Yue Mingkong didn’t even know she existed.


“Changge, you have to be careful of the Mortal Palace.” Yue Mingkong’s expression became serious. Once more, her identity as a regressor had no effect on Wang Zijin.


“Mingkong, you don’t need to worry. I know what I’m doing…” Gu Changge smiled faintly as he had a plan in mind long ago. 


[Based on what she said, the other Successor of Mortal Palace will probably come to me looking for trouble. Otherwise, she wouldn’t remind me to be careful. Even so, I am not that worried… I already have another plan in mind. Now, I can put on a show before determining the most suitable candidate.] At this point, he couldn’t help but hold Yue Mingkong’s hand with force while a black rune quickly disappeared.


“What is it?” Yue Mingkong was a little confused as she noticed the change on Gu Changge’s hand.


Only in moments of worry and scruple that one couldn’t help themselves from holding someone else’s hand with force. In her eyes, Gu Changge had always been the prime example of meticulousness when it came to his schemes. It was as if everything was under his control, so it was rare for her to see him this concerned and worried over something. His actions only showed that he didn’t have full confidence in what was going to happen.


[It seems like the pending arrival of the Mortal Palace has indeed put a lot of pressure on him.] Thinking about it, she felt that she should move up her trip to the Heavenly Star Realm. [I can’t allow the Mortal One to appear this soon! For Gu Changge, I must think of a way to delay all of this!]


“It’ll be fine.” Seeing her reaction, Gu Changge shook his head slightly. She was staring at him closely, as if she was trying to read his mind. 


“Why do you look like you don’t believe in me?” He pretended to not know what she was thinking and asked with a faint smile.


His previous behaviour was also on purpose as he wanted to make her mistakenly believe that he was worried about the arrival of the Mortal One so that she would rush towards the location of the Mortal One’s reincarnation. The black rune naturally was to determine her whereabouts so that he could easily intercept her.


Even though he had taken advantage of her, he didn’t feel guilty about it at all. After all, it wasn’t easy to gain information from her mouth without exposing her identity as a regressor.


However, Gu Changge was willing to do so and played along with this revenge story of hers. Otherwise… it would be too boring.


In his eyes, if he wanted a Fortuitous Lady who was also a regressor like her to truly submit to him, he clearly needed her to tell him her secret on her own accord. [If I want to gain more Fortuity and Fatums, I have to start with her.]


Of course, another big reason was because he was truly fond of her. However, it was more akin to fondness for one’s belongings, which was completely different from being in love with someone.


“Changge, if it doesn’t work with Wang Zijin, you can also consider the other ancient monstrosities such as the once invincible young prodigy of the Undead Lake Clan, the sealed fire Daoist of the Vermillion Bird Clan, or the Golden Qilin Clan’s…” Yue Mingkong was now seriously thinking and advising Gu Changge. She definitely couldn’t tell him straight away that the various factions were about to build the Immortal Academy, but she could inform him about some of the ancient monstrosities and sealed young prodigies that became famous once the Immortal Academy was built.


After all, if Gu Changge really asked her about where she got this information, she could think of an explanation to muddle through it.


Looking at how serious she was, he couldn’t help but smile faintly. [Does this now mean that we are partners in crime?]


“Mingkong, I’m starting to like you more and more.” He smiled.


Listening to him, she felt her eyes lit up. Even though she loved hearing such words from him, she also understood that the most important thing now was to conceal her true identity from him for the time being.


In the meantime, no one around the two of them heard what they were discussing. Otherwise, they would be absolutely horrified with their souls scarred for life.


Yue Mingkong was worried that Gu Changge’s identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts would be exposed, so she began to come up plans for him so that they could pin the blame on someone else. She didn’t feel any sense of guilt in doing so since she wouldn’t mind standing against the entire world for him.


[The other Successor of Mortal Palace… I wonder what Wang Zijin’s thoughts are towards that. What a mess…] Gu Changge glanced at Wang Zijin far away while something flashed across his eyes. After connecting it to her identity as a transmigrator, he assumed that she must be disinterested towards the Mortal Palace. Under this presumption, he was able to come up with a better plan, and Wang Zijin would end up as his pawn.


[Now that I think about it, it is about time to use the puppets left by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.] Suddenly, he remembered the puppets that were as strong as those in the Sacred Lord Realm stored in his inner world. Because of the special material and forging, as long as the puppets were not completely destroyed, they could be recovered in the Portable Supreme Cave. Most importantly, the strength of these puppets was their pure cultivation might. Each of them had an exclusive array core within them, which meant that Gu Changge could forge a fake Successor of Demonic Arts through them. All he needed to do was to create an ‘accidental’ encounter with the Successor of Demonic Arts and use his Nommening energy to conceal the puppets’ original array core. On top of that, he could set up some arrangements to allow him to easily deceive everyone.


After all, for the time being, in the eyes of the public, he was the only person who fought against the true Successor of Demonic Arts, and Yin Mei was the only one who witnessed and testified to it. There was already an excuse to convince everyone, but clearly, it wasn’t enough, so now, he at least wanted many to witness him fight. As for how this plan was going to work, he already had something in mind.


[Isn’t the other Successor of Mortal Palace already on his way to find me? What a wonderful opportunity! When it’s time, who can really distinguish what’s real and fake?]


Thinking about it, he revealed a profound smile. Actually, before all this, he considered creating a doppelganger to pose as the Successor of Demonic Arts, but he denied the idea right after.


[Unless I’ve become an idiot, why would I need to disguise myself with another identity when I have someone perfectly there to take the blame? Won’t it be more normal for me to just make my enemy take the blame for all the bad things I’ve done?]


<Ding! A Fortuitous One has appeared. Taking over an expert’s body.>


Just when Gu Changge was thinking about his next plan, he suddenly heard the notification sound from the System. He was startled for a moment while his expression turned strange. Based on his previous experience, this occurs when a new Fortuitous One appears, and this time the System even gave a hint that it was someone who had taken over an expert’s body. It was just that it really came at an unexpected time.


[There was no System prompt before. Is something strange about to happen?] He thought about it, but it didn’t bother him for long. It would be a waste to not gain anything no matter how small. Then, he realised that the System also gave a hint the last time Wang Zijin showed up.


[‘someone from another world, the same as yours?’… that was referring to her identity as a transmigrator? So, this time, it’s ‘taking over an expert’s body’? If it’s the same as the many tasteless cliches I know about in my previous life, it refers to someone completely normal who suddenly gained the body and identity of some huge figure. In other words, a poser. Will it be the same kind of person as those who try to act calm on the surface but are actually terrified inside? This will be a bit interesting.]


Gu Changge had seen this play out many times. No matter how well they pretended, cracks and weaknesses would be exposed somehow.


After that, he slowly swept across every inch of the hall with his gaze, glancing at everyone including Yue Mingkong.


From his seat, his gaze swept through a lot of young prodigies who were chatting and drinking before landing on the area consisting of many big figures from different formidable factions.


[Based on that kind of cliche, it is the norm to suddenly gaining the power by taking over such big figures with an incredible cultivation, such as an emperor or a Supreme Being…] Soon, Gu Changge couldn’t help but furrow his brows because the situation wasn’t as simple as he expected. No big figure in the hall had their identity stolen.


[The cliche for this is really unreasonable. How could a mere nobody take over a powerful cultivator? Without the System’s prompt, no one would be able to imagine this possibility. Seems like he isn’t here.] He went with the old way of seeing their Fortuity to differentiate the newly appeared Fortuitous One from the others. Since the System notified him, that meant the newly appeared Fortuitous One was not far away from him, so as long as he paid attention to the Fortuity of the people present, he should be able to recognise who it was.


[Based on the previous cliches, whether it is a Fortuitous One or a Fortuitous Lady, they more or less have something to do with me or become my enemy. I wonder what conflict I have with the current Fortuitous One.] He suddenly became a little intrigued. If the identity of this Fortuitous One, who took over an expert’s body, managed to satisfy him, he could use this opportunity to start his plan.


[It’s time to get someone new to take the blame.]


Then, outside the hall, someone from the family suddenly ran over to his side and reported, “Young Master Gu, the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, Yin Mei, is here.”


Since she arrived midway through the banquet, she felt embarrassed asking someone to announce her arrival so loudly, so she ordered them to notify Gu Changge directly instead.


“Yin Mei?” Before he could say something, Yue Mingkong, who was sitting next to him, heard the news and lifted her head to look outside the hall. As she squinted her phoenix-like eyes, they were suddenly filled with coldness.


At the same time, a murderous aura emerged from her body.


[This slut. I warned her once, but she still dares to come?]


Many of the young prodigies also looked in the same direction curiously.


“Let her in.” When hearing the news, Gu Changge seemed to be slightly stunned, as if he was surprised.


After coming back to his senses, he revealed another bright smile and welcomed her in.


Right before this, he was wondering who the person might be, so actually he wasn’t surprised to know about her arrival. Now, he was more certain that the newly appeared Fortuitous One had something to do with Yin Mei. In that case, the person was also indirectly connected to him.


His expression revealed his slight interest.


Soon, under the guide of the Gu Family, a woman in a red dress entered the hall with an enchanting and seductive face. She was full of beauty that was different from the other prodigal damsels, as if she could seduce the whole world.


Her delicate face carried a faint smile, and behind her, there were nine white puffy fox tails carried by several maids in their hands. A group of powerful cultivators and Elders of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan followed her from behind as they entered the hall carrying gifts.


At the same time, a clean-looking young boy named Chu Fan also followed them from behind.


*Woosh!* After a quick glance at Yin Mei, many of the big figures who were chatting quickly withdrew their gaze without caring much.


“It’s her! The Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. Young Master Changge rescued her back then from the hands of the Successor of Demonic Arts…”


“It seems like the Young Master of the White Tiger Clan, who was assassinated by the Successor of Demonic Arts, was her fiance, but the marriage has been cancelled.”


Many young prodigies who recognised her weren’t surprised by her arrival since not only was Gu Changge her senior brother, she also owed her life to him. Therefore, it was normal for her to attend the Immortal Gu Family’s banquet.


Soon, many from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan sent their gifts before sitting on their seats. Even though they were late, they didn’t miss the banquet.


“Greetings, Senior Brother Changge.” Yin Mei walked to the front of Gu Changge and bowed at him slightly with a smile.


As for Yue Mingkong, who was sitting next to him with a cold expression, Yin Mei ignored her, as if she couldn’t sense her frightening aura.


In front of everyone, this was how Yin Mei usually addressed him, but what surprised her was that Gu Changge’s eyes looked a bit peculiar, as if he was never looking at her the moment she entered the hall. Instead, he was staring at the young servant behind her.




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