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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 273, Palm of Annihilation and Lifeless Realms; Qing Feng’s Mysterious Flask

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Inside a cave overflowing with a terrifying aura, heavenly light glistened as celestial energy intertwined. Even those that were kneeling outside the cave could feel the overwhelming pressure gushing out of the cave. Their faces paled and their bodies trembled, as they were baffled by their Master’s unexpected rage.


Typically, no matter what situation their Master was in, he was always a calm man that believed he was in control of everything, indifferent to all matters. Even if the sky were to collapse, he would still retain his straight face.


[Did Master himself face some sort of trouble? Is it perhaps related to the individual from the Immortal Gu Family who suddenly came?] They guessed in their hearts.


Prior to that, their Master never showed any interest in the Immortal Gu Family, let alone inquiring about them. Therefore, they subconsciously assumed that their Master was detestful towards the Successor of the Immortal Gu Family Essentially, according to the ongoing rumours, the Successor of the Immortal Gu Family was an unbelievably overpowered being.


Although their Master once repressed the world and became the number one cultivator of the world, he never once showed up in the world ever since, so there was no telling what would happen if he were to face the Successor of the Immortal Gu Family.


Meanwhile, inside the cave, the man in purple was still unable to accept the outcome as his eyes were filled with shock and dismay.


“That’s impossible! Isn’t Gu Changge her cousin? Why would he do such a thing? I knew Gu Changge is no honest man! Everything he’s doing in front of the world is only pretence! He’s a heartless, cruel man, and returning the bone to his cousin is nothing but a joke!” Followingly, the man in purple calmed himself down as his eyes were gleaming with all sorts of emotions. He didn’t doubt what he witnessed with the Foreseeing Eye, and the young man in the vision was unquestionably Gu Changge.


Although he had never met Gu Changge before, he had seen pictures of him, and the latter looked exactly the same in his vision. As for the woman in green who was chained up in the freezing, moist underground prison, she was Dao Xian, his Junior in her past life.


Little did he know, his Junior was now going by the name Gu Xianer, and she was a proud prodigy of the Immortal Gu Family. When she was merely a child, her Dao Bone was seized by her cousin, Gu Changge.


After such a devastating childhood and countless obstacles, she eventually appeared in Skyward Schloss, and eventually, that was when Gu Changge was left with no choice but to confess his tie with her to the world, thereby returning the Dao Bone to Gu Xianer.

As the man in purple returned to the world late, by the time he knew what had happened, Gu Changge had already returned the Dao Bone to Gu Xianer. Thus, the man in purple thought all grudges were relieved, he never expected to see the fragmented vision from such an angle. As such, there were frightening screams roaring in his heart as he was unable to cool himself down.


Furthermore, he thought now would be the time for his battle of life and death against Gu Xianer. In his past life, not only did she refuse to reciprocate his feelings, but she even shattered his dream of pursuing her. Back then, his dear Junior was such a prideful cultivator that put all her heart into pursuing the Great Dao without getting distracted by any obtrusion, to the point where she ultimately shut her Sect Elders out.

Alas, an incidental disaster took not only him by surprise, but his Sect as well, and of course, his dear Junior. Never expecting himself to regress, he was once a disciple with unremarkable Talents in his Sect. Compared to Gu Xianer, he was extremely inferior.


Then, a miracle happened. He regressed.

The epoch they once lived in was then recorded as a painful, historic time that no one dared to remember. Even though he had regained his memories, he couldn’t help but feel dejected and fearful.


On that tragic day, the entire world withered. Even the Immortals, who were regarded to be undying and invincible, perished at the obliterating, all-powerful blow. Many weeped as their Ancestors fell. Even the heavenly palaces that sat above reincarnation, looking over the world, were disintegrated in one day.


As for common men, their lives were taken by the palm of annihilation that left realms lifeless. And so, none dared to ever bring up the epoch again. Even the man in purple could only hear ambiguous, broken words which were later turned into taboo.


As time went by, after numberless epochs deteriorated along the blooming of the Flower of Reincarnation, he finally regressed.


He believed in reincarnation, and he also believed that his excellent Junior would some day resurface in the world together with him, which he had been waiting for a long time.


“Why would you turn out this way? This isn’t like you at all…”


With that, the man in purple gritted his teeth, intending to use the Foreseeing Eyes once again. Although it was for merely a fragment of vision into the future, doing that would impose a great price onto himself. Using the Foreseeing Eyes twice in one day would mean that he would be paralysed for half a year, and the inevitable, great price for peeking into the future would be the severe damage on his Source.


The next moment, his vision turned blurry again as traces of time flowed. At once, the face of the man in purple blanched as the picture reappeared. It was the same cold, moist underground prison. All of a sudden, he could feel a pair of eyes from the moment of the future turning to him, as if the young man in the vision sensed something.


The young man then raised his head and revealed a fascinated grin. His emotionless gaze fell upon the man in purple as if he could see through space and time.




Hearing that one word, the man in purple could feel his head about to explode. The third eye on his forehead tore even wider, continuously bleeding. Nevertheless, what left him shocked was that Gu Changge noticed his observation.


“Blargh!” He spewed a mouthful of blood. Although the vision quickly faded away, he remained disturbed, shaking out of fear.


“Gu Changge is more than meets the eye. He’s much more terrifying than whatever that was mentioned in the rumours. How does such a monstrosity exist in this world…” The face of the man in purple grew graver than ever.


“Brother, the Elders said I have Celestial Demonic Physique. What physique is that?”


Within a manor with heavenly mist and vibrant lights, Qing Feng and Qing Xiaoyi, who sported a new look, were conversing. Their appearances were completely different from that when they were at the entrance to the Immortal Academy, bearing not the slightest resemblance of a miserable tramp. Instead, they seemed like disciples of a certain Sect with the flashiness on them. Evidently, their makeover was quite successful, given how there was no longer grime on them.


Qing Xiaoyi donned a plain white dress with simple accessories. Her dress was subtly gleaming with intertwining Divine Chains of Order, highlighting her youthfulness and innocence as a little girl. At that moment, she was asking Qing Feng about her physique which she was curious about.


Hearing that, Qing Feng chuckled. “Xiao Yao, all you need to know is that you possess a very, very powerful Talent. See, all the Elders want you to be their disciple. If it weren’t for you, I would never have made it into Immortal Academy. It seems what we know about paradise, compared to Immortal Palace, shows how little we know. They are incomparable… Even the water we drink comes from the unseen divine spring, which is invaluable to the outside world.”


Having said that, he felt absolutely flabbergasted. If it weren’t his sister, he would have remained a worthless beggar, and he wouldn’t dare to imagine himself learning about cultivation, training, and the Great Dao. Although he didn’t have a Spiritual Root, the Elders transplanted one into him in order to please Qing Xiaoyi. And in a blink of an eye, he was now a small prodigy with exceptional Talent. Besides, although he was nothing compared to the servants of the young talents in Immortal Academy, he was satisfied with what he was given.


On the other hand, Qing Xiaoyi, thanks to her frightening Talents, was instantly turned into the salivating centre of attention by the Elders as they wished to take her in despite the fact that she was only thirteen years old and had never cultivated, and other young talents would never dare to wish for what she possessed.


“But Brother, I don’t want to cultivate. The eyes of the Elders scares me. I can feel that they’re seeing me not as a human, but as an item.” In response, Qing Xiaoyi restlessly stated, “To me, all I want is to live happily with you without starving, or getting bullied, and one day, we are going to look for the cultivator who killed Grandpa and avenge Grandpa. The world of cultivation is so cruel… I’m scared…”


“Xiaoyi, I understand your concern. It’s all my fault for being useless, for being unable to protect you and giving you a worriless life…” Qing Feng remorsefully replied.


“Don’t say that, Brother. To be honest, back when we were at the entrance, if the Elders hadn’t shown up, I feel that we could have followed Young Master Changge. Young Master Changge is kind, I can feel that his eyes when he looked at us were normal, unlike the others who simply saw us as monkeys.” Qing Xiaoyi’s voice dropped as she spoke, as though she was bashful.


When the little girl that was about thirteen years old faced the situation back then, the only person that came to their defence was the noble, unparalleled man who was completely out of their world. As such, she couldn’t help but feel as if she was living in a dream.


As a matter of fact, lately, the scenario back then kept replaying in Qing Xiaoyi’s mind. If it weren’t for the Elders’ interruption, she would have become Gu Changge’s sword servant just like her brother. Moreover, with Gu Changge by their side, no one would dare to bully them, which was quite delightful to fantasise about.


“True, Young Master Changge is indeed different from the rest, but Xiao Yi, perhaps you should stop thinking about that. What happened back then was nothing to Young Master Changge. Don’t take that in a wrong way. Remember, even though we are the disciples of Immortal Academy now, the difference between us and Young Master Changge is unimaginable… I doubt a person like him would even remember our names.”


Looking at his sister’s delusional face, Qing Feng felt obliged to advise her with a bitter grin.

“Hey, Brother, what are you on about? I didn’t take it the wrong way. I’m just thinking that, if we ever have the chance, we have to show our gratitude to Young Master Changge. What are you talking about…” Qing Xiaoyi hastily denied, waving her hand. Yet, there was an obvious pair of blush on her snowy cheeks as though her true thoughts got exposed. Besides, since she was now recognised as a disciple by numerous Elders, she just might get the chance to meet Gu Changge in the future.


“Huh…” Followingly, Qing Feng heaved a sigh, shaking his head as he departed.


Since his sister and him lived in different manors, he returned to his room. And after making sure that no one was around, he warily pulled out a flask from his chest.


It was an old flask the size of a palm. Without any carving or ornaments, it seemed ordinary. However, it was the very flask that caused the old beggar who took them in previously to be killed by cultivators. And thanks to the fact that the siblings weren’t around that time, they managed to escape the slaughter.


With that, according to the hints left behind by the old beggar, Qing Feng eventually found the flask in the broken well they usually use. Since it was the legacy of the old beggar, Qing Feng naturally took good care of it, though he didn’t really know the function of the flask.


Nonetheless, it was not until this day that he found out the flask was absorbing his spiritual energy when he was cultivating. And in return, it gave him a more refined, more wondrous energy. The energy was heavy, as if small traces of it could bring the sky down.


Although Qing Feng wasn’t exactly knowledgeable, even he could tell that the energy was the rumoured Chaos Energy that could collapse an entire mountain. The Chaos energy was currently nourishing his blood, bones, and organs.


Possessing such a priceless treasure, Qing Feng was undoubtedly careful, fearing that the others would find out about it. After all, with so many strong cultivators in Immortal Academy, a slight mistake would cause the flask to be detected. Thus, he even kept it from his own sister.



“Greetings, Young Master Changge!”


At the same time, Gu Changge showed up at the entrance of the Immortal Academy. As of late, Immortal Academy had grown highly exuberant as young prodigies from various regions hurried over. As young prodigies and ancient abominations were gathered here, the atmosphere was shockingly intimidating. Therefore, more Elders were assigned to be in charge of verifying the visitors’ bone age.


At that moment, an old man in white named Wang Zhongyong saw Gu Changge and approached him with a beaming smile. 


“To what does Immortal Academy owe the pleasure, Young Master Changge?” he asked.


Without a doubt, Gu Changge’s arrival caused a remarkable disturbance as young prodigies immediately turned around and found themselves dumbfounded. It was the first time for many young prodigies to see Gu Changge in real life, and there was nothing but curiosity and admiration in their eyes.


However, as there was a layer of mist wafting around Gu Changge’s body, his face was rather hard to be perceived, as if he was in another world. The glorified, all-seeing young man who grabbed all the attention standing on a boulder appeared deeply ethereal and surreal. Even the young women couldn’t help but feel absolute adoration towards him.



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