I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 361, Wish to Fasten Her to Him, a Level Beyond Her Reach in the Past


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“That’s the puppet the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being left for his Successor in the Celestial Ancient Continent?” Yue Mingkong couldn’t help asking as she watched the black-robed old man leave with great interest.


She could naturally tell what they were. After all, Ye Ling had used these puppets to make a name for himself in her previous life. But now, they were all in Gu Changge’s hands, and he had even refined them. [What would the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being think if he learns about this?! He’d probably want nothing more than to give Gu Changge a solid slap out of rage.]


Nonetheless, this was exactly what she liked about Gu Changge. She loved how he schemed and had everything under his control.


“Such a smart girl.” Gu Changge smiled.


“Now what?” Yue Mingkong asked, sounding a little curious.


“We wait. Someone will find the Tower of World Domination for us, and we’ll just take it when the time comes,” he answered with a smile as he looked out the window at the endless mountain ranges that spanned over the horizon, as rays of sun basked the dangerous gullies. 


Despite just arriving at the Sky Jade Mountain Range, Gu Changge had already sorted everything out. Though she knew there was practically nothing he couldn’t do, it still felt astonishing to witness it herself.


“Why insist that I accompany you when you already have everything under your control?” Yue Mingkong rolled her eyes in response, sounding a little grim. That said, unlike previously, her gaze was now passionate rather than icy.


She thought this fiancé of hers was truly despicable. He made it seem like it was she who wanted to join him and watch how he obtained the Tower of World Domination with ease. That was after she had painstakingly devised a plan to get the artifact. It made her feel worthless in comparison.


“Well, it’s always rather boring to travel alone. With you by my side, I’ll at least have someone to talk to,” said Gu Changge matter-of-factly with a smile after hearing her bleat. “Right now, I want nothing more than to tie you up to me so that you can’t go anywhere else.”


Despite knowing that he was deliberately saying this, Yue Mingkong still couldn’t help doing exactly as he wanted, feeling joyous.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be by your side no matter what happens,” she tilted head on his chest while cuddling with him. Once his identity as the true Successor of Demonic Arts gets revealed, he would certainly become the enemy of the world, and by then, not even his family could save him.


Though Yue Mingkong didn’t want that day to come, if it did, she would stand by him regardless and fight the world alongside him. To her, whatever happened in her past life was irrelevant a long time ago, and it was more than enough for her to know that she meant something to him.


“That day won’t come” He smile as he pulled her closer into his arms, seemingly able to read her mind.


“Yeah.”  She looked at him with joy and suddenly blushed. She wanted more of him now as heat rushed to her nether region.



Meanwhile, a tall blond man with raven-black eyes, dressed in a golden robe, stood on the mountain range not far from Heavenly Ruin Gate, seemingly waiting for someone.


He was none other than Ji Yaoxing, the Heavenly Son of the Hidden Ji Family.


Not far from him stood a group of young men and women with extraordinary temperaments, all shrouded in a divine glow. With beasts by their sides, they whispered to each other while looking at Ji Yaoxing.


Their leader was a young woman only in her twenties, dressed in a red dress, sitting on a Qilin-like Divine Beast. Her skin was fair and flawless, and her eyes were clear like the autumn river in contrast to her red lips. Though stunning, people would think she was lofty with hints of arrogance.


Behind her stood an elderly woman covered in wrinkles with an unfathomable cultivation level.


“Brother Yaoxing, I wonder if your family has obtained anything this time,” asked the young woman with a smile as she approached Ji Yaoxing on the Divine Beast.


Ji Yaoxing turned to look at her and shook his head in response. “Nothing yet.” His voice was monotonous, sounding exceptionally composed.


The young woman continued to smile, seemingly not surprised by his answer.


Followingly, a thought seemed to have struck Ji Yaoxing, and he asked, “Chen Ning’er, how did the Chen Family find out about the emergence of the Tower of World Domination?”


The young woman named Chen Ning’er was stumped as she seemed to not have expected such a question from him.


“I have no clue. I’ve just been ordered by my family to come here in search of the Tower.” She didn’t seem to want to talk much about it.


Ji Yaoxing nodded and said nothing more while Chen Ning’er spoke up, her eyes lit up, smiling, “Looks like none of us got anything. How about this, Brother Yaoxing? You and I work together to find the Tower of World Domination, and then the winner takes it. What do you say?”


Meanwhile, the group of young prodigies behind her, who all saw her as their leader, were unfazed when they heard her proposal.


Ji Yaoxing, on the other hand, took a profound gander at Chen Ning’er before shaking his head. “We should go our separate ways about this.”


This young woman was known to be scheming. He’d have long fallen into her trap by the time he finally realised it if he agreed to work with her.


Chen Ning’er felt rather disappointed by his rejection, but she didn’t say anything either.


“Brother!” a crisp, melodious voice sounded just then. It was Ji Chuyue arriving with Jiang Chen on a cloud.


“Ji Chuyue’s here too? Who’s that man?” Chen Ning’er asked with surprise as she landed her gaze on Jiang Chen, who was behind Ji Chuyue. She took a scrutinising gaze at him only to react disdainfully when she didn’t feel any power in him.


“Who is this, Chuyue?” Ji Yaoxing asked while sizing Jiang Chen up with deeply furrowed brows. This man was but a mortal who hadn’t even taken a step in the Path of Cultivation, but for some reason, his dear sister had taken him along.


That said, Ji Chuyue hadn’t mentioned Jiang Chen to Ji Yaoxing yet, so it was only reasonable that he didn’t know who Jiang Chen was.


Jiang Chen, on the other hand, very naturally sized the group of young men and women up after landing. He had to admit that every one of them was powerful and shrouded in all shades of heavenly light. Though it stressed him out, he was still confident, so he remained composed.


“Brother, is this not as what I had said the other day?” Ji Chuyue snorted after glancing at Chen Ning’er, having no intention of greeting the latter. Clearly, the two had long known each other but weren’t on friendly terms.


Chen Ning’er wasn’t bothered either, and she teased, “To think the princess of the Ji Family looks like this nowadays. What are you, ashamed?”


“What do you care?” Ji Chuyue frowned, somewhat displeased. It was obvious she had put on a disguise on purpose so as not to stand out too much. Meanwhile, Chen Ning’er was lofty and ostentatious like a swan.


Followingly, Ji Chuyue introduced, “Brother, this is Jiang Chen.”


To that, Jiang Chen bowed, “Greetings.”


“Is that so? Since Chuyue says so, I shall trust you for now.” Ji Yaoxing nodded but didn’t ask much about Jiang Chen as members of the Hidden Chen Family were also present, and many things couldn’t be discussed under such circumstances.


Ji Chuyue understood as well, and she gave her brother a hinting gaze, to which he nodded in response. It was evident that the stunning young woman in a red dress and Ji Chuyue belonged to different worlds. 


Seeing that the Ji siblings seemed to be hiding something from her, Chen Ning’er couldn’t help narrowing her eyes and size Jiang Chen up once again. [How is it that a mortal with no powers can be so important to the Ji Family’s princess?]


“Yaoxing, another group of young cultivators had showed up at Heavenly Ruin Gate today. From the looks of it, they’re a powerful bunch not to be underestimated. I suspect another major force has also gotten themselves involved,” Ji Chuyue related the group of young cultivators she saw when she was leaving Heavenly Ruin Gate.


“A group of young cultivators?” Ji Yaoxing frowned.


Naturally, Chen Ning’er heard her as well, and her eyes lit up in response. “Oh? Disciples of other sects have come as well?” Hell, this was exactly what she was looking for—collaborators!


“Do you know who they are?” Ji Yaoxing asked with a frown.


“No, I was leaving in a hurry.” Ji Chuyue shook her head. “But I have a feeling they aren’t any less powerful than us.


“Well, I’d like to meet them. With the location of the Tower of World Domination still unknown, we’ll need all the help we can get.” Chen Ning’er couldn’t help smiling. “What do you say, Brother Yaoxing? Who knows? We might actually get something out of them.”


At that, Ji Yaoxing fell into deep thought. [Chuyue and I have already been here for nearly a month and yet, we’ve found nothing. It’ll be great if we can get some information out of them. Besides, is this Jiang Chen really trustworthy? What can a mere mortal do? Chuyue happens to be staying at Heavenly Ruin Gate for now, and we’ll eventually bump into them sooner or later.]


While pondering, the young man nodded.


On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s countenance changed subtly upon seeing so. He had genuinely wanted to tell Ji Chuyue the man was Gu Changge, but that would lead her to suspect his affiliation with Gu Changge.


[If Ji Chuyue finds out about my animosity with Gu Changge, will she protect me? Sure, she seems nice but, since we just met, I don’t know her well enough to trust her that much.]


Thus, after some consideration, Jiang Chen decided it was best to temporarily hide in his hut at the Handyman Peak after returning to Heavenly Ruin Gate.


Given Gu Changge’s status, he surely wouldn’t head to a place like that. So the former wouldn’t know he was in Heavenly Ruin Gate if they didn’t run into each other.


Just then, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation spoke up while he was pondering. <You can hint the Ji girl about your animosity with Gu. The Hidden Ji Family was one of the families the Mortal One had reincarnated into, after all. They’d at least have this bit of guts. Plus, you’re now the Successor of a Divine Source Master. If that Ji girl is smart enough, she’ll know what to do.>


At that, Jiang Chen eased up. Besides, he had the Black-Robed Elder as well. If anything were to happen, he could have the Elder take him away at once.


Subsequently, Ji Yaoxing summoned his followers over, planning to head back to Heavenly Ruin Gate with Ji Chuyue.


They had split up and gone to different Sects when they came to make their exploration easier.


On the way, Ji Chuyue related Jiang Chen’s information to her brother through telepathy, including his mysterious physique, being the Successor of a Divine Source Master, and whatnot, shocking Ji Yaoxing, taking some time to register what his sister just said. Such an expression was actually rare on a steady, reserved man like him.


“Divine Source Master, huh?” he mumbled, having no doubt about his sister’s judgement.


With that, he turned to glance at Jiang Chen, who was following them right at the back and mumbled, “If it’s really as you say, and he has a physique no weaker than mine, then we can think of a way to have him join our family.”


The legacy of a Divine Source Master had long ceased. If Jiang Chen really was what he said to be, then the sensation he would cause would be indescribable. Nonetheless, since Ji Yaoxing was a just man, he had no intentions of using the man for his own benefit. He just wanted to make Jiang Chen one of them.


Though the two discussed covertly, Jiang Chen still had a hunch as to what they were talking about.


Chen Ning’er, on the other hand, had her eyes on Jiang Chen the whole time. At this point, even if she was an idiot, she could tell this man must have something different about him for the Ji siblings to treat him like this.


Thus, her eyes glimmered as a decision was made in her head.


Soon, the group returned to Heavenly Ruin Gate, and when they arrived in front of the gates, Jiang Chen used the chance to head towards his residence in Handyman Peak.


Meanwhile, Ji Chuyue took a baffling guess as to why he wanted to return so quickly but still didn’t ask any questions.


“Young Mistress Chuyue,” the elderly cultivator at the gates greeted deferentially while sweeping his gaze across Ji Yaoxing, Chen Ning’er, and the others.


[What the heck is going on?! Why have so many young prodigies coming to such a secluded place? Is the item so rare that it attracted so many to come?]  Even when the old cultivator thought so, he dared not ask questions.


“Where are the young prodigies who have arrived today resting at?” Ji Chuyue asked. 


Heavenly Ruin Sect was the Hidden Ji Family’s affiliated force, while Heavenly Ruin Gate was a branch of the Heavenly Ruin Sect. Thus, her position was far nobler than even the Head of Heavenly Ruin Gate.


“They are at the palace to the east, Young Mistress Chunyue.” He answered at once, not daring to miss anything. In his opinion, no matter how impressive that group was, they were surely beneath Ji Chuyue. After all, she was the Young Mistress of the Hidden Ji Family. Not only was she beyond noble, but the Hidden Ji Family was also a great name in the entire Upper Realm.


Subsequently, the group headed to the palace on the east under the old cultivator’s guidance.


Meanwhile, the Head of Heavenly Ruin Gate and the others rushed over right after receiving the news, feeling shocked and stupefied. After all, they knew precisely who Ji Chuyue was, so they could tell the rest of the group were no simple characters.


[Have they come to give that group of young prodigies trouble?] The Grandmaster’s countenance changed subtly, worried that the young prodigies would destroy the place if they really started fighting. 


Ji Yaoxing seemed to have caught his worries, and he reassured him, “We just want to see who they are affiliated with.”


Meanwhile, Chen Ning’er’s countenance changed subtly as she noticed a group of colourful armoured beasts drinking water, looking absolutely majestic in the mist. “Psychic White Foals,  Denglongs, Qilins… These steeds…” 


Each and one of them were worth a fortune as they were all of the various rare lineages. Some among them were even powerful variants, which caused her heart to skip a beat.


She wouldn’t be this awe-struck if it was just one steed. This was a group she was seeing, and it could only mean that many among the group of young prodigies they would be meeting were just as powerful if not above their level.


“Looks like who we’re about to meet are no average people…” Ji Yaoxing, too, turned grave. The Hidden Ji Family had fallen from its previous heights. However, it was still once a glorious family, after all. They could still tell how precious these beasts were.


“Who stands before the palace?”  A group of powerful beings of various races blocked their path at the palace entrance before they could even take a few steps. They were all super young, and their gazes were fierce, looking absolutely intimidating.


“Greetings, I am Ji Yaoxing of the Hidden Ji Family,” greeted Ji Yaoxing. He could tell many among these young beings were just as strong as he was. Yet, they were only followers. So, what did that mean?!


Ji Chuyue, too, became solemn, no longer as casual as she had been earlier.


Only Chen Ning’er looked into the palace with brightly lit eyes, seemingly wanting to see just who was resting inside.


The Upper Realm was vast, and nobody knew just how many forces there were there. Though the Hidden Chen Family was arguably influential, it was still nothing compared to those genuine Immortal forces, who probably had never even heard of her family.


The Head of Heavenly Ruin Gate and the others might not be as astute as the Ji siblings and Chen Ning’er were, but they could already tell at this point that those inside the palace were far more distinguished than they could imagine. 


For those from Heavenly Ruin Gate, the Hidden Ji Family was already an unimaginable giant standing at the peak of the Upper Realm.


“The Hidden Ji Family?” Gu Changge’s followers at the entrance frowned slightly in response, all searching the said family in their memories. 


“Greetings all, I am Chen Ning’er of the Hidden Chen Family.” Chen Ning’er, too, came out and introduced herself; her arrogance long kept away at this point.


“I have a vague memory of the Hidden Ji Family, but I know not about the Hidden Chen Family. What family is this? I’ve never heard of it,” asked a tall, burly person with a third eye on his forehead, covered in a layer of golden scales.


“I’ve never heard of such a family either.” Another follower next to him shook his head. He had such a terrifying aura that even Chen Ning’er and the Ji Siblings were intimidated.


On the other hand, the Ji sibling’s countenances changed subtly before smiling wryly. Hidden Families normally kept a low profile and would barely make a name for themselves in the outside world. However, it didn’t mean that they weren’t powerful. The Hidden Ji Family, for instance, had a legacy that was even longer than Purple Mansions.


Chen Ning’er, too, looked somewhat embarrassed as it was the first time her family had been looked down upon. That said, she dared not say anything as her family had a shorter history than the Hidden Ji Family and were comparably weaker. If it weren’t that the Hidden Ji Family was slowly declining, she wouldn’t dare behave so arrogant towards the Ji siblings.


But now, she was certain the people inside the palace were far more distinguished than she could have imagined, a level she would never have been able to come in contact with at all in the past.




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