I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 367, A Reliable Guide, Planning To Harvest Ripened Fruit


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The terrain of the purple mountains was wide and flat, unlike the dangerous mountains seen in the outside world. The intersecting paths within glimmered with different-coloured light which led to many different places. Beams of faint purple shone from the sky, exerting an unknown pressure. It was  like a mountain was also hanging from above. Many rocks could be seen, with leftover marks from weapons and scratches on their faces. These markings seemed to tell the story of the battle from times long past.


Jiang Chen, led by the elderly man in black, could feel terrifyingly strong pressure from above as soon as they fled inside, which could crush them at any second.


“Is there something being trapped inside those purple mountains?” The elderly man frowned and chose a random path. He then cursed a little and threw Jiang Chen on the ground irritatedly. 


“Thank you so much for saving my life again. I will never forget your kindness.” Jiang Chen quickly got up and bowed to him gratefully and respectfully instead of complaining about the man’s rough actions. 


He had been so desperate then and had no way of defending himself. The Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation couldn’t save him in time either. He hadn’t expected that the elderly man had been following him in secret and rescued him once again. He felt extremely touched and thankful since he had managed to survive. He had been so afraid back there.


“It’s nothing. The best way you can repay me is by making me worry less about you.” The elderly man snorted in annoyance. “You should have continued cultivating at the Heavenly Ruin Gate until you achieved great results before thinking of revenge. However, you didn’t listen to me, thinking you were strong enough and poking your nose into everything. I may have saved you once but I can’t do that forever. It’s not like you don’t know how dangerous Gu Changge is, yet you still cross him. If you do that again, I will never save you.”


The elderly man seemed to be reprimanding him in a long-winded way, but Jiang Chen knew he had been anxious. Jiang Chen couldn’t help the warmth flowing through him at that thought. The elderly man might not be a good person but had already saved him many times, unlike Gu Changge and Ji Yaoxing, who looked like they were on the good side but acted with more cruelty than the elderly man.


“Okay, sir. I will find a place to cultivate the Everchanging Demonic Arts when all this is resolved and come out only when I have gained good results,” Jiang Chen promised determinedly. He had already understood deeply how important strength was in this world. The reason Gu Changge could force Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing into submission and respectfulness was that he was more powerful than them.


“It’s no use saying that now. Gu Changge will never let you go free. These purple mountains are extremely mysterious and my strength is limited here, so I cannot help you. If you cannot find a way out, you will die. As for your revenge…” The man snorted with disdain.


Jiang Chen knew the importance of the issue too. There was no escape path before him and there were pursuers after him, so he quickly mentally contacted the Artifact Spirit for the Celestial Boat of Creation. It had already said that it could counter their other enemies after entering purple mountains, which gave him some hope.


<No need to worry. I can feel a familiar aura here; it feels like it has been left behind by someone we know from the Immortal Palace. Since I am the Artifact Spirit and you are the vessel for the Celestial Boat of Creation, we will not encounter any danger here> The Artifact Spirit said confidently.


Jiang Chen became delighted at the news and did not doubt the Artifact Spirit. It might be unreliable on occasion, but at this time, their fates were tightly linked, so it would never joke about this.


“Oh, dear. Someone has barged in from the outside. Get further into the area while I help block their way.” The elderly man in black seemed to have sensed something, expression becoming stricken then anxious.


“They’ve caught up to us.” Jiang Chen’s expression shifted as well as he realised the situation’s urgency. He would only become a burden to the elderly man if he stayed here. 


He did not run immediately, though. “What about you, sir?”


“Don’t worry, I will find a way to extract myself and meet with you as soon as I have blocked their way. You must find a way to survive before then, or we’ll both die if Gu Changge catches up to us.” The man looked more grave than he had ever been, walking back using the path they had used to escape. 


A terrifying aura swept through the air as a sword appeared in his hand which he sliced towards the group of pursuing cultivators. It seemed to cut through the void with how powerful it was, and the pursuers all retreated while coughing up blood. They could never compete with someone in the Sacred Lord Realm.


“Be careful, sir. I will use the technique you have taught me to mark my path, so you should follow after me.” Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, not daring to linger any longer. He fled deeper into the purple mountains as soon as he had finished speaking. He did not care about the heavy and frighteningly powerful aura which could fall at any time and crush everyone, trusting the words of the Artifact Spirit.


The chilling sounds of battle soon resonated in the mountain, awakening many slumbering mysterious beings from every corner who headed towards the source of the fighting. 


Jiang Chen’s journey was smooth; the deeper he went, the more acutely he sensed how frightening it was. Purple mist emitted from between several rocks, mysterious yet dangerous. He had already seen a mysterious beast turn into a bloody mist as soon as it came into contact with that purple mist. The sight terrified him but thanks to assistance from the Artifact Spirit, he managed to manipulate the terrain of the area and enter the depths of the mountain unharmed. Some terrifying-looking beings did not attack him when they saw him either, only glancing at him like he was one of them. This made him sigh with relief and finally relax.


<Continue forward. I can sense the location of the Tower now. If I am not mistaken, we’re about to succeed.> The Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation sounded excited as if already sensing a treasure cave opening for them. Jiang Chen nodded and did not pause, moving forward as suggested by the Artifact Spirit. However, his face paled at once when he arrived at the cave.


Blood covered the walls of the cave, making the scene gory and shocking. He didn’t know what had happened here, for he could see pale skeletons under his feet of different races, including humans and non-humans. Some glimmered like jade but some which were as enormous as hills were as dark as ink.


The road ended there, not because it had been destroyed but because an immovable stone wall was blocking his way. It resembled the purple mountains in terms of glow and material, so he couldn’t blast it open. It was a unique material which had been difficult to destroy even in a battle between cultivators.


[Is this a dead end?] Jiang Chen frowned deeply, not expecting the Artifact Spirit’s instructions to lead him to a place where his path was hindered.


<Don’t panic. There has to be a way out. Let me look for it,> The Artifact Spirit said. 


Jiang Chen nodded, and soon after the silhouette of a bronze flying ship appeared from between his eyebrows. It melted into the stone wall before them like it was trying to pass through the wall to the other side.


<There’s the way.> The Artifact Spirit sounded delighted.


[Really?] Jiang Chen became pleased as well.


<I’m going to open it now. No one else can open it. The hardness of the mountains here is more than I expected. I suspect that it’s not something from this world and not even Gu Changge can pass through it,> The Artifact Spirit replied confidently. A faint glow appeared, looking like intertwining stars, appearing on the stone wall and finally connecting. Loud sounds of rumbling could be heard as the stone wall gave way and opened up, sounding like the sky had opened.


Meanwhile, Chen Ning’er, Ji Chuyue, and Ji Yaoxing, who had been tracking Jiang Chen and the elderly man in black robes, did not move together. It would have been impossible to find Jiang Chen if they hadn’t gone in different directions because of the many paths along the purple mountains. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. As for where the Tower of World Domination was, they had no clues at all.


“Do you blame me, Chuyue?” Ji Yaoxing finally spoke, looking at his silent sister. 


She shook her head although her expression was still dull. She was a kind person after all and had always thought her brother was the same, with a just and sensible personality. That was why the events that she had seen today were hard to swallow, especially Jiang Chen’s cold expression. It was like a knife stabbing into her heart since they had brought Jiang Chen into this. While they managed to escape unharmed, all the troubles landed on Jiang Chen. That, coupled with the fact that they had to send someone to kill him, made her feel uncomfortable.


“You are still too innocent. Jiang Chen already had ulterior motives when he went to see you. Someone in the Sacred Lord Realm is backing him secretly, so why did he study with the Heavenly Ruin Gate? Have you thought of that? Besides, he was leading us to offend Gu Changge; did you think he had no other motive? You think too kindly of him.” Ji Yaoxing sighed, voice not wavering whatsoever.


Ji Chuyue’s eyes widened at that. There was nothing wrong with the statement the more she thought about it since Jiang Chen seemed to have other motivations for approaching her before this. That made her feel better.


However, she suddenly recalled something, saying unwillingly, “Brother, are we really offering Gu Changge the Wheel of World Domination which we worked so hard to acquire it?”


They both knew how high the price the Hidden Ji Family had paid for getting the Wheel, but now they had no choice but to give it to someone else. It was something which Ji Yaoxing was unwilling to hear, and he smiled bitterly. 


“We have no choice in this. If we don’t do so, Gu Changge will never give up on getting it. Do you think this man from the rumours is actually a good person? Take Purple Mansion for example. If he was really kind and mild-mannered, why would he cripple Sky King Zhi Yang? As I see it, all of that was just an excuse for attacking Purple Mansion.”


She agreed with his words, nodding and falling silent. She now realised that rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt.


“It’s fine if we can’t find the Tower of World Domination, but we must track down Jiang Chen or we can’t report anything good to Gu Changge.” Ji Yaoxing said. He then led the others forward in pursuit along with Ji Chuyue. 


They didn’t get far as they saw many powerful and mysterious beings rushing towards them from the opposite direction. Black clouds billowed from them as they emitted a strong aura. These beings bore a resemblance to the Ancient Immortal Races yet exuded a completely different auras. Beams of light soon shot towards them, slicing through the air like blades with a frighteningly intense force.


“Dammit! I encountered these types of beings back then. Retreat quickly; Jiang Chen can’t possibly survive even if he managed to hide from us tracking him down.” Ji Yaoxing became pale and immediately led them backwards. He had already noticed that the elderly man in black robes had stayed to stall them and prevent them from pursuing him; that meant that they were fleeing separately. 


Could Jiang Chen survive an encounter with these beings using whatever capabilities he had? Ji Chuyue pursed her lips, not daring to stay here longer and quickly retreating in the direction from which they had come. As Ji Yaoxing said, Jiang Chen would never survive an encounter with these mysterious beings after separating from that elderly man unless he had extraordinary abilities.


Soon, they retreated outside of the mountains. They were shocked to see that Chen Ning’er had already come out before them. However, she didn’t look well at all, with a pale and terrified face as well as a weak aura. The lackeys she had taken with her were reduced to just two or three, who were all seriously injured. It seemed that she had run into grave danger after entering the purple mountains, and had been lucky enough to escape with her life. The expressions of the two Ji siblings became grim. 


The trio tried to report the situation to Gu Changge but were interrupted by a wave of his hand. 


“It looks like there’s plenty of danger lingering inside. Everyone who entered has been harmed in some way.” He closed his eyes briefly, sounding like he was muttering to himself.


“There’re so many intersecting paths there, all of them go in different directions, so we don’t know which one can take us into the depths. Jiang Chen and the elderly man in black robes are separated. I think Jiang Chen has no chance of surviving. Those mysterious beings are extremely strong. He will be torn to pieces without anyone protecting him,” Chen Ning’er said quickly, her expression still traumatised. She hadn’t expected the purple mountains to be so dangerous and would have died there without her strong protective amulet.


“Oh. I am confident in getting the Tower of World Domination. Though, I may need to pay a visit to it in person.” He raised his eyebrows with interest.


“Then, I’ll go with you,” Yue Mingkong said without hesitation.


“No need for that. Remain outside instead; I will be more reassured if anything happens.” Gu Changge waved his hand and smiled


He did not wait for her reply. Space seemed to blur as he stepped out, and a broad golden path appeared before him which led straight into the purple mountains. The chilling sound of rumbling could be heard in that instant as the mountains shook and the ground collapsed. The sight was terrifying.


Ji Chuyue, Ji Yaoxing, Chen Ning’er, and the rest looked on in shock, not expecting him to act personally. However, these mysterious beings might be inferior to him no matter how strong they were judging by his abilities. The danger within the mountain wasn’t just because of the beings, though.


[Gu Changge may be powerful, but there are many powerful beings in the purple mountains. The many intersecting paths can make one become lost very easily. Besides, there are also many natural array seals which can be death traps.] Ji Yaoxing frowned slightly in thought. He glanced at Yue Mingkong, watching as her expression remained cool throughout the entire situation. She seemed extremely confident in Gu Changge and didn’t seem worried about him at all.


Beings howled within the purple mountains. They coldly glared as they tore apart the cultivators still within the mountains. They rushed from different caves in immeasurable numbers like rising tides. But as Gu Changge stepped into the place, a strange sound rang within the void which sounded like a bell or gong and echoed within the mountain


[This must be the Seven Tools of World Domination sensing each other. The Tower of World Domination is definitely here but without Jiang Chen, we may have to exert some effort in finding it.]  Gu Changge could sense Jiang Chen’s location and deduced that he wasn’t that far away. He just needed to pass through numerous obstacles and arrays. At least he could just follow Jiang Chen’s tracks and pass unhindered by concealing himself in the void. The other man would never anticipate that the path he had left for the elderly man in black robes was eventually used by Gu Changge.


*Mmmmm!* Gu Changge marched within the mountain, the void shaking as he raised his hand. An ancient yet terrifying energy exploded, turning into a giant star and dropping down with the weight of a million tonnes. All the beings going near him immediately exploded and evaporated into ash. The crowd of beings all retreated involuntarily from him even if they did not know pain or fear.


[This energy vibration… Jiang Chen probably has found the Tower of World Domination.] Gu Changge walked forward at an unhurried pace, his expression faintly surprised when he sensed something. 


[He sure didn’t disappoint me.] He smiled and his figure blurred as he marched forward, ready to harvest a ripened fruit.


The purple mountains were truly astounding as there was a unique force field encompassing every corner of the place. Every rock in this mountain range was enclosed in this energy, which could affect the judgement of cultivators and suppress their divine sense. It was extremely tough so no normal person could destroy it. Without Jiang Chen exploring, it would be hard for even Gu Changge to find the Tower of World Domination.




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