I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 363, Insignificant Ant in His Eyes, Abnormally Grown Fortuitous One


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Ji Chuyue, in a yellow dress, was gifted with a slender figure and a snowy face that was captivatingly glowing; her features were delicate, resembling fairies that trod the world, and every single soul in the universe would rejoice at a momentary smile of hers.


Jiang Chen had seen quite a number of beguiling damsels, and although most of them belonged to his greatest nemesis, Gu Changge, it didn’t stop him from enjoying the natural beauty before his eyes. Different from Xiao Ruoyin’s charm, Ji Chuyue’s appeals were her naturalness and flawlessness, like that of a lotus that rose onto the surface  tranquil waters – an ornament of nature.


In the meantime, Ji Chuyue was followed by her brother, Ji Yaoxing.


“What’s wrong? Why are you staring at me?” Ji Chuyue curiously asked as she approached.


Letting out a slight cough, Jiang Chen withdrew his gaze. Although he already figured that Ji Chuyao’s appearance when they first met wasn’t her original appearance but a disguise, he never expected her to be this stunningly beautiful.


“Oh, I forgot!” Ji Chuyue suddenly exclaimed as she finally remembered that she reverted to her true appearance, which explained why Jiang Chen was staring at her.


However, that allowed her to regain some confidence. Earlier, when she was with Gu Changge, the man was completely indifferent, but not because of the change in her appearance. As such, Ji Chuyao was rather disaffected. After all, no woman in the world wouldn’t care about their appearance, even though she had hidden it.


Very soon, at a wave of a hand, a layer of ambiguous gleam flashed across Ji Chuyue’s face and she changed back to her plain, unremarkable appearance.


Upon that, Jiang Chen was somewhat taken aback, realising that Ji Chuyue only reverted to her true appearance to meet with Gu Changge rather than to meet him. Although he felt somewhat disappointed and discomforted by it, he quickly regained his composure.


“So, you’re a Divine Source Master, yourself?” Ji Yaoxing walked over and got straight to the point. There was a golden glow in each of his eyes, resembling a miniature sun, which he stared at Jiang Chen with, as if he could pierce him with his gaze.


“Yes, I had practised a little with one of my Ancestors, but I merely know the basics.” Jiang Chen claimed honestly, unbothered by Ji Yaoxing’s glare.


“A Sacred Physique, indeed.” A trace of surprise surged on Ji Yao Xing’s face. As he also possessed a type of Sacred Physique, and could easily detect the position and motion of Jiang Chen’s Dantian.


Although Jiang Chen had yet to create his Spiritual Sea, his Dnatian was like an alluring shade that resembled a star’s twinkle. With that in mind, he decided to trust Jiang Chen, thinking that he would make a fine sprout to cultivate.


Besides, if Jiang Chen was really a Divine Source Master, he would unconditionally welcome him into the Hidden Ji Family as the value of a Divine Source Master was tremendous.


“Jiang Chen, didn’t you say you were a Successor of a Divine Source Master?” At that moment, Ji Chuyue also asked as curiosity arose in her eyes. 


Having consulted the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation in his mind, Jiang Chen was obviously confident. Upon the questioning and bafflement of Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing, he simply waved his hand forward.


Out of nowhere, an inexplicable, heavenly sensation and aura flowed in the air, as if it was connected to the might of the universe, followed by deafening sounds of explosions, which certainly left the siblings stunned.


The mountains before them started to move as the grass, rocks, and bodies of water began to shift in different directions. It was as though they were moved by a pair of enormous, invisible hands.


Seeing that, the siblings were in dismay, though they could still vaguely sense the shift in terrain and a force called ‘Shi’.


“So this is the ability of a Divine Source Master… Reshaping the terrains without resorting to magic. How wonderful and mysterious…” Stupefaction surged in Ji Chuyue’s bewitching eyes as she stared at Jiang Chen without blinking.


“Any cultivator could have done this without breaking a sweat, but he’s merely an ordinary person. No wonder the legacies of Divine Source Masters are known to be lost in the River of Time…” Ji Yaoxing glanced deeply at Jiang Chen, already convinced that he was actually a Divine Source Master.


The reemergence of a Divine Source Master—whose kind was lost in history—was surely to shock the world.


“See, Brother? I didn’t lie to you, did I?” Ji Chuyue beamingly smiled.


“Jiang Chen is really a Divine Source Master. We can definitely find the Tower of World Domination even in the face of everyone now!” She confidently stated.


Hearing that, Ji Yaoxing nodded as a trace of light flashed across his eyes.


“But there is something I must clarify to you.” At that moment, Jiang Chen was seemingly satisfied by the siblings’ dumbfounded reactions. Although the earlier occurrence wasn’t exactly caused by him, it was at least shown to be cast through his own hands. The Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation indeed did not let him down, but he had yet to forget about another matter.


“What is it? Tell us, and we promise to assist you as much as we can.” Ji Chuyue nodded with amiableness in her eyes, assuming that Jiang Chen was going to discuss conditions.


“Actually, I have a grudge against Gu Changge.” With a calm expression, Jiang Chen accentuated his every word.


“What…” Ji Yaoxing was stunned for a moment, wondering if he misheard Jiang Chen as his pupils contracted.


[Jiang Chen said he has a grudge against Gu Changge? Given his identity and that of Gu Changge, how did he even manage to come in contact with him? No, wait. Why is he mentioning this out of nowhere?]


“Did you perhaps notice that Gu Changge is coming?” Swiftly realising that, Ji Chuyue sternly stared at Jiang Chen as she withdrew her smile.


Since Gu Changge was involved in the matter, they couldn’t afford to take things likely. At the same time, Ji Yaoxing’s face, too, grew gloomy, obviously bothered.


As though Jiang Chen expected their reactions, he didn’t seem surprised. Instead, he serenely remarked, “I only told you this so you’ll keep your guards up. Otherwise, it’ll seem like I’m ensnaring  you to my side. Secondly, I’m also not afraid that you’ll capture and send me to Gu Changge.”


He was confident with his contingency plan as the elderly man in black robes wasn’t far away from him, so the latter could come and bail him out anytime.


“Well, it’s not too late for you to tell us now.” Hearing that, Ji Chuyue felt quite relieved and revealed a smile. “Compared to the others, you’re a rather kind one.”


Fortunately, Jiang Chen did not set them up to get straddled with the matter. Essentially, if Gu Changge were to think that they were allies with Jiang Chen, things would turn out bad and it might even cause a major disaster.


“To be honest, you don’t have to worry. I may bear a grudge against Gu Changge, but there’s no telling whether he still remembers me. After all, I’m merely an insignificant ant in his eyes, whom he can stomp to death whenever he wants.” Jiang Chen smiled, though the smile concealed bitterness and self-mockery as well as a hint of hatred.


Upon those words, Ji Chuyue understood that Gu Changge didn’t have a grudge against Jiang Chen, but the other way round, and that meant things were totally different. As such, their plans were now much easier since Gu Changge wouldn’t bother himself with such a trivial matter, and it didn’t matter to her how the feud between Jiang Chen and Gu Changge began in the first place.


“Understood. For now, leave Heavenly Ruin Gate and pretend we didn’t just hear what you said.” At that moment Ji Yaoxing suddenly spoke without hesitation in his tone. Although he was an honest man, he was by no means a fool. Although Jiang Chen possessed a Sacred Physique and the legacy of a Divine Source Master, his feud with Gu Changge was enough to make him an unpredictable time bomb.


“Brother, are you dense? Jiang Chen may bear a grudge against Gu Changge, but that doesn’t affect us in any way. If we were to be discovered by Gu Changge by then, we’ll simply deny to knowing anything.” Hearing that, Ji Chuyue hastily dragged her stern-faced brother to the side and whispered. “Do you still not get it? Jiang Chen hates Gu Changge, but Gu Changge may not know that Jiang Chen even exists, so why would he care about him?”


“You’re saying…” Ji Yaoxing furrowed his brow as he was unable to comprehend her.


“We can change Jiang Chen’s appearance. Since he’s an ordinary person, it’ll be easy to disguise him, and as long as Gu Changge doesn’t pay attention to him, he’ll never notice,” Ji Chuyue explained. “Besides, Jiang Chen is a Divine Source Master, and he can help us locate where the Tower or World Domination.”


Finally understanding her implication, Ji Yaoxing pondered with a scowl for a while before eventually nodding.


With that, the two continued discussing for a little longer before walking towards Jiang Chen and letting him in on their plans.


Naturally, Jiang Chen did not reject it as he had been desiring to change his appearance all this time since he was concerned that he would be noticed by Gu Changge. Judging by Gu Changge’s personality, it was most likely that he wouldn’t let Jiang Chen off.


Accordingly, Ji Chuyue reached out her hands and changed Jiang Chen’s face from a dashing-looking man to a younger teenager. In that instant, even Jiang Chen’s closest acquaintances wouldn’t be able to identify him.


“Thank you, Lady Chuyue.” Satisfied with his new look, Jiang Chen certainly grew at ease.


“Very well. Time is of the essence. Many more cultivators are hurrying over, so we must locate the Tower of World Domination as soon as possible,” Ji Chuyue stated with a wide smile as her eyes arched into crescents.


And so, the three began formulating a strategy and decided to scour Sky Jade Mountain Range. According to Jiang Chen, the essences of the universe and lands were at their lowest during midnight. As the day moved to the next, everything would reset, and that was when anomalies that were not detectable during the way would appear.


To the siblings of the Ji Family who were searching for the Tower of World Domination, it was indubitably great news, since they were purposelessly looking everywhere, as though they were wandering flies.


Meanwhile, after conversing with the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation, Jiang Chen began his preparation. Since the oappearance of the Tower of World Domination would cause a great commotion, he would need something to protect himself with once the attention was all on them.


Feeling more relaxed, the two siblings of the Ji Family accordingly left, intending to rendezvous with Jiang Chen at night.


Not long after they left, a figure suddenly appeared behind Jiang Chen. It was that of the elderly man in black robes, who was donning a cold face, giving off an alarming sensation.


“Senior Black,” Jiang Chen hastily greeted.


Nevertheless, the elderly man in black robes ignored him and reached out his icy palm before pressing it on Jiang Chen’s shoulder, as if he was investigating the result of his cultivation as of late.


In that instant, Jiang Chen could feel a surge of mysterious power flowing through his lungs and stopping at his Dantian.


“You truly disappoint me. The legacy of the Everchanging Demonic Arts was entrusted to you, yet you’ve achieved nothing. You haven’t even opened up your Spiritual Sea. This old one feels the urge to smack you to death and look for a new Successor,” the elderly man in black robes rebuked, and his voice was filled with coldness that startled Jiang Chen.


“Senior Black, given my current strength, it’s hardly possible for me to kill the other disciples, who clearly started cultivating early on.” Jiang Chen attempted to defend himself. Judging by his current strength, it was indeed difficult for him to engage anyone. After all, he would need to at least attain Spiritual Sea Realm first.


“What garbage, you are! That boy from the Ji Family possesses a Sacred Physique. All you had to do was absorb his cultivation power and you’d immediately achieve a breakthrough.” The elderly man in black robes icily added, “That little girl from the Ji Family, too, has an excellent physique. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, this old one is more than glad to help.”


At once, Jiang Chen’s heart skipped a beat, but before he could refuse the idea, the elderly man in black robes already disappeared without giving him a chance to talk back.


With that in mind, Jiang Chen remained subconsciously worried. Essentially, if the elderly man in black robes, given his formidable strength, were to attack the two siblings of the Ji Family, they probably wouldn’t survive, while Jiang Chen, who was rather fond of the siblings, was reluctant to kill them.


“It seems I’ll have to start with the handyman disciples. I doubt anything huge would happen even if one of them goes missing.” Jiang Chen’s eyes grew colder as he turned to the other shelters with murderous intent in his heart.



[Hmm. Jiang Chen is about to move. It seems he’s getting close to helping me find the Tower of World Domination.]


On the peak of a mountain, Gu Changge was observing from afar as wondrous runes that transformed into black and white colours flashed across his eyes. In his eyes, the colours of the entire world changed as every shade signified certain rules, Fortuity, World Principles, terrains, Dragon Veins, and so on, all of which fell vividly into his vision.


Under such a situation, the movements of all living beings within thousands of kilometres wouldn’t be able to escape his vision, and if he wished to, he could effortlessly surround regions within millions of kilometres with his divine sense.


Although he could easily locate the Tower of World Domination by himself, he thought it was burdensome and time-consuming. Besides, with a treasure-seeking rat finding it for him, he could simply retrieve it once the former located it.


He watched on as Jiang Chen pounced on a handyman disciples in the dark. He also knew of every detail, on how Jiang Chan successfully eliminated his target as well as hid their bodies. As such, he carried a fascinating grin. [Compared to the other Fortuitous Ones, Jiang Chen sure is bolder, more cautious, and more adaptive.]


[But, Jiang Chen, once you have a taste of that cultivation technique, you won’t be able to stop. After all, the feeling is like drugs, and is ever so addictive.] Gu Changge revealed a subtle grin as he had experienced such a sensation, which was also the terror of the Forbidden Demonic Arts.


As for the Demonic Seed, he had his Demonic Puppet plant it in Jiang Chen’s body, it was to help him control Jiang Chen better in the future and also to help Jiang Chen cultivate Everchanging Demonic Arts easier. After all, the purpose of Everchanging Demonic Arts was to let Jiang Chen grow into a potent Dao Fruit which he could harvest later on.


In fact, Gu Changge was rather eager to see how Jiang Chen would turn out as he continued to develop in this direction. After all, this abnormal growth was perfectly fine for a Fortuitous One. It was just that he added his flavour into it. [I wonder if the gods would be infuriated by this.]


As the night approached, the silk-robe resembling moon hung between the mountains, appearing especially beautiful amid the silence. With more and more cultivators hurrying over to the region, wild beasts were startled and fled to other regions.


In the silent night, Jiang Chen, Ji Chuyue, Ji Yaoxing were travelling on a small path between the mountains towards the depth of the mountain range to search for any changes in the terrain in order to locate the precise location of the Tower of World Domination.


At the same time, the trustworthy servants of the Ji Family were following behind them, so they wouldn’t have to worry about their venture being exposed and drawing the attention of others.


As the bright moon floated in the sky, faint mists started to rise on the grounds.


At that moment, Ji Chuyue was holding a secret treasure made for exploration. IT was a compass with stars glistening inside it, resembling the astral skies.


<We should find something if we were to walk straight down this path and destroy any terrain changes in the way,> the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation claimed as it was navigating for Jiang Chen, who was calmly walking in the front, leading the group with a confident look.


“We may be able to find the Tower of World Domination tonight.” Watching as Jiang Chen took the lead, Ji Chuyue impatiently said to her brother Ji Yaoxing as her eyes sparkled.


“Don’t get your hopes up. The Tower of World Domination is said to be guarded by a Celestial Beast. Nothing good will happen should we startle the Celestial Beast.” Ji Yaoxing sternly continued, “It’s not realistic for us to think that we can find the Tower of World Domination in one night.”


Hearing that, Ji Chuyue simply nodded.


However, the group of Ji Family members failed to notice the flash of dim light not far behind them.


There, Chen Ning’er was holding a bronze, ancient mirror that reflected the moonlight onto herself. As if the aura and figures of hers and her subordinate were camouflaged by the surroundings, no one was able to detect their presence.


“It seems the siblings of the Ji Family actually have a plan, or they wouldn’t be sneaking here for the search. Although the young man in front of them has changed his face, he should be the man who was with them previously. If I hadn’t been cautious and sent someone to keep track of their movements, perhaps I wouldn’t have known that they got some kind of lead. No, I can’t startle them just yet. I’ll have to keep waiting until they find the Tower of World Domination, and I’ll surely earn Young Master Changge’s favour once I report this to him.”


Chen Ning’er’s heart was rapidly thumping as she grew excited. Yet, she continued to stalk them from behind without making a sound.




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