I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 356, The Battle Is Finally Over, the Hidden Master who Shocked and Deeply Disturbed the Upper Realm


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With the death of Purple Mansion’s Great Elder, the rest from Purple Mansion chose to surrender in despair. Thus, this great battle that shocked all forces had finally come to an end.


Within a million kilometers, the stars were shattered, and the sky was cracked. One could even see many World Principles broke apart, and there are all kinds of beings, even gods and demons, sadly weeping at the scene. After all, a True Daoists and many others had lost their lives during this battle.


It was worrisome how corpses could be seen everywhere as blood fell like rain. Some less courageous people only looked at them from a distance, their faces pale and their stomachs churning. Their legs went so weak they almost couldn’t stand up straight. They were naturally devastated by the sight!


There were countless who had died during this battle. More than anyone could count. Not even someone in the Sacred Realm would have been able to save their own life in this kind of battle. Not especially when there were Sacred Emperor Realm experts participating in it. Furthermore, there were several Sacred King Realm Masters from Purple Mansion who had fallen.


After the three Sacred Emperor Realm Master realised that the situation could not be reversed, they lost their confidence, and also chose to surrender in despair. After all, no one would have thought that an Ancestor of the Immortal Gu Family would suddenly appear, and would be so powerful and terrifying.


Even someone as strong as the Great Elder had been defeated with just one palm. This was definitely the heaviest blow to everyone from Purple Mansion. Thus, they instantly knew their fate, that Purple Mansion would be removed from the world after today.


This made many who witnessed this scene sigh as they grieved for their own people. After all, Purple Mansion was a mighty Sect that stood tall and strong before it was abruptly turned to ashes, with its long-standing name perishing from history. But soon, they felt much more at ease when they thought about how it was Purple Mansion themselves who had asked for their doom.


This was the result of colluding with the Successor of Demonic Arts and making an enemy of the world.


“The Immortal Gu Family’s hidden power is absolutely beyond imagination. The strength of this Ancestor alone is enough to sweep away the hidden powers of countless Sects and Families…” Some Sect Masters, who used their Heaven Peering Eye to watch the battle from beginning to end in a distant place, and their words were full of emotion at this moment.


An older Sect Master nodded and sighed, “Speaking of which, Purple Mansion should have anticipated this end when they insisted on colluding with the Successor of Demonic Arts and went against so many forces…” Of course, they didn’t find  Purple Mansion to be pitiful. After all, Purple Mansion had committed such a vile act, knowing how this was how it would end.


In this world, things didn’t end well for anyone who had the slightest relationship with the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Hei Yanyu suddenly appeared next to Gu Changge, and she asked respectfully, “Young Master, what should we do with the remaining Purple Mansion’s disciples?”


“Let those who submit live.” Gu Changge narrowed his eyes. “And kill those who don’t.”


Many elite disciples of Purple Mansion were brought here as the last kindling. They were supposed to be taken away by the Elders of Purple Mansion after the battle was over, and find a place to make a comeback again. No one had expected that most of them would die because Gu Changge, who noticed their plan in advance, had sent those Sacred King Realm experts from the Celestial Ancient Continent to target and kill them.


When they had overheard Gu Changge’s words, there was someone among the crowd who were enraged. They couldn’t hide the contempt and tenacity in their eyes. Even so, Hei Yanyu had noticed them before they could swear in anger. With a wave of her slender hand, a palm fell across the sky and killed the person instantly.


“Do you not understand the Young Master’s words?” Her eyes and face were cold as she slowly glanced at everyone. She exuded a terrifying aura that made everyone tremble in fear.


Having learned their lesson from their past mistake, no matter how unyielding the rest of Purple Mansion was, they could only keep their emotions in their hearts. They didn’t dare show the slightest anger, hatred or other similar emotions on their faces as they kept quiet.


The expressions of the many Elders were full of bitterness and helplessness. Who would have thought that the majestic, Immortal Purple Mansion would meet its doom this way?


The three Sacred Emperor Realm experts were also quiet. They didn’t have the guts to do anything rash anymore, given the circumstances.


They wondered if fate was playing tricks on them? Naturally, they knew that it was not. In fact, they knew they were the ones who brought about their own destruction. Thus, many secretly resented Sky King Zhi Yang. If they thought about it, all of this was caused by him. 


But even more people knew that this was nothing more than an excuse for Gu Changge to attack Purple Mansion. This whole event had nothing to do with Sky King Zhi Yang.


Soon, Hei Yanyu came back with a group of Celestial Ancient Beings to make a round of inspection. Seeing that no one dared to resist, she asked respectfully again, “Young Master, how would you like to deal with those that have yielded?”


“From today onwards, seal off their cultivation, and make them work as miners for the Immortal Gu Family for a hundred years. I will deal with them after a hundred years,” Gu Changge instructed. It didn’t take long for him to decide the fate of Purple Mansion.


The faces of the people in the Purple Mansion suddenly dropped when they heard those words. 

[Our cultivation is to be sealed off, and we have to mine for a hundred years?]


Although this wasn’t a serious punishment, to them, it was tantamount to falling from Heaven into Hell. They had always stood at the top but now, they were going to  become mining slaves!?


“Any objection?” Hei Yanyu’s eyes swept across them coldly.


Everyone in the Purple Mansion could only grit their teeth in humiliation. How would they dare to object now? Compared to losing their lives, mining for a hundred years was considered extremely benevolent.


Afterwards, Gu Changge collected a lot of nice items from the many ancient battleships owned by Purple Mansion, such as godly weapons, heavenly herbs and pills, minerals… These were all collected by Purple Mansion over the years, and were specially loaded in certain ancient battleships.


Before this, Gu Changge already knew that Purple Mansion must have taken away a lot of treasures instead of keeping them in their Sect. After all, they had basically abandoned the place to come here. Still, in the end, everything they’ve done only benefited him.


Everyone in Purple Mansion felt their chest tighten painfully when Gu Changge took one thing after another. They even thought they were going to pass out when Gu Changge only took a few glances at the Sacred Emperor Grade artifacts and written Comprehensions of the Nirvana Realm, before he discarded them aside casually.


“Nothing too impressive about Purple Mansion’s inheritance, huh…” Gu Changge hummed as he browsed through the items. As none of them caught his interest, he gave them all to the Celestial Ancient Races.


This scene made many nearby forces jealous and envious. This was the treasures Purple Mansion had collected over the years!  And yet, here he was, giving them out like candy!


The many forces who were still fighting within Purple Mansion’s territory probably still weren’t aware of how their effort to charge into the place would only be in vain, since they wouldn’t get anything in return.


After sorting out these matters, Gu Changge looked at Gu Lang, who was standing afar with an intrigued glint in his gaze, and he cupped his hands.


“Greetings, Eighteenth Ancestor.”


Gu Lang came down from the sky, his black clothes fluttering, and his face quickly became old again as he spoke.

“Oh? How did you know I am the Eighteenth Ancestor?” he smilingly asked as he looked at Gu Changge with curious eyes.


Gu Changge smiled, “I have of course heard about your reputation, and I have already seen it in the family genealogy. I heard that you slashed open the Celestial Ancient Path with a swing of your blade. I have never had the chance to see you. I didn’t think this is how we would meet, but I am grateful for this opportunity.”


In his original plan, he planned to let Gu Qingyi take action. After all, he couldn’t possibly expose his true power in this situation, with so many eyes on him. Thus, Gu Lang’s appearance was indeed a surprise for him. Even so, Gu Lang did had help him get out of this pickle. Thus, Gu Changge had said those words rather unhesitantly, and was only speaking the truth. He did indeed want to meet an Ancestor from his side of the family.


After all, anyone who made it this far were all the protagonists of their time. They were definitely unrivalled and influential in their own ways.


“Even though I know you are just buttering me up, I like listening to those words you just said. Though, it seems like you already knew that the Great Elder of Purple Mansion was hiding in the dark, and you were just waiting for me to make a move?” Gu Lang started to scrutinise Gu Changge.


As Grand Runes faintly appeared in his eyes, he finally clicked his tongue and complemented Gu Changge, “Brat, you are good at hiding, aren’t you?”


Even as he took a good look at Gu Changge, there was still a fog on Gu Changge, one which even he couldn’t really see through. Even so, he didn’t mind it much. Everyone had a secret or two anyway. Nonetheless, he acknowledged the fact that Gu Changge knew a thing or two about concealing, since he managed to hide it even from him.


“You flatter me, Ancestor Lang,” Gu Changge replied with a smile. He looked at ease, but also respectful. 


Gu Lang shook his head and chuckled. “You are much stronger than I was at your age. You are already this strong in your early twenties.” 


He had a good impression of Gu Changge. Gu Changge’s methods were indeed ruthless, but every successful person had to go through some sort of trial in their lives to get to where they were. In fact, Gu Lang travelled across space and came to this place after he left the Gu Family Residence.


He had been watching how Gu Changge had tried different methods to deal with Sky King Zhi Yang. Not only did he not think of such methods as wrong, he even admired Gu Changge for it. 


He didn’t even plan to make a move at first, and was going to watch how things would play out quietly, but it angered him how the Great Elder of Purple Mansion would shamelessly try to kill one of Gu Lang’s family members.



Right when Gu Changge and Gu Lang were talking, Chu Hao, who was in the territory of the Vermilion Bird Empire, which had been reduced to ashes, had his fists and jaw clenched as he looked at the ruins in front of him.


With bloodshot eyes, Chu Hao was like an injured beast as he let out roars of despair. 


The Vermilion Bird Empire had still met its demise and he couldn’t stop it no matter how hard he tried.


Even if he had to give up everything to protect his country, none of what he did could compare to Gu Changge’s one simple order.


This huge gap in identity and background. Thus, a sense of powerlessness overwhelmed him, one which could make him go mad. He didn’t even know if he had any chances to take revenge after this.


Bai Yang, who was beside him, persuaded him in a resigned and worried voice. “Hao’er, let’s go back to the Sect for now. Don’t worry about your Empire anymore. Now that Gu Changge is in full swing… you had better not provoke him.”


He knew what Chu Hao was feeling at this moment, but this was how the world worked. The strong preyed on the weak. This was a matter of natural selection. No one would be able to stop anything even if they wanted to if they weren’t strong enough. Furthermore, Gu Changge happened to be far superior to Chu Hao in both strength and background.


Like now, even though many have noticed that the Vermilion Bird Empire was going to be destroyed because of this war, they would rather turn a blind eye and pretend to not see anything instead of standing up and saying something about it.


“Uncle Master… I can’t stand this!” Chu Hao’s face had turned completely red with hatred. Seeing him like this, Bai Yang was worried that he would suddenly go mad and do something stupid.


Immediately, he slapped Chu Hao unconscious, and then carried him along with the Vermilion Bird Emperor, who had been out cold as well, before his figure swept away and disappeared. HE only showed himself when he returned back to the Supreme Cave Heaven.


He planned to let Chu Hao calm down for now. It would be best if Chu Hao could break through to the Sacred Emperor Realm and become the future Sect Master of Supreme Cave Heaven. That way, he would have the chance to take revenge without letting everything be in vain.


If Chu Hao stood up to argue with Gu Changge now, Gu Changge might just find an excuse and kill him there.



On the other side, Qin Wuya had a sickly complexion as he hid among the ruins. He had planned to take his chance during the battle between the two armies to rescue Sky King Zhi Yang. However, the battle had unexpectedly ended quickly. Even someone as powerful as the Great Elder of Purple Mansion was killed by the palm in the sky.


Even if Sky King Zhi Yang was rescued by him in the end, he might not be able to survive. After all, Gu Changge had dug out his Chaos Dao Bone and Foreseeing Eye among many other things.


All Qin Wuya could say was that Gu Changge was way too cruel.


“Junior Zhi Yang…” he muttered through bitten teeth, “I do want to save you. But even I won’t be able to leave this place alive if I were to act now.”


After weighing what he could do, he finally gave up. He was not sure he would be able to rescue Sky King Zhi Yang. Also, Sky King Zhi Yang could barely survive if he were to be rescued, given his current condition.


The rest from Purple Mansion wouldn’t have been so infuriated earlier otherwise.


At this moment, a fearful and angry voice rang out from the void. “Are you trying to make a fool out of me!? You are marching to the gates of hell if you save Sky King Zhi Yang now!”


“Senior…” Qin Wuya smiled wryly with a helpless look on his face. He never thought that things would turn out this way.


“You are on your own now. You won’t get anything out of offending the Immortal Gu Family. Just forget about what I promised you before. I won’t ask for that thing anymore…” The Ancient Being of the Lake of Reincarnation was very decisive. After saying this to Qin Wuya, he disappeared. After all, he even felt the gaze of the tyrant, who killed the Great Elder, move onto him earlier.


The moment he felt it, he Immediately broke out in a cold sweat as his soul seemed to flicker. He was afraid he would be the one being slapped to death next.


Seeing this, Qin Wuya didn’t dare to say anything more. No matter who it was, anyone who saw what had happened earlier would surely be shocked.


The Great Elder of Purple Mansion was definitely one of the figures who stand at the peak of the Upper Realm. He had power that could easily destroy an entire realm. Even so, someone like him had died in such a shocking manner. The entire Upper Realm would definitely be in an uproar after the news of what happened here today got out.


After that, he took a deep look at the sky as his figure disappeared and headed towards the mountains. The only attachment he had left now was Tang Wan.


As for Gu Xianer, Qin Wuya didn’t plan to restore her past life memories or anything. After all, judging from her current relationship with Gu Changge, Gu Xianer wouldn’t believe anything he said.


In his opinion, the reason Sky King Zhi Yang provoked Gu Changge was entirely because of her. Perhaps in Gu Changge’s eyes, Gu Xianer was already his slave. There was no way he would allow anyone else to taint what was his.



It didn’t take long for what happened to get out. The Upper Realm was shocked by it, and all were horrified. In the territory where Purple Mansion was located, many forces were breaking into their territory at a momentum no one could stop.


The huge, historic mansion of Purple Mansion had fallen apart within a day, and was on the verge of destruction. 


The former Sect Master of Purple Mansion, Liu Ming, the Saintess of the Purple Mansion, Liu Ziyan, and many Elders and disciples, who opposed the actions of the Great Elder, were released from the dungeon of Purple Mansion.


They were mournful, having to witness the catastrophe, but they could only let out a long sigh before they brought the remaining disciples elsewhere.


In this regard, forces such as Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, and the Immortal Gu Family had not made things difficult for them.


The Great Elder of the Purple Mansion had always done things his way, which had ultimately led to the destruction of Purple Mansion. Even though the Sect Master of Purple Mansion and others wanted to stop it, they were powerless in the end.


Seeing the formerly prosperous Sect turn into ruins, they could only sigh in utter sorrow.

From this battle, many forces had displayed their might, which had shocked many.


The Immortal Gu Family, especially. It was a great surprise when they presented two Nirvana Realm Masters, three Quasi-Nirvana Realm Masters and ten Sacred Emperor Masters during the fight against Purple Mansion’s Army.


It would be more than anyone could count if they included the rest of the in other cultivation levels. Such a hidden power was enough to terrify and disturb all other forces.


Even the long-standing Sky Emperor Mountain, which had produced numerous Sky Emperors, paled in comparison to the Immortal Gu Family.


The battle in the skies of Vermilion Bird Empire had also caught the public’s attention.


Purple Mansion had secretly plotted to transfer many of their elite disciples away, and even had the Great Elder take charge, as they planned to rescue Sky King Zhi Yang. However, the Great Elder had shockingly been slapped to death on the spot by an Ancestor of the Immortal Gu Family.


After this battle, both the Immortal Gu Family and Gu Changge’s fame reached a peak unmatched by anyone again.



“To cultivate, one needs to train the physical body well before you work on your Dantian. The Dantian is every Cultivator’s Wheel of Life and their root. It is transformed by spiritual energy, and is the source of Qi. Even the legendary Immortals have completely transformed their Dantians into an endless source of life, whereby one drop from it is enough to bring the dead back to life… The Dantian to cultivators is akin to our Source. No matter how strong the cultivator, it will be difficult to show strength if they don’t have their Dantian. Any powerful cultivator has a Dantian as large and vast as the sea. They would even be able to store a world inside. Meanwhile, for the weak, their Dantians are like a bean…”


Xiao Ruoyin was currently cultivating on a piece of green stone, with a faint glow emerging from her body.


Gu Changge, on the other hand, was calmly sipping his tea at the side as he slowly uttered those words for her.


After the battle ended, Gu Lang, the Gu Family’s Eighteenth Ancestor, and many leaders of the different forces, who watched the battle nearby, had left without staying for long. However, Gu Changge did not leave immediately. Instead, he had Hei Yanyu collect many Sources of the fallen cultivators in this battle.


For him, this was a resource that should not be wasted. They might even help him with breaking through the Sacred King Realm. After all, of the many cultivators who had fallen in this battle, there were even a handful of people in the Sacred King Realm among them.


In fact, Gu Changge would have sent someone over to Purple Mansion’s territory if it wasn’t so far from here. Then again, Purple Mansion territory wasn’t still as peaceful. Thus, it might even be dangerous for his men to go over to collect Sources if they got noticed by enemies.


In the end, he stayed and within a million kilometres of where he was, everyone was his subordinates. After all, no one dared not approach rashly, afraid that they might offend him.




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