I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 358, Jiang Chen Who Has Taken a Tumble, Yue Mingkong’s Plan


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Apart from a girl in her off-white dress, there were also many young men and women standing inside the entrance to Heavenly Ruin Gates.


Judging from their appearance, these cultivators were in their early twenties. Their eyes were filled with divine light, their bodies shrouded in a glow. Anyone could  tell from their impressive aura that they were of high cultivation level.


However, they all seemed to be followers of the girl in the off-white dress in front of them. 

At this moment, they were curiously looking at Jiang Chen, who was trudging towards them from the entrance of the Sect.


Despite his tattered looks, his aura was by no means that of ordinary mortals.


The look of indifference and confidence was what especially surprised all the young men and women. They felt that this beggar seemed extraordinary, and there was something different about him.


“Young Mistress, is there something special about this beggar?” One of the men couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity. He couldn’t find anything that stood out even after taking a good look at Jiang Chen. [He looks like he is in his twenties, but he probably hasn’t cultivated yet, judging from the lack of aura on his body.]


“He has a special physique,” the girl in the off-white dress said. Her eyes were big and bright as she stared at Jiang Chen who was walking over, as if she wanted to see him through completely.


The rest of the people were also extremely surprised when they heard the words, but they knew just what the girl was capable of.

If she said that the beggar-like man had a special physique, that meant that he was indeed no normal person.


“Miss, thanks to you, I had the chance to enter Heavenly Ruin Gates.” Jiang Chen didn’t care about the sizing eyes of this group of people. Instead, he strode over, his eyes were clear and calm as he exchanged gaze with the girl.


Even though he had a feeling the girl in front of him was more than she appeared to be, he still remained indifferent and at ease when he thought of the elderly man in black robes.


His demeanor earned him a double take from the crowd in front of him.


Upon hearing his words of gratitude, the girl shook her head smilingly. “Don’t mention it. I didn’t do much.”


Her face might look ordinary but she still stood out for some reason. Despite having the group of beautiful and eye-catching women behind her, she shone in comparison to them.


Having a good feeling about her, Jiang Chen couldn’t help asking, “May I have your name?”


The girl hadn’t even said anything before the crowd behind her turned grim, and they barked, “How dare you ask for the Young Mistress’ name—”


“It is alright. It is just a name,” she cut them off as she waved. She didn’t seem to mind as she smiled again, “You can call me Chuyue.”


“Chuyue? What a beautiful name,” Jiang Chen said, the corners of his mouth lifted. He didn’t sense the slightest bit of malice from the girl who helped take the heat off him. In fact, she felt as natural as a breeze blowing on his face.


The Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation, too, didn’t notice any malice or ill intentions from her.


Right then, a middle-aged man with wide sleeves, a ruddy complexion, and bright eyes suddenly appeared. There were many disciples following behind the man. They seemed like they were disciples of Heavenly Ruin Gates from the clothes they had on.


Jiang Chen could tell that the middle-aged man was also respectful to the girl named Chuyue. He only looked at Jiang Chen after greeting Chuyue.

“Were you the one who boasted about having Heavenly Ruin Gates break its own rules?” he asked.


Obviously, the Master Elder in front of the Sect’s gate had already told him about the ins and outs of the matter, or he wouldn’t have rushed over so quickly.


“Sir.” Jiang Chen put his hands in front of him respectfully. “I am confident about my ability. You won’t regret taking me in as a disciple.”


The middle-aged man snorted, “You sure talk big.”


The rest of the people, especially the disciples of Heavenly Ruin Gates, also looked shocked. They couldn’t believe Jiang Chen would utter such confident words. After all, they knew the identity of the middle-aged man in front of them. He was ranked among the top three masters in the entire Sect. In fact, he wouldn’t have come out for Jiang Chen if it wasn’t for Chuyue.


“Interesting. Are you not afraid you will fail?” The girl named Chuyue was going to lead the disciples from the entrance, but her interest had visibly been piqued as her feet stayed rooted in the same spot.


She could tell that Jiang Chen had a special physique. However, she wouldn’t be able to allow him to pass a test so easily. Not when they were in Heavenly Ruin Gates. Thus, his confidence prompted her to chuckle lightly.


Jiang Chen glanced at her. He couldn’t help but shake his head when he realised even she thought he was being silly. “Please see for yourself, Senior.”

Chuyue quickly covered her mouth to hide her smile. She was suddenly hit by the desire to see him embarrass himself.


“Lady Chuyue, aren’t we going to look for that thing in a while?” a lady behind her asked in a hushed voice. “Young Master must be waiting for us right now.”


The girl shook her head in response. “Let’s see what happens here. We can just let my brother wait. And if he can’t, tell him to go find it first.”


Right after that, the middle-aged man waved Jiang Chen over to a stone for gauging ones aptitude. This incident had alarmed many disciples of  Heavenly Ruin Gates, and they all rushed over to join in the fun.


Jiang Chen was very confident. He possessed the Sacred Physique of Creation. According to the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation, the Sacred Physique of Creation was among the top ten Divine Physiques. In other words, it was a top-tier physique. 


However, he was soon dumbfounded, and his confidence slipped right out of his body. The moment he put his hand on the test stone, a bright glow appeared on it, but it was far from the brilliance he expected.


“What…” he muttered in shock.


“This is what you want me to break the rules of Heavenly Ruin Gates for? My belly aches from the joke, boy.”


“He was lucky enough to meet Lady Chuyue, or else he wouldn’t have been able to pass through the gate. And he even dared to shoot off his mouth!” The crowd started laughing as though they were looking at a monkey making a fool of itself.


Even the middle-aged man was suppressing his anger. He felt like Jiang Chen had tricked him.


Jiang Chen’s face immediately fell, and he quickly asked the Artifact Spirit in his mind. [Hey! What is going on?!]


Right then, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation sounded embarrassed by the unexpected turn of event. <This Sect probably can’t test your physique…>


“For Lady Chuyue’s sake, I will let you be a member of Heavenly Ruin Gates, but you can only be the handyman.” The middle-aged man shook his head and walked away while hissing under his breath, “What a joke…”

Chuyue had also disappeared. He could only hear the clear and lovely bell-like laughter that was slightly peculiar come out from a distance.


Ashamed by the unexpected outcome, Jiang Chen scratched his nose.


[Being the handyman works as well. If things go as Senior Black says it would, I will be able to open the Spiritual Sea soon enough!] he thought to himself.


He was full of expectations for the cultivating life ahead. Even though there were many disciples in Heavenly Ruin Gates, they were all prey for him!


After Chuyue led the people away, she went straight to a mountain in the distance.


When she arrived, she saw a tall and handsome man in a golden robe standing there, quietly watching her approach him. His eyes were as deep as the sea, and even his pupils looked like deep, terrifyingly quiet pools. His golden hair was like threads of gold. Like a young god, he had an eye-catching appearance.


“You are late, Chuyue.” The young man’s eyes fell on the girl, and he stated without questioning her tardiness.


Chuyue giggled in reply, “I bumped into someone interesting, so I stayed to watch them for a bit.”


“Greetings, Young Master Yaoxing,” the crowd behind her respectfully greeted the young man, in which he nodded and waved.


“Let’s be on our way.” Hearing that, everyone turned into divine rainbows and fled to the mountains, as though in search of something.



At the same time, Yue Mingkong sat on his bed in the palace of Immortal Academy where divine lights loomed, and the Immortal Mist was dense. With her tall and slender figure, picturesque beauty, smooth and fair skin, she looked as if she came from the greatest artwork created by heaven.


At this moment, her delicate hands were flipping through an incomplete map that she looked at with squinted eyes. She began to have some thoughts.


[Logically speaking, the Tower of World Domination will be born in this place. There might be a slight discrepancy in time, but it can’t possibly go wrong. The few forces nearby Sky Jade Mountain Range are Heavenly Ruin Gates, Ancient Sword Sect, Sunset Cave Heaven…]


She silently thought as her slender and flawless fingers landed on an area on the map.


Gu Changge’s guess was right after all. Yue Mingkong had been busy looking for the Seven Tools of World Domination. She already had the Seal of World Domination and Mirror of World Domination in her hands. On top of that, she knew the whereabouts of the Sword of World Domination. However, she needed to put in a little more work if she wanted to come up with a plan.


With that in mind, she decided to put more attention on the Tower of World Domination. According to the memories of her past life, the Tower of World Domination existed underground, not in a fixed location.


Moreover, the Tower of World Domination was more powerful than the other Tools of World Domination. There were rumours that the Tower of World Domination could suppress the heaven itself.


There were even rumours that the Tower of World Domination was actually carried by an older-than-ancient Celestial Beast, and it travelled around the Upper Realm following the ley line.


Yue Mingkong had actually spent a lot of time trying to find information about the birth of the Tower of World Domination. After all, compared with her previous life, many things in this life had deviated from how it should have originally developed.


Right when Yue Mingkong was thinking about when she should make a move, a voice called out to her from outside the palace.


“Princess Mingkong, this is something sent by Young Master Changge.” A maid suddenly came in with an exquisite box. Her expression was as respectful as it was fearful.


“From Changge?” Yue Mingkong was taken aback at first, but she couldn’t help the slight smile that soon appeared on her indifferent face. This sight made the maid who entered the hall heave a sigh of relief. Yue Mingkong only ever smiled when it was about Gu Changge.


Yue Mingkong prestige and aura had been getting more overwhelming as of late, which was also a result of her cultivation level becoming more and more unfathomable.


The maids would always feel like they were treading on thin ice when they came to her. They would tremble in fear, and wouldn’t even dare say anything unnecessary in fear of getting decapitated for saying something wrong.


“What is this? How unexpected of him to give me a present. Did the sun rise from the West today?” Despite her words, she could barely conceal her joy. At the same time, she raised her slender hand, and the exquisite box had fallen into it the next instant.


The surface of this box was covered with cloud-like silk and purple mist, giving off a magical feeling. Yue Mingkong knew that this was a Space Box that could contain a lot of things.


“After Purple Mansion got annihilated, all of their hidden treasures over the years had fallen into his hands. Well, at least he doesn’t leave me out when he has obtained something good. Not bad,” she mused while opening the box.


*Swoosh!* She was immediately greeted by the sight of numerous exquisite jewellery, earrings, hairpins and other things that gleamed with divine splendour, all of which were carved with patterns such as a Celestial Phoenix.


As though these items were created by the hands of an Immortal, they had various World Principles hanging on them. Each had a powerful aura intertwined in between as celestial essence vined around them.


Other than that, there were also Sacred Grade Artifacts, Sacred King Grade Artifacts, Sacred Herb, Dragon Bones, Phoenix Jade and many more that the maids were almost blinded with envy.


None of the pendants she had received were ordinary Sacred Grade Artifact, as they were all produced through a complicated process. Not only did they have a strong defensive ability, they could even be sacrificed at crucial times as a means of attack. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that these items were worth as much as several cities.


As a woman, Yue Mingkong naturally liked beautiful things. Even though she tried to hide her true feelings, she couldn’t help the joy in her eyes when she saw these presents.


She could tell that Gu Changge had put his heart into picking the presents for her. He knew her tastes, and so he picked out the items that she would like, and had someone send them over. 


Thus, she felt moved at the thought of this. The sacrifices she had made for him without his knowledge didn’t seem in vain after all.


She then kept all the items in the box. Her face soon went back to looking cold. “Leave me,” she instructed the maid while dismissively waving her away.


However, the maid who was familiar with Yue Mingkong knew very well that although Yue Mingkong seemed indifferent, happiness was evident in her eyes.


The maid was envious, but she knew that Gu Changge was the only man in this world that could make Yue Mingkong show such an expression.


And just when Yue Mingkong was about to continue tracking the whereabouts of the Tower of World Domination, there were footsteps outside the palace again.


“Why are you here?” Her eyes drifted to the direction of the sound, and as she sat up on the couch, a cool voice asked in return,


“What’s the matter? Can’t I come see my future wife when I can finally make time? After all, I’m not like you. You didn’t even ask about me during my battle with Purple Mansion. You would have had to live as a widow if I died in their hands.” Gu Changge walked in from outside the hall with a calm expression.


None of the group of maids outside stopped him from entering.


He then plopped down next to Yue Mingkong without minding the aloof and disdainful expression on her face. In an instant, a pleasant smell drifted over. It was elegant and cold like a snow lotus blooming on the top of an iceberg that had been in existence for hundreds of millions of years.


“You can’t. You are not allowed to step into my palace without my permission,” Yue Mingkong said, deadpanned.


“Alright. I am leaving. I won’t ever come back.” He started to stand up.


Seeing this, she blurted out angrily, “You can’t!” She then reached out to stop him.


“Oh my, I can’t do anything, can I? What can I do then?” He looked back at her with a helpless expression. “You and your temper. Have I spoiled you too much?”


She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. “Spit it out. What are you here for?


She knew him all too well. He wasn’t someone who would go to someone else for no reason. He wouldn’t have come to her if he didn’t need her for something.


“Why do I need a reason to come to you? Can’t I come because I miss your face?” He resignedly shook his head.


“Not too bad of an excuse. But, seeing how I like the presents you sent, I’ll let it slide this time.” Her lips curled into a small smile before she quickly wiped it off her face. She liked it when he yielded to her.


Hearing that, he beamed and pulled her into his arms. “I am glad you like them. I didn’t painstakingly choose them in vain.”


“Mm,” she hummed as she pretended to struggle against his hold. Soon, her eyes narrowed, and she quietly melted against his torso, enjoying his rare show of gentleness.


Gu Changge looked at her flawless and beautiful face from the close proximity, and he smiled slightly, “Mingkong, tell me the truth. Have you missed me during this time?”


She opened her eyes and glanced at him coldly.


“No,” she scoffed.


“Lies.” He suddenly lowered his head, earning a muffled sound from Yue Mingkong.


“Mmph…” The words she was about to speak were all held on the tip of her tongue.


The inside of the palace suddenly felt like it was blossoming with spring flowers.




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