I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 276, To Get The Source Of The Physique; Gu Xianer’s Confusion


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[Qing Xiaoyi was called Fairy Qingyi in my past life. She had the Celestial Demonic Physique and her cultivation had surpassed many ancient monstrosities, although she only started cultivating at 14 years old. Her drastic improvement was so great that defeat was unheard of for her. She, together with the Wondrous Stone of the Immortal Academy, are called the Twin Geniuses of the Immortal Academy. Though, I can’t tell if she might be harmed again by Changge in this life. Well, in the end, she died when she was in her prime in my past life. This angered the Immortal Academy tremendously, yet they couldn’t get any results from the investigation and her death became a mystery. It is clear now that she got killed by Changge…]


[As for the Wondrous Stone, it started concealing its abilities and biding its time. After Qing Xiaoyi’s disappearance, it kept such a low profile that very few have seen its true form. However, from what Changge said, it was the only one who had escaped from him unscathed. Its cultivation must be above the Sacred Realm at the very least. Though, anything from Gu Changge should be taken with a pinch of salt. The Wonderous Stone might have escaped from him unharmed, but it was most likely because Gu Changge did not use his full power.]


Light glimmered faintly within the hovering mist in the Palace as Yue Mingkong sat on her bed. Her figure was slim, and her face was extremely beautiful. Her eyes were narrowed as thoughts flashed across them. She was pondering the next step in her plans, as well as a way to gain the ancient artifact from Qing Xiaoyi’s oldest brother.


Memories from her past life passed through her mind. She didn’t want anything to do with Qing Xiaoyi as they had no relation to each other. She didn’t care about how her present life would end, either.


After that, she waved her hand and a slightly rusted old bronze mirror appeared in her palm. It looked extremely ordinary and did not have any adornments. However, as she activated her power, the mirror began to glow with light. All dirt and rust on its surface were gone as if washed away by rain, leaving behind a shiny mirror.


It displayed the void while emitting a loud hum, where destructive energy flowed. Her gaze shifted a little as she gazed into it, and she muttered to herself. “I now have two out of the Seven Tools of World Domination. The Flask of World Domination is with Qing Xiaoyi’s oldest brother, while the Jar of World Domination is with Changge. I don’t know where the others are, though.”


[I have heard that one could gain the Power of World Domination by collecting all seven tools. One could even find the ruins of Skyward Schloss by using them, which had collapsed into the River of Time.]


It was obvious how much it was coveted. Any individual with a long life hadn’t found it, even though they had searched for it for a long time. These Seven Tools were the key to the ruins of Skyward Schloss. Out of the seven, she possessed both the Mirror and Seal of World Domination; the others were the Sword, Wheel, Flask, Jar and Tower of World Domination. She had found the Mirror and the Seal according to the memories from her past lives, while the Jar had been rumoured to appear in an auction. She hadn’t attended it as she knew Gu Changge would get his hands on it. After all, her purpose in collecting them was to help Gu Changge and reduce his worries. She hadn’t informed him about this, though, as she didn’t want to arouse his unwanted suspicion.


Just as Yue Mingkong was planning what to do next, Gu Changge was plotting his next steps for his plans in his cave manion. [That horse feeder would have to carry the blame for a while, as no one else is currently a better choice. However, before I continue with anything, I have to acquaint myself with what I call the Organisation of the Demonic Arts.]


In his opinion, the organisation was made up of followers of the Demon Lord, who had flocked together to form an organisation, ironically knew very little about the Demon Lord and the Successor of Demonic Arts. However, they were a little useful, since Ying Shuang hadn’t dared to reveal his whereabouts for now and that Elder from the Immortal Academy would protect him.


For this reason, Gu Changge considered letting all the young prodigies know that the current Successor had concealed himself in the Academy. This would lead to fear, and then further chaos, enough to hide what he was doing. Once something happened to one of the young prodigies, Ying Shuang would have no choice but to claim his involvement, as the organisation was currently the only thing protecting him right now. 


This would also be an opportunity that would make Su Qingge confident enough to act in the shadows.


Of course, Gu Changge was also giving her this opportunity. He just needed to employ some nicely hidden schemes and let her take the fall, so that the organisation would notice her. Once that happens, Ying Shuang would have exhausted all his worth and did not need to live anymore.


[Before that, I should be able to breakthrough the Peak of the Sacred Noble Realm, and prepare to take on the Sacred Lord Realm. I’m just not sure whether the Source of the Celestial Demonic Physique could be received by the Dao Fruit of Reception and be recreated.]


The Dao Fruit of Reception had been something from the Fortuity Treasure Chest he acquired after the defeat of the Mortal One. In simple terms, could be used to duplicate things. 


Now that Qing Xiaoyi had many Elders and ancient freaks around her, it would be extremely suspicious for him to act now. It would be too much of a risk. Besides, he sensed that the girl was interested in him; it would be more useful to use her rather than consume her Source. So, he would have to find another way to get the Source of the Celestial Demonic Physique.


Soon, he sat down in a lotus position. Simmering light rose from every pore of his body, as powerful as the energy exuding from a galaxy. The top of his head shone brightly as the Celestial Chant transformed into an ancient, mysterious, and indescribable old god. One glance was enough to make the beholder insane and quivering with fear, ready to prostrate themselves. The energy was so terrifying that even an expert in the Sacred Lord Realm would feel like their skin would split from its intensity.


Gu Changge followed his old habits, redeeming his recently acquired Fatum first. Even though he had plenty of things in the System Market, the one he most desired was the Absolute Detachment Bone. He already had a total of sixty Absolute Detachment Bones in his body, all with mysterious colours woven inside.


Chaos Qi spread through the air and colourful divine light shone brightly like unyielding divine gold. Of course, this description wasn’t accurate; it was like it had completed its transformation to the extreme. It contained the world, its beginnings, its colours, the entire universe, chaos, and matter. This was no longer just bones!


After that, a familiar energy encompassed everything, followed by a dream-like mysterious light emitting from Gu Changge’s flesh, skin, and organs. Ten more of his bones had transformed into Absolute Detachment Bones. 


[The enlightenment and Principles I got from my 70 Absolute Detachment Bones have far surpassed that of a normal Sacred Lord Realm expert. I might even be stronger that a few Sacred King Realm experts.] Gu Changge thought as his expression became colourful.



Soon, three more days remained until the Immortal Academy closed their gate. Many young prodigies from the Upper Realm had gathered here before then, including the Successors of the Mortal Palace, Prince Shen of Sky Emperor Mountain, and the mysterious King with Six Crowns. However, except for those from the Demon World, there were no other Successors that came, which made the situation bizarre.


Outside the tall gates of the mountain, Gu Xianer walked with light steps. Her features were pretty, and her skin glowed. Her expression was distant and haughty as she walked up the stone stairs. This attracted the attention of many young prodigies, who looked at her in amazement. 


She was still young, but it was obvious that she would develop into a devastatingly gorgeous woman. She was clad in a light green dress which attenuated her trim figure and her hair was smooth and soft. A bright red bird was perched on her shoulder.


After leaving Peach Village, she had gone to an Eternal Overcast Battlefield to kill Eternal Overcast creatures before coming to the Immortal Academy, where Hong Yutian currently was. She was a prodigal damsel from the Immortal Gu Family but she still did not act as high-profile as Gu Changge. She just brought along her red bird with her, which made her look slightly plain and impoverished. 


[I’ve already broken past the Enlightened King Realm. The method of falling and picking myself up again is a painstaking way of cultivating. Nonetheless, it is very effective. I will catch up to Gu Changge very soon!] Gu Xianer was in a good mood as she walked lightly towards the entrance. Many young prodigies wanted to talk to her but were denied with a cold, haughty expression. She made a fighting pose when most of them approached her. This scared them away, as they knew she was far more powerful than them. 


The old man in white, named Wang Zhongyong, was in charge of checking their bone age. He was smart enough to recognise that this girl was related to Gu Changge and thus, was wary of her.


“Are you Lady Xianer?” His voice was respectful and obedient.


“You know me?” Gu Xianer raised her eyebrows slightly, sounding puzzled. [Had I become so famous that even an Elder at the entrance knows me?]


“I am acquainted with Young Master Changge…” answered the Elder with a smile.


Her eyes filled with some delight, yet her voice was cool as she asked, “Did he ask you to welcome me?”


“Well…” Wang Zhongyong’s smile became stiff and awkward. [How am I going to explain myself? He has never told me about you… it’s just that I recognised you after hearing Gu Changge’s exploits had looked up a portrait of you…]


“…” Gu Xianer knew immediately that she had become happy over nothing. She felt a little annoyed by this, yet her expression betrayed nothing. She had thought Gu Changge would be waiting or send someone to welcome her if he couldn’t come.


[Humph! So he is neglecting me again!] Her annoyance was still present as she followed the procedure, checking the bone age and submitting her points, before entering the Academy. Her cultivation level should indicate that she was an Unranked Disciple, still far from those Ranked Disciples.


Only a while after entering the Academy, she noticed several young prodigies looking at her maliciously as she travelled down a mountain. Their cultivation levels were already in the Enlightened Noble Realm, and they were considered Inner Disciples of the Academy. Their leader was already in the Enlightened King Realm and thus stronger than them. They looked like they had been standing here for a while as they studied the new disciples passing though the entrance.


[Are the Academy’s rules like this? Is this how they treat the new disciples?] Gu Xianer was confused by their expressions. Suddenly, their eyes lit up and they headed towards her as if making her their target.


“I am Song Fan. May I know your name?” The leader of the group smiled at her admiringly after stopping in front of her. He looked gentlemanly, although tall and muscular and glowing with divine light. The others looked like his lackeys.


The young prodigies nearby immediately left when they saw this, and she frowned deeply in confusion. [Why am I already targeted when I had just come in? This man, is he trying to flirting with me while looking so arrogant? Egh, just some creep who desires me for my looks and figure.]


Her expression turned frigid at that thought, and she looked back at him coldly without speaking. The surrounding temperature dropped rapidly and snow seemed to form in the surrounding air.


“Why are you quiet? Do you think you are better? I just think both of us can get along since we are both Unranked Disciples.” Song Fan froze briefly at her reaction and looked irritated. His smile had disappeared.


Gu Xianer refused to speak but continued staring at him coldly. [Is there something wrong with this guy? Just how did this rubbish manage to qualify for the Academy? Does  he know who I am?]


He frowned when she continued to ignore him, and his tone became angry. “You are new here. I’m afraid you need to know some rules. The most important thing to remember is to respect your senior disciples.”


“Senior disciples?” Gu Xianer finally replied, looking at him like he was stupid. “Like you? Do you deserve it?”


Her calm yet cold tone showed her disdain and lack of interest.


“Sister, you probably have never been defeated before. There are people much better than you, and I will teach you this lesson now…” Song Fan looked irritated as if this was his first time encountering someone who refused to indulge him.


“You? Teaching me a lesson?” Gu Xianer’s expression was still cold, and ice seemed to cling to her words. It was nearly enough to make a person shiver. 


“This girl doesn’t know how much bigger the world is. How dare she not even bother to be respectful towards him? She needs a good beating.”


“Brother Song, I think you can use this chance to show her just how cruel the Academy can be. It’s probably her family’s fault that she doesn’t know how society and relationships work…”


The young prodigies behind Song Fan laughed mockingly and condescendingly.


“It would have been easier if you told me your name, but now you had to make the situation turn out this way. Once this gets out, people will say I’m abusing my status by bullying my Juniors. However, you asked for this.” Song Fan shook his head, looking helpless. As he finished speaking, though, his expression turned cold.


With a loud *hum*, the terrifying aura of the Enlightened King Realm surged out of him. A golden phantom appeared behind him accompanied by large waves of energy, resembling a great golden bird with its powerful presence.


“You’re seeking death!” Gu Xianer’s voice was cold as well. She hadn’t expected the man to be so aggressive and strike out when he could not get her name. 




Her body started glowing brightly as well, and her astonishing physical power seemed to appear in the pattern of a phoenix in her palm. It turned into a white fist, and space quivered and nearly exploded from the momentum as it swung forward. It was a surprising force which far surpassed a normal Enlightened King Realm expert.


“Stop! How dare you do this in the light of day? Do you even care about the rules of the Academy?” 


All of a sudden, a cold voice scoffed from above them.




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