I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 415, The Battle Is Finally Over, Even the Classics Wouldn’t Record This


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Two towering, terrifying figures stood on the edge of the sky and the earth. Even the galaxy was hanging from their hands. The Mist of Chaos that surged fell like threads one after another, evolving into various glaring Celestial Lights.


As though forged from Indestructible Immortal Gold, the Solar Demon Overlord’s body was incomparably strong and powerful. His black hair flowed like a waterfall that could shake the universe.




The chillingly sharp Solar Heavenly Blade looked as though it was capable of slashing through everything when the Solar Demon Overlord wielded it to fight the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord.


This was a frightening battle unlike any other.


The powerful Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord raised his hand and shot out thousands of rose-tinted clouds. The vast divine light that filled the air was exceptionally lethal, as if it was about to flood the world in it.


As they were both in the Nirvana Realm, they were already at the top of the food chain overlooking the world, and were practically invincible.


The fight between two Nirvana Realm experts wasn’t an everyday sight, mainly because the world would turn upside down, and the stars would shift. The entire universe seemed to tremble due to their aura. If it weren’t for the fact that this place is especially sturdy, the volatility of their fight would definitely shake up the whole place.


“You don’t stand a chance against the three of us even with an Nirvana Grade Artifact, Solar. You might as well give up,” the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord stated. 


A vast sky then gushed out of the crown of his head and pierced through the sky, the boundless blood-red exploded like a downpour. As he clenched his fist and smashed forward, his whole body turned into the most petrifying, sharp weapon. He made a clear trembling sound when he collided with the Solar Heavenly Blade. Afterwards, he spread out his wings on his back and quickly swept towards the back at a high speed. This was his powerful Divine Talent that only grew more outstanding after he reached the Nirvana Realm.


“I will have you killed today.” The Solar Demon Overlord’s eyes were equally indifferent as he dashed forward with his Solar Heavenly Blade and slashed ahead from an infinite distance. At this moment, the Solar Heavenly Blade seemed to have awakened when a peerless and powerful energy emerged and turned into a blade’s aura that engulfed the sky.


This attack alone seemed like it was capable of splitting the universe in half.


The look on the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s face was replaced by one of rage when he saw this. He had been at a disadvantage solely because he didn’t have his artifact. This made him feel aggrieved, as it felt like the Solar Demon Overlord was winning unfairly.


However, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord was no simple person. With a roar, he brandished his other artifacts. Even though they weren’t as powerful as a Nirvana Grade Artifact, their power should not be underestimated. The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord then tried his best to block this attack by attacking forward.


And yet, it was all in vain in the face of the Solar Heavenly Blade. The moment the Heavenly Sword fell, all of the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s artifacts, Principles, divine abilities, and runes collapsed, and even his body almost started cracking.


“You leave me no choice.” After the near-defeat, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s face turned frigid, and he quickly appeared in the distance. He was using a Forbidden Technique. One could only imagine how horrifying it was, to be called a Forbidden Technique even in the Nirvana Realm.


The next moment, a vast energy filled the area between his eyebrows, and a Primeval True Feather surrounded in golden light emerged. The Solar Demon Overlord looked apprehensive when he saw the item. “I didn’t think you’d have a backup plan,” 


He continued. “Other than the Crimson Cloud Spear, you actually made your sturdiest Primeval True Feather into an artifact.”


The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord sneered, “I started refining this a million years ago, but I’ve never shown it to anyone else… because it is bound to return with the blood of an Nirvana Realm Expert once it is shown.” As he spoke, a golden feather broke out from between his eyebrows. There were all kinds of ancient and complicated patterns on it. The primitive item looked as though it contained all his comprehension of the Great Dao. The energy that descended between heaven and earth felt like it could shatter the sky.


*Swish!* The golden feather was like a peerless Celestial Sword, whose splendour was astonishing. As if determined to kill the Solar Demon Overlord right here and now, it unhesitantly cut towards him. 


Even when Solar used the Solar Heavenly Blade to fight against it, it was so strenuous his arm convulsed for a while before it collapsed due to the impact. Residues of his bone fell out then. At the same time, the spot between his eyebrows cracked open. It was an inch away from being pierced through.


This was the True Physique of the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord refined from the most solid Primeval True Feather, making it indestructible. The item was closely linked to him, and it held a terrifying power that could even kill off one’s Primordial Spirit.


The Solar Demon Overlord’s face turned glum then. [I’ve underestimated him.]


[Now that’s something interesting.] Gu Changge, who had been keeping a close eye on the battle between the two, couldn’t help squinting a little in fascination when he saw the golden feather. If the golden feather managed to catch his attention, it was probably more extraordinary than it appeared. Its surface was thick with the divine abilities of the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord. It could hardly be fought against the moment it was taken out.


However, it didn’t bother him much as he continued to watch the battle from a distance. Up to now, the Solar Demon Overlord and Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord were already deep in their fight.


The Solar Demon Overlord thought that he would be the winner, as he had the Solar Heavenly Blade. To his surprise, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s ability was exceptional. Many years ago, he began to refine his own Primeval True Feather into an artifact, even though it still fell short compared to a real Nirvana Grade Artifact. During the short period of time, the two of them kept going for each other’s neck as they landed blow after blow. Their blood was consistently splattering in the air from their gruesome wounds.




At this moment, the Lunar Demon Overlord, who was fighting with the Blood Demon Overlord and another Demon Overlord in the distance, suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood after she sustained grave injuries. Her face was ashen at this point. She seemed like couldn’t hold out against the two for much longer.


The other Demon Overlord was working with the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord to deal with Solar Demon Overlord earlier, but when he saw that the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord didn’t need his help, he went to aid in the killing of the Lunar Demon Overlord instead.


Even though she was also in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, her cultivation level was far inferior compared to the two. She might be able to hold out if it was a one-on-one fight, but taking on them both at the same time only resulted in her being instantly wounded.


She was in danger. The severe injuries made her cough up blood non-stop. She might be doing everything she could to fend against them, but facing the attack of the two, she couldn’t even retaliate before she was sent flying in the air.


[Lunar Demon Overlord is indeed the weakest one among the six. I heard that she is the godsister of Solar Demon Overlord. She was able to break through the Quasi-Nirvana Realm all thanks to him.] Gu Changge’s eyes were dim when he glanced at a certain place in the void. He had set up many jade talismans just now. No one would be able to sense them, with how busy they were with their battle. However, he chose not to do anything just yet. He couldn’t let his guard down against the Five Demon Overlords before the last second.


He could see that the Lunar Demon Overlord’s aura was not too disturbed even though she was constantly coughing up blood. This showed that she was not flustered, and was calm as she waited for the opportunity to strike.


In order to prevent the Five Demon Overlords from escaping from here, Gu Changge still remained at the Gates of Life, guarding it while chanting the Celestial Chant and holding a Grand Flask.


From the very beginning, the Five Demon Overlords had no chance of winning.


*Boom!* Unimaginably brutal fights continued to happen here as wind howled and bloody waves crashed. The energy of the whole world had shifted, and many divine abilities emerged while many supreme divine abilities evolved. 


The Solar Demon Overlord and Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord were covered in blood. They hadn’t held back with any of their attacks. Instead of Overlords, they looked more like two lunatics.


[Now!] The Lunar Demon Overlord, who was sent flying and kept coughing up blood, had a cold look in her eyes. She finally seized the opportunity to show a powerful ability. An endless and gigantic divine light loomed and roared, and it shook the sky when it passed by. Swiftly after, the Azure Dragon, the Celestial Phoenix, the Vermilion Bird, and other peerless monsters shot out.


Her face was indifferent and her fists were clenched. Despite the injuries all over her body, she couldn’t hide the ruthless aura seeping out of her. A black whirlwind filled with a terrifying aura swept across the sky, making the Blood Demon Overlord and the other Demon Overlord uneasy. A monstrous, gigantic beast stood upright in the eye of the storm. It was a terrifying phantom of a Divine Deer staring down at everyone, leaving them in shock. 


“Don’t stop because of her. We fought against her before. She is clearly no match for us.” The Blood Demon Overlord’s face was gloomy and cold. He knew how terrifying her ability could be, but he didn’t care at all. His whole body was glowing now as he thrust a palm ahead. However, the other Demon Overlord was in pain when his body split open. The Lunar Demon Overlord’s attack almost pierced through his cracked body. The sea of Principles bubbled, and he was submerged.


He managed to rush out of it, and when he got out, his face was cold from the pain he was holding back. 


“Kill her!” he growled as he spat out blood. He almost had a hole in his body after taking a hit from the Lunar Demon Overlord that sent him flying across the area. 


At this time, everyone’s hair was dyed blood red. It was as if they were going to keep killing until the world collapsed.


The Blood Demon Overlord raised his hand, and it turned into a big jet-black palm print that sent the Lunar Demon Overlord flying across the sky. Her body exploded, and the blood flowing in her Quasi-Nirvana realm body spilled into the sky, destroying the mountains and rivers within millions of kilometres.


However, he didn’t come out of this unscathed either. After taking a hit from her mysterious technique, his forehead had cracked open, and his about one-third of his Primordial Spirit withered.


This was the Lunar Demon Overlord’s Talent. It was an extremely powerful mental power attack that even Quasi-Nirvana experts could not escape unscathed.


The battle where countless abilities were used lasted for a whole day and night. If it was in the past, it would not be uncommon for the Nirvana Realm experts to fight for thousands of years. However, the situation now was dire. The World Source would mature anytime now, which was why everyone was giving their all into emerging as the final victor.


At last, the battle came to an end; the Lunar Demon Overlord’s side was defeated.


Her body had exploded, but her Primordial Spirit turned into a divine light that fled with some vitality still intact. The Blood Demon Overlord and the other Demon Overlord weren’t doing too well either. As they were severely injured, they quickly recovered on the spot.


Glancing at the Lunar Demon Overlord who escaped in the form of a divine light, Gu Changge remained impassive. [She got away… Or was that on purpose?] After thinking about it for a while, he decided to leave his concerns about her for another time. It didn’t affect him in any way regardless of whether she did it intentionally.


But when he looked over at the Solar Demon Overlord, he had a strange glint in his eyes. [I went to lengths to get the Solar Heavenly Blade. It’s about time I take it back.]


The Solar Demon Overlord, who had been fighting with the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord, was at a critical moment when his face suddenly fell.


[What is this? How is this possible… The Solar Heavenly Blade isn’t listening to me anymore!]


He found the situation hard to believe. The Solar Heavenly Blade in his hand was trembling loudly, and there was a terrifying vibration coming from it that felt like it was going to shatter his organs. Not only that, the Solar Demon Overlord could feel the weapon’s strong refusal to obey him.


The feeling was so sudden that he was caught off guard and in disbelief. After all, life and death were only separated by one thin line. One second was all it took to determine the outcome of many things, his life included.


It was already too late when the Solar Demon Overlord came back to his senses. Seeing this, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord was a little puzzled, but he didn’t let go of such an excellent opportunity. A sneer tugged on the corners of his mouth, and once again, he took out his Primeval True Feather.


It was extremely dazzling and gorgeous as its flashing golden light pierced through the void. The Primeval True Feather looked like it fell from outside the boundless universe. It then acted like a Celestial Sword as it pierced through the Solar Demon Overlord’s eyebrows.


His bones scattered everywhere in that instant. His skull had exploded, with the terrifying pressure of Nirvana Realm Principles bubbling out in resistance, leaving his face a gory mess.


Despite what was happening, the cultivation of a Nirvana Realm Being like the Solar Demon Overlord was unrivalled. Even if he had something so piercing hit him between the eyebrows, only the bones of his face cracked without it completely piercing through.


“Ah!” the Solar Demon Overlord roared. His face was blurred, and the energy around him was boiling as he tried to resist the attack. He was clueless as to why the Solar Heavenly Blade, which had been with him for countless years, wanted to break free from his hand at such an important time. It felt nothing like it used to be.


Seeing this, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord once again mobilised his strength. He sneered, “No matter what, today’s the day you meet your end!” 


He wanted to use the Primeval True Feather to terminate the Solar Demon Overlord’s soul. Even he could tell that the Solar Heavenly Blade was no longer as docile as it was before, and was now resisting the Solar Demon Overlord. Even though he didn’t know the reason the weapon was acting up, this was the perfect chance for him to strike.


The terrifying Primeval True Feather was refined from his comprehension and understanding of the Great Dao. In terms of attack, it didn’t pale in comparison to the Crimson Cloud Spear.


Right then, the gleaming white bone cracked open again as vast fluctuations spread. It turned into a golden sword that wanted to wipe out the Solar Demon Overlord’s soul.




But the next moment, the Solar Demon Overlord’s whole body suddenly simmered, and his life force flowed in reverse. It was as though the blaring sun had gathered between his eyebrows. He was about to use the Life Forbidden Technique to have his go all out with the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord.


“I’ll give you hell even if it costs me my life!” The Solar Demon Overlord howled while grabbing his Solar Heavenly Blade tight and slashing it in the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s direction, disregarding the weapon’s refusal. This blow far exceeded his previous attacks. He could probably split open a universe with this.


Realising his intention, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord used his Supreme Technique to counterattack. 


“Ha! Fool! Trying to drag me down with you!? That’s not up for you to decide!” he hissed, his eyes cold.


The faces of the Blood Demon Overlord and the other Demon Overlord also fell. They could tell how destructive this technique was. Before they had time to recover from their injuries, they quickly left in fear that they would be harmed.


*Thump!* Infinite lights burst out the moment the Solar Demon Overlord casted the Life Forbidden Technique. It felt as though the universe had collapsed eternally as a dazzling brilliance shone.


The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord let out a muffled groan when his body almost broke. Fortunately he retreated just in time to avoid the crucial blow.


“Haha! You’ve never, and will never win against me!” The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord chortled like a crazed conqueror as he looked at how the Solar Demon Overlord was barely hanging on. “I won this battle. The World Source is mine, and you will die here. From now on, the Demon World belongs to me!”


[What could have possibly happened to the Solar Heavenly Blade?] The Solar Demon Overlord was drained, and there was barely a part of his body that was intact. He still could not believe that something was wrong with his trusty companion, which he spent so many years with. After all, if it wasn’t so, he wouldn’t have lost the battle, and be on the verge of losing his life.


He seemed to remember something suddenly then, and he forced himself to turn. He seemed to be looking for someone in the distance.


*Whoosh!* Suddenly, a black halberd entangled with the aura of destruction and Dao energy appeared in the void. Demonic Energy soared and penetrated heaven and earth. All of a sudden, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord who was cackling maniacally was sucked into the void. The terrifying, bloody hole that pierced through his whole body almost tore him apart.


“I don’t think so.” A young man’s voice rang out as he spoke in a ridiculing tone. “I’d rather you stay here with Solar Demon Overlord.”


The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s smile abruptly dropped, and his blood, laced with the glory of the Nirvana Realm, gushed out uncontrollably. Filled with disbelief, he turned in the direction of the voice with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t believe someone would attack him.


A chilling cold wave of air swept over his soul. Even though someone of his cultivation was as high as the sky, he was as fragile as a paper that would easily break under the black halberd .


No one could imagine how scarily powerful Gu Changge’s attack was.


“Who the hell are you!?” The Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s face had turned completely dark now. He had noticed Gu Changge before the fight started, but thinking that he was one of the Solar Demon Overlord’s men, he didn’t pay him any heed.


Gu Changge’s cultivation might be extraordinary, but he was nothing in the face of an existence in the Nirvana Realm. However, he never thought that Gu Changge would pull a finishing move when he was most distracted and injured.


Watching the scene unfold, the Solar Demon Overlord felt a chill crawl up his back when he was hit by realisation. “Young Master Gu, were you the one who tampered with my Solar Heavenly Blade? What a well-thought-out plan this is. You have been scheming against me from the very beginning, and yet, I trusted you.”


From the beginning to the end, Gu Changge had been hiding his intention and had deceived them to lower their guards. He had even done something to the Solar Heavenly Blade. Both the Solar Demon Overlord and the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord were all part of his ploy, and yet neither of them knew until now.


“It’s not too late for you to realise the truth, Senior. This Junior of yours will be collecting your Source now,” Gu Changge smilingly mentioned. His smile, however, didn’t reach his deep, calm eyes. The happening of an end that had been doomed from the start couldn’t stir up his emotions.


Hearing this, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord, whose body had been pierced through by the Eight Barren Demon Halberd, also finally understood the whole story. Not only him, but Solar had been plotted against by the young man standing in front of them.


He couldn’t help laughing mockingly at himself then. Even a Nirvana Realm Master like him would fall in despair at this moment.


“I didn’t expect that I would fight all over the Demon World with strong opponents all my life, only to end up being defeated. In the hands of such a Junior, nonetheless. How ironic. The young have surpassed our generation.” As he spoke, warm blood shining with a royal brilliance oozed out of his wounds again. Wisps of divine dawnlight were intertwined there as they tried to close the puncture wounds and heal them. However, the Eight Barren Demon Halberd which contained absolute power to destroy the world had easily cut off his chance of survival.


This kind of power was so strong and domineering that it wiped out all things in existence in front of it.


“I don’t deserve such high praises, Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord. I just so happened to have a little bit more of an advantage,” Gu Changge nonchalantly told him. “This is nothing.”


At this time, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord’s eyes suddenly turned cold as he stared at Gu Changge and asked again, “Who are you? Your weapon reminds me of a taboo rumour that should have been submerged in the River of Time.” 


His emotions were perturbed. [The strength and cultivation of this young man is so great I doubt the ancient text would ever have recorded anyone like this.]


Instead of answering, Gu Changge turned his arm slightly, where the Eight Barren Demon Halberd suddenly fell horizontally, and an incomparably petrifying power burst out. “Senior, don’t you think you talk too much?”


“You!” the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord growled solemnly in disbelief. His aura collapsed and exploded with a bang before he tore apart, turning into Bloodmist that permeated the air.


As a Nirvana Realm expert, he was practically indestructible. Even if he was torn apart, and his body was buried in the four cardinal points on earth, he would still be able to resurrect in the present world. However, under the destructive energy of the Eight Barren Demon Halberd, the Crimson Cloud Demon Overlord was annihilated in an instant.


“You’re next, Senior.” Gu Changge’s expression did not change when he looked at the Solar Demon Overlord’s face falling abruptly. The Eight Barren Demon Halberd was soaked in blood, and its overwhelming aura that covered the land seemed like it could crush the sky.


He wouldn’t have been able to deal with them so easily if it wasn’t because they were heavily injured. After all, both of them were beings whose cultivation was unfathomable. They might not be on par with the Great Elder of the Purple Mansion, but they definitely weren’t far behind in terms of their power.




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