I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 364, A Treasure Obtainable Only by You, Young Master Changge Will Be Upset


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“We’ll receive a tip tonight?” The intertwining rays of moonlight spilled through the windows like water, carrying an extraordinary, pure sensation. On the bed, Yue Mingkong, whose hair was silky, turned her head and her eyes twitched as she peered at one side of Gu Changge’s face and gently asked.


“If my inference is correct, the Tower of World Domination shall emerge tonight.” Looking at the Jade Messenger Amulet in his hand, Gu Changge revealed an enthralling grin.


Naturally, the message was sent by one of Chen Ning’er’s men, claiming that she discovered some clues about the Tower of World Domination and she would notify him right away should she find out more.


On the other hand, Gu Changge wasn’t exactly interested in how Chen Ning’er received the information since he could still easily get his hands on the Tower of World Domination even without her. Nevertheless, with her involvement, he certainly saved a lot of effort and found himself more excuses.


“So should we go now?” Yue Mingkong vaguely guessed Gu Changge’s intention.


“There’s no rush.” Walking towards the window with his hands resting behind his back and his garment swaying, Gu Changge gazed at the mountain range far away. He then squinted his eyes and said, “The Tower of World Domination hasn’t even appeared. What the hell is Jiang Chen doing? Taking his time like this?”


“Jiang Chen?” Yue Mingkong tensed her brows as she didn’t have any impression of the name since she never heard it.”


“A fortuitous individual from the Lower Realm,” Gu Changge briefly stated with a smile.


“A fortuitous individual…” Yue Mingkong seemed lost in thought, wondering if the holder of the Sword of World Domination in her memories was the same person as the ‘fortuitous individual’ Gu Changge mentioned.


According to her memories from her past life, the holder of the Sword of World Domination was indeed lucky, and judging by the timeline, the holder of the Sword of World Domination was about to emerge. 


However, Yue Mingkong wasn’t worried, as Gu Changge eventually slaughtered the holder of the Sword of World Domination, forcibly seizing the sword without breaking a sweat in her previous life. Given the sequence of events, the Sword of World Domination would ultimately end up in Gu Changge’s hands.


“If we manage to get our hands on the Tower of World Domination, we only have the Wheel of World Domination and the Sword of World Domination left to gather. Once we obtain all Seven Tools of World Domination, we’ll be able to locate the Immortal Palace Treasury,” Yue Mingkong muttered.


“The Sword of World Domination’s whereabouts is still unknown, but the Wheel of World Domination should be in the possession of the two siblings of the Ji Family. I’m pretty sure of that.” Gu Changge chuckled.


Despite knowing the consequences of contending Gu Changge for the Tower of World Domination, the two siblings of the Ji Family still insisted on pursuing it, and that could only mean that they were certain that they could reach the Immortal Palace Treasury.


As for why Gu Changge so confidently claimed that the siblings was carrying the rest of the Tools of World Domination, it was because four: the Flask, Jar, Mirror, and Seal, were all now in his possession. Only the remaining: Tower, Sword, and Wheel, had yet to be discovered.


In fact, the Sword of World Domination was the most mysterious. It was said to have appeared in the past and was used to be a godly weapon that bore unparalleled sharpness and offensive strength. It was also said to have caused endless bloodshed as countless cultivators had scrambled for it, hence it was referred to as the first Artifact among the Seven Tools of World Domination.


There were even rumours stating that anyone who managed to obtain the Sword of World Domination could control the wonders within it and gain unrivalled might to become invincible. Although those were just rumours, the Sword of World Domination was unquestionably mysterious.


Therefore, thinking that the Sword of World Domination wasn’t in the hands of the two siblings of the Ji Family, Gu Changge figured that they most likely only possessed the Wheel of World Domination.


“Hmm, it seems we have received new information. We may go now.” All of a sudden, Gu Changge noticed the light on the Jade Messenger Amulet and revealed the grin of someone who won his bet.


Yue Mingkong then glanced at him and nodded.


Followingly, the two summoned their followers and rose to the sky, transforming into divine rainbows and travelling across the skies.


On the other hand, Jiang Chen, Ji Chuyue, Ji Yaoxing, and the rest were still oblivious to the fact that they were trailed by Chen Ning’er.


As the group was following Jiang Chen, they slowly entered the depths of the mountains. The fog nearby grew denser, as if it was about to engulf everything in sight, covering the night sky and forbidding the moonlight to enter the depths. There was only a chilly breeze that blew into the group’s bones, making them feel a chill up their spine. As a matter of fact, the chilly breeze was not a simple gush of wind as it harboured forces of World Principles.


Sceptical, Ji Chuyue looked at the spot gleaming with heavenly light before tossing a twig at it, and all of a sudden, a glow flashed across the air, resembling the shine of a blade. Instantaneously, the twig was cut to pieces. 


Seeing that, Ji Chuyue and the rest were dazed as the power of the suspicious primal array was too terrifying. If a cultivator were to walk into it by mistake, they would instantly disintegrate. If it weren’t for Jiang Chen’s warning, they wouldn’t have known that such a primal array was concealed in such a place. Even with the protective artifacts they were carrying, triggering the array would be burdensome and it might even annihilate them.


“Don’t touch it!” Jiang Chen turned around and caught Ji Chuyue’s movement, after which he irritably glowered and reprimanded, “If any disturbance were to get out in the middle of the night, cultivators will surely be alerted by it, and you’ll find yourself at a loss by then.”


Awkwardly, Ji Chuyue withdrew her hands and softly whined, “What’s with that attitude… Can’t a woman be curious?”


Then, Ji Yaoxing shot her a glare and said, “Talk less, would you? We promised we’ll listen to Jiang Chen after reaching this place, so don’t go touching everything you see.”


“Hmph!” Ji Chuyue pouted, though she couldn’t argue with her brother since she knew Jiang Chen’s rebuke was for the sake of their safety.


In that instant, Jiang Chen, despite being an ordinary person, became the core being of the group.


Ji Yaoxing took a glance at Jiang Chen and an indescribable sensation flashed across his eyes, but he quickly recovered from it.


Very soon, Jiang Chen and the rest entered a somewhat lower valley area. The nearby mountains seemed enormous and grand as wild beasts could be seen standing amid the haziness.


“This should be where the Tower of World Domination is,” Jiang Chen calmly claimed as he was chatting with the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation in his mind.


“We actually scoured this region before, but we have never expected the Tower of World Domination to be hidden in such a valley. This is totally wonderful, amazing…” Stunned, Ji Chuyue scanned her surroundings before her gaze landed on the deeper part of the valley, where purplish mountains could be seen.


Within the valley was a number of giant, spectacular purple mountains, each of which Purple Qi was gushing out from, making the scenery extremely foggy. The valleys were quite spacious as a big area of ruined site, wherein the remains of collapsed palaces was lying around, could be seen. It was apparent that the area was once a sacred land.


Upon such a sight, Ji Yaoxing was shocked. If it weren’t for Jiang Chen, they probably wouldn’t have found this place their whole lives.


“These mountains seem complicated. There’s an unnerving aura to them, as though some being was sealed within. Jiang Chen, can you make out what it is?” Ji Yaoxing spoke in a low voice as his gaze fell upon Jiang Chen.


With that, traces of golden, glimmering talismans appeared from his body, as if his flesh was made of golden concrete. With his eyes that resembled miniature suns, he assiduously observed the mountains before him and Jiang Chen at the same time. At that moment, a powerful aura surged on his body as he displayed half of his Sacred Realm cultivation, paying attention to the abnormalities in his vicinity. 


At the same time, a jade-like flute appeared in Ji Chuyue’s hands. Emitting green gleams, the flute was ready to attack anytime.


In that instant, everyone had their guards up, wary of their surroundings. Ever since they arrived, they could feel an icy sensation probing their skins and making them shiver.


“No idea, but it can’t be good.” Restlessness arose in Jiang Chen’s heart, but he kept forcing himself to calm down.


If some sort of battle were to break out later, he wasn’t sure whether he could protect his own life given his current strength, let alone the fact that he was a little defensive towards the siblings of the Ji Family as he was worried that after he helped them through adversities and found the Tower of World Domination, they would immediately turn on him and hand him over to Gu Changge.


Although Ji Chuyue might appear innocent, she was a very sly woman; although Ji Yaoxing was an honest man, he would glare at him from time to time during their venture. In the face of absolute benefit, none could tell how others’ behaviour might change. After all, a person’s heart was unpredictable, so Jiang Chen had to be careful. Indeed, he was rather fond of the siblings, but not if they betrayed him.


<I detected a familiar aura. Now, don’t be rash. Have the siblings investigate it.> All of a sudden, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation spoke in Jiang Chen’s mind, sounding rather alert.


<Also, perhaps you are the only one who can acquire the treasure.> The Artifact Spirit couldn’t contain its excitement in its voice.


[A treasure only obtainable by me? Perhaps there’s something else other than the Tower of World Domination?] A flash of light flickered in Jiang Chen’s eyes, but he quickly hid it. Nonetheless, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation did not respond to his question.


“Judging by the change in terrain, the Tower of World Domination should be hidden here. Perhaps right in these purple mountains,” Jiang Chen stated, sounding highly confident yet calm.


In the middle of the valley, there were relatively shorter mountains that seemed as though they were forged with purple gold. About two kilometres tall, the mountains were emitting purple gleams, and something appeared to be hanging on it.


At that moment, Jiang Chen pointed at the purple mountains as he spoke to the siblings.


“Brother, Jiang Chen says that the Tower of World Domination is most likely in there. Should we go in now?” Faint green godly lights glistened in Ji Chuyue’s eyes, resembling a lake with a jade-coloured shade, as she was observing the purple mountains before her.


Taking a glance at her, Ji Yaoxing sternly replied, “I checked with my Heaven Peering Eye. The danger in those purple mountains is unusual. Anyone below the Sacred Realm will die upon entrance.” There was vigilance in his voice.


At the same time, he looked at Jiang Chen, who had no intentions of entering, only to see his calm, confident expression. Thereupon, he lowered his gaze and suggested, “Chuyue, you stay out here. I’ll go in and investigate. If any danger arises, all of you should leave at once. Since I have the ability to protect myself, you don’t have to worry about me.”


Upon those words, Ji Chuyue grew obviously concerned, but instead of warning her brother, she nodded and said, “Be safe, Brother.”


Hearing the conversation of the siblings, Jiang Chen subconsciously turned to Ji Yaoxing and revealed an expression of respect. Given how Ji Yaoxing was thinking about protecting his sister under such a situation, he would certainly make a good friend. Though, his scrutinising gazes must have been his incredulity.


*Whoosh!* Trembling rings reverberated in the air as Ji Yaoxing began to advance. A golden light surrounded his body, flowing like water, and his appearance resembled a tiny sun. His entire arm was covered by layers of blindingly glowing golden lights, seemingly incredibly sacred and divine.


<Godly Spirit Bone… This Heavenly Son of the Ji Family must also possess tremendous luck> the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation stated in daze.


[What’s a Godly Spirit Bone?] Jiang Chen was shocked as he detected that the power of Ji Yaoxing’s bone harboured a wave-like suffocating sensation.

Accordingly, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation explained to him.


Godly Spirit Bone, as its name suggested, was the bone of a Primal Godly Spirit, and a piece of bone of the arm at that. In that instant, a golden, ancient Godly Spirit could be seen sitting, chanting scriptures within it.


In fact, ‘Primal Godly Spirit’ was of a different concept from the so-called ‘True God.’ In ancient times, a Godly Spirit, upon receiving the recognition of the universe, would gain a Symbol of the Universe, and they would be considered as the most mysterious living being in the world as some Primal Godly Spirits were born with innate ability equivalent to that of a True Daoist.


Furthermore, the Godly Spirit Bone was the sturdiest bone ancient Godly Spirits retained in their entire body upon dying or failing to achieve Nirvana, and it was said to harbour life and death, while some even claimed that it allowed one to revive in the future.


While Jiang Chen was interacting with the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation, Ji Yaoxing cast a golden beam and charged towards the purple mountains.


“Curses! He’s going to take the lead!” At once, Chen Ying’er, who had been following Jiang Chen and the rest in hiding, was surprised upon the sight.


In that instant, she no longer cared about startling her enemies since she heard from the conversation of Jiang Chen, Ji Chuyue, and the rest that the Tower of World Domination might be hidden in those purple mountains. And that, to her, was a timely opportunity.


Upon a cracking noise, a crystalline fiery red longsword with crimson mists wafting around it was suddenly conjured by Chen Ning’er, who then charged towards the purple mountains, intending to stop Ji Yaoxing.


“Who’s there!?” Seeing that, Ji Chuyue, Jiang Chen, and the rest were alarmed as their faces changed. They never expected the presence of a third party other than them.


Immediately, Ji Chuyue’s trustworthy servant, revealing hostile faces, took out their artifacts as they faced Chen Ning’er’s team.


However, thanks to Ji Yaoxing’s swift movements, he left behind a lightning-like silhouette in the air as he speedily phased into the purple mountains without getting stopped by the sudden assault of the fiery red longsword.


It just showed how the abilities of the cultivators of this world were enigmatic and difficult to guard against.


“Oh, Ji Chuyue, how bold of you to sneak in here in the middle of the night. You’ve found tracks of the Tower of World Domination, yet instead of reporting to Young Master Changge, you intend to seize it for your own benefits?” Following a crystal clear chortle, Chen Ning’er and her men appeared from the dark.


As the glow on the ancient mirror in her hand faded away, the auras of her and her subordinates were no longer concealed as they daringly showed themselves.


“Chen Ning’er! You followed us in the dark all this time? You even brought that artifact to conceal yourself” Ji Chuyue exclaimed with a scowl, feeling distressed upon seeing the ancient mirror in Chen Ning’er’s hands.


She recognised the ancient mirror in Chen Ning’er’s hands. Although its appearance was old and ordinary, it was an imitation of the Mirror of World Domination, which functioned effectively to conceal one’s aura and body. As such, it was no longer a mystery how they failed to notice the presence of Chen Ning’er and her subordinates prior to this.


“Cut the crap! Ji Chuyue, you sure got the balls. I wonder if Young Master Changge is aware of your nightly investigation of the Tower of World Domination. If I recall correctly, someone promised Young Master Changge that they would report to him right away after discovering any lead on the Tower of World Domination.”


Chen Ning’er gleefully laughed as waves of light spiralled in her eyes. Her body was slender and her hair was silky; her long legs were as pale as snow while her eyes were as cloudy as a lake in autumn, and her lips were faintly red. As she possessed extraordinary beauty, young men wouldn’t be able to resist turning away from her.


Instantly, not only Ji Chuyue’s face, but that of Jiang Chen, too, subtly changed. Prior to this, Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing never told Jiang Chen about the matter, and it seemed the siblings of the Ji Family were intent on seizing the Tower of World Domination for themselves.


As such, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but guess that they might even possess the other Seven Tools of World Domination. Or else, they wouldn’t have dared to sneakily search for the Tower of World Domination behind Gu Changge’s back.


After all, they were surely aware of the consequences of their action. Nevertheless, between consequences and benefits, the greater one would unquestionably affect their judgments.


[So they were prepared to offend Gu Changge. No wonder they accepted me so quickly despite knowing about my grudge against him] Jiang Chen pondered in his heart.


“Chen Ning’er, what are you saying?” Ji Chuyue cold questioned, pretending as though she was clueless.


“Cut the act. I’ve been listening to your conversation all this while. Unless you’re able to kill me and destroy all evidence right now, Young Master Changge will be crossed by your actions.” Chen Ning’er smiled. The grin on her flawless, delicate face was an especially detestable one to Ji Chuyue. In her eyes, as long as the siblings of Ji Family remained tactful, they would understand what to do at such a moment.


“Finders keepers. According to what you said, as long as your so-called ‘Young Master Changge’ says a word, all the treasure in the world should belong to him, and no one else has the right to fight for it, is that it? How overbearing!” However, before Ji Chuyue could respond, Jiang Chen cut in with a snicker, and his words were filled with exasperation and shamelessness.




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