I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 439, No Good News; Demon Slaying Event


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the dazzling, magnificent palace, Yin Mei appeared peerlessly stunning in her jaw-dropping, glamorous posture. Sporting a fiery red dress that highlighted her slender waist and snowy skin, she seemed like a flawless jade statue that was extremely seductive.


“This is the Purple Gold Commandment Token of the Alliance of Thousand Merchants. As long as you’re in the territories of the Alliance of Merchants, this token will grant you the right to delegate informants,” she calmly noted as she pulled out a mysterious purple commandment token.


On the other hand, Bai Lian’er was standing in front of her in a black garment. Her hair was as smooth as the clouds; her features, stunningly captivating, resembled the snow, yet there was a natural, inexplicable allure to them.


Upon Yin Mei’s introduction, she furrowed her brows as she stared at the purple commandment token, which appeared extremely enigmatic, with ancient divine runes wafting around it.


After receiving Gu Changge’s instruction for her to get in touch with Yin Mei, Bai Lian’er immediately hurried over. Since the matter pertained to Nephrite Breeze Pavilion, she was obligated to tend to it.


“The Purple Gold Commandment Token holds such great power in the Alliance of Thousand Merchants…” In astonishment, Bai Lian’er accepted the purple commandment token from Yin Mei. [With this, the problem that had been plaguing me had finally been resolved.]


Prior to this, it would have taken her at least hundreds of years or even longer to cultivate her information network to the level of the Alliance of Thousand Merchants. By then, who could tell whether Nephrite Breeze Pavilion would still stand.


Nonetheless, to Gu Changge, the matter merely an order away from being resolved, which impressed her. The more she grew to know him, the more she realised that the methods and strength he displayed were merely the tip of a monumental iceberg. [Is there anything in the world that he can’t do?]


“In that case, Nephrite Breeze Pavilion shall be yours to handle. I trust that you won’t disappoint me.” Mindlessly drinking, Gu Changge suddenly shot Bai Lian’er a glance and casually spoke.


“Don’t you worry about me.” Bai Lian’er let out a snicker, thinking that Gu Changge was belittling her.


At the end of the day, she had single-handedly founded Nephrite Breeze Pavilion and made it almost on par with any other assassin guilds, which proved her competence.


“Never have,” Gu Changge said with a smile. He then pulled out an ancient, unlabelled ancient book and handed it to her.


Trimmed with divine gold and silver, the ancient book emitted a vast, spectacular aura along with radiant divine light. Obviously, this ancient book was by no means ordinary.


“What is this?” Bai Lian’er looked at Gu Changge in daze. She could feel that the ancient book was no simple item as it somehow evoked horror in her heart.


As a matter of fact, she was the Successor of the Killing Emperor, hence she tended to encounter all sorts of assassination techniques. Yet, the ancient book somehow instilled fear in her.


“When you’re selecting candidates and training assassins, pass this on to them,” Gu Changge ordered without giving any explanation.


Although Bai Lian’er was confused by his order, she knew better than to question him. She believed that it was a unique Secret Technique that could either grant major improvement to assassins or grant Gu Changge easy control over their lives and deaths.


“Then, I shall take my leave.” Seeing no further instruction from Gu Changge, Bai Lian’er decided to take off as she plans to recruit more suitable members for her guild.


“Hold on. This is for you.” Gu Changge shook his head as he took out a white jade flask. It wasn’t open, yet a thick aroma of herbs could be smelled wafting from within. Even shining strange scenes surged in the air, taking the form of divine palaces and pavilions, as well as the rotations of astral wonders. It was a stupendous sight.


“This is…” Bai Lianer was somewhat taken aback. She then warily glanced at Gu Changge, trying to figure out whether he was fooling around.


Naturally, she detected the extraordinariness contained within the white jade flask and guessed that it was most likely a rare godly pill that could help her breakthrough the bottleneck of Peak Sacred King Realm. In fact, given her current cultivation level, pills were pretty much ineffective for her now. Otherwise, with her position and power, she would have gotten all the pills of her desire.


“A Breakthrough Pill,” Gu Changge leisurely stated. “You spent quite some time being stuck at Peak Sacred King Realm. Who knows how long it will take you to break through to the next level by yourself. Since you’re serving me, I can’t afford to have you remain weak.” 


Bai Lian’er was rather touched by Gu Changge’s initial words and how he was willing to spare him a Breakthrough Pill, but it was his last words that threw her off.


[Since when has the Peak Sacred King Realm been considered as weak? How dare he complain about me being weak!?]


“What is this Breakthrough Pill? Can it really help me break through?” Bai Lian’er accepted the jade flask, as there was no need to be courteous with Gu Changge. Though, her curiosity remained.


[I merely smelled a waft of the pill’s fragrance and my cultivation bottleneck is already loosening. How is it possible that such a pill has such a plain name? Breakthrough Pill? What kind of shit name is that?]


Gu Changge refrained from explaining. After all, this pill was extremely rare in the Upper Realm, and Gu Changge acquired it from the System Shop.


Shaking his head, he breezily replied, “Questions, and more questions. Return it to me if you don’t want it. Or are you worried that I might have poisoned it?”


Bai Lian’er rolled her eyes and said, “I have at least this much trust in you. Thanks. But, don’t for a second think that this one pill will change my opinion about you.”


Finished, she grabbed her jade talisman and left. As a wise woman, she understood that Gu Changge would never harm her at such a moment. Besides, given Gu Changge’s strength, if he wished to kill her, nothing could stop him.


Unbothered by Bai Lian’er, after handing her the pill, Gu Changge continued drinking without raising his head as he was contemplating other matters.


“Young Master, these are the recent tracks of the demoness in red…”


After Bai Lian’er departed, Yin Mei discreetly pulled out a miniature world map. Although it could not capture all of the Upper Realm, important regions and ancient cities were marked.


Earlier, Gu Changge ordered her to tend to the investigation. To the Alliance of Thousand Merchants, it couldn’t be any easier to determine the demoness in red’s current whereabouts.


[It seems she’s really tracking me down.] Gu Changge fascinatedly looked at the ancient cities on the map. Previously, he stopped by those ancient cities. But now, they were all annihilated by Chan Honyi without any survivors.


[Oh? Has she become faster, or has she grown out of her delirium? Even her strength is steadily recovering. Hmm, that is not good news to me.] At that moment, Gu Changge tensed his brows as he noticed the demoness in red’s accelerated speed on the map.


Prior to this, she would stop at ancient cities for a day to absorb innumerable life essences, but lately, she hadn’t been showing signs of stopping. 


This indicated that she was no longer as reliant as she was before. Having absorbed countless life essences, she had regained a significant amount of her strength.


Back at her weakest, Chan Honyi could effortlessly slaughter beings in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, so her current strength must be terrifyingly fathomless. At her peak, her strength definitely surpassed that of the Immortal Realm, no question about it.


Nevertheless, given her current state, she would surely be defeated should she go up against forces that possessed deep, horrifying powers.


As a matter of fact, Gu Changge merely wanted to allow her to vent her hatred as he had no intentions of harming her. Otherwise, he would have asked the Ancestors of the Gu Family for help a long time ago.


As of now, Chan Honyi’s strength was definitely formidable, but compared to that of the Ancestors of the Gu Family, who were infinitely older than her, there was no telling who would win. Furthermore, if the Immortal Gu Family was abundant in one thing, it would be Ancestors.


Even though there were no Immortals in the Upper Realm, they could take advantage of their numbers and exhaust.


[Since this is the case, she is going to have a bad time…] After pondering for a while, Gu Changge thought that he could take the opportunity to thoroughly tame Chan Honyi’s aggression.


If his prediction was accurate, the forces of Upper Realm would soon retaliate as there was no way they would remain idle after Chan Honyi’s rampage.


Lately, the demoness in red’s emergence and rampant massacre had shocked the Upper Realm. Because of this, forces grew overwhelmingly busy, and those which the demoness in red encountered along the way, or were going to stumble upon, were especially anxious.


Regardless, some dubious individuals were reluctant to move their force’s base and attempted to stop her, only to be turned into dust by the demoness in red’s palm strike from afar.


Because of Demon-Burying Abyss, Buddhist Mountain also dispatched quite a number of powerful monks to surround the demoness in red in an attempt to ambush her, which received approval from many forces of the Upper Realm.


This forces included the Ancient Ye Family, Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, Primordial Lake, the Immortal Qin Family, and the Immortal Wang Family, They had recalled many of their formidable cultivators who were assigned to the war against the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains to participate in the upcoming Demon Slaying Event. Naturally, as its name suggests, its purpose was to put an end to the demoness in red’s threat.


Once the news was spread, the world was stunned once again.


Enthusiastic, justice-inspired cultivators gradually expressed their desire to participate in the battle. Otherwise, they would be at loss when they somehow found themselves surrounded by enemies


However, due to the demoness in red’s terrorising strength, cultivators below the Sacred Lord Realm were ineligible to participate. As such, most of the participants were formidable cultivators of the older generation, old monsters that had been living in hiding, Sect Masters, and Leaders of their respective Immortal Families.


In fact, some of them were assumed to be dead, but thanks to the Demon Slaying Event, they resurfaced to the world. And their appearance had caused a major uproar.


During the Demon Slaying Event, the younger generation could only spectate from afar as they were unqualified to get close.


The magnitude of the battle was massive, as it involved a huge number of cultivators. There were even beings of the old generation that summoned inherited Nirvana Grade Artifacts passed down in their family. They swore that they would not rest until the demoness in red was taken down.


It was easy to tell how devastating the battle would be. It wouldn’t be a surprise if seas were vaporised, the world was turned inside out, and the distant stars were obliterated.


In the meantime, in an ancient, spectacular tall tower in West World Sky, an elder in a green robe was standing on an astronomical observatory that was covered in bright light and whirling vibrant mists. He was stepping on a disc that was 300 metres tall as he oversaw the world.


He was so old that his appearance was disfigured, and there was no telling how long he had lived. His face was full of scars of time. Yet, his eyes were ever so clear, carrying not a trace of disturbance.


In that instant, a Heaven Peering Eye opened up on his forehead and shot out a divine beam that could pierce through all four directions of the world across all times. As he peered at the distant land, he sighingly stated, “Judging from the fluctuations, the entwining sun and moon, the rotating stars, and the fading lives, this old one’s afraid that the Demon Slaying Event may not go smoothly.”


Behind the Elder, there were a number of formidable cultivators whose faces were veiled and muscular bodies were surrounded by Mists of Chaos, and their auras were frightening. As the light flickered, it was as though they were standing in another world. However, those were not their real bodies, but merely projections of Dharma Bodies.


Upon those words, their faces grew stern and tense.


With that, one of the formidable cultivators heaved a sigh and said, “Regardless, the Demon Slaying Event must go on. The signs from the stars were nothing but a possibility. Our destiny is our own to shape. Let us do our best.”


Hearing that, the rest of the figures nodded.


Each of them were the leaders of Ancient Sects and Immortal Families. As they were peak beings of the Upper Realm, their influence knew no bounds and their strengths knew no limits. They were not to be compared to the Sects Masters of ordinary sects.


On the other hand, the Elder in front of them was the former Sect Master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets, whose Art of Deduction was unparalleled in the entirety of the Upper Realm.


Rumour had it that he had disintegrated when he was attempting to ascend to a higher cultivation level. Unexpectedly, he managed to deceive destiny and had secretly been living in the tower for years. He would then cultivate his Dao of Deduction. His aura was insignificant and virtually non-existent, making him seem like an ordinary person.


Before the Demon Slaying Event commenced, many experts came to ask about the rate of success and ways to turn things around. In fact, it was also the Elder before them who predicted that the seals within Demon-Burying Abyss would only stand for half a year at most.


Half a year later, they knew the great demons would break through the seal and charge out of the abyss. Nonetheless, it was unforeseen aberrance that caused the demoness in red to surface earlier than expected, which further led to massacres.


“In that case, this old one still has one more array obtained from deducing the sealing of Demon-Burying Abyss. Who knows, it might prove useful during the Demon Slaying Event?”


At that moment, the Elder in green robe suddenly remembered something and pulled out a gleaming array from his garment. Made of unknown materials, the array emitted blinding beams as an ancient, vast aura whirled around it. It was sas if an Absolute Being was resting within it.


Upon the revelation of the array, a dash of joy immediately surged on the stern faces of the experts around the Elder. Even with their cultivation level, they could feel a repressing aura coming from the array.


“What Realm did the subduer of the demoness in red have back then… I couldn’t have imagined that such an array exists in the world.”


The gaze of a leader of an Immortal Family grew heavier as he was staring at the array. It was as though he perceived the evolution of some sort of absolute wonder.


The rest of the cultivators, too, gazed at it without blinking as they were thoroughly dumbfounded. They couldn’t fathom being of what kind was capable of laying down such an almighty array.


Hearing that, the elder in green robe revealed a scowl, as if he was frantic with fear. After a long time of hesitation, he spat out a word.


“Forbidden.” He merely blurted one word, not daring to elaborate on it.


After all, he obtained the array by coincidence back when he was deducing matters related to the Demon-Burying Abyss. Therefore, it was considered as a mere counterfeit that possessed only a hundredth—no, a thousandth—of the original array’s power.


The outside world claimed that his failure to ascend to a higher cultivation level led him to his peril and death, but such a claim was false. Instead, it was a terrifying backlash he faced back when he was deducing the origin of the Demon-Burying Abyss. At that time, he could vaguely feel an extremely devastating, spine-chilling aura.


Such an aura must have belonged to a being who once ruled over all lives. This being must be of immeasurable cultivation level, unimaginable and untouchable by all cultivators. Hence, the Elder in green robe could only describe it as ‘forbidden.’


“With this array, our odds surely have significantly increased.”


The other leaders retained their stern faces and hearts, not daring to say a word. At their level, they could understand what the Elder in green robe meant by ‘forbidden.’ Such an entity must be beyond anyone’s mind, and speaking rashly about it would only bring forth ill fortune and disasters.


Followingly, they left the tower with the array, intending to set it up for the upcoming Demon Slaying Event.


Very soon, words regarding the Demon Slaying Event were scattered across regions in the Upper Realm, making them grow merrier. Many that were fighting the war in Boundary Marker Sea quickly returned to participate in the Demon Slaying Event.


To them, conquering Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains wasn’t as urgent since it would take some more time for Boundary Marker Sea to dry up, and only then was the perfect time for the Upper Realm to invade.


Therefore, their priority now was to eliminate the demoness in red who came out of the Demon-Burying Abyss.


Countless forces were annihilated and erased from the Upper Realm by her, and many more ancient cities were turned into wastelands after all vitality was being absorbed by her.


In the blink of an eye, numerous days had passed. In an ancient, magnificent, giant Divine City, mists blindingly glowed as Divine Islands levitated. 


Divine rainbows surged from different directions of the sky. Those inside the rainbows all had frightening auras. As they were treading amid the air, their arrival resembled the descension of gods.


From other directions, cultivators approached with terrifying murderous auras that pierced through the clouds, which signified their unrelenting hunger for battle. They were shrouded in Mists of Chaos. It was a display of their unfathomable cultivation.


Those were experts whose cultivation level surpassed the Sacred King Realm. They were approaching the Divine City to attend a conference for the Demon Slaying Event.


From afar, blaring roars could be heard as ancient beasts were stampeding over amid billowing golden mists and thunderous lightning.


At the same time, old monstrous and the undying that had been living in hiding came into sight.


“Did something big happen? Why have so many formidable experts come? We would never get a chance to see even one of them on a normal day.”


Those around were astonished and were intimidated by the casually leaked aura from those formidable cultivators.


Accordingly, a golden, shining Dharma Body soared to the border of the sky and looked down upon everyone. With a clear voice that was as loud as a bell, it announced, “This area will be turned into the battlefield for the Demon Slaying Event. We shall await the demoness in red here. Irrelevant individuals are to retreat at once to prevent unwanted casualty.”


Upon those words, everyone in the Divine City were stupefied before feeling a dreadful chill up their spines.


Since they were now aware of the ruthlessness and terror of the demoness in red, when they were informed that the region would be turned into a battlefield for these experts’ attack the demoness in red, they were greatly startled.


Swiftly, the land exploded. The people swiftly evacuated with their precious belongings, not daring to lurk around.


“Amitabha. Judging by the demoness in red’s path, she will arrive here eventually. We need only to lay down the arrays and prepare the other set-ups to trap her. Even if we cannot take her down right away, we will definitely subdue her over the long run.”


In an ancient, brilliant palace, a few ancient monks and Buddhas with immeasurable fathomless auras were sitting as Buddha Auras were swirling around them.


At that moment, a benevolent, generous-looking ancient monk spoke. His ears were big and were glowing dazzlingly. 


There was a wondrous Buddha chant, as if the Six Paths of Reincarnation could be heard.


They were the experts sent from Buddhist Mountain. Even the weakest among them was in the Sacred King Realm. In that instant, they were holding Buddhist Treasures, as they were in charge of taking down the demoness in red.


“We shall heed your words.” Standing opposite them, countless experts from the various formidable forces nodded in response. Divine beams surrounded their bodies as World Principles descended.


Apart from them, there were wandering cultivators surrounding the place, and their strengths were not to be underestimated.




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