I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 365, A Situation Greater Than Man, Ji Yaoxing’s Other Explanation


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“Jiang Chen, stay out of this.” Hearing that, Ji Chuyue subconsciously shot him a glare.


Bearing not even a trace of amiableness, the way Jiang Chen said those words insinuated that the siblings were already taking Gu Changge’s side. Although Ji Chuyue was aware of Jiang Chen’s grudge against Gu Changge, she couldn’t help but be disconcerted by Jiang Chen’s unilateral action.


“Let’s see if you have the balls to repeat those words in front of Young Master Changge, you complacent prick.” Unbothered by Jiang Chen’s mockery, Chen Ning’er retained her grin as she condescendingly stared at him.


To her, Jiang Chen was nothing but an ordinary mortal that possessed minor mastery over the Universal Great Shi and worldly changes. He was just someone who had eyes over his head, believing he was some significant figure worthy of challenging Gu Changge.


“We will explain the matter to Young Master Changge. As for you, Chen Ning’er, how shameless of you to say such things after following us in the dark?”  Ji Chuyue, who calmed down upon taking a deep breath, coldly replied.


“It’s not like I have a choice. I’m only helping Young Master Changge to search the whereabouts of the Tower of World Domination.” In response, Chen Ning’er laughingly shook her head. In her swaying red dress, she slowly walked towards Ji Chuyue and the rest. “I believe you’ll understand my frustration.”


“You—” Ji Chuyue didn’t look so good, and at once, her trustworthy servants immediately moved up to her front to protect her.


[Scum…] In that instant, Jiang Chen felt the urge to call Chen Ning’er out.


[She’s such a beauty, yet all she wants is to kiss Gu Changge’s ass every chance she gets.] As such, immense resentment and exasperation surged in Jiang Chen’s heart.


“Perhaps you should think of an explanation for later.” Chen Ning’er scoffed as she advanced.


Hearing that, Ji Chuyue grew wordless and anxious. If Gu Changge were to know about their venture, the Ji Family would surely be slammed with a massive loss. The reason they dared to recruit Jiang Chen to help them locate the Tower of World Domination was because they wanted to find it behind Gu Changge’s back and leave with it. As long as Gu Changge was clueless to this, they would be perfectly fine.


However, now that Chen Ning’er personally witnessed them formulating their scheme, if she were to disclose this to Gu Changge, Gu Changge might not pursue it on the surface, but covertly, after having offended him, they were as good as dead.


After all, the situation was basically overt and covert, and the consequences of offending Gu Changge needed no clarification. When the siblings made the decision initially, they figured what the results might be. Yet, they took the risk in optimism, thinking that nothing would go wrong as long as they could hide it from the world.


At that moment, Ji Chuyue couldn’t come up with a reliable solution. She certainly felt remorseful, but since the Wheel of World Domination was in their possession, she was quite reluctant to give up the Tower of World Domination. At this point, she was racking her brain to think of a way to mend the situation.


As Chen Ning’er caught Ji Chuyue’s face blanching, her grin grew even wider, “Since you have the time now, perhaps you should contemplate how you intend to explain yourself to Young Master Changge later. Young Master Changge may be patient, but definitely not with his opposition. I’m sure you are aware of how Purple Mansion ended up. You don’t want the Hidden Ji Family to share the same fate, do you?”


As she was speaking, she raised the Communication Rune in her hand, indicating that she already reported to Gu Changge.


Immediately, Ji Chuyue’s face grew even paler as she clenched her delicate fists so tightly that her palm whitened.


“You!” As her body trembled in rage, she indignantly stared at Chen Ning’er. Never did she expect that not only Chen Ning’er was following her in the dark, but she even relayed everything to Gu Changge.


In fact, the only purpose they executed their plans in the middle of the night was to stay out of Gu Changge’s awareness. Nonetheless, Chen Ning’er’s action tonight blatantly showed that she intended to pit them against Gu Changge. [How ruthless!]


[Gu Changge is coming?] At the same time, Jiang Chen’s face also slightly changed. Although he was in disguise now, his heart remained filled with uncontrollable fear and distress towards Gu Changge.


<We can utilise the Universal Great Shi of this region. To us, this place is the most advantageous. If I detected correctly, somewhere in those purple mountains is a treasure obtainable only by you.> Nevertheless, the sound of the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation suddenly spoke without any hesitation.


[A treasure obtainable only by me? You mentioned it earlier. What is that about?] Jiang Chen tensed his brows and hastily asked.


<By then, all you need to do is enter the purple mountains, and I am certain that we’ll be able to manipulate the Earthly Shi of this region and fend them off> the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation answered in unwavering determination.


Hearing that, Jiang Chen felt greatly relieved, though he was unable to relate to Ji Chuyue’s mind-boggling restlessness. In his perspective, he was already being very kind to help Ji Chuyue and the rest find the Tower of World Domination. As for upsetting Gu Changge, the siblings should have been prepared for that in the beginning.


“Such big words coming from you. I doubt Gu Changge is so domineering that he was to own all treasures found in the Upper Realm, and none could compete with him for them,” Jiang Chen then stated, sounding rather angered as if he was persuading Ji Chuyue, but more to expressing his dissatisfaction towards Gu Changge.


“Puny ant, how dare you slander Young Master Changge. Are you looking to die?”


Upon those words, before Ji Chuyue could say anything, coldness flashed across Chen Ning’er’s eyes as she waved her dainty hands and summoned numerous divine talismans in the sky, which turned into speeding arrows. The arrows were shot at Jiang Chen with the intention to murder him. Although her strength was significantly inferior to that of elite young prodigies, killing a mere mortal was still as effortless as stepping on an ant.


Instantly, Jiang Chen’s face changed as he didn’t expect Chen Ning’er to be this malicious, given how she attacked him right away without showing any mercy.


“Stop!” At the most crucial moment, Ji Chuyue, gritting her teeth, retaliated as the green flute in her hand rose and conjured a misty beam that resembled a fog in front of Jiang Chen, shielding him from Chen Ning’er’s attack.


Despite that, Jiang Chen’s face remained shocked and his back was drenched in cold sweat as he almost collapsed to the ground.


“Well done, Ji Chuyue. Bold of you to protect this puny ant after how he insulted Young Master Changge. It seems you are ready to oppose Young Master Changge,” Chen Ning’er said and snickered.


“I…” Ji Chuyue’s face continued to blanch as she intended to explain herself, but in that instant, she dared not to speak back as given the current state of her family, they wouldn’t dare to go up against Gu Changge, especially in the public eyes. In spite of that, she couldn’t simply watch Jiang Chen get slaughtered while she did nothing. She could never bring herself to be so heartless.


*Boom!* All of a sudden, the crowd could hear terrifying noises coming from the purple mountains. The noises, endlessly reverberating, resembled a raging wave and a thousand boulders rolling downhill at the same time.


At once, everyone turned over, only to find themselves dumbfounded as the mountain range was engulfed in ambiguous Purple Qi seemed to come alive. Dense purple mists started to arise from the gaps between rocks and pebbles, quickly surrounding the region. Such an anomaly instantaneously took the crowd by surprise, and even Chen Ning’er as well as her men revealed looks of disbelief.


*Whoosh!* Suddenly, a blinding, golden beam was shot through the sky as though it was a scorching hot, frightening miniature sun gushing out of the purple mountains.


“Brother!” Ji Chuyue instinctively shouted, appearing very much concerned.


The individual approaching was indeed Ji Yaoxingm who entered the purple mountains earlier. However, he didn’t seem to be in a good state as his hair was messily loose, his body was covered in blood, and his garment was all torn up. Judging by his miserable appearance, he must have encountered some sort of abysmal danger.


Nevertheless, he retained his calmness on his face as he landed from the sky, wordlessly glancing at Ji Chuyue before turning to Jiang Chen.


“Brother, are you alright?” Ji Chuyue worriedly asked and told Ji Yaoxing about what happened out here.


“I’m fine. I heard everything when I was inside.” Ji Yaoxing nodded, signalling his sister not to worry.


“Brother Yaoxing, what have you acquired?” Chen Ning’er smilingly asked with a fascinated expression.


“I roughly figured out the Tower of World Domination’s location.” Ji Yaoxing stated with an unaffected look, “Though, it’ll take some more time to find it.”

“Mm…” Hearing that, Chen Ning’er was surprised by how honest Ji Yaoxing was.


With that, Ji Yaoxing calmly continued, “Regardless, I’ve never expected you to follow us in the dark. Young Master Changge will surely be startled by this. We intended to obtain the Tower of World Domination and present it to Young Master Changge. That way, we’ll be able to lessen his burden. Seeing how you troubled Young Master Changge to tend to this trivial matter personally, I wonder how you are going to explain yourself to him later, Lady Ning’er.”


“”What?”” Upon Ji Yaoxing’s words, not only Chen Ning’er, but his sister, Ji Chuyue, was stunned for a minute.


Sensing the subtle unusualness in the atmosphere, Jiang Chen subconsciously furrowed his brows.


“Brother, what are you talking about?” Ji Chuyue’s head was rather dizzy as she failed to comprehend her brother’s words.


With a scowl, Chen Ning’er immediately questioned, “Ji Yaoxing, what are you talking about? Why should I explain anything to Young Master Changge?” She sounded rather discourteous, addressing Ji Yaoxing by his full name.


“Because your actions ruined my plans.” Ji Yaoxing’s serene voice and unbothered expression was irresistibly convincing.


At that moment, Ji Chuyue was clearly baffled, wondering if there was some other plan her brother didn’t disclose to her.


“What are you saying? Explain yourself!” Chen Ning’er coldly demandeed.


“The Tower of World Domination Young Master Changge wants is right in this region, but with my aptitude, I’m unable to retrieve it, let alone locate it. But, Jiang Chen here, who is behind me, is a Divine Source Master. With his assistance, we can naturally locate the Tower of World Domination at ease and retrieve it,” Ji Yaoxing steadily noted as if he was stating facts. Simultaneously, he also revealed Jiang Chen’s identity and pointed his finger at him.


“Ji Yaoxing, you traitor…” Obviously triggered, Jiang Chen vexedly glared at Ji Yaoxing as his greatest concern ultimately arrived.


Nevertheless, Ji Yaoxing disregarded him without even turning over to see him.


Accordingly, Chen Ning’er was also visibly perturbed as she started to grow uneasy. If Gu Changge’s plans were foiled because of her, she would be very deserving of death, yet her death still wouldn’t suffice to pay for her mistake.


“A Divine Source Master…” She stared at Jiang Chen in stupefaction and assiduously observed him, aware of what that signified. “No wonder he’s this capable…”


With that, Chen Ning’er let out a sneer. “So, why tell me all this now?”


“To be frank, Jiang Chen bears a grudge against Young Master Changge, and after knowing about this, he wasn’t willing to help us find where the Tower of World Domination is. Having been left with no choice, my sister and I could only resort to this plan of ours, or there was no way he would have agreed to help us locate the Tower of World Domination.” Ji Yaoxing heaved a sigh and slightly changed his expression. “Unfortunately, because of you, our plan is put to a stop. The Tower of World Domination is indeed here, but without the assistance of a Divine Source Master, even we will not be able to retrieve it.”


Now that Ji Yaoxing made his point this clear, anyone with a mind would be able to understand him.


“There’s even such a thing? Jiang Chen has a grudge against Young Master Changge?” In that instant, Chen Ning’er couldn’t determine whether Ji Yaoxing was telling the truth, but if the Divine Source Master before her indeed had bad blood with Gu Changge, the siblings of the Ji Family, being aware of the consequences, wouldn’t dare to keep him with them.


“Brother…” Dazed, Ji Chuyue peered at Ji Yaoxing. She never expected such words coming from him. She never thought he would shift all the burden and blame to Jiang Chen.


As such, she felt as though her brother became a stranger to her, given that he would never have said these shameless words or pulled off such a flagrant act. Although she was aware that her brother’s disloyalty and betrayal were to protect her and the family, she was momentarily unable to accept his actions. And she was even apologetically looking at Jiang Chen, who failed to notice her gaze.


“Ji Yaoxing, to think such an honest man like you would resort to such a lowly decision… I must have been blind to have guided you here. I’ll surely remember what happens today.”


At that moment, Jiang Chen coldly shortled. In his icy eyes, there was no longer hatred or vexation, but absolute disappointment. He never expected the first thing Ji Yaoxing would do upon his appearance was saying those words and selling him out, and even thoroughly severing any ties they had. 


Jiang Chen was sure that Ji Yaoxing’s would have come up with another way to defend himself if their venture tonight didn’t work out. Realising how he was thinking that Ji Yaoxing would make a worthy friend, he couldn’t help blaming himself for being so blind.


“In that case, we shall confine him. I doubt severe punishment will fail to make him compromise.” Then, Chen Ning’er stare towards Jiang Chen grew colder.


Right at that moment, divine rainbows suddenly flashed in the distant sky, especially glaring under the pitch-black night. A group of people was seen hurrying over, led by a man and a woman. Appearing extraordinarily elegant in their swaying clothes, the leaders were none other than Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong.


In that instant, Jiang Chen’s face changed as he felt the urge to leave, but he dared not to make a move as all eyes were on him at the same time.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge.” Watching as Gu Changge hurried over, Chen Ning’er hastily welcomed him, though she felt rather greatly agitated.


Judging by Ji Yaoxing’s words, she indeed ruined his plans, and only upon her report, Gu Changge came over, only to see the tracks of Tower of World Domination, and not the Artifact itself.


Compared to Ji Yaoxing’s meticulous methods, she had indeed been rash. The thought of Gu Changge blaming her for the failure made her extremely unsettled.


“Young Master Change.” The siblings of the Ji Family, too, quickly greeted, though Ji Chuyue seemed obviously more nervous compared to her calm brother.


“Oh, it appears I’m late, given how I’ve missed all the good parts.” Ignoring the crowd, Gu Changge carried a faint smile as he looked at Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing with an enthralling expression.


Subtly, Ji Chuyue’s face changed, and due to her nervousness and the pressure. She could already feel cold sweat surging on her palms. She never felt such a sensation whenever she met Gu Changge back then, but now, she could feel a frightening aura repressing her, making her suffocate.


“Young Master Changge, this is what happened…” And so, Chen Ning’er hurriedly recounted the events earlier without hiding anything. She told him everything, including how she followed the siblings of the Ji Family, how she eavesdropped on them, as well as Ji Yaoxing’s explanation without omitting a single word.


After listening to her, Yue Mingkong silently took a deep look at Ji Yaoxing with a chilly, mysterious expression. Indubitably, she knew what idea he was carrying, but she didn’t bother to expose him. Rather, she was more curious about how the siblings of the Ji Family intended to resolve the matter.


Having heard Chen Ning’er’s recount, Gu Changge smilingly thanked her, “Thank you for the trouble.”


“Don’t mention it, Young Master Changge. It’s my honour to serve you.” Seeing how Gu Changge didn’t blame her and thanked her instead, Chen Ning’er felt somewhat pampered as she swiftly waved her hand. As she received such words from him, she thought her effort was worth it.


“So, Brother Yaoxing, you were planning to help me find the Tower of World Domination?” Gu Changge fascinatedly turned to Ji Yaoxing with a slight mischievous gleam in his eyes.


Although Ji Yaoxing retained his composure, Ji Chuyue could clearly see the cold sweat dripping down his forehead. It was apparent that her brother wasn’t feeling as calm as he looked.


As they faced Gu Changge, they finally experienced the spine-chilling, soul-trembling sensation stated in the rumours, and it was a pressure unrivalled by any other forces.


“To be frank with you, Young Master Changge, right after we heard rumours about your intention to find the Tower of World Domination, my sister and I had this idea, but sadly, due to Jiang Chen being uncooperative, we had to resort to such a method.”


Calmly, Ji Yaoxing then added, “Besides, after retrieving the Tower of World Domination, my sister and I plan on notifying our family and present it to you along with the Wheel of World Domination, which is currently in our possession. Unfortunately, our lack of communication with Lady Ning’er had led to you being disturbed at this time, hence I offer my deepest apology, Young Master Changge.”

“What?” Upon those words, not only Chen Ning’er was stunned, but Jiang Chen, who had been shooting icy glares of rage towards Ji Yaoxing, was also stupefied.


“The Wheel of World Domination is in your hands?” Chen Ning’er couldn’t believe her ears, feeling as though she was in a dream. The siblings of the Ji Family’s plan to offer the Wheel of World Domination totally exceeded her expectation, but given the circumstances, that was their only way out.


“Oh? Is that so?” Hearing that, Gu Changge, without saying much, looked at Ji Yaoxing and Ji Chuyue’s faces with a vague smile.


“Every word is true, Young Master Changge. I wouldn’t dare to lie to you.” Ji Yaoxing composedly met Gu Changge’s gaze  as cold sweat surged on his forehead.


At that moment, Ji Chuyue lowered her head as she clenched her delicate fists. She understood why her brother said those words. After all, the situation had escalated to the point they could not handle it.


Ji Yaoxing’s explanation might be able to deceive Chen Ning’er and the others, but they undoubtedly wouldn’t fool Gu Changge. Therefore, instead of offending Gu Changge, he would rather surrender the Wheel of World Domination to save themselves. Thus, despite knowing the truth of the matter, Gu Changge would cease to pursue it for the sake of the Wheel of World Domination.


“Since that is the case, you have my gratitude, Brother Yaoxing.” Eventually, Gu Changge revealed a leisurely smile as he withdrew his gaze.

Only then did the siblings of the Ji Family recover their senses from the overbearing pressure as they could feel their backs drenching in cold sweat. Their backs were so moist that even a tiny breeze would send a chill up their spines.




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