I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 438, The Fortuitous One’s Final Dejection; Qin Wuya’s Fall

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Under the intertwining moonlights, the bamboos were dancing to the howling winds in the courtyard.


The dishes of delicacies fell to the ground while the stone table exploded.


As Qin Wuya collapsed to the floor, he lost control of his aura and accidentally leaked it, causing nearby objects to explode and almost destroying the whole space. After all, he was in the Sacred King Realm. Even if he was poisoned, ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to get close to him.


He continuously vomited black blood along with bits of his fractured organs, but the excruciating pain wouldn’t cease, as if every organ inside of his body was about to liquify. It was undoubtedly a horrifying, revolting sight.


Without any trace of blood on his face, Qin Wuya crawled up from the ground. Enduring the agonising pain, he withdrew numerous pills from his storage ring and shoved them into his mouth before sitting down with his legs crossed to attempt to extract the poison from his body as he realised that he was poisoned.


The dishes before him possessed frightening poison, which was hard to survive from even for formidable cultivators in the Sacred King Realm.


“Why would you do this…” Attempting to remove the poison while enduring the pain, Qin Wuya peered at Tang Wan in disbelief as his voice trembled.


He understood that he was poisoned because of his negligent assumption that Tang Wan wouldn’t harm him. For a moment there, the sense of caution he had cultivated back in the Nine Realm was non-existent. It was why he didn’t notice that the dishes were poisoned by Tang Wan beforehand.


He couldn’t believe that Tang Wan would harm him after how she deliberately prepared a huge meal and invited him over in the middle of the night.


In this instant, Qin Wuya was tormented by betrayal, reluctance, sorrow, and dismay.


[Even though she has yet to recover her memories from her previous life, all the things I have done for her all this time, does she not see any value in them?] Qin Wuya couldn’t fathom why Tang Wan would harm him, given that there wasn’t any grudge between the two of them.


“I am sorry. I had to do this. I was left with no other choice.” Tang Wan’s expression was much calmer than Qin Wuya expected, and the way she conveyed her message was awfully apathetic. Such an attitude of hers aggravated Qin Wuya’s pain as he grew more dejected.


[Why would she do this…]


“Who’s threatening you? Can you tell me?”


Divine beams that resembled golden flames arose on Qin Wuya’s body. Every trace of them was incomparably dazzling as he tried to vaporise the poison. It was a Secret Technique from the Nine Realms. Alas, the poison was so aggressive that it already seeped into his soul.


Since there was no way Tang Wan was capable of acquiring such poison, someone must be manipulating or threatening her in the dark, forcing her to pull off such an atrocious act.


Meanwhile, Tang Wan silently looked at him as she wordlessly stood still. She never imagined Qin Wuya to possess such terrifying strength. Certainly, the Immortal-Burying Water was terrorising, but Qin Wuya, being able to withstand it for so long and even managed to recover some of his vigour, showed just how strong he was.


Not only did he resort to some mysterious Secret Technique, but he also exhibited his mastery over numerous rare herbs and pills, temporarily alleviating the poison.


“Frankly, Qin Wuya, I have known about my identity for quite some time now. I am thankful for all you’ve done these past days, but ultimately, there will be no future between us. I am not your Dao Partner, and we shouldn’t have had any encounters in this life.” Right when Qin Wuya was enduring the torturing pain, Tang Wan calmly stated a harsh truth that left his mind ringing and blanking out.


“What…” Qin Wuya widened his eyes in incredulity after hearing such words coming from Tang Wan, especially with how she even called him by his real name. As such, he could only accept such a shocking truth.


“All this time, you’ve known that you were my Dao Partner in our previous life…” Qin Wuya’s voice was shaking. [Does that mean, she was merely playing along with me for the past few days, while I was too ignorant to see it?]


At once, Qin Wuya’s face was twisted into a rageful grimace, as though he was a ferocious beast. Never did he expect that he would be slapped with such a harsh truth that left him extremely agonised, hopeless, and enraged.


Tang Wan tranquilly nodded. As she stared at Qin Wuya’s current look, the remorse that just began to arise in her heart accordingly waned.


In Qin Wuya’s eyes, she was merely his Dao Partner from their previous lives, which was the sole reason as to why he was so protective of her. And Tang Wan was aware of that.


“Who’s the mastermind behind all this? I’ve been deceived from the beginning. You’ve always seen through every action of mine, hence tonight’s incident…” At this point, Qin Wuya finally thought things through as his gaze grew cold. Tang Wan was aware of his identity, yet she still treated him so poorly. He was naturally infuriated, and the fiery rage in his heart was inextinguishable.


[She didn’t even consume the water from the Lake of Reincarnation. So, how does she know about this? Had she perhaps reawakened her memory from her past life?]


“You’ll have your answer eventually. This is your punishment for having offended someone you shouldn’t have,” Tang Wan blandly noted. Once Qin Wuya had been dealt with, the Tang Family’s troubles would definitely be resolved. To her, that would mean all that she went through would be worth it.


“H—How dare you plot against me…” Qin Wuya couldn’t repress his exasperation, and he uncontrollably threw up another mouthful of black blood.


“Let me rectify. It wasn’t her.” Right at this moment, a faint snicker from outside the courtyard was heard. A slender figure appeared from the void, and it belonged to Gu Changge who was walking over with a fascinated expression.


“You sure did not disappoint me.” Gu Changge casually smiled as he steadily walked towards the shocked, dismayed Qin Wuya.


“I wouldn’t dare to defy your will, Young Master Changge.” Hearing that, Tang Wan lowered her head out of reverence for Gu Changge. Simultaneously, it was also an implicit explanation for Qin Wuya regarding who was the true mastermind behind his fall.


“Gu Changge, why are you here? Are you the one who schemed against me?”


If Gu Changge was Qin Wuya’s second greatest nemesis, no other individual would seize the throne of the list. 


Clenching his teeth, Qin Wuya was overwhelmed by his vexation as he was unable to retain his usual composure. After all, he expected neither Gu Changge’s appearance nor the fact that Tang Wan was under Gu Changge’s control.


Back then, the scenery wherein his Junior, Sky King Zhi Yang, was ruthlessly murdered remained deeply engraved in his mind as he was unable to forget it; now that Gu Changge, his greatest enemy, came out of nowhere, he couldn’t help but feel the thumping urge to fight him to death.


“We meet again, Qin Wuya. I let you off last time, but you didn’t cherish it, so don’t blame me now.” Carrying a bright smile, Gu Changge stopped before Qin Wuya and glared at him with an interested gaze, as if he was looking at a bug struggling for its life.


“Gu Changge, you brazen scum. Plotting against me this way, you disgrace your position as the best within the young generation of the Upper Realm!” Qin Wuya felt a chill up his spine and loudly rebuked as resentment and anger surged in his eyes.


Being under Gu Changge’s gaze, he felt as though his entire body was about to blow up. Especially in his poisoned state, he was unable to use his full power.


Besides, Gu Changge’s strength was obviously much more terrifying than it was before. It was as vast as the abyss, which left Qin Wuya shivering.


“Do you know what you look like right now? You’re like a bug that is about to be drowned by the sea very soon.” Unaffected by Qin Wuya’s insult, Gu Changge retained his breezy smile. “Though, I am more curious about how you managed to survive in the Nine Realms for so many years given your capabilities. Did you perhaps live at the sides of the regions? Or have I overestimated you?”


“You—” Immediately, Qin Wuya’s face changed. His hundreds of years of survival experience in Nine Realms were his biggest secret, which was known only by him and no other. Yet, Gu Changge casually exposed his secret. As such, he felt numbness on the top of his head, as if his disbelief could blow him up.


“Who are you? Just who are you?” Qin Wuya’s voice was shaking with unprecedented intensity and fear.


Suddenly, he understood how Sky King Zhi Yang had fallen to Gu Changge as well as how Tang Wan knew about their former identities. Gu Changge must have disclosed them to her.


“You needn’t know who I truly am.” Gu Changge revealed a natural, warm smile, yet there was not a hint of emotion in his deep, cold eyes.


Seeing as Qin Wuya’s Fortuity dropped to the lowest, he no longer had the patience to entertain the meaningless chat. Instantly, he drew his palm towards Qin Wuya.


Divine light gushed out, as though the sky was about to collapse upon Qin Wuya.


“Gu Changge, I’ll kill you!” And so, Qin Wuya decided to commit to the fight, no longer minding his life and death.


As he let out a shout, golden lights surged behind his back. 


*Whoosh!* Principles with great sharpness with the might of Heavenly Swords were shot towards Gu Changge.


However, before they could hit Gu Changge, they were shattered by the aura behind him that forbade them from approaching. 


At the same time, Gu Changge’s all-destroying palm, resembling that of the Supreme Ruler, with the spiralling godly beams, descended from the sky, possessing the power to obliterate all things.


Every instance of Qin Wuya’s defensive attempts was rendered futile as they were thoroughly broken apart, leaving him no chance to resist.


The next moment, as he endured the crushing pain, he spat out a golden banner from his mouth. Powerful and scarily mighty, it was a mysterious treasure he had obtained from the Nine Realms.


As the golden banner opened up in the air, traces of blood and fragments of stars could be seen speedily enlarging on it before occurring and loudly ringing in his hand. At the same time, golden glowing mists surged, quaking the entire world.


It was certainly a stupefying sight to see in the middle of the night. Though, it was completely contained within the courtyard by the hazy Mists of Chaos drifting around the courtyard that sealed everything off.


*Boom!* As Qin Wuya’s eyes reddened, he grasped the pole of the banner and used all of his strength to wave it.


In a split second, enormous disturbances occurred. The stars and moon dimmed as the world was turned upside down, almost shattering the seal surrounding the courtyard. The extraordinary golden banner continued to sway, showing frightening divine powers towards Gu Changge.


However, at the next moment, a rip was heard.


Gu Changge, without a change on his face, drew a palm that seemed to bore no power. With just one simple move, a palm plummeted from the sky. carrying a dense, magnificent, ancient aura that then tore the golden banner apart.


“No… Impossible…”


Qin Wuya was dumbfounded. The golden banner was supposedly a wondrous artifact from the Nine Realms. Yet, it was easily destroyed by Gu Changge. He couldn’t believe his eyes, but the ever so harsh reality wouldn’t care about anyone’s disbelief.


He was absolutely dejected. Qin Wuya no longer had any way to defend himself. Dealing with Gu Changge was beyond his capability, and it would be the same even if he was unpoisoned and was at his prime state.


The palm landed and engulfed Qin Wuya as it tore the void apart. He was instantly killed by the palm and disintegrated into a Bloodmist.


Then, his soul was absorbed by Gu Changge, who then decided to take some of Qin Wuya’s memories regarding the Nine Realms. As for what remained in Qin Wuya’s storage ring, Gu Changge swiftly seized them all, knowing that Qin Wuya possessed countless valuable treasures. 


After using his divine sense, he discovered vibrant mists of every shade within. Apparently, there were Immortal instruments, treasures, scriptures and engraved stones which were not of the Upper Realm, but were from the Nine Realms.


Gu Changge also found a jade jar. There was a godly pill sealed in it. As he opened the jar, the fragrance of the pill wafted out of it. Gleaming mists then occurred in the air, resembling the radiant Milky Way.


[All Wonders Pill…  Eight Trigrams Yang Pill…]


He rolled up his sleeves and retrieved all of the items he found. At the same time, he also obtained a huge amount of Fatums and Fortuity, as well as a Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest.


Though, the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest he gained from killing Qin Wuya was notably dimmer than the one he acquired from killing Li Xiu ,the War Celestial. Gu Changge believe that it was due to the disparity of the two’s peak strengths.


Amid golden lights, the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest opened up, and the item that popped out of it piqued Gu Changge’s interest.


It was an engraved stone surrounded with purple energy. There were quite a number of ambiguous ancient texts engraved on it, and they were covered in Chaos Mists, hence their grand and ancient appearance.


[A Spacetime Stone…] 


After reading about the Spacetime Stone’s introduction, Gu Changge grew to understand its functions, which was similar to those of a teleportation array. Nevertheless, a teleportation array could only teleport an individual across the same timeline. Although it allowed one to travel great or even infinite distances, the time they travelled across was linear. Hence, teleportation arrays could never allow one to travel to the part or the future.


The Spacetime Stone, on the other hand, granted one teleportation through time without being influenced by the restrictions on the River of Time.


[The Spacetime Stone is similar to the Celestial Boat of Creation, but it can only set a coordinate that is unchangeable once determined, and that coordinate could also be set along the River of Time. But, reversing time is not something someone can pull off easily.] 


Gu Changge then accepted the Spacetime Stone, which might prove useful in the future.


Finished with this, Gu Changge glanced at Tang Wan, who remained in stupefaction, and withdrew the force that was surrounding the courtyard before leaving without entertaining her.


To him, Tang Wan was no longer of any remarkable use. But since Chu Hao had still yet to be dealt with, keeping her by his side might still be useful.


“It’s all over just like that…” After Gu Changge’s figure disappeared, Tang Wan finally heaved a sigh of relief. She could finally calm down as the sense of dread and insecurity gradually faded away.


In her eyes, Qin Wuya was fearsomely powerful, and no ordinary person in the Sacred Emperor Realm would be able to take him on. Even though he was poisoned, he could not withstand Gu Changge’s strike. This proved how the rumours across the Upper Realm underestimated Gu Changge’s true strength.


Qin Wuya’s death was no big deal to the Tang Family. Except Tang Wan, no one else was aware of the incident that took place the night before, as Old Master Tang and the rest remained oblivious that an individual named Qin Wuya had been by Tang Wan’s side.


After Qin Wuya was dealt with, the Tang Family’s matter was no longer significant to Gu Changge. Besides, he did tell Yin Mei that she could kill any defiers without a care in mind.


Without a mastermind behind those with different surnames, they no longer had a hand to play. Furthermore, after a number of them were murdered, they were left in shock and obediently surrendered the industries they controlled.


As such, Yin Mei smoothly gained control over many of Tang Family’s industries.


With that, Gu Changge sent a message to Bai Lian’er of Nephrite Breeze Pavilion to request a meeting with her so that she could discuss the insufficiency of informants with Yin Mei. This would grant a major boost to Nephrite Breeze Pavilion’s assassination rate of success.



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