I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 355, The Name’s Gu Lang, Stupidly Bossy


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


Hearing this, the Purple Mansion Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master flashed a murderous look. Enraged, he made a move. It was just an instant, but his attack was terrifying enough to cause thousands of stars to explode. The energy gushing out from him was so majestic and frightening that the void vibrated and blew apart, like torn paper.


The rest from Purple Mansion roared and rushed forward again. Many disciples and Elders also desperately wanted to kill Gu Changge. But before they could even get close to him, the Great Seal of Mountains and Rivers suddenly became hundreds of times larger, surging with endless power.


*Boom!* Everyone exploded, their bodies and souls. all turned into bloodmist.


“You are too arrogant. Do you really think that you can do whatever you want just because you have a Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master to protect you?” Nevertheless, the Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master seemed to sense something right then. He sneered and threw himself towards Gu Changge, closing the distance in one leap.


The terrifying being was already in front of Gu Changge the next moment as he tried to crush him.


This shocking move made everyone’s complexion change drastically. They couldn’t help feeling shocked and worried about Gu Changge. After all, how was he supposed to defend himself against a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert, who was charging at him with the intention to kill?


The effect of the Nirvana Decree had been used up. It would be difficult to win against a Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master even with a Sacred Emperor Grade artifact in his hand, unless the mysterious guardian from the other day came to lend him a hand again.


“Oh, is that so?” Gu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly as a blurred light appeared in front of him. He looked as if he was a god sitting cross-legged, about to recite a heavenly scripture.


In everyone’s eyes, he didn’t seem to care about the Purple Mansion Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master‘s attack. It was as though he had long expected it.


However, as soon as he uttered those words, a voice rang out from a faraway place. “Isn’t that the case?” A question thrown back at Gu Changge.


It sounded so ethereal it was hard to tell where the majestic voice came from.


It seemed to descend from the Nine Heavens, as it pierced through time and the void, and roared in the depths of the sky. Even the Purple Mansion Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master was terrified upon hearing it.


The world trembled when it resonated from all directions! The next moment, a big black hand surrounded by countless black rays of light and Chaos Energy suddenly reached over from a distant place. It looked higher and wider than the sky. Even the star under its palm looked smaller than dust. The Chaos Energy, too, wrapped around the sun, moon and stars.




“How is that possible…”


“Is that… someone who had achieved the Great Dao? A True Daoist? Purple Mansion actually have an expert like him hidden up till now…”


“He is definitely a True Daoist. He surely has achieved the Great Dao for a long time already… That aura isn’t something any normal expert would have!”


Everyone was shocked and horrified at this scene. Goosebumps broke out, and their heads felt like it was about to explode. After many Sect Masters retreated to the distance, one after another, they used their Heaven Peering Eye to observe this battle.


*Boom!* The sky split apart! 


As soon as the giant palm fell, it covered every corner of the sky. Facing the Celestial Ancient Army, even those in the Sacred King Realm were no match for it, and the being immediately exploded to pieces. Many of various cultivation levels also got crushed, as their bodies and souls were annihilated. They were no different from ants under this palm. It seemed as though an army of one million would be wiped out in an instant.


“You are finally here.” Gu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly, and his complexion changed a little, but he still looked calm. He had speculated that Purple Mansion would bring all their Hidden experts here, considering how they had burned the bridge behind them. Naturally, Gu Changge’s speculation had turned into reality.


*Fwoosh* At this moment, all the ancient battleships glowed and intertwined into patterns like the constellations in the sky, absorbing the power and Principles in the void to resist the palm.


However, the palm was so strong that these lights collapsed in an instant, unable to resist for even a second longer. Cracks began to appear on many ancient battleships as they were on the verge of being destroyed by the palm.


The target was obviously Sky King Zhi Yang, who was imprisoned there.


After the palm reached out, everyone retreated while coughing up blood as they tried to keep their distance. He held onto the cage in his hand to quickly take it back and save Sky King Zhi Yang. 


When they got close, everyone could clearly see that the person who launched the attack was a sage-like old man. Other than his extremely cold gaze, thin lips and fluttering sleeves, there is a lingering Chaos Qi hanging from his body.


The remaining members of Purple Mansion swiftly greeted him when they saw him. Even the few ancient Sacred Emperor Realm experts showed their respect. “Greetings, Great Elder!”


Many hiding nearby were shocked upon hearing this. Some older cultivators pondered and tried to recall who the Great Elder of the Purple Mansion was. And soon, their expressions were replaced by a look of horror.


“I heard that the Great Elder of Purple Mansion once set foot into the Immortal World, but he eventually came back for some reason. He is an unfathomable existence!”


“I didn’t think he would take action in person. With his strength, it will be more than easy to save Sky King Zhi Yang. Does he really have to do this?” Some people were shocked as they expressed their puzzlement. They didn’t understand why the Great Elder would choose to get involved now. [Could he be wary of Gu Changge in case he tries something?]


Gu Changge, who noticed the fervent whispering discussions in the distance, using his divine senses, smiled slightly as his eyes fell on the Quasi-Nirvana Realm Master in front of him.


“The Great Elder of Purple Mansion? So, everyone is here, I believe?” he asked before he suddenly thrusted his fingers out from his sleeve as they shone brilliantly and murderously. 


The sky turned upside down, the sun and the moon dimmed, and an immeasurable number of swords, filled with amazing killing intent suddenly appeared.




“What…” The Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert didn’t even have time to react as his eyes went wide, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were full of horror, and there were bloody, see-through holes on his body that made him look extremely scary.


He had initially planned to delay Gu Changge’s Quasi-Nirvana Realm guardian so that the Great Elder would have a chance to rescue Sky King Zhi Yang.


What no one had expected was for Gu Changge to have hidden such a treasure, which power was so terrifying that it even pierced through his physical body!


Up till now, Gu Changge’s mysterious guardian still hadn’t shown up, which only made him even more uneasy.


However, they had achieved their goal now that the Great Elder had already rescued Sky King Zhi Yang. Now was the time for them to fall back. They won’t be able to leave by the time the Immortal Gu Family’s army comes.


Everyone was shocked again by what they had witnessed.


They knew that Gu Changge had a Golden Decree, but who would have thought that he also had a secret treasure?


The new item he had used was enough to harm a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert with just one blow.


No one knew how many more tricks Gu Changge had, or if the Immortal Gu Family had a premonition of what would happen, and had especially given Gu Changge many things that could save his life.


Right then, the cold-faced Great Elder of the Purple Mansion suddenly roared, “Zhi Yang!” There was a gut-wrenching chill and killing intent that could freeze even the sky in his voice.


Those who saw or heard him couldn’t help but shiver in fear. It felt as though their souls were about to slip right out of their bodies. Everyone could feel the Great Elder of the Purple Mansion’s wrath and killing intent. 


The Great Elder’s gaze was cold as he stared at Gu Changge closely. How he wished he could cut Gu Changge into pieces in order to make peace with the hatred in his heart.


Gu Changge only looked at him with a smile as he spoke in a tone that had a touch of mockery and indifference.


“That reminds me. I forgot to mention that Sky King Zhi Yang is now a cripple. He probably won’t be of much help even if you take him back. Which is why I am really confused as to why you would go to such lengths to save a cripple. Besides, Sky King Zhi Yang colluded with the Successor of Demonic Arts. He deserves to be punished. In fact, the Seniors of Purple Mansion are being kind by sparing his life.” As soon as those words left his mouth, there was a ceaseless frenzy in this place as everyone felt an overwhelming sense of fear for two reasons. The first reason being Gu Changge’s unabashed tone, and the second being his actions.


It turned out Purple Mansion had gone through so much just to rescue a cripple.


“Both the Chaos Dao Bone and Foreseeing Eye are gone…” The Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert, who was injured by Gu Changge’s secret treasure earlier, suddenly turned livid as his eyes fell on the rescued Sky King Zhi Yang.


“How dare you!” He bellowed in a voice dripping with fury.


Sky King Zhi Yang, who was currently unconscious, had had his Chaos Dao Bone, Chaos Purple Qi Seed, and other precious treasures taken by Gu Changge.


Just like Gu Changge said, he was now no different from a cripple. How was Purple Mansion supposed to keep their calm when they went through all that just to save a cripple?


The Great Elder’s face was dark as his anger reached its peak. “What a vicious brat,” he spat. “The world talks about you being a young, promising leader who stands at the top of your generation. Haha! How ironic… If you don’t hand over Zhi Yang’s Dao Bone, no one will be able to save you from your doom!”


He had painstakingly raised Sky King Zhi Yang so that he could one day let the latter shoulder the responsibility of watching over Purple Mansion.


But now, Sky King Zhi Yang has become completely useless. Not only that, the accompanying Chaos Dao Bone, the cultivated Foreseeing Eye, and the fused Chaos Purple Qi Seed were all taken away by Gu Changge. Yet, Gu Changge had the audacity to say that he did it for the good of the common people? Just how did someone so barbaric and shameless deserve the title of a being the leader of the young generation?


“Esteemed sir, forgive me for disagreeing. Brother Zhi Yang’s Dao Bone and the rest of the items are not with me at the moment.” With a smile on his face, Gu Changge nonchalantly replied.


The Great Elder of the Purple Mansion finally couldn’t take it anymore, and he howled, “You are courting death!” 


His cold eyes were like the universe, and Gu Changge could see a frightening storm brewing in them. The gaze alone felt as if it penetrated through time, seeing through everything.


The next moment, the void trembled and tore apart!


This was the power of someone who had achieved the Great Dao, a True Daoist. It was the terrifying might of the Nirvana Realm!


Regardless of whether a person was in the Sacred King or Quasi-Nirvana Realm, no one could resist such a powerful force. They had to submit when they felt their souls shake.




“Now I am curious to see who is going to save you!” the Great Elder barked coldly. He didn’t care anymore, despite knowing that there might be a Quasi-Nirvana guardian behind Gu Changge. In fact, he was determined to kill the guardian as well!


The moment his palm fell, the sky instantly turned pitch black.


The army, which had already suffered heavy casualties, was even more terrified now.


The terrifying imperial prestige that weighed as much as hundreds of millions of Mystic Mountains poured down then, and the void collapsed as all the patterns on the ancient battleships were destroyed. 


The sky and the universe were shaking because of his might. It felt so fearsome as if it was an energy that surpassed time.


All the stars on all sides also shattered and turned into dust, forming a chaotic void.


Everyone was on the verge of breaking down, even the Sect Masters, who were hiding in the dark, were also terrified. As their bodies split open, they quickly retreated and left this place.


However, Gu Changge remained calm despite the attack. He knew that Gu Qingyi could feel it all. With her strength, it shouldn’t be difficult to contend against the Great Elder of Purple Mansion. Furthermore, he trusted Gu Qingyi enough to not resist.


To his surprise, Gu Qingyi didn’t appear, but he felt a familiar wave of energy from his bloodstream. 


“Hmm…” He raised his eyebrows.


“What…” The Great Elder of the Purple Mansion’s eyes were cold, but they were suddenly filled with shock, and then disbelief when he saw something.


*Ching!*  The sky was dim, with light seeming to seep through broken clouds when the palm he dropped suddenly split it apart! 


It was a long black knife that appeared out of nowhere. It was an unremarkable weapon, but around it was a simple yet mysterious Dao Energy…


As soon as the blade landed, it pierced through the Great Elder’s palm, splitting it apart! Warm blood shining with Five-Coloured Imperial Prestige fell from the sky just then. It was astounding how one drop of blood seemed to contain a small world. However, there were irremovable and peerless Principles of the Sword Dao marked on it!


Anyone who witnessed this was horrified to no end. Just how terrifying an expert was it to be able to cut open the palm of the Great Elder with a single blow?


“Who!?” The Great Elder demanded fearfully. Even he was filled with disbelief as he stared hard in the direction the blade fell earlier. However, all he saw was quiet darkness with no sign of movement.


“What a time to be alive. Even the most insignificant people are trying to mess with the Gu Family now. It wasn’t easy for an old man like me to get out to see my family’s little one, but I just had to encounter something so annoying… I even gave the founder of Purple Mansion advice back when he was still a cow herder.” When the disappointed, but slightly casual voice rang out, everyone’s eyes went big from shock. The next moment, an old figure slowly emerged from the void. With a gentle and rosy face, the hale and hearty man had a dignified demeanor. 


Anyone could guess how handsome and outstanding he was back in his prime. However, as he continued to walk, his wrinkled face became younger, his facial features were even more handsome, and his hair had a healthy shine. He was like a living god whose every gesture was powerful and imposing.


[Who? Just who is this man? Why has he suddenly appeared?]  Everyone was curious.


The Great Elder felt fear as he stood in front of the man. This was the first time in his years of cultivation he had felt something like this. “Who are you?” he asked.


He knew that he had never met a man as powerful as this man in front of him before!


“Who am I, you ask?” The man clad in black smiled. “The name is Gu Lang.”


After saying that, he suddenly swung his hand forward like the Great Elder did just now. It was as nonchalant as it was strong and domineering. It was a simple motion that didn’t involve the flow of Principles nor Dao. However, the sense of crisis instantly drew the blood from the Great Elder’s face. It had been years since he last had this feeling. Unsurpassed killing intent that could destroy everything, which made his scalp tingle.


As he let out an angry roar the next moment, a set of Nirvana Principles appeared around him. All kinds of light rays emerged, and they turned into real phoenix, dragon, and more before they soared into the sky, shaking heaven and earth.


The moment the aura of the Nirvana Realm expert’s Dao was revived, the force swept across the area, causing a disturbance in many places.


Countless cultivators were awakened from the place where they had been slumbering, and they looked over to the direction of the sound.


The Great Elder of the Purple Mansion then showed his most powerful ability. His Dharma Body appeared. It was more than a million meters tall, and at the same time, the Dharma Body had a purple gold stick on its hands, which could shatter the universe.


Still, Gu Lang didn’t look bothered at all. From the very beginning, all he did was just push his palm. Initially, his palm was only the size of a millstone. Then, it soon expanded, with billions of rays of light shining like a shower of stars as if heaven fell.


Naturally, once it stuck, all of what the Great Elder were nullified.




“Impossible. There should be no Immortals left in this world…” the Great Elder muttered. The scene brought a look of horror and despair to his face.


“Remnant Immortals are considered Immortals too.” The Gu Family’s Eighteenth Ancestor shook his head. “But I am not even using power of the Immortal Realm. It’s just that you are far too weak.”


Following his words, the palm fell with a pop. Hundreds of millions of divine lights instantly flooded the place as blood spluttered to the sky!


The surroundings were deadly silent at that moment.




“How can the Great Elder…”


Falling into utter despair, those in Purple Mansion shivered as their souls trembled, but none of them dared to make a move.


“Ancestor?” Gu Changge’s eyes flashed strangely. With a wave of his hand, he commanded his army to charge, and the place was overwhelmed by sounds from all directions again.


The battle had finally come to an end.


While being watched by the shocked eyes of many, an Ancient Being, who had become a True Daoist countless years ago, was killed by a palm, where his body and soul both broke apart and ceased to exist.


The scene earlier was so shocking that many spectators couldn’t help but tremble. No one had expected this would be the outcome of the battle. They had thought the Purple Mansion would be the ones with an advantage after their Great Elder had appeared. However, this was the result. One which couldn’t be changed.


No matter how strong Gu Changge was, he was only a young man in his twenties. How could someone like him possibly win against a True Daoist? But who would have thought that an invincible existence from the Immortal Gu Family would suddenly appear?


“The Immortal Gu Family’s hidden Masters are simply terrifying. I wonder which member of the Gu Family that man in black is. If he can easily suppress and kill the Great Elder of Purple Mansion, he must be a True Daoist at the very least!”


“The Great Elder of the Purple Mansion was a True Daoist himself, and he had probably lived for a long time. So…”


“Was that really the power of an Immortal?”


Filled with awe, no one could forget what they had just witnessed. They were still shaking from their nerves now.


“That is where Young Master Gu hails from? How terrifying…” Xiao Ruoyin had turned pale as it was the first time she had seen such a chilling scene. If it wasn’t for her strong willpower, she would have collapsed to the ground by now.


She only learned from her Master, Yan Ji, that Gu Changge came from a very influential background, and that he stood at the top of the Upper Realm, That he was an unmatched presence. Even so, after witnessing what happened earlier, she thought that her imagination was still lacking.


The idea of having the terrifying power of being able to determine the life and death of countless people in one split second felt suffocating to her. Still, she thought she was lucky. If she hadn’t met Gu Changge, she might not have had the chance to experience all of this.


[My Talents are probably the same as a mere mortal in his eyes. I am just like everyone else. I’m fortunate that he still regards me so well despite this…] She felt glad when she thought about this.




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