I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 43, Fortuitous One’s Connection, Sudden Mission


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[Prince Gu really treats me differently…] Lin Qiuhan grew flustered just by recalling Gu Changge’s tender eyes whenever they had an interaction. Given that her identity was similar to the female youthful talents—princesses of empires and saintesses of holy lands—in front of her, what she felt was perfectly normal.


Blessed with outworldly charm and beauty, those female youthful talents had numerous pursuers and never feigned any interest toward whomever. Despite being referred to as titles like ‘immortal’ and ‘goddess,’ they were now stammering as they attempted to ingratiate Gu Changge. Their behavior resembled that of the pleasing escorts Lin Qiuhan read in books. Without a doubt, their out-of-the-ordinary behavior would surely drop jaws and leave countless outsiders in dismay. Although Lin Qiuhan was innocent, she was aware of the identity gap between Gu Changge and everyone else, and that their gratifying attitudes were obligatory.


[Prince Gu is so nice to me…] In that instant, she grew dizzy, reliving her exchanges with  Gu Changge.


Su Qingge, on the other hand, was used to seeing such scenes. Regardless of aspects, Gu Changge bore an attractiveness no woman could resist. After witnessing his horrifying influence, there was no way these female youthful talents would sit still.


[They must think that they stand a chance after seeing how Prince Gu is interested in me and Lin Qiuhan. If they somehow manage to pique his interest, then their positions would be completely turned around. Therefore, instead of waiting aimlessly, they decided to use everything they have to gain Prince Gu’s favor.]


Su Qingge was more than aware of women’s minds. [Although they may look unaffected, their hearts definitely feel otherwise. Judging by Prince Gu’s personality, do these pretty faces really think they’re worth it? The benign, warm look is nothing but a facade. Little do they know, the real Prince Gu is emotionless, unpredictable, and stands above all of us, overseeing all lives.]


Needless to say, after following Gu Changge around for some time, Su Qingge had grasped his mind to a notable extent.


<*Ding!* Lin Qiuhan is successfully subdued. User is rewarded with 200 Fortuity and 1000 Fatums.>


All of a sudden, the system voiced a notification in Gu Changge’s mind, and his heart wavered. The one thousand Fatums he had been craving were finally here. Lin Qiuhan did not disappoint. Right now, he hadn’t the slightest interest in listening to the youthful talents’ debates and discussions, so having them over was unquestionably boring. After all, these youthful talents’ gratification was merely to fill his pride and ego.


Soon, Gu Changge summoned the system in his heart and a virtual interface popped up before him.


<User: Gu Changge

Identity: Direct Disciple of Skyward Schloss

Bloodline: Demonic Heart, Daoist Bone

Level: Intermediate Honoured Lord Realm

Spells: Skyward Ascension (Level 7), Demonization (Talent), Nature God’s Chant (Talent), Nommening…

Fatums: 2600

Fortuity: 350 (Onyx)

System Shop: Unlocked

Storage: Domain Shattering Talisman*1, One-third Fragment of the World Seed*1.>


Gu Changge’s Fortuity reached over three hundred, not only because he conquered Lin Qiuhan, but also because Su Qingge was present. Since the two women possessed abundant Fortuity, he could use them to increase his Fortuity. From the beginning, Lin Tian’s Fortuity was virtually reduced to zero while Gu Changge, satisfied by the harvesting of his crop, gained over two thousand Fatums.


As he was pondering, he wasn’t exactly eager to increase his power level since what he currently possessed was more than enough to dwell in the Overworld. Hence, the almighty Fatums should be reserved as contingency funds.


After scanning the System Shop, he found a beginner’s guide to Alchemy that cost 100 Fatums in the daily shop. 




Upon spending 100 Fatums to purchase the beginner’s guide to Alchemy, he planned to find the most opportune time to hand it to Lin Qiuhan. Essentially, since he had decided to cultivate her, now would always be the best time. 


[Can’t let her Alchemy Talents go to waste.] With that, he turned off the virtual interface.


Out of nowhere, the system voiced another notification.


<*Ding!* A Fortuitous One’s connection is detected. Sudden mission: Defeat the Fortuitous One’s blood brother and the user shall be rewarded with 500 Fatums. No rewards for mission failure.>


Hearing that, Gu Changge was dazed as he was fascinated. It was his first time receiving a sudden mission. [Rewards upon completion, none upon failure. The choice is fully up to me. 500 Fatums? That’s pretty scrumptious. But who could the Fortuitous One’s blood brother be? He must be someone related to Ye Chen since Lin Tian’s life is pretty much over.]


Nonetheless, the System gave no details, but the blood brother didn’t seem to be among the youthful talents. [It shouldn’t be anyone from Eastern Barren. Otherwise, they’re either mentally challenged or sick of life. Anyone who knew about Ye Chen’s violation would instinctively cut ties with him and stay far away. 


Having traveled all the way from Eastern Barren, Ye Chen got to know a youthful talent from Middle State on his way. They would soon become blood brothers and his blood brother would give him a new map.


These were nothing to worry about typically, but for the blood brother to bump into Gu Changge was quite a fateful occurrence.


Gently, Gu Changge took a sip of his tea with an impressed face as he contemplated. As his eyes swept across the group of youthful talents, he ignored those from Eastern Barren and the gladdening female youthful talents. As such, the target would be easier to locate. 


“Chu Xuan.” Gu Changge blandly blurted.


“Prince Gu, I await your order.” Hearing that, Chu Xuan immediately stormed over with a face full of respect and ingratiation. Seeing that, many youthful talents felt absolutely jealous as Chu Xuan, who was also a youthful talent, was favored by Gu Changge, and it wouldn’t be long until he ascended to the Beyond, evolving into a higher being than that of the Overworld.


“Is there news about Ye Chen in Middle State?” Gu Changge coldly quizzed. Indubitably, he already had the answers to his question as he had known of Ye Chen’s whereabouts. Nonetheless, as it was yet the time to harvest the cop, Gu Changge was simply asking to see the crowd’s reaction.


“Ye Chen?” At once, Chu Xuan was visibly embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head. “About that…”


“I take that as a no.” Gu Change shot Chu Xuan with an icy glare which sent chills down the latter’s spine. Thoroughly horrified, Chu Xuan turned to Su Qingge with a begging-for-help look. Although it was an honor to be the Gu Changge’s sidekick, the intimidating pressure wasn’t to be taken on by just anyone.


[Ye Chen? Who is that?] Every youthful talent in the room grew hasty. They felt lucky for they weren’t the one who got questioned, or their responses would have been more absurd. Indubitably, they had heard news from Easten Barren, but were clueless of the details.


At that moment, among the crowd, Jin Yang, the Karuran Saint, quickly grew restless. Although he was a straightforward young man, he still had an ego of his own. He couldn’t have any less respect for the youthful talents who continuously attempted to please Gu Changge without any sense of pride. Not only was Jin Yang indifferent to them, he even condescended them.


In his eyes, his blood brother, Ye Chen, could triumph over all of these youthful talents by a hundredfold simply with his unwavering personality and principle. When he heard Gu Changge inquiring about Ye Chen, his heart immediately skipped a beat as he felt anxious. Nonetheless, thanks to his substantial effort, he was able to conceal his concern without revealing any strangeness.




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