I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 242, Do I Look Like Some Sort of Hero? It is All Just An Act


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After listening to Gu Changge’s answer, although it was more satisfactory than the initial one, Yao Yao still felt a bit annoyed. However, at her young age, she did not know what she was upset about. After all, Gu Changge has already once said the being her Master meant being someone who was closer to her than her family. It was a statement which Yao Yao firmly remembers.


Now that her brother was gone, Grandmother Yin Hua’s fate was unknown, there was only one person she could call family, her Master.


“For the true Jiang Yang, your brother, I have already helped you avenge him. No need to think of revenge any further. So, from now on, don’t be sad over this. At his last moments, within the depths of the Sky Pool of Death, I met him and he spoke of you before I killed him. His body had been possessed by the Celestia Sacred Emperor, but it was only a wisp of his soul. That means, the culprit is still alive, somewhere in the Upper Ream. However, do not worry. I will find him when the time comes and…” Gu Changge continued to speak about matters related to Yao Yao’s brother.


Jiang Yang had died, and his Symbol of Reincarnation was still inside the Grand Flask, being suppressed and digested. However, the true details of what had happened would naturally not be told to Yao Yao. Instead of Jiang Yang’s true identity, Gu Changge told her that the true culprit is the Celestia Sacred Emperor, whom she would target.


These words created an additional layer in cause and effect. Even if the peach tree behind Yao Yao wanted to investigate and plan something, it was impossible for it to find any flaws in his words and plans. After all, the Celestia Sacred Emperor was truly an accomplice of the Mortal One. Since all traces of the Mortal One’s existence had been completely wiped clean by Gu Changge, with him no longer being able to reincarnate, any investigation could only start and end at the Celestia Sacred Emperor. In fact, the only things the Celestia Sacred Emperor left behind were the Celestia Seal and the Celestia Holy Land in the Heavenly Star Realm. So, nothing substantial would come up in any investigation.


“I know, thank you, Master.” When she heard Gu Changge say this, she couldn’t help but nod her head. The hatred within her, even if Gu Changge did not do anything, would still be resolve by all means, something Yao Yao swore. It was just that Gu Changge had helped her resolve part of it, which made Yao Yao feel adamant about finishing off the rest.


“Yao Yao ……” At this time, Grandmother Yin Hua, who had been hiding at one corner of the Sky Pool of Death, suddenly shouted in shock and relief. Her old wrinkly face was full of tears as she came over.


When Yao Yao fell into the Sky Pool of Death, she wanted to rescue her. However, the terrifying existence high up in the sky stood like an almighty god, causing pressure which enveloped all sides, making it hard to even breathe. Thus, she dared not make a move. Nonetheless, she was still worried about Yao Yao’s safety. But, what was the point of worrying if she could not move nor do anything?


It was of great fortune that Gu Changge had stepped in to save Yao Yao, something Grandmother Yin Hua did not expect to happen.


“Grandmother….” Yao Yao was also deeply shocked and relieved. She thought Grandmother Yin Hua had died at the hands of the terrifying figure. Never would she have expected for her to be alive.


“The two of you, grandmother and granddaughter should first catch up. I still have things to do.” Gu Changge put Yao Yao down and said in a calm voice. His eyes then fell towards the terrifying figure high up in the sky.


“En, Master.” Yao Yao was sensible and knew what Gu Changge was talking about. Her eyes could not help but be filled with admiration.


The grey fog surged as mountains collapsed. Even the sky got split apart, fracturing and cracking like a broken mirror, with pieces falling down. Such a scene was terrifying beyond words, filling all at the scene with anxiety and fear. Not only Yao Yao and Grandmother Yin Hua, even the strongest experts of the Sky Domain felt like that. After all, the sky was collapsing, and who in this world could possibly mend it?




It was at this moment that the almighty figure suddenly noticed Gu Changge. The figure was still high up in the sky, shrouded in thick grey fog. Nonetheless, his cold, merciless eyes could be seen looking down. The energy of the world seemed to quake as seas turned into dust just from the fearsome pressure. This figure was simply too terrifying, as though an almighty True Demon was about to awaken.



At this moment, not only the Sky Domain, every domain in the Heavenly Star Realm felt his overwhelming aura. It was as though the world, the entire universe was about to collapse!


Countless trembling under his breath, souls about to crack apart, as if facing the apocalypse.


Terrifying Divine Chains of Order intertwined, the whole universe seems to have been set ablaze as stars started to tremble and fall, smashing into the ground! It was the end. The whole world seemed to have reached its end, and was headed towards extinction.


“How terrifying…”


“Just what kind of being has been hidden in the Sky Pool of Death? Just this pressure alone is something that goes beyond the boundary of what this world can handle!”


“Exactly. That terrifying being must be a Great Demon, one who would destroy heaven itself  once he fully wakes up. He will doom all life, and bring about a disaster!”


“Then what should we do!?”


Ancient experts from the Mystic Mountains and Forbidden Areas saw this terrifying scene and exclaimed in trembling voices. They were in great despair, as their souls shook from the terror. In fact, the higher one’s cultivation level, the more they could clearly perceive how terrifying the sight in front of them was. It was no longer something a cultivator from the Heavenly Star Realm could resist.


One side of the sky had completely collapsed.


The supreme True Demon had finally fully awakened. He left the Sky Pool of Death and swept his eyes to look at the entire Heavenly Star Realm, causing all living beings to feel great despair!


From the looks of it, this figure seems to have been trapped in the Sky Pool of Death, unable to leave. Nonetheless, this True Demon seems to have enough demonic power to tear down Heaven. He was so frightening that countless had their faces turned pale and desperate. They knelt down and started to pray. Pray for a hero to save them.


[Do I look like a hero? Well, no matter. It’s about to bring this disaster to a close.] Gu Changge stood at the edge of the Sky Pool of Death. His clothes fluttered in the wind, as he stood tall and straight, with an endless amount of celestial energy winding around him.


At this moment, after hearing all prayers from all corners of this realm, his handsome and peerless face showed a touch of intrigue.


“Master is a hero sent by Heaven to save us…: Yao Yao firmly said. She now felt unparallel admiration and worship for Gu Changge. After all, her Master’s strength was beyond understanding!


“For the Immortal to come down to a Lower Realm like this… Is it for this day?” Grandmother Yin Hua murmured. She now revered him, as though he was a god. [I once thought he had died here… I never expected to see him alive, right here, in front of me.]


When Grandmother Yin Hua thought of the reason why someone like the Immortal would come to this Lower Realm, It all made sense. The Immortal had come down to take down to seal up this True Demon!




Heaven and Earth seem to be collapsing. At that moment, Gu Changge took a step forward. One after another, beams of five-coloured lights shot out, filled with celestial energy, engulfing him. Floating up in the sky, around him, were black particles which filled the air, each seemed to be a desolate and depleted world. Heaven and Earth resonate, as the myriads of Dao trembled.


True Dragon, Celestial Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, Kun, Peng and many more appeared. Each was a great and mighty beast. They were like his escorts, making it seem as though an Immortal Emperor was treading the place.


All these elements came out, with his domineering aura, even the World Principles were suppressed! The sky trembled, Sky Pool of Death quaked, as Divine Chains of Order rushed out! It was a might far beyond what should be possible in this world. It had reached the level of complete world annihilation!


Countless long and majestic Blood Dragons came forth, covering the area like a boundless mountain range. They shot through Heaven, and tore through the universe, intertwining the endless chaotic celestial energy, startling the world, causing the whole place to turn silent!


‘Isn’t… Isn’t that the Immortal!?”


“Didn’t he fall in the Sky Pool of Death?”


Those powerful experts from the Mystic Mountains and Forbidden Areas exclaimed with trembling voices. This sight was inconceivable. Countless looked on, trembling. They found it hard to believe that there was really a Hero that had come to save them! Save this world!


Furthermore, this Hero was the Immortal from the Upper Realm, suspected to have fallen in the Sky Pool of Death!


Suddenly, people in every region begun to knell. They could not help themselves from prostrating in Gu Changge’s direction, worshipping him with incomparable reverence. Their pure prayer even resounded through Heaven and Earth!


“True Demon, today, I will make sure to crush you and return this world to peace!” Gu Changge rose up and shouted at the terrifying figure in the grey fog, “The common people of this world, the countless lives here. I will never allow you to harm a single hair on their head! So go back to where you came from!”


At this moment, his was awe-inspiring in righteousness, body seemed to produce an immeasurable amount of virtuous light!


Hearing what he said, countless became excited and hot blood rushed inside them. Some felt so touched that they burst into tears, as they felt the unquestionable righteous energy, which could purge all evils from this world!


*Rumble!* Soon, a great battle erupted. It was earth-shattering, extremely terrifying!


Gu Changge’s aura was so terrifying that it covered the sky. All eight directions tremble. It was the whole world was being suppressed by another world! Every cell in his body was glowing, exploding with great power!


*Bang!* Between the sky and the earth, the grey fog swelled and there was a loud explosion. The grey Demonic Energy scattered. It sounded and seemed as though bones got crushed to dust, blood vessels burst, leaving behind only blood mist!


Only Gu Changge’s figure could be clearly seen! The part where he stuck, the boundless peerless grey fog blanketing the sky and everything in it, including the terrifying figure, got blown up!


The scene of the whole sky blanketed in black, as though devoured in a bottomless black hole, and a part of it that grew a hole. It was as though that black sky surrounding the hole was nothing but an illusion.


Seeing such a change, those in the Heavenly Star Realm had their blood boiling!


“I didn’t expect the exalted Immortal to be someone who cares so much about this world… How shameful of me to think otherwise!”


“If I just had a trace of the exalted Immortal’s courage, I would not have cowered over this!”


At this time, many powerful experts, who seem to have gotten infected by the scene, had blood rushing to their heads. They rushed out to help Gu Changge subdue the still alive True Demon.


*Puff!* However, this group of hotheads could not get close to the Sky Pool of Death. Those that got too close got engulfed by Astral Wind, which blew them apart, including their Primordial Spirit, into powder. Such a scene shocked everyone, and they started to tremble in fear.


Naturally after seeing this, it was clear that this was something the ordinary could take part in. It caused their reverence of Gu Changge to become deeper. Only one with a kind soul, who lives for righteousness for the common man, would take the initiative to go in and risk his life in this battle.


“Master, he will definitely be fine! He is a hero, after all!” Yao Yao said with her small hands tightly clenched. She was currently being carried away by Grandmother Yin Hua, away from this horrendous battlefield, afraid to be caught up in it.


She had no doubt Gu Changge would be fine. He was a Master who could wipe off all evil from the world!


In the end, the terrifying battle that shocked the entire Heavenly Star Realm lasted for half a day. At the final moment, there was an earth-shaking roar. A scream of great unwillingness.


Immediately after, endless black light rushed out, obscuring the place, not allowing anyone to see what was happening inside. Subsequently, the grey mist that covered everything scattered, along with the terrifying aftershocks. All disappeared completely. Naturally, that included the Sky Pool of Death. After this battle, it had completely turned to dust and ruin, nothing else was left.


Mountains, celestial pools, ancient trees… all were turned to ash.


Once the grey fog dissipated, sunlight started to sprinkle through again. The sunny sky had been restored, and everyone was surprised to find that the cracks in the sky had been restored by the exalted Immortal!


The disaster had been stopped. However, the exalted Immortal could not be seen, as though he had disappeared.


Not being able to see him after this had ended, was one of the greatest regrets of those in the Heavenly Star Realm. After all, the exalted Immortal was someone who purged the greatest evil in this world, and just disappeared, with his life and death being unknown.


This matter would end as an eternal suspense, with no one knowing what actually happened to him after countless years. Nonetheless, with how powerful he was, many believe he did not face any issues and was still alive. Then, he just left after eliminating this great evil, and returned back to the Upper Realm. Naturally, some also believe that the exalted Immortal had originally rushed to the Sky Pool of Death to deal with the True Demon. He knew that the Sky Pool of Death housed the True Demon, and if the seal on the True Demon was to break apart, it spelled the demise of the Heavenly Star Realm. Thus, the Immortal was someone sent down from Heaven to save the Heavenly Star Realm…


Naturally, this was a great story and many rumours evolved from it. Some were more outrageous than others… nonetheless, many were still convinced of them. To be fair, the sight of that day was too mind-blowing. There were now even blurry images depicting what happened on stone carving being passed around in various places. It was only expected that this was also recorded in the history books, for all future generations to continue praying in reverence for the exalted Immortal.


To express their gratitude towards the exalted Immortal, his grace which saved them, they built temples for him, called Exalted Immortal Temples. Inside, there were statues erected of his image, with incense and candles being offered daily.

Naturally, these were what happened in the future.



At this time, Gu Changge had already taken Yao Yao out of the Heavenly Star Realm, and was ready to take her back to the Upper Realm. However, Grandmother Yin Hua chose to not accompany Yao Yao. Nonetheless, she was relieved to have Gu Changge to take care of the little girl.


Grandmother Yin Hua felt like she still had some loose ends to deal with. Many regrets still lingered, as her original Sect still had many things waiting for her to handle. Thus, she did not wish to leave the Heavenly Star Realm just yet.


Naturally, Yao Yao did not want to leave her behind. However, she showed great understanding and chose not to force Grandmother Yin Hua to leave with her. [It’s okay… with how amazing Master is, he can always bring me back to the Heavenly Star Realm anytime. After all, he is so powerful that he could subdue that True Demon, to come out of that battle hardly wounded.]


Naturally, Gu Changge would never tell her that the True Demon that seemed to want to annihilate this world, was nothing other than something created from his Celestial Chant. That, the ‘True Demon’ had no plans to destroy the world, that he could not be bothered to since it was too troublesome. In fact, it was all a play Gu Changge had directed and played as the Hero. Naturally, the aftermath did not really matter. The most important part was after this incident, in Yao Yao’s eyes, she would see her Master as amazing and glorious.


[Well, in addition to how Yao Yao would see me, now, if any of those supreme existences were to try and find the Mortal One’s reincarnation, they would deduce him to be in the Heavenly Star Realm. Naturally, after such a huge incident, they might suspect me of being the Mortal One’s reincarnation.]  The board had been set up by Gu Changge in advance. Naturally, he did not know if anyone would investigate. It was just a foundation for a possibility.


Nonetheless, in this process, he discovered plenty of benefits. [No wonder the Mortal One likes to gather the faith of others. It seems like the power of faith is the purest strength to enhance one’s Primordial Spirit. I won’t have believed it until I actually experienced it.]


However, to him, things like faith were something like rootless duckweed. Things that could be swept away at any time, something that cannot last.


However, if the Grand Flask were to devour and refine it, it could be used as another resource for him to cultivate.


After cleaning traces he might leave behind, Gu Changge brought Yao Yao to the top of a randomly found mountain.


“Yao Yao, today, I will take you out of the Heavenly Star Realm, to the Upper Realm.” He said with a smile on his face.






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