I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 41, Mysterious Expert from Eastern Barren, Karuran Saint, Jin Yang


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Ancient Mystic Mountains were so primeval that their existence dated back to the previous era of Sky Blue Realm. Many cultivators estimated that on every Ancient Mystic Mountain sat an almighty Godly Spirit who set the Godly Flames ablaze that terrifyingly illuminated the world. Now that countless Life Spirits from the Ancient Mystic Mountains had appeared, cultivators began to notice where the Life Spirits were heading to, only to find out their destination was where the Lin Family resided—Moonward Metropolis. At the same time, many were also trying to figure out the purpose of the Ancient Mystic Mountains, which could possibly be related to the young master.


Moonward Metropolis was a crucial ancient city of the Central Sky Domain, and was even deemed the heart of the region as it connected the surrounding areas which were home to tens of millions of cultivators. Surrounded by vibrant clouds and mythical mists, Moonward Metropolis contained innumerable luxurious taverns and extravagant inns as well as radiant beams and runes that formed unique, glowing bridges that allowed passage to cultivators and Life Spirits. As the venue of the Great Conference that was to be held soon, Moonward Metropolis unquestionably attracted cultivators from every corner of Sky Blue Realm, and making it even more alluring was the news that recently shook the world—the presence of the young master who came from the Beyond.


As such, more and more cultivators came from their respective homes while holy lands and empires would send forth their elites to pay their respects. Not only residents of the Middle State, but youthful talents from Northern Deserts and Southern Borders, too, came to participate in the Great Conference to flaunt their skills bearing ulterior motives of their own. After all, gratification wasn’t anything shameful.


“Long time no see, Jin Yang. I guess you’re quite the formidable one by now, aren’t you?”


“Are you jesting? Right back at you, Zeng Tian. It seems like you’ve got some new divine techniques up your sleeves.”


“Haha! It’s all simply luck. I still have much to learn.”


“It’s been years, Chen Xianzi! I see you’ve made quite the name for yourself. Props to the Acting Commander of Prosperity Holy Land who surpassed her peers!”


At that moment, a group of young individuals—covered in dazzling auras and possessing glistening eyes—were chatting in an inn. The young men seemed as unyielding as a mountain while the young women were movingly stunning. The sight for sore eyes drew the respectful eyes of surrounding captivators as the group of young individuals were daunting figures, comprising transcendents of ancient families, princes of empires as well as the saints and saintesses of distinctive holy lands, all of which had intimidating backgrounds. It was as if they were shielded by an invisible force.


Certainly, it was dumbfounding how so many youthful talents gathered in one room and were casually chattering. If that was to be made news, the people would surely be startled.


“Jin Yang, I’ve heard that some time ago you sparred with a strongman from Eastern Barren and bonded, and eventually became blood brothers. Is that true or just a rumor?”


In the inn, one of the young cultivators curiously queried a young man whose appearance was out of this world. The young man, whose hair shimmered as if it was burning, was Jin Yang, the Saint of Karura Holy Land. Karura Holy Land had stood in the Middle State longer than the Lin Family, and it, too, had an overpowered Prime Ancestor who ascended to the Beyond. And as a Saint, Jin Yang’s power unquestionably trumped that of his peers as he had already broken through to Advanced Transcendent Realm.


Hearing the question, he revealed a lighthearted beam. “That is indeed true. Let me tell you, I am by no means spouting nonsense regarding the Talents of that brother of mine. With what he possesses he is truly one in a million. He’s merely in the Intermediate Transcendent Realm yet every time we spared, he always gave me a hard time, and I was forced to use Sun’s True Shape. Still, that barely suppressed him. Though, I have a feeling that he’s still got cards up his sleeves. This brother of mine is honestly extraordinary. Besides, his discipline shows that he’s someone who’s destined to achieve great things. Sadly, he offended some important man and was framed, so he could only depart from his home and found himself in the Middle State.” Jin Yang’s expression was rather sentimental. 


Of course, he had heard his blood brother talking about said important man, who he was not a match for. Moreover, he was rather skeptical of the rumors from Eastern Barren regarding his blood brother’s jealousy and over-ambition. From what he understood, it was the Supreme Stygian Saintess who chose bootlicking and decided to turn on his blood brother, and she would even spread slanderous rumors to atrociously impact him. [That useless, venomous whore! What scum! Tsk!]


Upon those words, Jin Yang’s peers were left dazed as they gawked at each other with eyes of dismay and utter stupefaction. Since they were also youthful talents, they naturally acknowledged that Jin Yang was a straightforward lad who would never tell a lie. Nonetheless, more importantly, Jin Yang was known to be indomitable and he was at least a notch stronger than everyone in the room. In fact, except for the Third Prince of the Bactria Empire and a few others, he couldn’t find a rival in the entirety of the Middle State, which was why he was at least in the top five among those in the younger generation in the Middle State in terms of power. Thus, at his description, everyone wondered how formidable the mysterious expert from Eastern Barren was.


“Jin Yang, what is the name of the mysterious expert from Eastern Barren? I shall have to see him for myself one day.” Jin Yang’s peers grew more curious as they interrogated him to find out the origin of the mysterious expert.


Hearing that, Jin Yang was visibly perturbed as he stuttered, “About that…” It wasn’t that he was forbidden to disclose his blood brother’s name, but he knew that revealing his name would render his peers speechless and too terrified to pursue the answer. Despite his frankness, Jin Yang wasn’t a tad ignorant. Seeing his reluctance, the others were tacit enough not to push it.


Out of nowhere, someone surprisedly quizzed, “Why is the Lin Family’s Starsnatcher Schloss open today?” The one who spoke was the Saint of Primeval Holy Land, who was also a vigorous youthful talent. Following his line of sight, the rest was stunned.


The Lin Family’s Starsnatcher Schloss was named so for being the highest tower in Moonward Metropolis where one could oversee the world to its boundaries. From where the youthful talents were seated, they could vividly observe the scenery at Starsnatcher Schloss, baffled by the fact that the building was open despite it being meant exclusively for the most influential figures from various lands such as the Archbishop or the Emperor. 


“And for the Lin Family’s elder who is of Mighty-Transcended Realm to come in person…”


“Wait, isn’t that the woman in blue the pride of the Lin Family, Lin Qiuhan? And there, the one dressed in white with a veil. I think she’s the Supreme Stygian Saintess.” Another youthful talent expressed his confusion and daze as he immediately recognized two people among the crowd. Few years ago, he traveled to Eastern Barren and had the honor to meet the Most Graceful Damsel of Eastern Barren.”


“Then, that means the man in white is…”


“You mean that one!?”


Quickly, the youthful talents had a realization as they simultaneously stood up, donning faces of excitement. It required no thoughts to recognize who it was that received such special treatment.


[To think we’d be able to meet the young master! This is an opportunity of a lifetime!]


Gradually, they sprung up from their seats and got ready to meet the young master while some of the female youthful talents would even pull out their makeup tools to touch up their gleaming cheeks.



In the meantime, under the arrangement of one of the Lin Family’s elders, Gu Changge and his companions arrived at Starsnatcher Schloss. Indubitably, given his identity, he received only the finest treatment from the Lin Family. The view from Starsnatcher Schloss included the scenery of the entire ancient city and miles further to the horizon, and such privilege was, in fact, reserved for celebrated figures like an Archbishop.




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