I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 239, Shocking Rewards, Just Kill Me


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*Zoom!* The terrifying aura even superseded the Chaos Qi as the room started producing cracking sounds. After all, the Grand Flask, a genuine entity forged with infinite godly powers and celestial energy, a Condensation of the Great Dao, was repressing the room. Even the glowing Symbol of Reincarnation that was resisting the enormous force was eventually engulfed by the Grand Flask.


“Ah!” Jiang Yang let out a shriek. Soon, his voice faded away, and so did his life. Even the Mortal One’s Symbol of Reincarnation was dimming as it was engulfed by the dark lights. The Celestial Energy within the Symbol of Reincarnation formed an unseen balance, which was swiftly broken.


But of course, the process of devouring was not an easy one as it would require some time to digest anything that was absorbed. Besides, the Mortal One had accumulated innumerable Dao Fruits, so the Grand Flask would need more time to process.


All of a sudden, Gu Changge heard the System’s notification in his mind. Back when he drew his hands, he simultaneously used the Fortuity Plundering Talisman. And now that Jiang Yang was beaten to a pulp, it was the most opportune moment to use the talisman.


<*Ding!* Plunder successful. User is rewarded with all Fortuity owned by the Fortuitous One, Jiang Yang the Mortal One’s reincarnation, as well as 8000 Fortuity and 40,000 Fatums.>


<*Ding!* User succeeded in killing the Fortuitous One, the Mortal One’s Reincarnation. As the Zero Fortuity Rule was in effect, User is rewarded with a Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest.>




A series of notifications sounded.


Gu Changge wasn’t quite moved by Fortuity or Fatums. Rather, he was fascinated by what the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest possessed following the death of the Mortal One.


[Is it a Dao Fruit? The Symbol of Reincarnation? Or is it something else?]


<Do you wish to open the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest?>


[Yes] Gu Changge replied without any hesitation.


A familiar golden chest popped up. However, compared to the previous treasure chests, this one was surrounded with a violet ring.


[There’s Amethyst Fortuity now?] Gu Changge was visibly surprised. [It seems the Fortuity of the Mortal One is regarded as a higher-grade Fortuity in the System.]

*Whoosh!* Quickly, something else that could only be seen by him appeared.


A layer of golden lights erupted, followed by a layer of mysterious pattern, ancient and dense, wafting around. Within it, three items floated, covered in a layer of hazy glow.


<*Ding!* Congratulations! User obtains: Symbol of Reincarnation*1, Violet Fortuity Crown*1, Dao Fruit of Reception*1.>


[The Symbol of Reincarnation, huh?] Gu Changge squinted his eyes and was reminded of the Symbol of Reincarnation he condensed back when he was absorbing the Stage of Reincarnation Enlightenment left behind by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being in Celestial Ancient Continent.


[The Symbol of Reincarnation grants its user an additional life. In other words, I now gained one more life, unless my enemy is another Successor of Demonic Arts, who also possessed the Grand Flask like me. Of course, that’s merely a metaphor. No such thing would ever happen.]


At his will, Gu Changge could feel an ambiguous, mysterious symbol within his Primordial Spirit fading and floated on top of it before completely vanishing.


[Ah, yes, another life. With two Symbols of Reincarnation in my hands, I now have a new card up my sleeves.] Gu Changge was quite content.


[But what about the Amethyst Fortuity Crown?] Accordingly, Gu Changge read about the crown’s introduction and his face grew somewhat strange.


The Amethyst Fortuity Crown was a Fortuity-Class mysterious item. Even though his Fortuity was Onyx, which was considered as an uncontrollable aberration in this world, he could still use the Amethyst Fortuity Crown. Whenever he put on the Amethyst Fortuity Crown, he could acquire Amethyst Fortuity. From his current knowledge, Amethyst Fortuity was currently Fortuity of the highest grade he was aware of.


Nonetheless, donning the crown came with certain requirements, limitations and even a cooldown interval. And it could be a splendid tool at critical moments. After accepting the crown, Gu Change no longer paid it much heed.


Finally, he took a look at the Dao Fruit of Reception. Judging by its name, it was quite a peculiar one. Its surface was covered with ancient, mysterious runes that were vast and deep.


[This must be a Talent of the Mortal One, Reception Talent, and it is related to one’s soul. Dao Fruit Extraction is honestly just another usage of this Talent…]


Soon, Gu Changge came to a realisation as he understood the functionalities of the Dao Fruit, after which he chose to fuse with it. It was a unique Talent as it belonged solely to one’s soul, allowing its user to receive the Dao Fruits of others and use their cultivation strength as well as Primordial Spirits.


In other words, it was simply an Imitation Talent, though the success rate of its usage wasn’t guaranteed, so it was luck-dependent. Nonetheless, with the abilities of the Amethyst Fortuity Crown and the Dao Fruit of Reception combined, the outcome would be extremely overpowered.


“No wonder the Mortal One’s Soul could harbour so many Symbols of Reincarnation. So, such a Talent exists…]


Gu Changge sensed an odd aura surging from his soul. Among the legacies of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, there were concealment techniques, so there were naturally imitation techniques. Back then, these were the methods Gu Changge resorted to in order to pin the reputation of the Successor of Demonic Arts on Ying Shuang, the heir of Sky Emperor Ying, on the night of the Immortal Gu Family’s banquet.


However, now that he was in possession of the Dao Fruit of Reception, things became much simpler. It was now a thousand times more convenient for him whenever he wished anyone ill. In fact, he couldn’t help but think that his rewards were specifically chosen for him. [What shocking rewards, these are!]


“You really killed the Mortal One…” Followingly, after Gu Changge withdrew the Grand Flask, Jiang Chuchu, who seemed to have regained her senses, stuttered. Her blanched face was filled with fright and disbelief.


She had to witness the Mortal One being murdered, while she couldn’t do a thing about it but watch as he died away. As such, she could feel her world and beliefs collapsing. The spectacular palace within her conscience began to glow as a force gushed out.


“I did. What? Should I have waited for him to kill me instead?” Gu Changge looked at her and casually replied.


Unable to accept what she saw, Jiang Chuchu was frantic with remorse and confusion, wondering, [If only I mustered the courage to defy him, would the outcome have been different? Would the Mortal One have survived?]


Then, as if Gu Changge could read her mind, he blandly stated, “Nothing would be different. You would have died along with him.”


At once, Jiang Chuchu was stupefied. She never feared death, but upon Gu Changge’s words, she couldn’t help but feel terrified and intimidated.


Nevertheless, Gu Changge then went on a tangent. “But rest assured, I won’t kill you, as I made that promise to you.”


Having said that, he revealed an uncanny grin and added, “After all, you’re my woman. Killing my own woman is not something that I’ll ever do.”


Jiang Chuchu was dazed by his response. He claimed that he would never kill his woman with his own hands. Instantly, she grew silent as she was immensely disturbed. Essentially, there was already a Successor of Mortal Palace walking among the people of the world. Since Gu Changge had the ability to make the Mortal One disappear without making a fuss, making her disappear would be much easier. Thus, she did not doubt Gu Changge’s words, nor did she think them important.


“The Mortal One is dead…” She muttered as she remembered the very purpose of the establishment of Mortal Palace. [Now that the Mortal One is dead, what’s the point of Mortal Palace existence? How am I supposed to tell the world? Mortal Palace is destined to be doomed without a chance to restore its glory.]


Thinking that, Jiang Chuchu grew even more agonised as she no longer had any idea how she should live on.


“Gu Changge, just kill me…” Directly, she glared at Gu Changge and begged for death as she no longer had a purpose for cultivation.


After all, ever since she was born, she was taught to submit her entire life to restoring the glory of theMortal Palace, and as the Successor of the Mortal Palace, she was to shoulder every responsibility. Alas, now that the Mortal One got killed, never to reincarnate again, it was obvious that Mortal Palace, too, would soon fall. By then, she would be living a purposeless life.


“Oh, you poor lady. Did you really plan to commit to live for the sake of the Mortal Palace? As I said, I’ll never kill you. Though, there’s a way I can help.” Hearing that, Gu Changge revealed a sympathetic look and reached out his hand to gently tuck her fringe to the back of her ear.




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