I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 269, An Unpredictable Plot, A Way of Harvesting Fortunate People

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“Who is coming, Brother… What a huge entourage… Even that old man in white from the Immortal Academy seems to become much more respectful in expression.” Qing Xiaoyi’s eyes widened in shock as this was her first time seeing a young prodigy arriving in such a way.


[A carriage pulled by nine Dragons!] She thought as her eyes were filled with envy and a sense of longing.


“I can see the character ‘Gu’ written on it. He must be that man from the Immortal Gu Family!” It was the young man Qing Feng couldn’t help but feel a sense of envy and reverence towards. 


“He is born as a prodigy of the heavens, unlike us who are insignificant dirt… Xiaoyi, stop looking at him. Otherwise, people will think that we are being disrespectful,” he said hurriedly, asking his sister to lower her head because it was too conspicuous if she kept on staring.


“That man is from the Gu Family… Is he Young Master Changge, who is now recognised as the best among the young generation? I heard a lot of rumours about him…” There was a sense of longing and reverence in her eyes as she always felt that they were people from different worlds. Just Gu Changge standing there alone gave others an unparalleled feeling as if the entire world revolved around him. After all, he was a God among men while they were ants on dirt.


“Young Master Changge!” After the nine Dragons landed in front of the Immortal Academy’s mountain gate, the old man in white who was responsible for checking people’s bone age was startled and slightly shocked at first. Nonetheless, he soon couldn’t help but smile before taking a step forward with a gentle and affable attitude.


The terrifying aura of the Sacred Realm was exuded by the nine Dragons, which engulfed all corners, leaving many young prodigies stunned with pale faces. They didn’t expect Gu Changge to have such an entourage as the weakest one among the Nine dragons pulling his carriage was still in the Quasi-Sacred Realm


Then, Su Qingge uncovered the curtains of the white jade carriage, allowing Gu Changge to walk out from within. With a gentle face, he headed towards the old man in white with a slightly nodding head and smile. “Greetings, Elder Wang.”


“You don’t have to be polite with me, Young Master Changge.” Seeing Gu Changge addressing him as an Elder, he couldn’t help but widen his smile while the expression on his face became even more affable. His status in the Immortal Academy was still far away from a true Elder, so the moment Gu Changge addressed him in such a way, his heart suddenly fluttered a bit.


Even though Gu Changge was also one of the younger generations, his status within the Immortal Academy was completely different from the others. For example, if he notified them about his arrival in advance, some Elders and ancient freaks would definitely show up to personally welcome him.


That was why the old man was slightly dumbfounded and in disbelief to find out that it was Gu Changge who arrived. However, there weren’t many people among the younger generations with such an entourage other than him.


“Young Master Changge, it must have been a tiring journey for you to travel hundreds of millions of kilometres to get here, so why don’t you go into the mountain gate first and rest?” the old man in white said respectfully, which annoyed the young prodigies waiting in front of the mountain gate, but there was nothing they could do.


[This isn’t the attitude that old man used on us just now. What does he mean by a tiring journey? Can’t he see that we’ve been waiting here for a long time? We also want a ‘tiring journey’ too if it means having the company of stunning beauties and sitting within the space of a white jade carriage. It’s really frustrating when comparing ourselves to him.]


Seeing Gu Changge ‘jumping the queue’, they couldn’t help but feel resigned, but none of them dared to speak a word about it.


“Are you now going to examine our bone age?” Gu Changge asked with a calm face, ignoring the expressions of the young prodigies behind him and looking at the ancient mirror in the hand of the old man in white.


Behind him, Su Qingge stood quietly with a delicate face and crystal-clear eyes, giving her the silent look of a goddess. His group of followers also remained silent, but their aura was still astonishing.


“No need for that, Young Master Changge. All you need to do is show your points. We don’t have to go through the trouble of checking your bone age,” the old man answered and skipped the process while waving his hands hurriedly and chuckling.


As for the group of followers behind Gu Changge, it didn’t matter whether their bone age was over the age of fifty since with Gu Changge’s status alone, the Immortal Academy was willing to compromise and break the rules for him.


Watching the scene, many young prodigies changed their expressions while feeling resigned inside their hearts because the difference in treatment was too much for their heart to hold.


“Brother, when can we do to be like him…” Among the crowd, Qing Xiayi’s eyes were full of envy and yearning.


Just like her, her brother, Qing Feng, also had eyes filled with a sense of yearning, but then, he sighed and said, “Stop dreaming. Young Master Changge is someone that we will never come into contact with in life…”


“In that case, thank you very much, Elder Wang.” Gu Changge smiled faintly and didn’t refuse his offer since it would save some time.


Soon, he showed his qualified number of points from killing Eternal Overcast creatures, including the points of Su Qingge and his other followers, which were quite significant. Back when he was in the Eternal Overcast Battlefield in Southern Flourishing Heaven, he went to the deepest part of the land and killed so many Eternal Overcast creatures that even if the points of everyone in front were added up, they would still be a long way away from him. This was because he randomly picked some of the stronger Eternal Overcast creatures’ corpses to exchange for more points.


However, before entering the mountain gates of the Immortal Academy, Gu Changge decided to halt his steps and stand still with a slightly intrigued expression on his face.


“Young Master, is there any problem?” Su Qingge looked at him curiously.


“I’m checking if there’s any good talent this time,” he replied casually while sweeping his gaze across the many young prodigies below.


In the end, his eyes rested on a young clean-cut girl who had her head down and patches on her dress, as if she was thinking something. [She is another person with a lot of Fortuity, but the System didn’t notify me about it, so she shouldn’t be a Fortuitous Lady. That huge Fortuity she has even has a slight lavender tint to it. In terms of the number, she is still far below the likes of Jiang Chuchu and the others, but it is still an astonishing amount.]


Gu Changge seemed to be somewhat impressed, but he didn’t speak a word about it and maintained his stare. [What’s so special about this young girl? Why does she have so much Fortuity?]


Soon, in order, it was Qing Xiaoyi and Qing Feng’s turn to have their bone age examined.


“Bone ages of 13 and 17 separately. However, are you fooling me with this cultivation of yours? One of you hasn’t cultivated once in her life while the other has no Spiritual Root for cultivation at all. What are you two trying to do?” The old man in white couldn’t help but furrow his brows while his tone became a little nonchalant because he felt that the two of them were here to waste his time.


[Even though this young girl in front of me may have extraordinary Talent, she hasn’t cultivated before, so she is still unqualified. As for this young man… Where is this beggar from?]


The old man’s words drew the attention of many people, and their eyes were filled with mockery and ridicule, as well as with interest.


In this world, there was no shortage of people who wanted to see what was going on, and the people here weren’t that much different. Since the beginning, many were already observing the shabby and beggar-looking siblings. The unnerving gaze from all sides caused Qing Xiaoyi’s face to turn pale as she couldn’t help but shrink her head with fear and uneasiness.


However, the young man named Qing Feng then shielded her and gritted his teeth. “Elder Wang, although my little sister has never cultivated before, she is still stronger than some cultivators…”




Before he finished speaking, he could already hear jeering voices coming from all directions, causing his face to turn red. Even though he wanted to shout and ask them what they were laughing at, he didn’t dare to do so.


“You are simply wasting my time!” The voice of the old man in white deepened as he didn’t believe his words at all. Although the young girl in front of him looked extraordinary and talented, which made her a great candidate for cultivation, she had already missed her opportunity. After all, the aim of the Immortal Academy was to nurture Immortals and not teach her from the start on how to cultivate.


“Elder Wang, this is true. I wouldn’t dare to deceive you. I beg you. Please accept my little sister.” At this moment, Qing Feng was also a bit dumbfounded and hurriedly pleaded for mercy as he didn’t expect such an outcome.


[Did we travel tens of thousands of kilometres, across mountains and seas just to be rejected at the front door?]


“I don’t want to do anything to you two seeing how pitiful you are. If you are sensible enough, you should leave.” The old man in white sighed with a slightly resigned tone. If it wasn’t for the fact that Gu Changge was here watching, he probably would have made a move already.


“I beg you, Elder Wang. Please give my little sister a chance…” Listening to him, Qing Feng gritted his teeth and kneeled down straight away to plead.


“You…” The expression of the old man changed once more as he continued to sigh. “Then I’ll ask you two. Have you gained any points from killing Eternal Overcast creatures? If you want a place in the Immortal Academy, you need to kill at least 3 Eternal Overcast creatures of the True Enlightened Realm or above. Can you do that…”


Hearing his explanation, Qing Feng felt his mind turning completely blank while his face became pale.


“Brother… I think we should go back home.” At this point, Qing Xiaoyi also understood the old man’s words, so she pulled Qing Feng’s sleeves. Before coming here, they didn’t know about anything, including the requirements to enter the Immortal Academy, since they thought that they would only test their Talent and bone age just like the other ordinary sects. In short, they were too naive.


“Is there really no other way?” Qing Feng still asked stubbornly.


“No. Go back home while you can. Otherwise, I will kick you two out myself.” The old man’s voice was cold without any hint of emotions.


At this moment, even though many of the young prodigies remained silent, one could see that their eyes towards the siblings were filled with mockery and pity.


[We are clearly people from two different worlds, but they still came to embarrass themselves. The Immortal Academy will never open their doors for people like them.]


However, they wouldn’t open their mouths and ridicule them since it would degrade their status.


“Xiaoyi…” Looking at the silent yet condescending and teasing eyes of the other young prodigies, Qing Feng and Qing Xiaoyi couldn’t help but tremble and grit their teeth while their hearts were filled with uncertainty, unease, and trepidation.


“Elder Wang…” However, right at this moment, a gentle voice was suddenly heard in front of the quiet mountain gate, breaking the silent and uneasy atmosphere.


“Yes, Young Master Changge!” The old man in white immediately put out a smile and looked at the source of the voice.


At the same time, everyone else also looked in the same direction, including the anxious and terrified siblings, as they couldn’t understand why Gu Changge chose to speak at this moment.


As soon as Gu Changge’s eyes fell on them, he said calmly, “I’ll give some of my points to these two. It just so happens that I’m short of two little servants to help carry my sword.”


“Huh, what…”


The moment his words came out, not only did the old man’s eyes widened as he took a deep breath in disbelief, even the other young prodigies in front of the mountain gate looked to be in shock with their eyes also widened.


[A servant who helps carry Young Master Changge’s sword by his side? This is a much closer relationship than most followers. Even people like us are probably far from qualified to be looked at by him, so how did these two little beggars get such qualification and opportunity?]


For a moment, many young prodigies began to feel envious while their expression towards Qing Feng and Qing Xiaoyi changed without the previous ridicule. Even the followers behind Gu Changge had eyes full of shock.






However, no one was more shocked than Qing Feng and Qing Xiaoyi themselves who still couldn’t react to the situation. They only felt their heads getting dizzy, as if they were just hit by an enormous pie.


[Gu Changge’s sword-carrying servants?]


This was a status that far exceeded their imagination, and something that they wouldn’t even dare to think about before because they knew well that Gu Changge was someone from a different world compared to them, which made him untouchable. Therefore, they never expected him to say such words on his own accord and help the siblings out of a difficult situation as well as even accepting them as his sword-carrying servants.


Listening to him, Qing Feng felt an unprecedented sense of gratefulness inside his heart while Qing Xiaoyi also shyly raised her head to look at the extremely dashing young man not far away.


At this moment, in their eyes, Gu Changge was like a god among men with a layer of divine light enveloping his body.


“Young Master Changge, being your sword-carrying servant is no trivial matter. They must at least be invincible beings that are the best among their peers. How are they qualified to be your sword-carrying servant?” The old man in white couldn’t help but try to persuade him as he didn’t expect Gu Changge to give such an offer so suddenly.


Listening to him, Gu Changge only shook his head lightly and said, “I can see that these two siblings are extraordinary. With mortal bodies, they were able to travel so far here. How many cultivators have such determination like them? If the Immortal Academy wants to blame someone for this rule breaking, I’m willing to take the responsibility.”


The moment his words came out, the expression of the old man in white changed slightly while he hurriedly replied, “Young Master Changge, how can you say that? We will never hold you responsible for such a trivial matter…”


“Then I’m grateful for your compromise.” Gu Changge lifted his head slightly without much emotion on his face. After that, the old man in white no longer dared to ask Qing Xiaoyi and Qing Feng to leave.


Meanwhile, the other young prodigies couldn’t help but envy the two siblings.


Seeing that matter coming to an end and easily taken care of by Gu Changge with just a few words, Qing Feng and Qing Xiaoyi were still slightly stunned.


To them, it was like a dream.


[This is the horror of power. Even the Immortal Academy would choose to compromise and give in!]


“Thank you, Young Master Changge, for your great kindness today! We will never forget what you’ve done for us today!”


Then, Qing Feng looked at Gu Changge excitedly and nervously while urging his little sister to kneel down together with him and show their gratitude.


However, the moment Gu Changge furrowed his brow, an invincible force appeared, preventing the two of them from kneeling down, and he spoke unhurriedly. “A man’s respect lies on his knees. How can you simply kneel down in front of someone? I don’t need you to kneel to me either.”


His voice was flat without any emotions, but it only filled Qing Xiaoyi and Qing Feng’s hearts with more gratitude.


Gu Changge’s status was far nobler than any young prodigy present, but he was the only one who treated them like real humans instead of insignificant bugs, which was why they would always remember his kindness.


However, right at this moment, a divine light suddenly rushed the sky and an immortal haze filled the air deep within the Immortal Academy. Immediately afterward, several terrifying auras surfaced and descended upon the mountain gate.


High in the sky, several people with blurred figures quickly arrived, and they were all Elders with incomparably old faces. Some of them even had chaotic energy lingering around their bodies, showing their powerful and unfathomable cultivation. This one scene alone shocked everyone as the young prodigies in front of the mountain gate raised their heads in unison.


“Greetings, Elders!” the old man in white who was standing in front of the mountain gate said hurriedly with respect while his expression changed.


“Are you the young man from the Immortal Gu Family?” As soon as the ancient freaks arrived here, they first noticed Gu Changge and looked a bit stunned as they were surprised he didn’t greet them first.


“Greetings, Elders. I’m Gu Changge.” There wasn’t much emotions on Gu Changge’s face when he greeted them.


“It seems like the rumours have underestimated your strength…”


“Good. It’s no wonder you are the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family.”


The ancient freaks stared at Gu Changge with awe, as if they were examining a jewel.


“However, we didn’t come for you today…” an old monster dressed in grey robes with golden thunder rays wisping between his eyes said with a smile.


Listening to him, Gu Changge seemed a little surprised and smiled. “That’s interesting.”


Then, amidst everyone’s gaze, the ancient freaks with unfathomable cultivation all looked towards the beggar-looking siblings at the same time.


“The Celestial Demonic Physique… Sure enough, it exists. The Sikong Family’s Art of Deduction really is true to its name.”


“We came just in time. We’ll discuss who teaches her afterward.”


Of course, they were all looking at Qing Xiaoyi with awe and pondering in their eyes.


Watching this scene, everyone, including the two siblings, were shocked once more while their heads trembled, as if it was about to turn into stone. The plot changed so quickly that everyone almost had their jaws on the ground, rendering them speechless. No one expected this unsurprising little beggar to possess a peculiar physique that would be favoured by several Elders, prompting them to personally rush to the mountain gate.


Even if Gu Changge didn’t say those words just now, they would probably still ask the two siblings to stay. After all, these were the true Elders of the Immortal Academy!


“I’m so clumsy…” Gu Changge also looked surprised at this moment.


“Young Master Changge, we will never never forget your great kindness!” Even though Qing Feng realised that they had taken a turn in fortune, he was still grateful towards Gu Changge’s kindness just now.


“Thank you very much, Young Master Changge!” Qing Xiaoyi’s voice was low, seemingly timid and shy, but she was still sneaking glances at Gu Changge.


Listening to them, he couldn’t help but smile. “You don’t need to thank me. The two of you deserve this. After all, you’ll have a better future under the guidance of these Elders than being a sword-carrying servant by my side.”


Of course, he had already known about the development of this matter since the beginning. He predicted long ago that these ancient freaks didn’t come here for him, but for the young girl named Qing Xiaoyi.


[How could someone with such a huge amount of Fortuity not be able to get into the Immortal Academy?]


His actions and words just now were just to see how her Fortuity would react while gaining some goodwill. Even though a fortunate person like her wasn’t as good as a Fortuitous One, it was still a catch for Gu Changge in his eyes.


However, it would require a completely different harvesting method compared to a Fortuitous One.



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