I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 328, A Piece of News Spread and Caused a Sensation; the Bait Has Been Set in Place for Long. It’s Time To Draw the Net.


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After hearing Gu Changge say so, everyone suddenly came to a realisation. It turned out that Young Master Changge already had a plan, and it was not as simple as letting Qin Wuya escape.


“How are your injuries?” The King with Six Crowns walked over, his eyes flashed as he closely stared at Gu Changge. In fact, at this moment, both he and the Phoenix Lady had some other thoughts. Of course, they were not thinking of challenging him. Instead, they were questioning if he was really hurt or not. [Are his injuries really that serious? Is he even injured in the first place? Could it be just him trying to fool others into believing he is injured? If so, then his purpose was to lure them in, into believing they had a chance to take him out. Just like earlier.]


[It is obvious that Gu Changge seems as though he had sustained injuries, and it appeared to be serious. However, when he made his move, his aura was too huge and thick, seemingly inexhaustible. It was so suffocating that one couldn’t help but kneel. In fact, even a Sacred King Realm expert could not easily contend against him, and it is hard to tell who’s the victor in the end. And, if he really was injured, how could he be so powerful and terrifying? Even activating his Sacred Emperor Grade artifact.]


Such thoughts made the hearts of the Phoenix Lady and the King with Six Crowns turn cold. They felt as though they might have been kept in the dark by Gu Changge.


If Gu Changge injuring himself was just to act as some sort of cover-up; then those who wanted to stir up trouble and used this opportunity to go after him were just courting death,


Moreover, the King with Six Crowns felt that Gu Changge has yet to show his true abilities, and a lot were still hidden.


“My injuries are fine. I’ll be better after resting for a bit.” Hearing this, Gu Changge smiled slightly. His handsome face was a little pale. As he spoke, blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth again. It seemed as if he was still seriously injured.


Everyone was speechless when they realised how powerful and invincible he was moments ago. [Is this something someone who is seriously injured can accomplish? If we look at it another way, he had used his own injuries as bait, and pulled the net when his targets got inside.]


“Brother Changge, your strength is truly unfathomable. I really admire you.” The Phoenix Lady said earnestly. Ying Yu also nodded in agreement.


“For what happened today, thank you so much, Young Master Changge.” Afterward, Liu Ziyan glanced at Gu Changge and thanked him. She was someone who knows how to repay others’ kindness. Although he claimed to put her under house arrest in this place, only Liu Ziyan herself knew that in reality, she was being treated like a guest, and felt very comfortable while staying here. She even had tea and played chess with Gu Changge from time to time. Thus, her life was quite leisurely and carefree.


In fact, if it weren’t for the black robed man, who suddenly came to kill them tonight, she might have played chess with Gu Changge tomorrow.


“It’s no trouble. After all, I would be in a pinch if you were in trouble.” Gu Changge smiled and looked at her again, “but as for you, are you not hurt?”


“Young Master Changge, you’ve protected me so well. How could I be in danger?” Liu Ziyan stared at him with her beautiful eyes.


Gu Changge nodded, “that’s good.”


“So, what exactly is the reason for this?” Watching this rosy scene, especially Liu Ziyan’s attitude towards this matter, made many confused. They didn’t understand why she would say such words to Gu Changge. [Wait… shouldn’t she hate him?] 


The King with Six Crowns and the Phoenix Lady were very intelligent. The two of them reacted almost in an instant and couldn’t help but sigh, “I see. Brother Gu, you are so thoughtful and farsighted. I really admire your.”


Seeing that many were still confused, Liu Ziyan explained. “To be honest, during this period, I’m Young Master Changge’s guest. I am not under house arrest as the rumours states.”


“Because this matter is related to the split within Purple Mansion, I can only think of such a plan to force them to come to terms before things get worse.”


“The relationship between Sky King Zhi Yang and the Successor of Demonic Arts runs very deep. If Purple Mansion obstinately sticks to the wrong course, the only end for them is destruction. I don’t want to see such a scene, so after Young Master Changge told me of his plan, to deceive Purple Mansion with him, I agreed. Still, I’m the one who benefits from all this. So, I’m the one who has caused all the recent bad rumours about Young Master Changge. I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify that this really has nothing to do with him. At the end of the day, I was the one who dragged him into this mess.”


Hearing this, everyone finally understood and sighed in their hearts. Perhaps other than Gu Changge, no one else could come up with such a plan. Moreover, for the other cultivators, it was impossible for them to work together with Saintess Ziyan even if they wanted to because they did not have the qualifications and courage to do so.


After all, this was going to offend the entire Purple Mansion! Who else other than Gu Changge would do such a thing like imprison Saintess Ziyan?


Everyone had no other thoughts, other than feelings of admiration.


“Tonight, I would have died miserably in their hands if Young Master Changge hadn’t noticed their plans in advance. At first, the enemy sent a man in black robe, who was at the Peak of the Sacred Lord Realm, to assassinate me. Fortunately, Young Master Changge appeared in time and forced him to retreat…” Liu Ziyan continued afterward. 


Speaking till recent events, she still felt a little scared. She fixed her gaze on Gu Changge with her beautiful eyes. She was extremely grateful to him.


“What? That black robed man was here to assassinate Saintess Ziyan?” As soon as these words were said, they caused a great uproar, as well as panic and shock. Many had thought that they were here to assassinate Gu Changge before this. But it turned out to not be the case. The target had always been Liu Ziyan.


“The Successor of Demonic Arts isn’t stupid. He knows of Gu Changge’s strength, and he knows that even if Brother Changge was seriously injured, he still wouldn’t be able to assassinate him. Therefore, they retreated. Even if they weren’t able to assassinate Brother Changge, they wanted to at least cause him trouble.” At this time, seeing that many were still confused, the Phoenix Lady suddenly explained. If it had been in the past, she would never have explained anything to anyone.


But what she saw tonight really shocked her. She was not as arrogant as before in front of Gu Changge. These words were full of sincere admiration and respect.


“Well, that’s what had happened. Just now, that man has a close relationship with Sky King Zhi Yang. He used the excuse of saving me while wanting  to kill me… I will truthfully report what has happened tonight to Purple Mansion. If Purple Mansion still insists on protecting Sky King Zhi Yang, then it is out of my hand already.” Liu Ziyan said coldly, with a darkened face. Her beautiful flawless face was ice cold..


“Don’t worry, Saintess Ziyan. As long as Purple Mansion is not stupid, they will know what to choose,” Gu Changge with a smile afterward. 


Liu Ziyan glanced at him and nodded her head. It was obvious that she had complete faith in him and his words.


This scene caused the expressions of many to change slightly. They were somewhat envious, feeling that something seemed to have happened in the past few days. Before this, Gu Changge and Liu Ziyan didn’t seem to have interacted with each other. However, in just a few days, Liu Ziyan’s attitude toward Gu Changge had changed drastically. 


It had to be said that the Prodigal Damsel had felt a very strong attraction towards Gu Changge, which made many powerful young prodigies envious. Soon, the news of what had happened here spread and shocked the entire Black Tortoise Empire and the many Ancient Empires nearby.


The spreading of news happened at a terrifying speed. 


After a short while, the news spread quickly to the other parts of the Upper Realm, shocking all the various Sects and Families. It was as if meteorites had smashed into the deep sea, causing a tsunami to spread.


First of all, the Successor of Demonic Arts had sent someone to assassinate Gu Changge! And what happened next proved that the relationship between Sky King Zhi Yang and the Successor of Demonic Arts runs deep.


The mysterious man who came out of the Wondrous Stone, from the Nine Realms, showed unparalleled fighting power. He fought with Gu Changge and ran away in the end! During this, Gu Changge’s true strength was exposed, stirring up a lot of noise amongst the people. Those in the young generation were all shocked for words, as their scalp tingled.


Even if Gu Changge was seriously injured, he could still contend against a Sacred King Realm expert! It was so shocking that it made their souls tremble as if they had been petrified.


This was the first time that Gu Changge had shown such strength in front of so many people because the opponents he had met before could not be easily defeated without difficulty. This also caused a situation where everyone knew that he was a lot stronger than they had expected, but still had not truly shown how strong he was.


As soon as the news spread, it immediately caused a frightening earthquake. It was not until then that many Elders realised that this young man in their eyes had grown to a point that even they had looked up to him.


Similarly, many realised that Prince Shen did not die a resentful death! It was not that he was too weak, but that the Successor of Demonic Arts was too strong! Then, the spies of the major forces sent back more eye-opening details of this matter, which once again shocked and amazed the many forces, stirring up enormous waves. 


No matter which piece of news it was, each of them contained too much information and was too astonishing. Many couldn’t believe it. They stood still for a long time, gawking, and felt that all this was too much like a dream.


At this moment, it was useless even if Sky King Zhi Yang wanted to argue. Too many people had seen the real face of that mysterious man with their own eyes. In particular, the disciples of the Immortal Academy, who had previously seen him, and knew that he had a close relationship with Sky King Zhi Yang.


Still, the relationship between these two was unknown.


Moreover, the fact that the Successor of Demonic Arts had sent out the black robed man to assassinate Saintess Ziyan infuriated many as well. During this period, they had been searching everywhere for traces of the Successor of Demonic Arts. The fact that the Successor of Demonic Arts was able to send the black robed man to Gu Changge’s place silently and unknowingly meant that he was definitely somewhere not far from the Black Tortoise Empire.


Thus, many young prodigies became vigilant and were anxious because of this. If they encountered the Successor of Demonic Arts at this time, they would not be a match for him.


After all, they now knew more of Gu Changge’s strength, even if it was still the tip of the iceberg. How much strength was still hidden? Did anyone know? Regardless, it helped them gauge how strong the Successor of Demonic Arts was, and it frightened them. 


Before this, many thought that although the Successor of Demonic Arts was very strong, he was not that invincible. However, it had been revealed that this was mostly an after effect of Gu Changge concealing his true strength too well. 


Even ancient monstrosities like Prince Shen got tricked into thinking he had a good chance of winning against the Successor of Demonic Arts. That was why he couldn’t wait to chase after the Successor of Demonic Arts after hearing news about him. It eventually resulted in him getting set up and losing his life.


After this incident, many people were on high alert against the Successor of Demonic Arts. They would never assume again that they could kill the Successor of Demonic Arts after meeting him. 


Thus, Gu Changge became more than just world-famous. He became someone that would be remembered throughout the ages.


During this period, the situation that Purple Mansion was facing was not optimistic. Even now, many signs showed that there was a connection between Sky King Zhi Yang and the Successor of Demonic Arts. Sky King Zhi Yang had become so cruel that he even wanted to assassinate Saintess Ziyan, just to cause Gu Changge some trouble.


Under such circumstances, some in Purple Mansion still wanted to protect him. They even announced that there was no evidence. That it was just Gu Changge wanting to frame Sky King Zhi Yang. That Saintess Ziyan had colluded with an outsider to betray the Sect. They even went so far as to curse her, saying that she would definitely be punished one day! 


Naturally, such an announcement caused a huge sensation in an instant.


Many people realised that something must have happened within Purple Mansion. After all, she was the daughter of Purple Mansion’s Sect Master! It was impossible for the Sect Master to label her as a traitor like this.


“It seems that Purple Mansion is no longer under the its own Sect Master’s control…” Gu Changge smiled and sat upright in his seat at the table, gently blowing into the teacup in front of him.


The steam curled up, making the place seem even more ethereal as if they were in the Celestial Realm.


“I too, don’t know what to do now…” Liu Ziyan seemed to be in low-spirit. She didn’t expect that things would turn out like this


“All we need to do now is to find Sky King Zhi Yang.” Gu Changge placed the cup down and stood up. He narrowed his eyes and his smile seemed to hide a deeper meaning. 


“The bait has been set in place for so long. It’s time for me to draw on the net.”


Liu Ziyan looked at him in a daze. Suddenly, she felt that Gu Changge at this moment was a little strange compared to the person she was familiar with a few days ago. There was a kind of profound indifference, with him overlooking everything. He felt lofty and superior, completely different from the gentle and elegant person she knew.


For a moment, she thought she was hallucinating. 


But soon, a slight smile appeared on his face again. Gu Changge said gently, “In fact, Saintess Ziyan, you don’t need to worry. Once Sky King Zhi Yang dies, even those ancient fossils in Purple Mansion, who have been protecting him, would have no choice but to accept defeat. If they want to resist…” He stopped talking and smiled mysteriously.


Afterward, Gu Changge walked out of the hall and began to summon his many followers, not caring that Liu Ziyan was still in a daze. In fact, Liu Ziyan was no longer useful to him. The bait had already been set. If Liu Ziyan was really assassinated by Sky King Zhi Yang at this time, he need not care about it.


“Young Master Changge, are you really going to find where Sky King Zhi Yang is hiding?” Liu Ziyan asked after she came to her senses.


However, Gu Changge didn’t answer. Instead, he smiled and said, “Saintess Ziyan, you better go back to Purple Mansion to have a look this time. I don’t think your father’s condition is too good.” After he finished speaking, his figure flashed and appeared in the sky outside. His eyes were cold. With a wave of his sleeve, he said to the many followers who were rushing over, “I already know where Sky King Zhi Yang is hiding. Today, we will definitely take him down.”


*Rumble!* The next moment, the void trembled, and a terrifying aura pervaded everywhere. In an instant, a portal opened up in front of everyone, connected to another space. It was golden, surging, and vast. It seemed to be connected to another space.


“A Space Tunnel…” Liu Ziyan looked at this scene in shock. Before this, she had seen such a skill performed in the hands of the Immortal Academy’s Elders and Purple Mansion’s ancient monstrosities.


Creating a Space Tunnel with one’s own strength was something only those who had a deep understanding of Space Principles could accomplish. This was something that required the person to at least be in the Sacred Emperor Realm! 


It was the first time that she had seen someone of the younger generation accomplish such a feat! 




The next moment, Gu Changge took the lead in moving forward, and his many followers hurried after him. The vast, powerful Space Tunnel overshadowed the entire Capital of the Black Tortoise Empire.


Many looked up and were incomparably shocked.


Then, a piece of news spread and caused another sensation! 


‘Gu Changge has already found out where Sky King Zhi Yang is hiding and was going to kill him! ‘



“So, he’s going to finally make his move?” In a manor, the King with Six Crowns suddenly stood up. His eyes flashed with a terrifying aura. Afterward, he set out as well, guessing that this battle would very likely attract the Successor of Demonic Arts. Of course, that was just a possibility.


On the other side, the Phoenix Lady, the Chosen Monk, and Ying Yu, all received the news with different expressions on their faces. Then, they all set out at the same time, not wanting to miss out on the fun.


For a moment, in the sky of the entire Black Tortoise Empire, streaks of divine rainbow flashed through the air, and magical artifacts broke through the sky as they rushed forward.


When Gu Changge set out, and directly opened up a Space Tunnel, he did not conceal his aura. Thus, those behind him could track his aura, and would be able to follow him.




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