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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 284, Revenge as an Excuse; Stay Away From Gu Xianer

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The strike of the palm turned the whole landscape inside out, as if a meteor plummeted onto the world, destroying mountains and disintegrating hills. Young prodigies that did not manage to evade the blow, despite having their protective artifacts activated, were turned into mists of blood as their souls panickedly fled out of dread.


Upon the sight, many were dumbfounded. Be it Elders or irrelevant young prodigies, everyone was shocked as they observed what was happening in the sky. Of course, it was normal for competitions and battles to arise between the younger generation of Immortal Academy, but such shocking might was virtually unprecedented.


“It’s Gu Changge! What does he want? Does he intend to fight against Sky King Zhi Yang?”


“It’s possible, judging by his stance. Though, I’ve never heard of any feud between them.”


High up in the sky, the Elders were stunned as they were peering at Gu Changge with their glistening eyes.


Gu Changge was the one who drew the attack, but the number of his followers behind him was frightening as well, with their daunting figures covering the sky. If any young prodigy were to face such an occurrence, they would literally pee themselves.


Gu Changge brought along his followers to corner Sky King Zhi Yang, evidently showing that they have enmity against one another. It was also normal for Ranked Disciples to show off their prestige to others.


“Get the hell out, Sky King Zhi Yang!”


Numberless divine rainbows surged above the mountains and gleaming mists from every direction.


At that moment, those who heard Gu Changge’s yell instantly grew terrified and fearful.


“Gu Changge! He’s truly insufferable! We hardly know each other yet he’s attacking my men!” In that instant, despite his craftiness, Sky King Zhi Yang couldn’t help but feel perturbed as he clenched his fists out of immense rage.


[Out of nowhere, for no good reason, Gu Changge barged into the area and attacked my men? What is this if not an act of bullying?]


“What is happening, Yang? Are you in some kind of conflict with that man? I can see that his cultivation level is higher than yours, so if you were to engage blindly, you may not be able to defeat him,” Qin Wuya gloomily claimed with a frown.


Having lived in agony in Nine Realms for three hundred years, Qin Wuya was now a sharp man. He could already tell that Gu Changge was no simple man from a single glance, and that his cultivation level was above that of Sky King Zhi Yang. Unless Sky King Zhi Yang was hiding a powerful, secret technique up his sleeves, Gu Changge would easily be the one victorious.


Nonetheless, Qin Wuya was still angered by the fact that his reunion with his Junior was ruined by another man bullying his Junior. Rightfully, given Sky King Zhi Yang’s identity, none should dare to provoke him.

“Neither do I know the purpose of his aggression. Look at that persistent face of his. He must be planning to pull some pretentious act in Immortal Academy,” Sky King Zhi Yang inferred with a scowl.


“Who is that man, truly? Seeing how even the Elders do not dare to question him despite the disturbance, he must be some influential man. Yang, how did you offend such a man, or is he being difficult on purpose?” Qin Wuya’s gaze fell upon Gu Changge as he felt threatened by the opposing side.


Then, from afar, a Four-Spirit Battle Chariot was charging over with the True Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Celestial Phoenix around it, appearing extraordinarily heroic. Atop the chariot stood a god-resembling young man whose hair was blindingly burning like a sun. That young man was none other than Prince Shen himself.


“It’d be great if they were to fight it out. I could finally see what cultivation level Gu Changge has achieved…” Prince Shen’s eyes shone as he bore such a wish.


In another direction, the Phoenix Lady too appeared.


News about Gu Changge’s sudden attack, and how he seemed intent on subduing Sky King Zhi Yang was instantaneously spread throughout the Immortal Academy, causing major turmoil. Essentially, a feud between two Ranked Disciples was rare, let alone the fact that Gu Changge was involved in it. Back then, at the entrance of Immortal Academy, Gu Changge fought against Jin Chan, the Chosen Monk and displayed his powerful and spine-chilling strength.


Therefore, as the Phoenix Lady was interested in Gu Changge. She was eager to compare her strength to his.


“Changge wants to subdue Sky King Zhi Yang?” In the palace, Yue Mingkong was taken aback upon hearing the news, but she wasn’t exactly bothered by it because she was fully aware of Gu Changge’s true strength. [Despite him being the prior first strongest in the youngest generation within the Upper Realm, Sky King Zhi Yang is definitely not Gu Changge’s rival.


“Why is Gu Changge bullying and attacking someone again? Oh, it’s that disgusting Sky King Zhi Yang. Nevermind, then.” After receiving the news, Gu Xianer, who was cultivating on a boulder, was somewhat surprised. However, when she realised what was happening, she revealed a joyful grin, as her brother was getting back at her nemesis for her sake.

Any disciples that paid close attention to the happenings around Immortal Academy would indubitably know of the battle between her and Sky King Zhi Yang.


It naturally started with Sky King Zhi Yang, who disregarded her warning and insisted on approaching and greeting her. Given Gu Xianer’s personality, there was no way she could stand him, hence she initiated a fight against him.


Unfortunately, her strength alone was insufficient to defeat Sky King Zhi Yang. After all, the latter had already reached the Sacred Realm. 


Since she had a limited amount of time to cultivate, she still fell short. Although she finally caught up to many of her peers in terms of strength, she could at most only handle those young prodigies in the Quasi-Sacred Realm. Thus, it went without saying that she was weaker than Sky King Zhi Yang.


After Sky King Zhi Yang won the battle, he withdrew his hands and chose to leave. Naturally, Gu Xianer felt insulted by this. Therefore, she swore to overcome Sky King Zhi Yang one day and stomp him under her feet to regain her pride.


“Gu Changge said he doesn’t care about me, but he still decided to avenge me after knowing that I got bullied. Hmph! Men.” Gu Changge scoffed, though, her heart was full of joy. It was as if she had seen through Gu Changge, but of course, she would never say that in front of him.


With that, as her body flickered, she transformed into a divine rainbow and left to spectate the heated exchange. After all, it wouldn’t hurt if she simply hid among the crowd without getting noticed by Gu Changge.

“Sky King Zhi Yang, how dare you disregard my words?” On the other hand, Gu Changge’s unstained body that was standing high up in the sky was glowing with vibrant godly lights as shocking, terrorizing anomalies occurred in his eyes. As usual, his voice was filled with coldness and apathy as he stared down at the two below him.


“What are you saying, Gu Changge? Don’t be absurd! I have no need to fear you!” Hearing that, Sky King Zhi Yang shouted back as he charged into the sky.


Simultaneously, following a thunderous boom, a bloody beam gushed out of his head. Like the tip of a mountain, the beam shot upwards before eventually turning into a fear-instilling bloody dragon that split the clouds apart, overseeing the world. With Qin Wuya by his side, he no longer had the need to fear Gu Changge as he did back at the entrance of Immortal Academy.


“Oh, you’re finally willing to show yourself.” As usual, Gu Changge was still condescendingly glaring at Sky King Zhi Yang in the sky, unaffected by his valorant appearance.


Upon those words, Sky King Zhi Yang grew even more irritated. [Is he belittling me, thinking that I’ll hide from him forever?]


“Gu Changge, we bear no grudges against each other. Why did you attack my men!?” Sky King Zhi Yang coldly shouted in a discourteous tone. With so many eyes on him, he couldn’t afford to back out from the fight as he did before after how his reputation among the younger generation was marred once.


All Ranked Disciples treasured their lives too much to get in a fight, but it had to be Gu Changge who made the exception. Gu Changge had absolute faith in his own capabilities, so he was never afraid of getting competitive with other young prodigies. However, his opponents, on the other hand, would constantly avoid him, as if they were reluctant to encounter him and suffer in his hands.


“No grudges, you say? There must be something wrong with your brain, then. Did you forget what I said at the entrance previously?” Gu Changge blandly stated, “I told you to stay away from Gu Xianer. Do my warning mean nothing to you?”


Startled, Sky King Zhi Yang undoubtedly remembered the warning. However, there was no way he could follow Gu Changge’s instruction. From the vision of the future, Gu Xianer was tortured to death by Gu Changge. So, how could he allow such a disaster to happen? Even if Gu Xianer hated him, he must drag her out of the grasp of this evil man. Yet, Gu Xianer always bought her brother’s lies, hook line and sinker.


“Oh, so you do remember. Then why did you ignore my warning? Sky King Zhi Yang, just because you are a Ranked Disciple doesn’t mean that I won’t lay my hand on you,” Gu Changge faintly said without the slightest emotions on his face, but the nearby Elders and disciples seemed to have grasped what was happening.


“How intimidating, Young Master Changge. He has no respect for even someone like Sky King Zhi Yang…”


“Ah, so that is how Sky King Zhi Yang drew Young Master Changge’s ire…”


Followingly, a young prodigy couldn’t help but mutter, explaining to those who had yet to figure it out the recent situations pertaining to the Gifted Lady of the Immortal Gu Family, who was Gu Changge’s cousin, Gu Xianer.


When Gu Xianer first passed through the Immortal Academy gate, she unintentionally stirred up turmoil among a group of young prodigies with her impeccable beauty. 


The conversation flowed and her past was eventually dug up and the recent happenings.


When she was merely a child, her Dao Bone was cruelly seized by Gu Changge, who then exiled her. Naturally, many sympathised with such a tragic event. However, she, as a young prodigy of Nirvana, possessed exceptional Talents and strength. She was someone not to be underestimated.

As such, the prodigal damsel attracted a plethora of admirers and pursuers in such a short time, and Sky King Zhi Yang was one of them.


Additionally, there were rumours that claimed the moment Sky King Zhi Yang laid eyes on Gu Xianer, when she first entered Immortal Academy, he was completely smitten. He would then overzealously pursue her, showing up wherever she was. Furthermore, due to the fact that Sky King Zhi Yang was a Ranked Disciple, many young prodigies, knowing their own place, gradually pulled out from the ‘race.’


Then, for some reason, a conflict broke out between Gu Xianer and Sky King Zhi Yang a few days ago. The two had a magnificent battle, after which the latter eventually left. Hence, many assumed that to be the reason that triggered Gu Changge’s rage.


As Prince Shen’s eyes gleamed, he revealed a deep, pondering look. “Is Gu Changge perhaps a control freak? No, if that’s the case, why would he seize her Dao Bone when they were little? With what he had done, he mustn’t be a good man. It must have been the circumstances that forced him to return the Dao Bone to her.”


“Is he using the revenge of her sister as an excuse?” At the same time, the intelligent Phoenix Lady also saw through Gu Changge’s intention. To attack Sky King Zhi Yang with the excuse of bringing justice to Gu Xianer.


Having figured that out, the Phoenix Lady felt a chill up her spine as she realised that, to Gu Changge, all Ranked Disciples were merely preys. Walking steaks whom he wouldn’t let go of whenever the opportunity arose.


Nonetheless, the Elders and the rest of the disciples perceived it differently.

“It was said that Gu Changge returned the Dao Bone to Gu Xianer and expressed his remorse to her. Did Sky King Zhi Yang’s action touch on Gu Changge’s soft spot?”


“So what? Who cares about all that? All I know is that there’s going to be a good show today!”


Divine rainbows flashed throughout the sky, as people moved to observe what was happening below with eagerness and thrill.


“Gu Changge, what are you talking about?” At Gu Changge’s condescending words, Sky King Zhi Yang was enraged as his face grew gloomy. Never had he met a young prodigy as preposterous as Gu Changge. Even the mysterious King of Six Crowns himself wasn’t as insufferable.


“I’m talking about how you’re seeking death,” Gu Changge answered leisurely.


“It’s only natural that a beauty grabs the eyes of a man. Gu Changge, do you think you’re the overlord of the Immortal Academy? Why don’t you mind your own business!?” Veins popped out of Sky King Zhi Yang’s forehead, as he forced himself to calm down. Since Gu Changge came with no peace in mind, there was no need for him to be courteous. Hence, he countered with scorn in his voice.


“Oh, but I’m not butting into your affairs. I simply think that a nobody like you has no rights to butt in mine.” Gu Changge blandly stated, “So I believe I need to show you your place.”

Having said that, he immediately drew his hands without giving a chance for Sky King Zhi Yang to respond. Without the slightest hesitation, his slender body speedily advanced. As endless glaring lights and thick vibrant mists surged, his body instantaneously vanished. His fist landed, as if it was a star plummeted from the sky. Simultaneously, anomalies occurred behind him. It was the first time he displayed his true power.

*Whoosh!* An extravagant, celestial door was pushed open, followed by a gush of dense mystical aura. A vast, mysterious ancient world, from which sceneries of Immortals descending could be seen, with loud sounds of chanting.

Upon the sight, young prodigies and Elders were dumbfounded and terrified. Many were guessing what kind of Talents Gu Changge possessed. Some claimed that he could manipulate space with unparalleled speed, while the other said that he possessed the Dao of the Peerless Sword, which granted him the mastery of extremely powerful sword techniques.


After all, according to the rumours, Gu Changge was flawless in every aspect, and the Talents he displayed today seem to project the Immortal Realm. Evidently, such occurrence was absolutely out of the world, and many thought the world they saw actually existed.


“What else is Gu Changge hiding under his sleeve? Damn it…” Prince Shen’s breath grew rapid, as he couldn’t calm himself down as a result of the pressure.


“How overwhelming…” The Phoenix Lady constantly gazed at Gu Changge with astonishment twinkling in her eyes.


“This aura… This is bad… Yang! Run away!” In that instant, not only did Sky King Zhi Yang’s face change, but Qin Wuya also revealed an anxious frown, as he hastily warned.


“Damn, I have still yet to recover from using the Foreseeing Eye. I can hardly move.” With a tensed expression, Sky King Zhi Yang swung his arms and produced the sounds of explosion. Dense purple energy began wafting around his body, resembling the surging of fog.


It was the awakening of his Chaos Dao Bone. All of a sudden, he was standing in the deepest spot of the world, as a frightening purple fog swirled, engulfing an ancient world. The sight was of utmost terror. The unimaginably rich ancient world seemed to be of primitive times, harbouring an unimaginably amount of pure and genuine World Energy. As the World Energy clashed with the Chaos Qi, a horrifying light erupted, resembling the explosion of a star.


Seeing that, the Elders, in the Sacred Emperor Realm, dropped their jaws. They felt the might and vigour Sky King Zhi Yang showed was too tyrannical. He certainly was the previous strongest within the Upper Realm’s young generation.


Alas, upon the clash of two powers, Sky King Zhi Yang was blown backwards. His face notably paled as blood flowed down the corner of his lips.


“Sky King Zhi Yang is not to be underestimated! He withstood Gu Changge’s attack head on!” 


“Chaos Dao Bone, huh…” The faces of Prince Shen and the rest of the young prodigies were intense, having heard of the terror of Chaos Dao Bone.


According to legends, the Chaos Force represented absolute power. Even the Power of the Flying Immortal of legend, paled in comparison to it. According to ancient fables, those who were born with Chaos Qi and sufficient luck were destined to be godlike figures.


Nevertheless, Sky King Zhi Yang’s current cultivation level was obviously not enough to achieve that as the Chaos Qi he could utilise wasn’t exactly limitless. However, that was terrifying enough as no beings in the Sacred Noble Realm would dare to face such a potent power.


“But how will Young Master Changge respond? He seems so casual, as though he’s not troubled at all.” The Phoenix Lady, who was keeping track of Gu Changge, never saw a change in his expression. She couldn’t help but be baffled by it.


“Chaos Dao Bone… What such a waste for it to be with you.” An uncanny sensation flashed across Gu Changge’s eyes.

With that, he drew another punch. Although he didn’t exert his true strength, the punch was remarkably more forceful than the previous one. With his current strength, he could easily scare away a Sacred King Realm expert, and to him, Sky King Zhi Yang was nothing but a crop to be harvested.


*Boom!* Carrying the weight of a thousand worlds, the offensive force within the vibrant mist fractured the sky, instantly shattering the void and revealing petrifying nothingness.


Seeing that, the young prodigies could hardly stand still. They almost collapsed to the ground as their faces turned completely pale. As the World Energy exceeded the threshold of the void, the void continuously cracked and exploded. 


A mighty aura swept through. Even experts in the Sacred Noble Realm were too afraid to challenge it. As the punch landed once again, light produced from it engulfed the world. Casing the sky to tremble before exploding.


Widening his eyes, Sky King Zhi Yang started coughing blood as his mind went blank. Before even impacting, the layer of Chaos Qi around him broke off as it was unable to resist the shockwave.


Nonetheless, after facing such might, capable of destroying the laws of the universe, Sky King Zhi Yang quickly came back to his senses.


“Gu Changge’s strength is simply too terrifying. What physique does he possess? Why is it so similar to the Power of Nirvana, recorded by the Mortal Palace?” Many Elders subconsciously gasped as they were blown away by how strong Gu Changge was. Needless to say, none among the younger generation could rival him.


“So, who gives a nobody like you the rights?” Gu Changge leisurely stated, as if he wasn’t oppressing his opponent.


When his punch landed, Sky King Zhi Yang spewed a mouthful of blood once again as half of his body exploded and his organs came bursting out. His scowl was incomparably hideous after he was so effortlessly defeated by Gu Changge, right in front of all the other young prodigies.


As such, he was filled with reluctance, frustration, rage, and shame. It wasn’t that he was weak, but the disparity of the power between them was simply too great. If he were to face someone else in the same cultivation level, he could have easily won. However, the man before him was Gu Changge. Thus, depending on his Talents alone would not suffice.


“Your cultivation level cannot be merely in the Sacred Realm! If you are in the same r-” With an extremely gloomy expression, Sky King Zhi Yang gritted his teeth as his body, appearing at a spot far away, was speedily recovering. Nonetheless, before he could finish talking, he was interrupted by Gu Changge.


“Keep telling yourself that. Once trash, always trash. Stay away from Gu Xianer. If I see you once again, I’ll make sure you beg for death.”


Gu Changge’s face was ever so serene, as if what he did was nothing. 


Naturally, if he wanted to kill Sky King Zhi Yang, the Elders of the Immortal Academy would surely step in to stop him right away, and he would end up at a loss.


Regardless, the young prodigies and Elders nearby who heard his words immediately grew silent. There was truly nothing but silence in the air.


[How powerful! He’s not just powerful, but he’s so daunting as well! Sky King Zhi Yang, the monstrosity who once the strongest young prodigy in the Upper Realm has been defeated so swiftly…] 


The rest of the young prodigies felt chills all over their bodies, as their souls trembled. A freezing sensation even rose from their spines to the top of their heads.



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