I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 357, A Genuine and a Bogus Genius, Return to the Immortal Academy Matter-Of-Factly


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“Am I too dumb or something?” Xiao Ruoyin opened her eyes after listening to Gu Changge’s explanation, looking somewhat dejected. “It’s been three whole days, and I still can’t open up my Spiritual Sea. Not only that, I had even used up many of what Young Master Gu had given me, and ingested many pills…”

Yan Ji, on the other hand, was rather calm. She shook her head and said, “You are outstandingly gifted. Even the more outstanding geniuses would take months to open up the Spiritual Sea when they start cultivating. For you to already sense spiritual energy on your third day is already remarkable. If you continue at your current pace, you’ll be able to open up the Spiritual Sea, latest in a month. So, don’t rush.”

Xiao Ruoyin felt better and more motivated after hearing so, and she nodded. “I understand, Master. I will try harder.”

With that, she snuck a peek at Gu Changge, then dropped her head.

She had gotten an understanding of the rumours of the outside world lately and had become even more so aware of the common sense and the general forces and whatnot of this world.  Thus, she felt a lot more stress when she was now aware of just how horrifying Gu Changge really was. And because of this, she dared not behave as she used to in front of Gu Changge anymore.

After all, the more she learned about him, the more she could see their stark difference. It was truly as they said, the ignorant feared nothing.

Xiao Ruoyin had to hand it to her past self for having the guts to speak to Gu Changge like that.

No wonder he said she was interesting, that she was the first woman to ever speak to him like that, for none of the women he had encountered in the past was ignorant as she was. They feared him and thus wouldn’t dare speak like she did.

As the revelation crossed her mind, she was rather glad. If she weren’t a transmigrator and did not have the mindset of a modern girl, she probably wouldn’t even have the guts to speak up to Gu Changge. Much less, the right to receive some pointers from him. The prodigal damsels around him weren’t just beautiful beyond compare. They were all also gifted, and extremely-powerful individuals!

Meanwhile, she was an ignorant idiot.

That said, Xiao Ruoyin was smart. She guessed that Gu Changge thought she was interesting because she dared to speak up and talk to him while the other women dared not. Thus, she asked, unable to not try and quench her curiosity, while also trying to set a goal for herself “Just out of curiosity, Young Master Gu, how long did it take you to open up your Spiritual Sea?”

At that, Gu Changge put his teacup down and looked at her. However, she thought his smile was implying she had just asked a stupid question. “Honestly, it didn’t take me any time as it had formed before I was born…” He answered surprisingly seriously.

Her expression froze over, feeling speechless, and she really wanted to tell him, ‘Well, sorry for bothering.’ [So this is the difference between a genuine Genius and a bogus one, huh?!]

Before this, she genuinely believed she had great talent, but as it turned out, it was all just in her head.

“No need to compare yourself with me, Lady Xiao. There are thousands and more prodigies in this world, and your talent is already considered one of the best. Compared to them, you’re already one of the best.” Gu Changge consoled her, seemingly having read her mind. The smile on his face looked as gentle and peerless as ever, absolutely impeccable.

Xiao Ruoyin looked somewhat glum at him. [You call this consolation? Then, why do I still feel so defeated?]

“You’ll be able to study at Skyward Schloss with Yan Ji sometime later, alright? There will be many Elders who can guide you. Also, there will be many peers you can spar with, and test yourself against. It’ll be of great help to your cultivation,” Gu Changge added, intending to chuck the young woman to Skyward Schloss.

He couldn’t possibly keep her by his side all the time. Not that he thought she was a bother, purely that it was useless when she still hadn’t recovered her memory as the High Priestess of Destiny. What was more, a lot more time was still required for her Nihility Destiny Physique to form.

“Okay, you’re the boss.” Aspiration showed beneath Xiao Ruoxuan’s eyes after hearing Gu Changge’s words. “What kind of place is Skyward Schloss?”

Naturally, she didn’t know what Gu Changge had in mind. So she felt touched as she assumed he decided to have her enter a sect as he thought her practice was too monotonous.

[Skyward Schloss… the name itself already sounds extraordinary.]

Days later, Hei Yanyu sent many cultivators to clean up the warzone. Of course, to outsiders, she was indeed doing so. After all, many weapons and storage rings were scattered across the place after the war, and it was an immense wealth. Someone had to do the cleaning up.

In the meantime, Hei Yanyu also collected the Sources that had yet to vanish as Gu Changge had instructed.

Alas, unsurprisingly, Gu Changge’s cultivation level still hadn’t advanced to the Sacred King Realm after devouring and refining those Sources.

That said, he managed to exchange many Absolute Detachment Bones with the Fortuity he got from Chu Hao by obliterating the Vermilion Bird Empire.

After all that was settled, Yan Ji brought Xiao Ruoyin to Skyward Schloss while Hei Yanyu led the Celestial Ancient Army back to the Celestial Ancient Continent.

Naturally, Gu Changge led his group of followers back to the Immortal Academy.

After the event, Sky King Zhi Yang died a horrible death at Gu Changge’s hands, which also led to the destruction of the Purple Mansion. King with Six Crowns, Jun Yao; Chosen Monk, Jin Chanl; the Phoenix Lady, and others stayed far away from him, even more so.

Likewise, none of those in the Immortal Academy dared to cross Gu Changge anymore. The man practically dominated the place; even the Sacred Emperor Realm Elders would show him due respect.

After Gu Changge returned to the Immortal Academy, the group of Elders decided to reward the disciples according to the points they gained as well as the number of Eternal Overcast Creatures they killed, although the Sect Trial ended prematurely. And without a shadow of a doubt, the disciple who earned the most points was naturally Jiang Chuchu.

Countless Eternal Overcast Creatures died in her hands, not to mention she had also resolved one of the crises caused by the Eternal Overcast. Even the Elders were amazed by such ability, and they thought she sure deserved being the Saintess of Mortal Palace.

Jiang Chuchu had honestly wanted to reveal that she wasn’t the one who dealt with the crisis. It was Gu Changge instead. However, the latter never seemed to care much about such superficial credit. In fact, he intended not to take the credit after doing the good deed—correction, he intended to chuck the credit to her after doing the good deed. And Jiang Chuchu honestly didn’t know what to do about him.

Moreover, the man in question seemed to have entered a retreat after returning to the Immortal Academy and wouldn’t see anyone at all. So even if she wanted to ask him some questions, she couldn’t find a valid reason. Thus, she didn’t have a chance to see him. After all, to outsiders, she and Gu Changge had nothing to do with each other.

That said, Jiang Chuchu still remembered well how he said she gained a bunch by putting in barely any effort. Later, when she thought about it again, she grew more certain that he was messing with her. Thus, she had a hard time dropping the matter, and as such, she’d want to bite a chuck off of him to vent her anger and ask him what exactly he meant whenever the memory returned to her.


[Is he not going to acknowledge it anymore after he’s sated?!]

However, Gu Changge knew nothing about Jiang Chuchu’s thoughts. After returning to the Immortal Academy, the first thing he naturally did was sort out his loot from obliterating the Purple Mansion, then picked out many things Yue Mingkong would use and had people deliver them to her. She was his fiancée, after all. Of course, the main reason was that he needed something from her subsequently.

Apart from that, Gu Xianer would constantly loiter in his chamber lately, asking random questions just to make her presence known. But of course, Gu Changge knew what she was thinking. So he grabbed some Sacred Grade Weapons and heavenly herbs and shooed her away.

Many forces witnessed how the hidden treasures owned and cultivated by Purple Mansion over countless years had landed in Gu Changge’s hands after its destruction. It would be a miracle if none of them was envious.

Given Gu Xianer’s avarice personality, it was already nice enough that she didn’t pester him for a share after knowing he had gained an abundance of wealth.

If anything, she might have actually come to his palace to devise a plan to knock him out cold immediately so that she could rob him. And Gu Changge believed she could most certainly do something like that as the way she had been gazing at him was like a hunter’s looking at its prey.

Of course, when he shooed Gu Xianer away, he naturally bullied her in the meantime. So, it was likely the young woman wouldn’t show herself around him for at least a good couple of weeks, for her face was as red as a ripe tomato, and her footsteps were unsteady when she ran out of his palace. 

“Where are we, Senior Black?”

Right then, two people stood in front of a mystical mountain range, and the one who had spoken was a sunny, outgoing hunk.

The two were none other than Jiang Chen and the Black-Robed Elder, who had journeyed across the Vermilion Bird Empire territory.

Thanks to the Elder’s great powers, the two traversed millions of miles in no time, crossing a few teleportation arrays away before they were finally outside the range of the battlefield.

Jiang Chen sensed a kind of celestial essence and indescribable nobility from the view he was seeing.

Everywhere he looked, it was peaceful surroundings. Buildings had been built within the flourishing forest while the rivers flowed and the birds flew as the beasts roared, looking absolutely ethereal.

“This is the Heavenly Ruin Gates,” said the Black-Robed Elder as he pointed to the green boulder aside that wrote ‘Gods’ Ruin’. “This is the strongest force within a five-thousand-kilometre radius. From this day on, you will be practising here. According to the legacy I imparted to you, you can become a Spiritual Sea Realm Cultivator within a month. If anything happens within this time, just crush this jade talisman, and I will appear.”

Jiang Chen nodded with a solemn expression. “I understand, Senior.”

Lately, he had been made aware of just how powerful the Everchanging Demonic Arts was. Speaking of which, it was an exceedingly malicious succession as it required devouring other people’s powers. That said, Jiang Chen wasn’t that bothered anymore after accepting this inheritance.

Nothing was more important than power in this predatorial world—it was what the Black-Robed Elder taught him. It wasn’t that Jiang Chen didn’t know how to adapt to the situation either. After a few days of wavering, he came around and accepted it all much easier, given his modern-day mindset.

So what if he had to mutilate other cultivators to become stronger? In this world, it was a sin to be weak. Only by being strong could anyone survive.

“I hope you won’t disappoint me,” said the Black-Robed Elder while nodding before vanishing into thin air.

At that, Jiang Chen took a deep breath and strode towards the Heavenly Ruin Gates. From afar, he found two young men kneeling, seemingly pleading.

“You should just leave. Your aptitude is too mediocre; it won’t do no matter how hard you two try,” said a Master Elder as he shook his head.

“Master, please give us another chance.” The two young men kept kneeling and pleading, absolutely obstinate.

To that, the Master Elder sighed. “You two have been kneeling here for a good two weeks. I’m no heartless man, but rules are rules. Your aptitude is really just too mediocre. You really won’t pass the test. It’s best if you just head down the mountains now.

The two young men felt beyond hopeless. They knew nothing would change even if they continued to kneel when the Master Elder had already said so.

The Heavenly Ruin Gates was the best Sect within this five-thousand-kilometre radius. Word was that it was attached to the Heavenly Ruin Sect, a Sect affiliated to the Hidden Ji Family.

Anyone who could enter the Heavenly Ruin Gates, even if they were only to become a handyman, would be basked in glory for the rest of their lives.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was impassive the entire time, feeling no sympathy for the young men as he strode towards them.

“Master, please hold on!” he spoke up amidst everyone’s baffled gazes.

The Master Elder was just about to turn around when the unfamiliar voice sounded. “You are…” he asked with a baffled frown while sizing this unfamiliar gentleman up.

“I’ve come to make myself a disciple, Master,” answered Jiang Cheng, feeling absolutely confident in his cultivation talent.

“You’re too old. Even if you have the backbone, you still don’t meet the requirement. We at Heavenly Ruin Gates only accept cultivators below the age of eighteen,” the Master Elder dissuaded gently instead of shooing Jiang Chen away because of the latter’s age.

“He still wants to become a disciple even when he’s above eighteen?! Has he not seen the rules of the Heavenly Ruin Gates at all?!”

Contempt enveloped the two young men’s faces after scrutinising Jiang Chen’s shabby outfit, looking nothing like someone from an influential family.

Any mortal who could cultivate in this world was either super powerful or filthy rich. Even if a beggar like Jiang Chen was talented, he wouldn’t even have the money to purchase the plethora of cultivation resources.

“Master, I believe the Heavenly Ruin Gates will make an exception with how gifted I am,” Jiang Chen bragged with a smile, giving no care for the young men’s sarcasm.

“Make an exception?! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? What a joke!” The young men mocked upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, having nothing but contempt for this stranger. “A beggar, and yet he attempts to become a cultivator. Did he say the Heavenly Ruin Gates will make an exception for him?! Ha! That’s the best joke I’ve heard my whole life!”

Though Jiang Chen didn’t want to stoop to their level, it still felt upsetting to be looked down upon like that.

Then again, he had a pretty positive attitude, so he could keep his smile on his face.

He believed this Master Elder would be able to tell his constitution and backbone were extraordinary. However, to his surprise, the Master Elder became upset upon hearing his words. “If you’re really here to become a disciple, you should’ve found out about our rules beforehand. If you’re just here to fool around, don’t blame me for being rude…”

The Master Elder believed Jiang Chen was here to prank him. [If you’re so confident in your cultivation aptitude, why don’t you join some other major sect? Why insist on joining us?!]

“Please hear me out, Master. I’ve genuinely come to become a disciple. It’s just that I’ve travelled long-distance and even encountered many vicious beasts. Many of my servants died in their jaws, and only I barely survived. I had to sate my hunger by feeding on wild berries before finally arriving here…” Jiang Chen explained at once, relating the dangers and misery he went through on his journey. Even the young men mocking him earlier were flabbergasted.

Though the Master Elder was sceptical, he wasn’t as upset anymore after hearing Jiang Chen’s words. However, he still insisted, “Rules are rules. Your age has already exceeded the prime to practise cultivation, so I’m afraid I’ll still have to ask you to leave. Heavenly Ruin Gates has never accepted anyone above the age of eighteen since its establishment…”

Jiang Chen frowned in response. He was surprised that this Master Elder still wouldn’t allow him to test his talents even when he had already related his story.

[Can I only crush this talisman and ask for the Black-Robed Elder’s assistance now to join the Sect? But wouldn’t I be too useless and incompetent if I can’t even handle this?]

“Pfft! Give him a chance, then.” A crisp, melodious voice came from behind the gates just then, like ice dropped onto a porcelain plate, absolutely angelic.

Jiang Chen’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the voice, and he reflexively looked in the direction to find a young woman standing on a nephrite step. There weren’t any accessories on her luscious hair, but it sparkled beautifully.

She was wearing a long lemonade-yellow dress, and she had a slender and feminine figure, looking elfish. However, she had a rather average look, nothing astonishing. Yet, her eyes were big and exceptionally clear, as bright and moving as the moon.

The Master Elder’s countenance changed the second he saw the young woman, and he hurriedly greeted her deferentially, “Greetings, Young Mistress.”

The young woman dipped her head in response. At that, she looked towards Jiang Chen and smiled. “You, beggar, are you not going to come in?”

While Jiang Chen was in a trance, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation rang in his head <This young woman isn’t someone that simple. You’d better be careful.>

Jiang Chen regained his senses immediately after hearing the Artifact Spirit’s words. “I’m not a beggar. My name’s Jiang Chen.”


At that, he smiled at the Master Elder and strode into the place.

As baffled as the Master Elder was, he dared not ask questions.

“Master, who’s that young woman?” The two young men were just as stumped, never expecting the beggar they were just ridiculing had now entered the Heavenly Ruin Gates just like that, and they felt incredibly envious and jealous.

“She—she’s not someone people like you deserves to know!” chided the originally gentle-looking Master Elder as he suddenly turned impassive.

Startled, the young men dared not stay any longer and scurried away from the mountain with jealousy and envy towards Jiang Chen.




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