I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 272, Teased, Not Sufficient for a Glance

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At that moment, Gu Changge was about to excuse himself as his goal of finding Lao Shi was fulfilled. Besides, Su Qingge and the others were still awaiting him as he had other plans to arrange.

“Young Master Changge, where are you heading to? I once stayed in the Immortal Academy. Why don’t I bring you around? I’m sure you, as a recent visitor, aren’t quite familiar with the different regions.” At that moment, Xi Yao asked with a smile. Her aura was filled with nobleness and generosity, fitting her image perfectly.


Taken aback, Gu Changge turned around and shook his head, smilingly rejecting, “I shan’t bother you with such a trivial matter, Empress.”


Retaining her smile, Xi Yao insisted, “And this trivial matter is no bother at all.”


“If so, I shall accept your offer. I am honoured to have you as my guide, Empress.” Donning an unstained white robe around his sturdy body, Gu Changge revealed a helpless smile. His appearance was indeed extraordinary.


Watching as Xi Yao stood beside him, the Great Elder and Lao Shi felt rather weird. [Why does this feel so awkward, yet so pleasant?]


Then, as Xi Yao raised her delicate hand, heavenly lights occurred before her eyes. A path filled with godly energy spawned beneath their feet, and on it they departed.


As a gentle breeze approached, the lights under their feet constantly changed, shining towards the mountain. The lakes were as clear as crystal while the mountains were emerald. Somewhere far away was filled with Chaos Energy and the energy of nature, as if it was the realm of gods.


As vibrant beams tangled, gushing from different manors and illuminating the sky, a terrifying bloody aura spread the clouds apart, as if it could pierce through the sky. Those aura was an occurrence caused by the cultivation of young prodigies and monstrosities of Immortal Academy.


As Gu Changge and Xi Yao stood side by side, a waft of subtle fragrance wafted into their noses, giving off a refreshing sensation as if it was the water flowing from the glaciers of the Nine Realms, invigorating yet enthralling.


“Why are you so quiet, Young Master Changge? I won’t know your destination if you don’t tell me.” Xi Yao asked with a smile.


Hearing that, Gu Changge helplessly heaved a sigh and countered, “Empress, are you aware of the concept of maintaining one’s composure?’


“Maintaining one’s composure?” Xi Yao was dazed, wondering why he would ask such a question. Nonetheless, she quickly understood Gu Changge’s unspoken message, after which she grew visibly fascinated, realising that he was teasing her. [He must be saying that he’s trying to keep himself composed, and the reason he kept quiet was because he was controlling his urges, but why? Is it because I’m standing too close to him?]


Truth be told, it was the first time Xi Yao stood so close to a man in six thousand years. Even her fiance, who was poisoned by her, was never as close. Nevertheless, even she couldn’t fathom what it was that drew her to offer accompanying Gu Changge to his destination.


“Honourable men maintain their composure in face of temptation. As much as I am confident, I am aware that I am no honourable man, so Empress, please don’t torture me too much,” Gu Changge leisurely stated.


Immediately, Xi Yao felt the urge to chortle out loud, which she successfully suppressed. [Is he asking me to keep a distance? In other words, he’s saying that I’m attractive to him. What an unorthodox excuse!] 


Although she was an empress, she was a woman at the end of the day, so it was only natural that she liked hearing these beautified words.


“Young Master Chang—”


As she was about to speak, Gu Changge cut in, “Why don’t you refer to me as ‘Changge?’ I’d feel more at ease that way.”


“Noted…” Xi Yao was stunned once again, as a strange emotion surged in her eyes. She couldn’t quite grasp what Gu Changge was implying. However, after taking a few assiduous glimpse at him, she nodded an answered, and that was when she realised her response wasn’t up to her, but she was willingly being manipulated by Gu Changge.

“Young M-… Changge, you once mentioned about the state of the Demon World. What do you think of it now?” Then, Xi Yao suddenly asked a question that had been troubling her recently, which was also the reason she visited Immortal Academy to look for her Master to shed some light for her. Nonetheless, after hearing Gu Changge out, she felt comfortable with asking him, as his opinions suddenly mattered to her.


“State of the Demon World?” Gu Changge seemed somewhat surprised.


He was no omnipresent being, and what he said was only based on his knowledge before he transmigrated, which was nothing but surface knowledge as he was clueless to what happened in Demon World.


Nevertheless, at that moment, he grew fascinated as something popped up in his mind, though he retained his composure, after which he casually asked, “I assume the five Overlords have been a thorn in the flesh, yes? After all, the legacies of the Demon World are still standing today. Among all of the Six Demon Overlords, only the whereabouts of the Lunar Demon Overlord is known, while the other five remain nowhere to be seen. I wonder if the forces they left behind are going through some kind of reawakening.”

Though, Gu Changge’s words were only guesses. He certainly heard news about Demon World, but his knowledge regarding it was still limited.


“A reawakening? Indeed, there are traces of it. The frequency of turbulence seems to exceed that of other times.” Xi Yao nodded, having nothing to hide about the mysterious incidents in the Demon World.


In her eyes, Gu Changge, as the Young Master of the Immortal Gu Family who was bound to succeed his family, his influence in the future would be limitless, and his power would exceedingly surpass that of even her, the Empress of the Demon World.


“In my opinion, reawakenings happen for all sorts of reasons. Empress, I’d suggest you look into the survivors among your adversaries back then as they would be the greatest obstacle that abhors you the most, which also might be the leftover supporters of the five Demon Overlords,” Gu Changge leisurely stated.


“Supporters of the five Demon Overlords?” Xi Yao tensed her brows. “It’s fair to think that they are the cause of these disturbances. Though, almost all of the Successors of those five Demon Overlords had already been dealt with.


All of a sudden, the System in Gu Changge’s heart suddenly pinged a notification.


<*Ding!* Sudden Fortuity Mission triggered: Returned Heir of Demon Overlord.>


Hearing the notification, Gu Changge was rather puzzled as it came out of nowhere. [Did my words to Xi Yao triggered the mission? Since the System never mentioned anything about it? But the Returned Heir of Demon Overlord? Huh, interesting…]


Immediately, he was reminded of Xi Yao’s past fiance whom she poisoned six thousand years ago.


[That should be his motive, I assume? So this is foreshadowing that the Heir of that Demon Overlord is coming back to take revenge on Xi Yao. But to think that my words accidentally reminded Xi Yao, which is why this mission got suddenly triggered.]


With that in mind, fascination flashed across Gu Changge’s face, which he swiftly withdrew. Turning to the pondering Xi Yao, he muttered, “I think you should investigate whether your enemies were all annihilated. After all, some disasters grow right under our noses, waiting to take us by surprise right when our guard is down.”


As a matter of fact, Gu Changge didn’t mention anything about her fiance regressing as that would be too suspicious, and he was also uncertain whether Xi Yao would believe him. Besides, revealing the regression would only draw her suspicion.


Regardless, judging by the circumstances, the occurrence of the new Fortuitous One must be unquestionably related to the Demon World.


In response, Xi Yao nodded with a contemplating look.



Some time later, Gu Changge rendezvoused with Su Qingge and the rest of his followers, while Xi Yao promptly left after leading him here as she was motivated by Gu Changge’s suggestion, intending to make some preparation herself.


“Young Master, that woman is…” Su Qingge was rather shocked as she detected an aura of a true Empress. Although it wasn’t the same as that of Yue Mingkong, it was similarly as domineering.


“Xi Yao, Empress of the Demon World,” Gu Changge casually answered.


Although he didn’t know how Xi Yao thought of her past fiancee, he wasn’t quite bothered by it. Essentially, crops were to be harvested. If the new Fortuitous One was an ordinary regressor, then he wouldn’t be much of an issue. If Gu Changge could defeat the Mortal One, a puny vengeful regressor wouldn’t need his attention. Furthermore, with Xi Yao looking into the regressor, Gu Changge would eventually be informed of the methods of the Fortuitous One.


Very soon, an Elder of the Immortal Academy hurried over and brought Gu Changge to the area for the Ranked Disciples. Ranked Disciples, Unranked Disciples, Inner Disciples, and Outer Disciples, different levels of disciples were assigned to different cultivation areas.


As a Ranked Disciple, Gu Changge was naturally assigned to the best spot with an area of thousands kilometres square.


There, mystic mountains and ancient trees stood amid the drifting mist and spiritual energy. On first glance, palaces were neatly constructed, and they were as extravagant as the intimidating palaces in heaven. Of course, there were also countless mythical beasts, sacred herbs, and divine springs.


Even though Gu Changge was appointed as a Rank Disciple, there was hardly anyone in the region he was in.


After instructing Su Qingge and his other followers to pick a place to stay, he swiftly left as he sensed the aura of his scapegoat, Ying Shuang, who actually came to Immortal Academy. Back then, he let Ying Shuang go to use him as bait to draw out the Organisation of Forbidden Demonic Arts.


Although Gu Changge wasn’t quite knowledgeable about the organisation, he figured he could seize it for his use, but if the organisation turned out useless, there was no need for it to exist as well. Essentially, such an organisation could be impactful on his next plans.


In a flash, Gu Changge’s arrival at Immortal Academy was spread across the world. Young prodigies who heard about it felt rather complicated. As of now, any young cultivator that was oblivious to Gu Changge’s existence would surely be ridiculed, which showed how much the younger generation respected him. Even the rest of the Ten Great Ranked Disciples dared not to belittle him.



Meanwhile, in a divine glow-filled manor that was covered in purple steam, there was a young man with a crevice on his forehead donning a purple robe. With his hands resting behind his back, he softly said, “Oh, dear Junior, I await your arrival at Immortal Academy. In my previous life, I prayed to the gods everyday, yet that was not sufficient for you to even take a glimpse at me.”


“Once upon a time, you would never stop pursuing the Great Dao, and once upon a time, I would never stop chasing after you. If this is my reincarnation, my destiny, then only one of us can live on. It would be your greatest regret for not turning around for me. Now, I wonder which one is stronger, your Celestial Bone, or my Chaos Dao Bone!”


Although his tone was gentle, it was filled with reluctance and hatred. The purplish energy that was whirling around his body, like dense Chaos Energy, resembled an ancient universe. An astral projection was rotating along the flow time on his robe, emitting thunderous grumble and a frightening aura.


*Whoosh!* Suddenly, the crevice on his forehead let out a blinding light as he opened his third eye, turning everything in his sight ambiguous, followed by a terrifying vision. The Foreseeing Eye was of utmost terror. The instant he revealed his third eye, purple Chaos Energy swirled and enigmatic traces of time flickered as torn up pictures occurred before him.


It was a mysteriously dim underground prison, unreal and vague. Nonetheless, for some reason, his heart trembled at the sight. 


In the gloomy, damp underground prison cell, a dashing woman in green was covered in scars as her limbs were chained up onto the wall; her expression was full of persistence, coldness, determination, and resentment.


In front of him, a young man with no expression was holding a dagger, filling the stone bowl in his hand with blood before chugging it down right before the woman in green.


“What a bland taste for blood.”


The man in purple could barely hear such a sentence.


Immediately, his vision turned dark. As if his mind was about to blow up, the crevice on his forehead was tearing apart, revealing traces of blood; his face blanched as his Source was damaged. Essentially, using the Foreseeing Eye to peek into the future was absolutely difficult given his current strength. Regardless, he managed to take a brief glance at the gruesome interaction.


“Impossible.” The man in purple was dumbfounded, clenching his fists in disbelief as he wondered why he saw the fragmented vision in the future. After witnessing the love of his life, the woman who pursued the Great Dao all her life, facing such a tragic ending, he couldn’t believe what he just saw.


After all, he had been waiting forever for this life. He was born with wisdom and blessed with the Chaos Dao Bone; he was the Successor of a powerful force whose strength was unparalleled. After all, the reason he sealed himself for so long was solely to await her reincarnation.



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