I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 32, Unlured Prey, Who is the Young Man?


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Dhael Ligerkeys & Silavin


“Qiuhan…” The sight left Lin Tian gripping his fists. He was visibly vexed as discomforting rage surged in his heart. However, it wasn’t his intention to call out his sister’s name, but his instincts that caused him to blurt it out.


 After all, his host considered Lin Qiuhan the only person who treated him with respect. Despite her usual strictness, she was genuinely nice to him, unlike the rest of the Lin Family who were always condescending and apathetic to him. Turned out, Lin Tian held a special adoration for Lin Qiuhan. Unlike him, an undisciplined rascal, his sister was so exceptional that he couldn’t help but feel guilty for his incompetence.


 Naturally, he was disaffected, discomforted by what was happening right before his eyes. Lin Tian, now the God King of the Sky, put a substantial amount of effort into dealing with his host’s desires. 


As a matter of fact, a few days ago in Superior Dao Academy, he pointed out the flaws in the elders’ presentation of certain Techniques and outlined the solutions for those flaws, leaving his peers thoroughly dumbfounded. Accordingly, Lin Qiuhan had a new perspective towards him, thinking that he had changed for the better given how he was willing to study the mistakes in training, and she was pleased by it. She assumed her advice had got to her brother, and he was finally willing to turn a new leaf. 


In the end, Lin Tian found himself pretty satisfied with the result. Though, in his initial plan, it was only the first step to change Lin Qiuhan’s impression of him. Ultimately, as a being of Enlightened King Realm, how difficult would it be to deal with a mere mortal?


Alas, he eventually found himself disturbed and bewildered by the young man who appeared out of nowhere. [He’s queue jumping? How bold of him!]


Very soon, his icy glare fell upon the woman in white behind the young man. Although her face was somewhat veiled, the shape of her face remained visible, and she was certainly bewitching. Most importantly, he sensed the woman in white’s unordinary physique.


[Is that the Mysterious Nine Maiden Physique mentioned in the archives—the legendary refined physique? To think I’d bump into that!]


Swiftly, Lin Tian, at the familiarity, lowered his head so as not to let the others notice the change on his face. As he read about the physique in an ancient archive back then, no ordinary person could recognize it. Since he wasn’t certain of his thoughts, he decided to make a plan to look into it. After all, a God King like him would drool over the Mysterious Nine Maiden Physique. 


[This man must be the so-called ‘young master’. Isn’t he the lucky one? Sadly, you just had to run into me.] Thinking that, Lin Tian regained his composure without letting anyone notice his oddness. However, he was dazed by the fact that the young man was constantly staring at him with his inexplicable eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel a chill up his spine. Nevertheless, the strange sensation quickly waned, and he thought he was only overthinking it. 


“Lin Qiuhan… What a nice name.” All of a sudden, the young man spoke. With his stunning looks, he revealed a beam, leaving girls and women charmed. 


“T-Thank you for the compliment…” Lin Qiuhan stuttered as her face reddened. 


Despite being the strict mentor to many disciples in Superior Daoist Academy, Lin Qiuhan couldn’t help but feel nervous under such a circumstance. Even her Prime Ancestor had to refer to himself as ‘this old one’ before the immortal-like young prince in front of her. Evidently, he had a tremendously terrifying origin. Thus, how could she not feel nervous? How could she not stutter? 


[This damned desire…] Seeing that, Lin Tian cussed in his mind as jealousy and reluctance surged in his heart. 


Upon the conversation, everyone in the grand hall was joyous. Including Ming Lao himself, many wished that Lin Qiuhan was able to establish a relationship with Gu Changge. Without even the need for Ming Lao’s introduction, everyone in the grand hall could tell that Gu Changge’s identity must be otherworldly daunting. 


“I am no sea monster that devours all life, so there’s no need to be restless, Lady Lin.” Gu Changge’s eyes appeared natural as his smile persisted. He then shifted his gaze away from Lin Qiuhan and continued, “Qingge and I will be honored to have you as our guide.” 


Despite saying that casually, he was actually intrigued. ‘Coincidence’ could no longer describe the occurrence as the Fortuitous One he sought voluntarily came to him. [Ah, an unlured prey, I see. Perhaps I could gain a thing or two from interrogating Lin Qiuhan.] 


Essentially, 200 Fortuity wasn’t what an ordinary person would possess. What was even more astonishing was that the young man whom Gu Changge sneakily inspected possessed more than 500 Fortuity. [Now, now. What is this Fortuitous One gonna be like?] 




Some time later, after Gu Changge departed from the grand hall, the uneasiness that engulfed the room instantly dispersed as everyone heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, the leader of the Lin Family as well as the Supreme Elder were also agitated. At the end of the day, it was their first time being in the presence of someone from the Beyond. Hence, anyone who claimed to be unaffected would simply be lying. 


“Prime Ancestor, who is the young man you were following?” After a moment of reminiscence, the Supreme Elder’s eyes were filled with astoundment, curiosity and inexplicableness as he respectfully inquired. 


Upon the question, the young ones outside of the grand hall were put on the edge of their seats as they were overwhelmed by curiosity.  


Even Lin Tian, who was discretely observing Ming Lao, had a straight face. From the Prime Ancestor of the Lin Family, who had descended from the Beyond, he could sense an aura that was similar to his, though he wasn’t exactly sure, which left him completely perplexed. 


Having been asked that, Ming Lao found no reason in hiding anything. Since it was no secret, he revealed a warm beam and explained to his successors, “Prince Gu came from a family of immortals and is bound to be the leader of the Cult of Immortality. If somehow, any of you manages to attract Prince Gu’s attention, your future will definitely prosper. By then, ascension from the Overworld and conquering the world shall no longer be an issue.”




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