I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 240, The Idea of the Mortal One, Left Behind for Her


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Proofreader: Silavin


Hearing that, Jiang Chuchu was stunned. She was confused watching Gu Changge fix her hair, and was surprised by his intimate gesture. For a moment there, she even felt spoiled, since Gu Changge was always an emotionless man and there was no way he would ever feign a showcase of warmth.


“What way?” Jiang Chuchu looked at him with her glistening eyes. For some reason, she subconsciously lowered her voice, and it was unlike her usual cold tone.


Hearing that, Gu Changge replied with a subtle smile, “It’s simple. The world needs a Mortal One to worship. Right now, no one other than the two of us knows that I’ve killed the Mortal One. As for Mortal Palace, they’ll never know about this, so you don’t have to worry about my methods. Therefore, there won’t be a third person that knows about the Mortal One’s death. The world doesn’t need the Mortal One. They simply need the idea of the Mortal One.”


Gu Changge smiled as he disclosed his plan to Jiang Chuchu. But of course, if he didn’t kill the Mortal One, there wouldn’t have been a need for such a hassle. Nonetheless, killing the Mortal One was one matter, while lending kindness to Jiang Chuchu was another. Regardless, if someone else were to overhear the conversation, they would absolutely drop their jaws and feel terrified, thinking that Gu Changge went insane.

And that included Jiang Chuchu who widened her eyes in stupefaction, after which, she quickly shook her head.


“No way! How can I ever do that? The Mortal One is irreplaceable. How can we substitute him with an imposter? Doing that is no different to betraying the Mortal Palace.” She gritted her teeth as she disagreed with Gu Changge’s idea.


Gu Changge’s plan was to have someone else pretend to be the Mortal One, just like how he looked for another woman to pretend to be the Successor of Mortal Palace and moving around the Upper Realm to deceive the masses.


However, Jiang Chuchu was intimidated by such a measure as not only would she betray her Sect, it would also make her feel as though she was teaming up with Gu Changge towards the path of evil. Even worse, she would appear as if she collaborated with him against the Mortal One and had him replaced, and she would never agree to such an atrocious act.


Hearing that, Gu Changge wasn’t at all surprised. Rather, he would be surprised if Jiang Chuchu immediately agreed. And so, he retained his grin and replied, “I’m merely giving a suggestion. It’s up to you whether you take it or not. Besides, the fall of the Mortal Palace is nothing but good news to me, so watching as it perishes wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, so don’t try to convince me to compromise.”


With a perturbed face, Jiang Chuchu grew silent as she acknowledged Gu Changge’s point. Indeed, the state of Mortal Palace was not relevant to him. Furthermore, all he needed to do was to kill her and no one would know that he was the Successor of Demonic Arts and also the murderer of the Mortal One. Thereupon, there wasn’t a need to burden himself at all.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chuchu grew uneasy, realising that Gu Changge was only saying that due to the nature of their relationship. In fact, apart from the initial wicked treatment, the man never did anything else to her. From the very beginning, she had always been hostile towards him as she believed that he was no good man. In fact, from certain aspects, he was the worst one there ever was.


With that in mind, Jiang Chuchu was obviously unsettled, feeling extremely conflicted. Nonetheless, she could never bring herself to betray her Sect and work with the Successor of Demonic Arts.


“Just kill me, Gu Changge!” After a long time of contemplating, she could only come to one solution: Death.


Upon that, Gu Changge revealed a glower. The smile on his face disappeared as he grew cold. “Don’t test my patience, Jiang Chuchu.”


This time, he addressed her with her full name instead of ‘Saintess Chuchu’ which he always used.


Accordingly, Jiang Chuchu, who finally regained her composure, was startled once again. Hearing the difference in the way Gu Changge called her, she could feel that he was upset by her lack of appreciation. In that instant, she could no longer tell whether Gu Changge was trying to be nice.


She then exclaimed through gritted teeth, “Don’t force my hands, Gu Changge. I’d rather die than to betray my own people. You killed the Mortal One, yet I do nothing about me. Consider your…”


“You speak as if you dare to lay a finger on me,” Gu Changge coldly interrupted, after which he blandly continued, “You wish for death, yet I keep you alive. Let’s put this another way. The past you have died, and now your life belongs to me. Did you consult me about what you wish to do with it?”


Hearing that, Jiang Chuchu instantly widened her eyes as she was dumbfounded. [Why does he sound so reasonable when I’m clearly aware that he’s forcing his way through words?]


Followingly, as Gu Changge swung his arm, the door to his Inner Universe suddenly opened, after which he grabbed Jiang Chuchu and threw her in before walking through the doorway himself.


“Gu Changge, you brazen scum!” Swiftly, in the Inner Universe, Jiang Chuchu lost her cool and shouted. Her state of mind that she cultivated to be incomparably calm proved to be useless with Gu Changge.


In the deepest parts of Sky Pool of Death, Zhao Yi, who was guarding Jiang Yang, looked rather fatigued. All of a sudden, as she sensed the Chaos Mist in front of her waning, she revealed a face of joy.


“Jiang Yang, you did i—” Before she could finish her sentence, she stood frozen in shock. Thoroughly stunned, she peered at Gu Changge who walked out of the pool with her eyes that were as big as the moon. She couldn’t believe what she saw.


[Wasn’t the Immortal said to have been slaughtered by Jiang Yang in the Sky Pool of Death? But why is he here walking out of the pool? Wait, where’s Jiang Yang? This is truly inauspicious…]


[This… is bad!] Fright was all over Zhao Yi’s face, and she subconsciously intended to use the Celestial Seal, which Jiang Yang passed down to her, to attack Gu Changge.

Alas, before she realised it, everything in her vision turned dark. All she could feel was a giant palm charging at her and instantaneously trapping her. Even the Celestial Seal that was floating in the air began to tremble violently.


*Thump!* The next moment, Zhao Yi lost all her hope and intuitively begged for mercy. “Mercy, Immortal! These are all set up by Jiang Yang. I have nothing to do with it…”

Unable to withstand the enormous pressure, her entire body exploded in a flash. Back then, the only reason Gu Changge left her unharmed was solely to trouble Jiang Yang, but now that Jiang Yang was gone, there was no need to let Zhao Yi live. In the blink of an eye, she, along with her soul, disintegrated.


Sensing something was off, the Artifact Spirit within the Celestial Seal intended to summon a rift and escape. Sadly, Gu Changge, having predicted that. He opened a Golden Dao Storehouse, which led to a vast world within it. It resembled a painting. When it opened, the surrounding area let out a deafening ring as it emitted blinding lights. Failing to escape, the Celestial Seal fell into the Golden Dao Storehouse.

After sheathing his new Sacred Emperor Grade weapon, he was in no haste to refine it as he had other matters to tend to. As for Jiang Chuchu, he was in no hurry either, knowing that she would eventually make a choice.


*Boom!* Quickly, the alarming grey fog within Sky Pool of Death intimidatingly gushed towards the sky as though it could break through the barrier of the realm. From far away, countless formidable cultivators were shocked to see what happened as they were unable to collect their thoughts.


At that moment, the terrifying aura of Sky Pool of Death raged towards all directions like a tsunami, forbidding any that wished to investigate the area from getting close. At the same time, none of Yue Mingkong’s followers who were assigned to keep watch nearby dared to storm in as they were certain that doing so would only kill themselves.

“Jiang Yang’s aura disappeared. What happened?” Yue Mingkong muttered with a scowl. Slightly moving her body, she activated a forbidden weapon to deflect the lingering energy around her as she rushed towards Sky Pool of Death.

Seeing the terrorizing figure in the sky disappeared with its energy nowhere to be traced as if it was instantaneously vaporised, Yue Mingkong was weirded out. Moreover, out of nowhere, she could no longer detect Jiang Yang’s aura, yet she couldn’t tell what happened to him.


Very soon, Yue Mingkong arrived at where the World Purifying Green Lotus was and found herself dazed as her eyes grew deeper. The lifeforce and the rich celestial energy of the World Purifying Green Lotus had obviously disappeared, obviously absorbed by someone else.


Immediately, Yue Mingkong eliminated Jiang Yang as the suspect. If Jiang Yang succeeded in absorbing the essence of the World Purifying Green Lotus, he would definitely charge out of Sky Pool of Death and avenge himself. Nevertheless, judging by the situation, he clearly failed and even got himself killed.


As such, Yue Mingkong was overwhelmed with thought as she grew incredulous, wondering who possessed the capabilities to slaughter Jiang Yang at such a place, the territory Jiang Yang’s supporters had set up.


“Wait. There’s still the World Purifying Green Lotus here? Did the suspect forget to take it away?” Quickly, Yue Mingkong noticed something in the pool and she was absolutely blown away. She discovered the rare seeds of the World Purifying Green Lotus in a substantial amount. Instead of being seized, they were left on the body of the lotus. Surprisingly, the essences and energy within the seeds remained intact, as if they were deliberately left behind for her.




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