I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 413, Why Do What You Did When You Knew You’d End up This Way, Are You Doubting My Words?

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“Gu Changge? Why is my sister with you!?” Jun Fan looked at this scene in shock and amazement. He did not expect Gu Changge to tear up his Golden Decree as soon as he appeared. Gu Changge was so powerful that he made people tremble in fear. 


Jun Fan then noticed that the figure caught by Gu Changge was his sister, Jun Ruoxi. However, she didn’t seem to be in her best condition now. She had a terrible wound that almost went through her neck, and was bleeding so profusely. It was an injury that she could not heal through normal means. Her face was drained of blood, and she had lost all her previous vigour.


“I have you to thank. I wouldn’t have found your sister if you hadn’t led the way,” Gu Changge casually brought up as he flung Jun Ruoxi to the ground.


Right then, all the experts like Jiang Luoshen, Tian Ze, and the others behind him arrived and descended at this place, surrounding everyone while they took out all kinds of weapons. They looked as imposing as can be.


Furious, Jun Fan balled his fists tight, and his cold eyes glared at Gu Changge. “How dare you say that. Why would you do this if you didn’t have malicious intentions?” he growled.


“You can’t blame anyone else for your own stupidity.” The Solar Heavenly Blade appeared in Gu Changge’s hand before he pressed it against Jun Ruoxi’s neck. He then casually challenged, “You can try and see if you can escape faster than my one movement. Who knows? Your sister’s head might start rolling if you try to get away.”


“Why do you have the Solar Heavenly Blade? Did you… kill Uncle Ye?!”


[Bai Lian’er is on the same side as him. She was also the one who went with me then. Damn it! I wouldn’t have dragged Ruoxi into this if I hadn’t trusted Bai Lian’er!]


Watching this made Jun Fan’s eyes turn red in hatred. Even his hands were clenched into fists as he bit his teeth. He never thought that Jun Ruoxi would be caught by Gu Changge, and was now on the verge of death because of this incident. He still remembered Jun Ruoxi saying that she had a way to handle this so that he didn’t have to worry about her being found. However, both she and her life had now fallen into Gu Changge’s hands. Jun Fan couldn’t even begin to imagine what inhumane torture his sister had been put through throughout this period. The twist of events left him light-headed, and he almost lost consciousness from it.


“I told you. You might live to see another day if you handed over the key. No one can save you now,” Bai Lian’er scoffed. Jun Yao and Song Youwei were also watching the scene unfold in shock at the moment. Between the two, Song Youwei was especially unsettled. She knew that Empress Yao Xi was nothing more than a puppet controlled by Gu Changge.


The Empress might seem like she was in charge of the Demon World, but under the surface, she was being controlled by Gu Changge. It seemed impossible to Song Youwei that Gu Changge hadn’t instructed or arranged for what happened to the Quelling Chaos King. Now that she and Jun Fan were together, Gu Changge might think that they were on the same sight. Even her father might be involved in this mess if Gu Changge were to make an issue out of this. 


“Bufan, don’t worry about me. Go into that portal and look for father. He’s the only one who can save you and avenge me!”


With her face as white as paper, Jun Ruoxi opened her mouth and shouted at Jun Bufan. She had been ready to lose her life the moment she got caught by Gu Changge. She knew that Gu Changge wouldn’t let her and Jun Bufan go after he found the Gates of Life. It was even more impossible for Gu Changge spare them.


“Ruoxi…” Jun Fan’s expression was pain as he muttered in a shaky voice. He could never give up his sister’s life and live on by himself. The portal wasn’t that far behind him. If he wanted to, he could hop in anytime. However, Jun Ruoxi would definitely get killed by Gu Changge if he were to do that. Not only Jun Ruoxi, but everyone around could die because of him. 


He was caught in a dilemma.


“Give me the key, and I can spare the lives of you siblings. Everyone else that’s here, too, of course. I’m not a patient man. I’ll give you a few seconds to think, and with every breath you take after your third one, I’ll start killing the people here one at a time.” Gu Changge’s face when he looked at Junfan was indifferent, and his tone was calmer than calm. It was as though he was merely conducting the natural act of trampling a few ants to death.


“Don’t push it, Gu Changge!” Jun Fan growled through clenched teeth. His body was trembling.


“Are you doubting my words?” Gu Changge hummed. As he put his fingers together and swiped forward, the person in front of him abruptly exploded, turning into bloodmist, with his body and Soul were wiped out on the spot.


Everyone looking at this scene felt a chill crawl up their backs. Their faces looked terrified as their limbs went weak, and they almost fell to the ground. They had witnessed how scarily powerful the Golden Decree was earlier, and yet, it tore just like nothing because of Gu Changge. With how unimaginably strong Gu Changge was, they doubted they could escape even if they wanted to.


If Jun Fan ended up abandoning them, they would definitely die today. Everyone began to fall into despair. Even Song Youwei’s face fell because she was overwhelmed by Gu Changge’s ruthless indifference. She had finally seen the real Gu Changge. 


Jun Yao also couldn’t calm her terrified heart as she looked at Gu Changge. She couldn’t seem to link that personable, gentle, and elegant man in the capital with the Gu Changge in front of her. 


Even though she knew that Gu Changge wouldn’t kill her, she was still too afraid to look up at him as her heart galloped and her soul trembled. This was the vast, terrifying power that stretched over everyone’s heads, like a chilling and gloomy abyss.


Jun Fan bit his teeth. His pain and struggle were evident on his face as his eyes turned red. Like a beast on the verge of death, he stared at Gu Changge, and unwillingly said. “Gu Changge, I’ll hand over the key, but you have to swear that you’ll keep your word. I won’t give it to you even if I die otherwise.”


Jun Fan couldn’t just abandon everyone. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure if Gu Changge could capture him even if he were to escape through the portal behind him. Also, the most reliable person to him now was his father, the Solar Demon Overlord. If Gu Changge entered the portal, he might meet the Overlord, who Gu Changge might lose to in a fight. After mulling over it for a second, Jun Fan decided to hand over the key for now. 


He would decide on what to do next after this.


“Why do what you did when you knew you’d end up this way?” Gu Changge let out a small smile. “I don’t mind doing that. Your lives are worthless to me anyway.” 


After that, he didn’t waste any time, and made an oath upon his Dao Heart in front of everyone that he would not intentionally cause them harm. If he went back on his oath, he would be punished by both heaven and earth.


Jun Fan’s face finally relaxed when he heard those words. Among Cultivators, an oath made upon their Dao Heart could be said to be the most secure oath to exist. With heaven and earth as the witness, no cultivator would ever joke about an oath on their Dao Heart. The people behind him also breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing this, but still they kept their silence as they were still wary of Gu Changge.


“This is the key. I hope you keep your promise.” Jun Fan reluctantly handed over the key to Gu Changge. He still wished to drag it out with Gu Changge. After all, he would have a chance to escape as long as he had time. 


[There doesn’t seem to be anything special about this. It just looks like the scale of some kind of monster.] Gu Changge took a look with a slight look of amazement. This was not something he would come across every other day. He used his physical strength just now, but he didn’t manage to destroy it. In fact, the item didn’t react in any sort of way. He then stretched out his palm and hit Jun Fan’s abdomen, sealing his Spiritual Sea and cultivation.


“You!” Jun Fan’s face promptly fell as rage took over. He didn’t think Gu Changge would seal his cultivation.


“Keep an eye on them.” Gu Changge proceeded to ignore him, and gave instructions to Jiang Luoshen and the others before he entered the portal. The key in his hand glowed, and the many lines on it seemed to have revived as they began to emerge. Faintly, everyone saw a vague monster appearing in the void where a mysterious and unpredictable power surged. The Power of Space was so mighty it felt like it could break this place any time.


[Could this be the legendary Mirror Demon?] Gu Changge narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself. Suddenly, a ripple-like energy, like ripples on the surface of water, spread in front of his eyes. After he walked in, the portal flashed brightly before it returned to its original state.


Now that Gu Changge was gone, everyone couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Jun Fan quickly went over to try to help Jun Ruoxi up, but with a wave of Bai Lian’er’s sleeve, he was immediately thrown back, and he hit the mountain range behind him.


Furious, Jun Fan struggled to get up from the ground. “What the hell are you doing?!” 


He couldn’t put up a fight at all after his cultivation was sealed off by Gu Changge.


“Nothing much. I was just trying to get you to be a good puppy by stopping you from moving around.” Bai Lian’er casually glanced at him. She then found a rock to sit on as she muttered to herself, “I wonder what Gu Changge will see when he enters the portal. Will he come out from here or the Gates of Life? I don’t think we need to wait for him though.”


She had heard rumours about the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death. The portal in front of her, the Gate of Death, could only be entered, while the Gate of Life could only be exited. They would only be waiting in vain by waiting here. They might as well rush to the place where the Gates of Life was now.


Jiang Luoshen ignored her, and instead glanced at Jun Yao, Song Youwei, and the others as she instructed the many experts behind her. “Watch over them.” 


After saying this, she walked to the portal and looked at the crimson mist with a deep frown on her face. She had a feeling that this kind of thing was familiar, like a fragment of spiritual energy she would see in ancient books.


Spiritual energy fragments born after the death of Demons whose cultivation level was high when they were alive. This kind of spiritual energy was not suitable for cultivation. On the contrary, it would pollute the meridians and organs of living beings, and with time, would lead to the decline of their cultivation.


Encountering a fragment of the spiritual energy here was the last thing she imagined would happen. [Doesn’t this mean that a mighty Demon in the world outside the Gates of Death had fallen? There must be dangers lurking in the world behind the Gates of Death…] 


[Argh! Why am I even worried about that jerk? I’ll be glad if he could just die in there.] Jiang Luoshen shook her head slightly. She couldn’t help feeling like she was betraying herself for worrying about Gu Changge.



Within the portal was a completely different world. Gu Changge felt something was wrong immediately after stepping inside. The aura of death here was more intense as the pervasive crimson mist tried to worm its way into his body.


However, with a slight exertion of spiritual energy on the surface of his body, the crimson mist cracked and let out an eerie scream before it turned into ashes. The sky here was completely different from the greyness of the Demon World outside. The nipping fog shrouded the many mountain peaks that had exploded or collapsed, and there were big cracks and traces of battles everywhere.


[The Demon World’s Source should be here. It seems that things haven’t been peaceful between the Six Demon Overlords the past six thousand years.]


As Gu Changge continued to walk in the void, he instantly went off into the distance, following the leftover traces of the Six Demon Overlords in this place. Judging from the traces of the battle here, the Six Demon Overlords might not have been in unity with each other.


[There is only one World Source. Regarding the changes in the Fortuity of the Demon World, the most it could do is help two or three of the Six Demon Overlords comprehend and achieve a breakthrough. Differences and strife are bound to arise due to the limited opportunities provided. If I’m not mistaken, this crimson mist should be a substance produced after the death of a certain Demon Overlord. That’s why it has such astonishing power, and it wants to devour the flesh and blood of living beings. Well, it’ll make things easier for me if a Demon Overlord has fallen.]


Gu Changge’s eyes opened and closed. White and black rotated. It was like a Chaos Qi was surging at the beginning of the creation of the world, where the cycle of reincarnation was evolving as a frighteningly large star collapsed. This was a kind of vast divine power which, upon his exertion, could gain insight into the many traces and changes of this place. Even trace back to the events that had happened. 


These were some fragments imprinted in the River of Time that recorded some scenes that happened here. At the current cultivation level Gu Changge’s was in, he could still capture some fragments of the scene even though he couldn’t completely trace back everything in the River of Time. However, in order to verify his guess, Gu Changge took out the Chaos Purple Scripture and peered into it. Many images began to emerge then. They might be vague, but they confirmed his guess.


[Seems like it’s true that a Demon Overlord has fallen.] 


When Gu Changge’s guess was confirmed, he saw a shocking battle that broke out in this space at that time. Although the Chaos Purple Scripture could only be used once in half a month, it could even track people in the Nirvana Realm, and trace them back in time.


During the battle of the Six Demon Overlords, the last one among them fell, and two of them ceased the fighting and fled into this space to hide. The other remaining three, on the other hand, joined forces as they waited for the time the World Source matured.


[The two Demon Overlords who escaped should be the Solar Demon Overlord and Lunar Demon Overlord. Their companions were besieged, and are dead, while the two of them were gravely injured.]


Gu Changge could see from the past battle that the Solar Demon Overlord was in the Nirvana Realm, while the Lunar Demon Overlord was only in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. The latter was obviously weaker than the Solar Demon Overlord. Of the remaining three Demon Overlords, one was in the Nirvana Realm, and the other two were in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm.


After gaining insight into these, Gu Changge quickly came up with a plan. Within the next moment, he quickly dashing through the boundless space towards the Source of the crimson mist. In the blink of an eye, he had crossed a long distance before a piece of land appeared before him.


[Someone’s here.] At the same time, three terrifying and vague figures sat cross-legged in each stone cave on a majestic mountain far away from Gu Changge. In their cave, there were engravings of Grand Runes beaming with divine light. Their eyes were deep, and their energies were so strong they could change the weather and shake the void. Even Sacred Emperor Realm experts would be crushed into bloodmist.


Not far from them was a bottomless abyss where wisps celestial energy and other things constantly permeated out of it. The three figures were currently refining them so that they could absorb the essence.


At this moment, one of the figures opened his mouth. His deep eyes seemed like there were many scenes evolving in them that were blending into this world. This figure was also the one whose energy was most terrifying and monstrous, and it seemed to be able to bury this world.


“Is Solar’s underling?” Another figure with eyes that burned like the sun spoke. He was also sitting with his legs crossed, his energy seemed to extend to every centimeter of the space.


“I can’t say for sure. There was a slight movement just now. The man was spying on us. He’s definitely no random person.” The existence who replied had a terrifying divine radiance.


He continued with indifference, “When the World Source matures, Solar and Lunar will definitely not hold back, and will show up here. All we have to do is wait for them to arrive. Even if the person who came in just now is Solar’s underling, his cultivation level is nothing we have to worry about.”


Hearing this, another being opened its mouth and asked, “Crimson Cloud, how confident are you that you can kill Solar this time?” 


The being was covered in a thick blood-colored mist. Between the opening and closing of his eyes, an endless sea of blood emerged, mountains and rivers were destroyed, stars fell, and countless creatures were buried in them. 


His true form was that of a Blood Demon, who emerged from the endless sea of blood. With his terrifying strength and power, he was once called the Blood Demon Overlord by all in the Demon World. If it wasn’t for his amazing life force, he would have been killed by the Solar Demon Overlord and Lunar Demon Overlord six thousand years ago. Now that his injuries were all healed, he was dead set on taking his revenge on them. 


“They must be confident enough to show up. Initially, we agreed never to let this matter be known by anyone else. But he went and left a secret message to his son to kill us! I have to take my revenge!” The Demon Overlord named Crimson Cloud huffed coldly when he heard the words, the murderous aura in his eyes soared to the sky and shook the world. 


At the same time, Gu Changge had already found the source of the crimson mist. He was standing on a mountain peak as he looked at the scene in front of him in deep thought.


[This is the Demon Overlord’s body. Too bad I’m here a tad bit too late. A huge chunk of his Source has been lost, but I can still gather something out of what’s left.]


It was a shocking scene to behold. A terrifying Demon resembling an Ox, lay there, unmoving. One could only imagine its height and size, but it did seem like it could hold up the universe. All the surrounding mountain peaks had collapsed, and countless large rift valleys were opened. Standing in front of the monster, Gu Changge looked as insignificant as a speck of dust.


This, was the true form of a Quasi-Nirvana Demon Overlord.


Many in the Demon World actually had true forms which were quite different from their usual appearances. Empress Yao Xi’s true form, for example, was a Lunar Deer, which was a rarity in the Upper Realm.


[It seems at least seventy per cent of his Source has gone to waste after six thousand years…]


Gu Changge lightly shook his head, and when he opened his mouth and whistled, a sudden burst of sunlight came from the sky and seemed to turn into a galaxy that wrapped towards the carcass in front of him. A faint divine radiance rose from his body and began turning into small whirlpools. It was as though an ancient god was sitting cross-legged, reciting the verses of reincarnation, which could devour the universe.


For Gu Changge, it would not take long for him to refine this Source.


[I’m so close to breaking through the Late Stage of the Sacred Emperor Realm.]


Afterwards, he got up and went in another direction swiftly after. He wanted to locate the Lunar and Solar Demon Overlords before anything else. In fact, he had already roughly pinpointed the Overlords’ location during his deduction earlier.



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