I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 270, Nonsensical Similar Flowers; Rumours Has It That the Empress Is Ruthless

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Then, several of the ancient freaks said some things before bringing the two siblings, Qing Xiaoyi and Qing Feng, away and preparing them for a clean up so that they could build on their foundations later on. After all, the two of them had never cultivated before.


As for Qing Feng, he took advantage of his little sister’s blessing and was taken into the Immortal Academy to cultivate with her, which drew the envy of most people there. It was possible that this little beggar would soon experience a turnaround and become someone who was superior to them in every way.


Quickly, the place returned to its peacefulness with celestial fog surging, mountain breezes blowing and the fragrance of divine flowers lingering around.


“Thank you, Young Master Changge, for stepping in to relieve me from that situation just now.” The old man in white wiped away the cold sweat on his head while showing his gratitude to Gu Changge with some palpitations.


After all, he almost refused a generational talent from joining the Immortal Academy moments ago, and if Gu Changge didn’t step in by saying that he was just following the rules, he would probably be punished by his several Elders. That was why he was even more grateful towards Gu Changge.


“No need to thank me, Elder Wang.” Gu Changge nodded with a hint of indifference in his words.


“My name is Wang Zhongyong. If you need any help in the future, you can always ask someone to give me the order,” the old man in white said respectfully with a smile.


After nodding his head, Gu Changge didn’t stay for long and brought Su Qingge and the others into the Immortal Academy, but in his mind, he was still thinking about the matter regarding Qing Xiaoyi.


[Logically, someone with such a physique like her shouldn’t be a nobody before this because any cultivator with a good eye would notice how special she is. Could it be that these two siblings have a secret hidden in their bodies? However, when I examined her brother, there wasn’t any obvious change of Fortuity, but with a sister like her, he should have higher Fortuity than most of the people here.]


Even so, what happened today in front of the Immortal Academy’s gate was just a minor hiccup to him. Before this, he had vaguely heard about the Celestial Demonic Physique, and it was rumoured to have only appeared once in the ages.


However, that one exception created a Celestial Demon Lord, who was an extremely powerful being with unfathomable cultivation rumoured to have already surpassed an Immortal.


The special nature of this physique lay in its ability to merge both Celestial and Demon, reversing Yin and Yang, and breaking through the cycle of reincarnation. Anyone with the Celestial Demon Physique would be nourished by any substance from the earth, surpassing an average cultivator, even if he or she had never done any cultivation before.


As for the reversing of Yin and Yang, Gu Changge felt that it had something to do with reversing life and death, or it might be the reversing of time and nature itself. In short, he needed to keep a close eye on Qing Xiaoyi.


Soon, news about Gu Changge’s arrival at the Immortal Academy spread from the mouths of many young prodigies and caused quite a huge uproar.


As for the two siblings, Qing Xiaoyi and Qing Feng, even though they also drew the attention of some people, it still wasn’t as shocking as the news about Gu Changge.


He wasn’t the first batch of cultivators to arrive here, but because of his status, he drew the attention of a lot of people, and before this, there were even rumours long ago that he had been confirmed as one of the Ten Great Ranked Disciples. However, in the eyes of most people, his strength had even far surpassed the other Ten Great Ranked Disciples.


All of a sudden, every mountain peak and celestial island in the Immortal Academy was stunned as many young beings emerged to get a glimpse of the real thing. The terrain of the Immortal Academy was vast and boundless with divine trees penetrating the sky and immortal hills floating above, as if it was an ancient world that existed since the beginning of the universe.




In the sky, divine rainbows flew across the many mountain peaks, and all of them were the best among the younger generation with their own private cave and mountain. As for some of the unranked disciples, they even owned large pieces of land such as ancient cities. In its vicinity were residential palaces which housed the followers, and the structure was majestic and imposing with divine springwater hanging down and celestial flowers blooming. The spiritual energy in the place was dense as it all came from the mountain peak and waterfall, creating visions such as phoenixes, black tortoises and Qilins.


However, these people were soon disappointed because Gu Changge’s figure was nowhere to be seen at the entrance of the mountain, so they went back in a low even though they came in high spirits.


The territory of the Immortal Academy was simply too big, and before the ownership of the respective areas were determined, no one knew where the other young prodigies were. In order to provide a lot of opportunities for the young prodigies who came here to train and compete, the Immortal Academy could be said to have gone to great lengths to create a world based on the survival of the fittest, which meant that the cultivators would have to fight for a place for rest and cultivate.


Meanwhile, after leaving the mountain gate, Gu Changge headed straight for the palace complex deep within the Immortal Academy. The place had chaotic mist floating around and blurring the land, as if a mysterious and ancient celestial palace had suddenly emerged.


He asked Su Qingge and his other followers to wait for him while he ventured forward.


Back when he was in the Peach Village of the Land of Abandoned Celestials, Yao Tao gave him a token, saying that it could help solve his Demonic Heart problem. After receiving the token, Gu Changge was told by her that the person who owed her a favour resided in the Immortal Academy, and he could come find him when he arrived here.


However, to Gu Changge, the Demonic Heart was a non-issue, so now, what he cared about was how to put this favour to good use. Even though Yao Tao’s state at that time was problematic and her memories were incomplete, she mentioned that the favour was owed to her when she was at her peak, which meant that the person within the Immortal Academy should be someone extraordinary.


Soon, Gu Changge went past many divine mountains and arrived at a solitary peak in the void without anyone stopping him on the way. At the moment, there was no one in the entire Upper Realm who couldn’t recognise him, and the place he was in now was considered a forbidden area in the Immortal Academy that could only be accessed by Elders, usually.


His body landed from the high sky and appeared in front of the palace gate. The palace on the solitary peak was ancient and covered a radius of nearly a hundred kilometres, but he knew clearly that the strength that lay within wouldn’t be simple.


In front of the palace gate, there were a number of guards dressed in golden divine armour with swords crossed in front of their knees as they guarded the place. Every one of them were in the Sacred Lord Realm, and there were wisps of terrifying divine light between their eyes while their strong will of the Sacred Realm filled every inch of space.


“Young Master Changge?” Seeing Gu Changge here, they were a little surprised, but there wasn’t any hostility towards him. After all, they long knew what monstrosities would arrive at the Immortal Academy in this generation, and without a doubt, the young man in front of them was one of the most powerful beings in the Immortal Academy. Even some of the Elders wouldn’t dare to flaunt in front of him. That was why their attitude towards him was very respectful.


“I’m here to look for an Elder.” Gu Changge kept his words simple and nodded slightly.


Several of the guards didn’t dare to stop him, so they made a path for him to pass.


Inside the palace, there was a sense of profound and vastness, as if one had arrived at a boundless universe with rivers of stars dropping, nebulae intertwining and chaos energy raging! In the middle, there were many books with divine light on the casework, and one could see that they were made of great silver and gold.


Several Elders with incomparably old faces had chaotic energy lingering around them and blurring their faces while they discussed something.


Suddenly, an Elder with fluttering robes and a divine aura furrowed his brows, as if he had sensed something.


“Why is he here?” His expression became a bit awkward.


“What are you talking about, Senior?” An Elder with a pair of dried dragon horns above his head next to him was slightly stunned and confused while flipping through an ancient manuscript in his hand.


“Why is that boy from the Gu Family here?” However, the Elder in robes was still in slight unease as he grunted. “No matter where he goes, chaos will follow.”


“According to the rumours, Young Master Gu is a gentle and elegant man. Why do you describe him in such a way?”


“Could it be that the rumours are wrong? After all, you can’t be a good person if you were willing to do something like digging up your own little sister’s bones when you were a child.”


Several other Elders also looked stunned before nodding their heads slightly. They seemed to respect the Elder in robes a lot as they didn’t doubt his words at all.


Then, Gu Changge’s body emerged at the entrance of the palace, and after stepping inside, he smiled at the group of Elders in the middle and greeted them. “Greetings, Elders.”


Now that he had joined the Immortal Academy, he was naturally one of the disciples of the Immortal Academy. The few Elders in front of him were from all corners of the Upper Realm, and even though he wasn’t familiar with some, he still addressed them as Elders so that they wouldn’t blame him for trespassing.


“Not bad. Such cultivation… I can see that there are some deviations from the rumours.”


“What is it that you’ve come to us for?”


Immediately, some of the Elders carefully examined him with a calm look and noticed a layer of haze, like mist, gradually emerging from his body, as if he was standing in a completely different world.


All of a sudden, they could no longer see through him.


Such a concealing method surprised them a little since they were beings in the Sacred Emperor Realm with some even close to the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. Still, they didn’t pay much attention to it and stopped probing.


After all, as the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family, it wasn’t surprising for Gu Changge to show some of his strength or artifact, and concealing his own power by shielding himself from other people’s senses was a normal thing to do.


“Great Elder, long time no see. I can see that you look much better than before.” He seemed a little surprised as if he just noticed someone familiar among them.


The Great Elder of Skyward Schloss was also here, and his attitude was still as unwelcoming as ever towards him.


“Of course I look better now without you around.” The Great Elder grunted and was instantly annoyed by Gu Changge’s presence since he angered him quite a lot when he was in Skyward Schloss. Even now, he still remembered how Gu Changge specifically went to the mountain peak he resided in before leaving Skyward Schloss so that he could remind him that he owed him a favour, as if he was afraid that he would deny such a thing.


“How could you say that, Great Elder? As the Successor of Skyward Schloss, I’m certain that I have never done anything to wrong Skyward Schloss before.” Gu Changge calmly continued, “Back in the Celestial Ancient Continent, I even helped Skyward Schloss unite the Celestial Ancient Continent, achieving peace and tranquillity—”


“Stop it. There’s no need to beat around the bust with us.” The Great Elder hurriedly waved his hands, as if he was about to kick him out of the palace if he said anything more.


He had enough of Gu Changge’s shamelessness, and even though he indeed admired him, he couldn’t help but feel resigned towards his shameless and stubborn attitude.


Fortunately, Gu Changge was also the Successor of Skyward Schloss, so now that the Great Elder had arrived at the Immortal Academy as a guest, he would naturally take care of him in some way. Not only that, the Great Elder also heard that three Ancestors of the Gu Family were heading towards the place and would be arriving at the Immortal Academy soon.


As for the other factions, they only sent one Ancestor to the Immortal Academy, so the fact that the Gu Family sent three extremely ancient Ancestors from an era that no one knew made it seem as though they were very afraid that their descendent might lose out in the Immortal Academy.


“Haha, it seems like the two of you have quite a relationship.”


“That’s right. I rarely see you talk to a young man in such a way.”


Inside the palace, several Elders couldn’t help but laugh, but they were still very respectful towards the Great Elder, as if they were his juniors. Seeing the way the Great Elder spoke to Gu Changge, they felt a little surprised and envious.


“After all, you took much care of me when I was in Skyward Schloss,” Gu Changge replied with a smile, looking gentle and elegant.

“Nonsense. Say it. What is it that you’ve come to see us this time?” The Great Elder grunted and was blunt with his words as he knew that Gu Changge wouldn’t be here for no reason.


“Actually, I’m here because I want to find someone from you all.” Gu Changge’s expression became slightly serious. “I wonder if you all know who it is.”


After that, he took out the token Yao Tao gave him which was a crystal-clear peach leaf interwoven with World Principles and had all kinds of different Daos faintly flowing on it.




“The being that gave you this peach leaf has reached an unfathomable level of cultivation…”


Looking at the leaf, many Elders inside the palace were stunned as their expressions darkened a little.


“Is this from that mysterious peach tree Xianer told me about?” The Great Elder was also taken aback and immediately recognised the token since his knowledge far surpassed everyone else’s.


He heard rumours of that peach tree before, and Gu Xianer didn’t hide anything from him, telling him everything about her Masters in Peach Village. The reason he accepted her as his disciple from the start was because of one of her Masters.


“This token has something to do with the Demon World. If who you are looking for is within the Immortal Academy, it should be that person.” A slight thought flashed across the Great Elder’s eyes as he couldn’t figure out why Gu Changge was looking for this person.


“I see. Then I shall ask you to lead the way, Great Elder.” Gu Changge raised his brows slightly.


[This will be much easier than I thought. I can’t believe that I got an answer so quickly. I thought it would take me a few more days to ask, but this is good too. Saves me a lot of trouble.]


“That person has an eccentric temperament. He won’t see anyone unless they are from the Demon World. Are you sure you want to see him?” The Great Elder shook his head and looked at him. “Don’t blame me for not telling you first. I won’t be able to help you if he kicks you out later.”


“It’ll be fine.”


It didn’t concern Gu Changge much because Yao Tao told him that the person owed her a favour when she gave him the token. Unless the person was unwilling to show Yao Tao any respect, he would definitely see him.


Then, as soon as the Great Elder waved his sleeves, the space in front of him became blurry, and the two of them instantly disappeared.


When they reappeared, the two of them were standing in front of an emerald blue lake. The place had a dense immortal fog and tender grass which felt like a cushion. Not far away, there were many beasts that were drinking beside the lake, giving the place a natural look.


In front of the blue lake stood a motionless rock that had half the height of a normal human. It didn’t have any acupuncture points nor was it high enough to touch the skies as it was just a normal rock with no special qualities, but Gu changge could instantly sense that it was as simple as it seemed because there was a life energy that felt like the surging cosmos in the silence without any movement at all.


It felt like it was the strongest rock in the universe which would not be damaged in the slightest even after all heavenly tribulations!


Beside the rock stood a woman in a broad phoenix-like dress with a slender and magnificent figure. With her hands behind her back, one could see her delicate features and calm yet profound eyes. The faint red powder on her brows gave her a Demonic look, but there was more of a sense of grace and dignity, as if she was an empress who commanded the world.


She examined the two people who suddenly came to this land with thoughtful and strange eyes, but she didn’t speak a word about it.


“My friend.” After bringing Gu Changge here, the Great Elder didn’t lay his eyes on the woman. Instead, he looked at the rock and said lightly, “Does this token have anything to do with you?”


With that, the peach leaf gently fell towards it.


Gu Changge also quickly glanced at the woman, but he didn’t pay much attention to her and furrowed his brows slightly because he somehow felt a weird sense of familiarity towards the rock, as if he had met it before. When he was refining the Eternal Overcast Source, a memory flashed across his mind.


It showed a young girl in red practising her sword on a mountain peak while he sat on one side and looked at her.


[The thing I was sitting on seems to be… this rock? However, it didn’t seem to be this ancient at that time.]


For a moment, he looked a little puzzled.


[My past identity as the Demon Lord shouldn’t have any direct connections with my current self. Many of my memories came to mind very vaguely. If this rock still has any memory about that time, it wouldn’t be in such a silent state. Instead, it looks like its memories are damaged or missing too. Though it doesn’t look to be in the same condition as Yao Tao. I feel that this past identity of mine has left a lot of issues for me to solve, and it’s possible that this rock has something to do with it.]


However, he chose to not speak about it and wait for a suitable response.


*Hum!* Soon, as the peach leaf fell, a slight trembling sound was heard.


The moment the silent rock moved, a terrifying energy came out intertwined from within, and there was a shocking Demonic nature that felt as though it could cover the sky and shake the earth. It was as if a Demon Lord was about to awaken and scourge everything.


However, the energy quickly came and went. The rock was then enveloped in a layer of black light, and after a sudden change, it transformed into a small old man with a stooped back and a calm dark face. He received the peach leaf in front of him and carefully examined it before his calm expression suddenly changed into a cheerful one.


“My old friend, it seems like you have made it through,” he couldn’t help but murmur before experiencing an agonising headache. 


“I can’t remember it again. Ugh…” He sighed and looked at Gu Changge in front of him, which caused his pupils to suddenly dilate, as he quickly took a few steps backwards in disbelief. “The Demon Lord isn’t dead yet?”


The words almost fell off his mouth as he was suddenly taken aback, causing his originally dark face to turn slightly pale.


“Master…” The woman in phoenix-like clothes also darkened as she couldn’t understand why her master would suddenly say such things. Then, she looked at Gu Changge once more and vaguely guessed his identity inside her heart.


[There’s probably not many people among today’s younger generation with such cultivation.]


As for the Great Elder, he kept on staring at the dark-faced Elder with an alarmed look on his face while his expression also changed drastically. After all, the title ‘Demon Lord’ was too shocking, so he couldn’t help but direct his gaze towards Gu Changge.


A Demon Lord was a forbidden being that wasn’t unfamiliar to them, and even if all worlds were destroyed, one could still find traces of such a being in the river of time.


Even at the Great Elder’s level, he couldn’t help but tremble inside his heart since it was palpitating and horrifying enough just by hearing the two words without knowing anything. This was because the existence and actions of such a being had deeply affected the space and time of the world and many other realms.


Just by reciting its name, one could feel the horror coming from the heart, and the higher-level the being was, the more fear one would feel.


“My friend, what do you mean?” the Great Elder asked in a deep voice.


“It seems like you two share a similar aura and that thing. No wonder…” The dark old man stared at Gu Changge, but this time, his expression was much calmer as he said to himself, “If there really is a similar flower in this world, it couldn’t have appeared on the body of its Master. Sigh…” 


The expression of the dark old man grew calmer as he ignored the Great Elder’s words and asked Gu Changge, “My name is Lao Shi. How may I address you?”


Gu Changge, who always kept a calm face, answered, “Gu Changge.”


However, his heart wasn’t as calm as his face seemed.


The moment the dark old man uttered the words that the Demon Lord wasn’t dead yet, he could feel a horrifying coldness engulfing his body, causing the Grand Flask to appear in his Knowledge Sea with a terrifying and interweaving ebony light as it prepared to defend itself, but then, the energy quickly faded away.


That was why he began to have a vague guess in his mind after combining the memories that appeared in his head during this period of time.


[I was the Demon Lord. The things I did at that time are probably almost the same as what Yue Mingkong experienced in her previous life, so logically, this Lao Shi in front of me shouldn’t have such animosity towards me. Therefore, the only possibility is that my current state is still not complete. And what is the favour that he owes to Yao Tao? If I have to make an easy guess, she probably took a hit for him back then. Of course, this is all just a guess. The Demoness in red, Yao Tao and this Lao Shi in front of me must have something major to do with my past identity as the Demon Lord…]


Everything suddenly became very interesting for him.


“Gu Changge? I knew it. It’s him!” The woman in phoenix-like clothes finally realised.


“Gu Changge, it’s you, right? It’s still great that we are able… to find a similar flower. In this case, it’s much more reassuring.” Lao Shi was stunned once more as he spoke something that even the woman and the Great Elder couldn’t understand before sighing. “Did Tao Yao ask you to find me?”


“Yes. She said that you may be able to help solve the problem in my body,” Gu Changge answered honestly without any change of emotion.


Seeing how he addressed Yao Tao, Gu Changge became even more certain with his guess.


[It seems like Tao Yao and Lao Shi’s memories have quite a few problems. Otherwise, he wouldn’t address her name incorrectly, and use the Yao(妖) which stands for Demon instead of the Yao(夭), which stands for tender.]


At the moment, the Great Elder also remained silent because he knew about Gu Changge’s Innate Demonic Nature. [Lao Shi is clearly a Demon, with strong Demonic Nature too? Is this why Gu Changge came to find him?]


“I’m not sure about this problem myself… Perhaps it’s because Tao Yao feels that I wasn’t controlled by my Demonic Nature after I was infected by my Master’s blood, but that’s just pure luck… Besides, with Tao Yao’s current state, she shouldn’t be able to remember anything clearly.” Lao Shi chuckled at himself. “There’s no use relying on others. You can only rely on yourself. No one will be able to help you.”


His voice was ruthless. After all, how many Innate Demonic Hearts had appeared in this world?


However, one thing was for certain. There would never be a good ending as ill fortune would catch up to the person eventually.


“Master?” The Great Elder was even more shocked.


[Who does Lao Shi address as Master? What kind of a being is that? What does this have anything to do with Gu Changge? Also, what does he mean with similar flowers?]


At this point, his heart was just full of confusion. It was clear that Lao Shi’s experience was way more ancient than his. Even though he claimed to have lived an incomparably long life, only he knew how insignificant the longevity of life was when compared to those who had lived through aeons. 


[A time when the Demon Lord existed? How ancient is that?]


No one knew since it was a chaotic and unrecorded ancient history.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge calmly nodded and didn’t say anything else since what Lao Shi said was what he wanted. He didn’t need to solve the problem of his Demonic Heart. All he really wanted was a favour from him. As for the nonsensical ‘similar flower’, it was just his past identity as the Demon Lord, but of course, he wouldn’t say it out loud. Based on the current situation, except for Yao Tao, this Lao Shi in front of him and the Demoness in red who was about to appear in the Demon-Burying Abyss both carried a deep hatred towards him.


The reason why Lao Shi didn’t attack him was because he assumed that he was just someone with similar attributes, but according to the System’s notification, the Demoness in red wouldn’t do so because she only wanted revenge!


However, Gu Changge wasn’t worried that Lao Shi might attack him given his current status, unless he was willing to drag him to hell along with him.


“Senior, have we met before?” Many thoughts came up in his mind, but he was still able to ask calmly, “Why do I feel a sense of familiarity from you?”


“What?” Lao Shi’s face changed slightly in surprise as he furrowed his brows and asked confusedly, “A sense of familiarity?”


“Back when I was cultivating in my family, I somehow liked to sit on some boulders to cultivate… but I wasn’t satisfied with any of those boulders. In the end, the boulder that I found looks very similar to your original form that you transformed from.” Gu Changge also revealed a hint of confusion on his face. “That’s why I feel a sense of familiarity.”


Listening to him, Lao Shi was stunned and rendered speechless for a long time, but he didn’t doubt his words. At the same time, many long yet beautiful memories appeared in his mind, causing him to sigh with mixed emotions.


[There’s always two sides in this world. An evil side and a kind side. If it were not for that red-dressed man with silver hair who always sat on me, I wouldn’t have gained my wisdom, would I? Compared to those divine and holy spiritual rocks… I’m just an extremely normal rock. Everything happens for a reason.]


“Maybe this is destiny.” Lao Shi then looked at Gu Changge with a much gentler expression for some reason. In his eyes, the Demon Lord was the evilest being in the world, and Gu Changge in front of him might be the other side of the coin with similar attributes. “If you don’t mind, from now on, you can always come to me for help in the Immortal Academy. I still think that I have some say in the Immortal Academy, but I won’t be much help outside of it because with my current state, I really can’t leave the Immortal Academy…” he continued.


His words not only shocked the woman in phoenix-like clothes, it also left the Great Elder confused.


[Because of a few words, Lao Shi has completely changed his attitude towards Gu Changge.] 


In their eyes, this was simply unbelievable.


“Senior… what do you mean?” Listening to him, Gu Changge revealed a slightly surprised expression as he said confusedly, “This is only the first time we met.”


“I’m just returning the favour to Tao Yao…” Lao Shi smiled and waved his hand. “There’s no need to take it personally.” After that, he pointed at the woman in phoenix-like clothes next to him and introduced her. “She is my disciple, Xi Yao.”


“Oh, is she the current ruler of the Demon World, Empress Xi Yao? Greetings, Empress Xi Yao.”


Gu Changge’s eyes were full of surprise, as if he had just noticed it, but of course, he could see that the Empress Xi Yao in front of him was just her Dharma Body and not her real body. After all, as the ruler of the Demon World, she couldn’t simply leave her realm, but the strength of her Dharma Body alone had already reached the Sacred King Realm, which meant that she herself was probably a being in the Sacred Emperor Realm.


[A being of the Sacred Emperor Realm that is older than six thousand years old. Outstanding isn’t enough to describe this talent of hers.]


Six thousand years ago, during the rebellion in the Demon World, the name Empress Xi Yao spread from the Demon World to the Upper Realm, shocking everyone, as she made a name for herself at that time. After that, under internal and external threats, she conquered all sides and cleared the chaos of the Demon Race, achieving unity and showing that her capabilities far exceeded an ordinary woman’s.


Since the Demon World was born, there had been many Demon Overlords, emperors and even Immortals, so their strength was naturally unfathomable to a point where even the different formidable factions wouldn’t simply dare to offend them.


Six thousand years ago, the Demon World was even ruled by six Demon Overlords, and even though Gu Changge didn’t feel that they were had really reached the Nirvana Realm, they still at least reached the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, since the Demon World’s Fortuity wouldn’t be able to sustain the birth of six experts in the Nirvana Realm, and if they came to the Upper Realm to prove their strength, it would still be difficult for them without the backing of the Demon World.


That was why it was even more shocking that Empress Xi Yao managed to unite the Demon World under such difficult circumstances.


“Young Master Changge, you don’t have to be polite with me. Even though I’m far away in the Demon World, I still heard a lot of rumours about you. Seeing you today, I realise that these rumours aren’t all true. I’m afraid that you now have two-thirds of the younger generation’s Fortuity all to yourself.”


Yao Xi couldn’t help but smile lightly while still showing her gracefulness and nobility. As the current Empress of the Demon World, she naturally wouldn’t be as flattering as any ordinary woman, but the words that she had chosen still showed some goodwill.


With her status and strength, she actually didn’t have to do so, but after seeing how her master acted in front of him, she was shocked inside her heart.


There were many factions in the Upper Realm, but not many had the power that was comparable to the Demon World. This was because the Demon World was an independent world situated right in the heart of the Upper Realm, where dragon-like veins converge to fuel the land with Fortuity. In short, Gu Changge was nothing but a Junior in front of her.


“I’m flattered, Empress Xi Yao. I don’t deserve to receive such praises from you.” Listening to her, Gu Changge calmly said, “However, I also heard many rumours about you previously, but after seeing you today, I realise that these rumours are indeed nonsense.”


With that, Xi Yao couldn’t help but feel intrigued as she stared at him curiously and asked, “I wonder what these rumours are, Young Master Changge.”


She also knew that her actions six thousand years ago was talked about in many factions, which affected her badly from place to place, such as rumours about her treachery, murdering her father and poisoning her fiance…


“The rumours all say that the Empress is ruthless, cruel and wreaks havoc on the Demon World…” Gu Changge casually smiled.



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