I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 436, Just a Tiny Spot Will Do, Dealing With the Fortuitous One

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Ru Fo lightly shook his head in the hall. “The Buddhist Mountain will explain this matter to the public. Jin Chan, you should take good care of your wounds during this time, and tell the outsiders that you have already repented.” 


He then put his hands together and chanted Buddha’s name. His words were also his reminder to everyone else.

Chosen Monk Jin Chan was the Successor of Buddhist Mountain and the candidate to be the next abbot. Even though there were now many rumours harmful to his reputation circulating in the outside world, they couldn’t let something happen to him. They had to find a way to put up with it somehow. 


Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom and other forces took the chance to attack them more out of revenge. However, it wasn’t all that beneficial for Buddhist Mountain to settle accounts with them right now, so they had no other choice but to put up with it. 

Gu Changge was indeed a difficult person to handle. It was hard to believe that he was just a young man, and yet he had skills and ideas that no old monster could match.

“I understand. Thank you, Master.” Chosen Monk Jin Chan nodded. He could be at ease and focus on recuperating, now that Ru Fo had reassured him. 


To escape, he did not hesitate to activate his Secret Technique, resulting in severe injuries that were difficult to heal from in a short time. Moreover, his body almost collapsed after being struck twice by Gu Changge. Spirit Pills and Artifacts were the only reason he hadn’t perished in the Demon-Burying Abyss when he was attacked. He had been warier than ever of Gu Changge, but still, he fell for his trap. 


Chosen Monk Jin Chan soon got up and left the hall. When Ru Fo glided past the rest of the monks, he slowly said, “Go ahead and do as I have instructed.”


“Abbot! Do we really have to take all this lying down!?” Some monks sported furious looks on their faces. Even though this had nothing to do with them, they had to bite the bullet and hold it. This was not in line with their usual teaching and practice. They couldn’t help but worry that Inner Demons would take root in them if this matter were not resolved.


“Gu Changge has gone too far. How could he push the blame on us?”


“We can’t just let this go…”


The rest of the ancient monks also looked somewhat sullen. It was true that they were practitioners of Buddhism, but they wouldn’t keep quiet when they were taken advantage of. What’s more, the world knew that Buddhist Mountain wouldn’t get the short end of the stick no matter what happened. More so, it was so frustrating for them that they were the ones who had to find a way to deal with and solve these problems.


[Both Gu Changge’s identity and strength are by no means ordinary. Even our mysterious Buddhist Mountain had to be on our guard with the Immortal Gu Family backing him up.] Abbot Ru Fo’s face remained tranquil even after they said that. 


“It’s true that we can’t just let this pass,” he reminded, “but this is our only way now. Everything in the world revolves around destiny. Everything is preordained and has its own cause and effect. Gu Changge will have to face the karma for his actions. This is not something you should be worried about…” 


The monks only visibly relaxed as they conceded when they heard what the abbot had said.


After that, there was news from Buddhist Mountain that they were willing to eliminate the Demoness for what Chosen Monk Jin Chan did. They would send many monks with profound Dharma to suppress the Demoness. They would also compensate the forces who were involved in this tragedy.


Needless to say, Buddhist Mountain had accumulated much wealth over the years, and they had believers from all walks of life. Their mentioning of the compensation did calm down many forces a little. However, a majority of them didn’t think this issue was as simple as it seemed.


The demoness in red had reached an unfathomable cultivation level. She was no longer someone ordinary True Daoists could handle. To the many forces, she was a walking catastrophe. Many ancient cities had been turned into dead lands. Furthermore, she wasn’t blindly moving. She seemed to have a destination in mind.


This confused the monks. It wasn’t like she wiped out all signs of life whenever she wandered to a new place. Instead, she had been walking in a certain direction after leaving the Demon-Burying Abyss. Because of this, many forces along the way moved away when they felt the feeling of impending danger. 


However, there were also many monks who fearlessly tried to get a glimpse of the demoness’ face. They had heard rumours about how she bewitched a prodigy from Buddhist Mountain back then with her otherworldly appearance. This piqued their curiosity about how beautiful she was to seduce a monk. But no one knew the answer. After all, there no living person was within ten thousand kilometres of her.



At the Gu Family Residence where the palaces were humongous, and spiritual birds flew in the sky drizzling with streams of light and flower petals, making an incomparably gorgeous sight, Gu Changge stood on the top of the mountain in clothes as white and unearthed snow. He was looking into the misty distance while the red sun slowly set. It was as if he was god, with everything under the sun under his control.


As Gu Changge contentedly sighed while he gazed at the sky dyed in red, he asked, “This is similar to the colour of blood… Don’t you think so, Ah Da?” 


Standing stoically like a bodyguard behind him was Ah Da, who was wearing a jet-black battle armour flowing with immortal brilliance. His face was hidden behind Hell Iron, but his eyes were burning like fire as he replied respectfully, “You’re right, Master.”


Gu Changge smiled when he heard that. Seeing this, the servant standing beside them quickly brought tea to the stone table.


“It’s a pity that this is a rather dull shade of red” he commented after taking a sip of tea.


After leaving the Demon-Burying Abyss, he went separate ways with Jiang Chuchu after he told her to stay put in Mortal Palace. He then brought Ah Da back to the Gu Family Residence, where he had them find extremely cold materials such as the Hell Iron to recast Ah Da’s armour and weapon.


After all, this was someone in the First-Order Quasi-Nirvana Realm. The weapons and battle suit he used before were not even at the Sacred Emperor Grade, making it difficult for him to put his power to full use. 


Because of the demoness in red, the outside world was in chaos comparable to the war ongoing with the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. Even the Eternal Overcast incident was not as shocking as this. In fact, the Eternal Overcast incident seemed fairly insignificant compared to the birth of the demoness in red.


Of course, the main reason was that the Eternal Overcast hadn’t really erupted yet. 


Gu Changge had to consider something. He had thought that Chan Honyi wouldn’t be able to find him, but judging from the route she continued to take after leaving the Demon-Burying Abyss, she clearly knew where he was. In other words, Chan Honyi would be able to find him no matter how far away he was from her. In fact, it was only a matter of time before that happened.


But before that, there was a mountain of pending tasks Gu Changge had to take care of. He decided to start worrying about the demoness in red only after she was here for him. [I’ll leave it to the forces of the Upper Realm to deal with her for now, since they’re thinking of exterminating her. Though, with her abilities, I doubt anyone in the Upper Realm can lay a finger on her.]


He planned to deal with the Hidden Ji Family and the Tang Family for now. Also, he had to sort things out with Qin Wuya, a Fortuitous One who had returned from the Nine Realms.


He could make arrangements about Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge at a later time. After all, Gu Changge had been luring the fish for too long, and had not reel it in yet. He soon received news from Yin Mei that they ran into some problems. 


It turned out that handling the Tang Family’s affairs wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. There was nothing wrong with the Entanglement Immortal Might, but there were many people inside the family who had never practised cultivation before this. Thus, they were no under control and it had led to disagreements in the Tang Family.


Those who cultivated using the Entanglement Immortal Might had their lives under his control. Some took the opportunity to attack the head of the Tang family. However, Qin Wuya was there and he noticed something different about the Tang Family. And so, he personally got involved to help Tang Wan and the Tang Family resolve the matter. Essentially, making it harder for Yin Mei to gain control over the family.


After that, the sky right outside the gates of the Gu Family Residence rumbled when nine azure dragons flew across the sky, pulling a white jade carriage with them. They had pierced through the void and disappeared in the blink of an eye.



The Tang Family Manor was an extensive paradise. Row upon row of palaces and pavilions were surrounded by mist. There were also verdant trees and spring waterfalls that boasted the great wealth of this household.


Many people from the Tang Family, regardless of whether they were members of the same family or people with foreign surnames, had gathered here to discuss the affairs of the Tang Family.


A woman in white was sitting at the main seat in the main hall with a calm and solemn expression. She was stunning, but unlike other women, her beauty was devilish and bewitching. It felt like even the faintest trace of emotion on her face was able to turn the world upside down. Her heart-shaped face was delicate and as fair and flawless as jade. She also had a pair of bright eyes like shiny rubies. The nine snow-white and fluffy fox tails behind her were held by several maids.


Old Master Tang was respectfully standing behind her. The other important figures of the Tang Family did the same out of respect for Yin Mei.


Tang Wan, who was in the crowd, was anxious. For some reason, the family decided to hand over most of the property to Yin Mei all of a sudden. Even her grandfather, uncle, and everyone else had no objection.


She could even go as far as saying that they were acting completely unlike their usual self. The most important thing was that all of this happened without her knowledge.


Back then, Yin Mei brought people to the Tang Family Manor and announced that she would take over the Tang Family’s important affairs in the Alliance of Thousand Merchants.


Tang Wan remembered how she thought that it was simply a fool’s dream. Even if Yin Mei had Gu Changge supporting her, the Tang Family wouldn’t just let go and abandon the family’s interests. It might be possible if Gu Changge himself had requested she persuade the family, but even that might not work. Tang Wan understood her family too well. She knew that it wouldn’t sit well with them to give away the family business they had been working on for so long. Such a thing was simply impossible.


However, Tang Wan was left shocked when her grandfather, uncle and others turned pale and agreed dejectedly after seeing the jade talisman handed over by Yin Mei. They didn’t tell Tang Wan what was in the talisman, and none of them explained it to her no matter how much she probed. All they told her was that the Tang Family’s glory days were over, and they had no choice but to agree to Yin Mei’s request.


However, it immediately caused a great commotion in the Tang Family after this decision was made. Although many people of the family were shocked, confused, and puzzled by this, they would never refuse Old Master Tang’s orders. There were speculations that the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan had gotten ahold of the Tang Family’s Achilles heel, or else the Tang Family would not have responded in this way.


The Tang Family’s decision to entrust the properties to Yin Mei was met by the objection of those with other surnames because they were the one responsible for managing many of the Tang Family’s properties. Having the properties handed over to Yin Mei would be equivalent to having their lifeline cut off.


With that, many of those with different surnames gathered together and came to the Tang Family Manor, demanding an explanation.


Qin Wuya, who was in disguise, was quietly standing behind Tang Wan. He knew about the pickle Tang Wan was in this time. It seemed as though the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan had gotten hold of the Tang Family’s weakness. He didn’t know what this ‘weakeness’ was, but he believed that he would eventually have a way to find out for Tang Wan.


He had noticed how worried Tang Wan had been for the past few days. In fact, his heart ached for the woman who was his Dao Partner in his previous life. He was the one who secretly persuaded those with other surnames to come here so that he could put pressure on the Tang Family and make things difficult for Yin Mei. 


Fortunately, things went well. The entrusting of the property to the Tang Family was temporarily delayed like he had planned. He would have had no choice but to think of another way if his plan was unsuccessful. He would either have to find a chance to kill Yin Mei, or force her to tell the truth about why everyone in the Tang Family was so wary of and respectful to her.


Tang Wan looked at Yin Mei who was sitting in the main seat, and she couldn’t help asking Qin Wuya who was behind her when confusion hit her. “Qin Ya, why do you think my grandfather is so obedient to Yin Mei?”


Qin Wuya’s name when he was with Tang Wan was Qin Ya. Despite his solemnity, his eyes seemed to quiver when he heard her words. “Maybe he is being threatened?”


Tang Wan could only inwardly sigh. She had a feeling this was the case, but no one in the Tang Family explained anything to her. Furthermore, she knew that Yin Mei was one of Gu Changge’s people. This was the reason she couldn’t just stop them. She was worried about Gu Changge finding out…


However, those with different surnames had been dropping by to kick up a fuss by demanding an explanation over the past few days, effectively testing Yin Mei’s patience. However, she couldn’t do anything to them when they still had a lot of resources in their hands. Should there be a conflict, it would be a big blow to the entire Tang Family. The gains would outweigh the losses.


This made Tang Wan feel somewhat relieved. She didn’t want the business she worked so hard on to fall into the hands of others.


[If Gu Changge is involved in this…] Not knowing what to do, she sighed again. She could feel a headache coming her way. She and Qin Wuya left the hall and did not continue to get involved in this matter swiftly after. The only thing she wanted to do now was bring this problem to an end.


“Lady Wan, there is no need for you to worry about this. Things will work out somehow,” Qin Wuya said. He somewhat guessed what Tang Wan was thinking. This made him sure of his plan. With his ability, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to stay hidden.


Upon hearing that, she looked over at him. “Is there something you can do?” she asked. 


She knew the reason Qin Wuya stayed by her side. In fact, she could feel that he was genuinely concerned about her. However, she found it hard to believe things like past lives. She might be disappointed in Chu Hao, but that didn’t mean she was open to accepting Qin Wuya. Moreover, Gu Changge had ordered her to monitor Qin Wuya’s actions and whereabouts. All she felt towards him was a sense of guilt. Nothing more, nothing less. She started feeling hopeful when she heard his words.


He nodded in response. “I have some ideas about this matter…”


But at the moment, Yin Mei, who was in the palace, didn’t know that Qin Wuya was behind all this. Having to deal with these people with other surnames every day had put her in an irritable mood. She then informed Gu Changge about this and waited for him on what to do next.


After those with different surnames picked a fight and ended up leaving, Old Master Tang started to feel uneasy when he saw the sour look on Yin Mei’s face. He hurriedly comforted her, “Lady Yin Mei, they have no tact. Please don’t get angry at them.” 


The lives of the Tang Family members were still in Yin Mei’s hands. It would be too late for regret if Yin Mei ended up annihilating the Tang Family out of anger. 


He felt bitter. 


For some reason, the lives and deaths of almost the entire family were up to Yin Mei to decide. That was why he agreed to Yin Mei’s request for him to hand over the family business. He still didn’t know how and when he was duped.


“I won’t lose my temper because of this.” Yin Mei briefly glanced at him. [I’m just worried Gu Changge will be disappointed if I don’t handle this well.]


“I’m glad. They don’t know their place. They’re not worthy of you taking them seriously,” he sighed, relieved, before he continued to guarantee, “Please don’t worry. I’ll take back the properties they are holding onto soon. It won’t matter if we kill or cut them up when the time comes.”


Through this incident, he had seen how ambitious these foreign people were. He didn’t even know before this that they had thoughts of claiming the rest of the Tang Family’s property for themselves.


Yin Mei nodded. “I’ve already informed my Master. He might drop by sometime. Do prepare yourselves for his arrival.”


Old Master Tang’s face became serious when he heard that. “Rest assured. I will prepare it well.” 


He knew that Yin Mei was actually a proxy, while there was actually another person standing behind her. However, Yin Mei never divulged the identity of said person. Old Master Tang had his guesses, but he couldn’t say for certain as he had never met the person before.


He soon went off to busy himself with making arrangements.


Yin Mei massaged her forehead to ease her headache, but her mood instantly became better, and she lit up at the thought that she was going to see Gu Changge soon. She had spent extra effort in dressing up today. The bridge of her nose was tall, her lips red and inviting, her hair silky and smooth; she could charm every living being. She had even carefully groomed her fox tails, making them spotless. Thus, her tails looked extremely fluffy when she lightly waved them.


Some time ago, Gu Changge ordered someone to send her a Quasi-Nirvana Grade artifact, which surprised and delighted her. It wasn’t because the artifact was precious that she felt those emotions. It was because Gu Changge still remembered her, and hadn’t abandoned her.


She didn’t want much. All she wanted was to occupy a tiny space in Gu Changge’s heart. She didn’t think or wish for anything else.



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