I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 44, My Question Is Your Honor, Perfect Execution

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The atmosphere was immeasurably tense in the Starsnatcher Schloss. Everyone dared not to speak as their backs were drenched in cold sweat. Although Gu Changge was questioning Chu Xuan instead of them, they could still feel the pressure.


Even Lin Qiuhan, who was acquainted with Gu Changge, felt the terrifying intimidation. The young master had always been gentle with her, but to see him so prideful and condescending, it was as if he was feigning the wrath of the gods. That was his true color. Nevertheless, she remained curious as to the identity of Ye Chen, wondering who he was. Since she never paid any attention to any news, it was only natural that she was oblivious to whatever happened in Eastern Barren.


All of a sudden, Su Qingge spoke up with a trace of apologeticness in her chilly voice. “Prince Gu, Middle State is enormous. Looking for a person that’s hiding in this vast land is equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack. It must be difficult for Chu Xuan as well.”


Upon those words, the crowd finally looked at the rumored Most Graceful Damsel of Eastern Barren. She had been remaining silent behind Gu Changge without voicing a word. She was as tranquil as a millpond, as elegant as flowers. None of them dared to fixate their eyes on her as it might upset Gu Changge.


Needless to say, the title of Supreme Stygian Saintess was perfectly befitting. She donned a translucent veil and a robe paler than the snow. Unstained were her face and her soul as she emitted outworldly aura that resembled that of a heavenly adeptus.


In comparison, the female youthful talents before her were obviously inferior, possessing not even half of what she had.


[Looks like a vile failure of a city.] Jin Yang scorned in his heart, visibly hostile toward Su Qingge.


Nonetheless, the crowd was left dumbfounded seeing how Su Qingge was bold enough to talk back to Gu Changge under such suppressing pressure, and that required a tremendous amount of courage. Chu Xuan, among the crowd, felt utterly grateful.


“Since Qingge says so, then I shall let this slide. Don’t disappoint me, Chu Xuan.” Gu Changge’s tone was bland, and none could fathom his expression.


“Yes, yes, Prince Gu! Worry not, I shall definitely locate Ye Chen’s whereabouts!” Burdened with a heavy responsibility, Chu Xuan hastily saluted as he was dampened by body sweat. [How unpredictable…]


Seeing that, the crowd was, once again, shocked with how pampered the Supreme Stygian Saintess was given how she was able to persuade the young master. As such, their perception toward Su Qingge quickly changed. They were talking to her as peers earlier, but right now, they couldn’t help but admire her.


“Thank you, Prince Gu,” Su Qingge replied Gu Changge a radiant smile as if she was delighted. Of course, she could tell Gu Changge’s action was simply to startle Chu Xuan, though she couldn’t quite figure out the purpose. After all, he released Ye Chen from the underground prison deliberately, so he must know about his whereabouts. Hence, she decided to join his game and pull him out of it.


Despite his unchanged expression, Gu Changge internally praised Su Qingge. [How intelligent of her to understand my intentions. Adorable, indeed.]


After he tested the crowd, none of them revealed any odd expression upon hearing Ye Chen’s name. [Quite the endurer, huh?]


However, Gu Changge wasn’t at all disturbed. Instead, he was enthralled to see for much longer they could withstand.


With that, the youthful talents started to feel terrified. Intrigued, some of the youthful talents inquired Chu Xuan regarding Ye Chen’s origin and how he offended the young master. Accordingly, Chu Xuan began explaining as he answered their questions. At once, the youthful talents felt something was off.


[Why does this sound so familiar… Came from Eastern Barren without any background. A young man, in the Transcendent Realm, in his early twenties, possesses unordinary Talents. It sounds exactly the same as the way Jin Yang, the Karuran Saint, would describe his blood brother.]


At that moment, many had figured it out as they revealed uncanny grins. Typically, they wouldn’t betray their friendship with the Karuran Saint, but right now, pleasing Gu Changge became the exception.


“Your Highness, the Karuran Saint may be aware of Ye Chen’s whereabouts.” Right away, the Primal Saint took the initiative to divulge what Jin Yang the Karuran Saint said back in the inn.


[God damn it, Primal Saint!] As Jin Yang heard that, his face gradually blanched as sweat profusely dripped down his forehead. He deeply regretted mindlessly babbling back then.


“Oh, do you perhaps know Ye Chen, Karuran Saint?” On the primary seat, Gu Change leisurely took a sip of his tea and calmly quizzed. Everything was under his anticipation. Swiftly, he shot a gaze toward the young man, who resembled the God of Sun as his hair glowed like the flames.


*Whoosh!* The familiar, daunting pressure, once again, engulfed the room. The youthful talents of Middle State instantly panicked as their souls trembled and their eyes twitched. [How powerful is Prince Gu? Even the Archbishops or the Emperors are not comparable to him! Has he perhaps achieved Honoured Lord Realm? But he looks the same age as us, perhaps even younger!]


[Ah, so that’s Prince Gu’s true power. He’s obviously stronger than Father.” Admiration surged in Lin Qiuhan’s eyes.


In that instant, Su Qingge had a realization. [So that’s Prince Gu’s real intention—to find out those who bear relation with Ye Chen.] 


She couldn’t tell how Gu Changge knew someone among the youthful talents had connection to Ye Chen, thus he just became even more unfathomable in her eyes.


“Your Highness, I do know Ye Chen…” Somewhat suffocating, Jin Yang uttered as he endured the immense pressure while his face paled, and he was shocked by the power gap between him and Gu Changge beside the insignificant age difference. It was equivalent to comparing hell and heaven.


Right now, it was no longer possible for him to deny knowing Ye Chen as he disclosed too much during his chat with his fellow youthful talents, and now he felt deeply remorseful for having prattled.


“Oh, very well. Where is Ye Chen right now?” Gu Changge remained serene as he faintly questioned.


“My apologies, Your Highness. I cannot expose Ye Chen’s whereabouts.” Jin Yang gritted his teeth as cold sweat wetted his back, finally feeling the terrorizing might of the young master. Gu Changge’s aura alone overwhelmed him, and Jin Yang now realized why Ye Chen had to go so far from his home and hiding himself. Nonetheless, he didn’t want his negligent twittering to expose his blood brother’s situation and location, or he would feel guilty.


“Fool, you have one more chance. Where is Ye Chen right now?” Gu Changge’s eyes grew icier as godly alarming sternness surged deep in his eyes.


“Your Highness, Ye Chen is my blood brother. I know him very well. And there might have been a misunderstanding between the two of you.” Jin Yang clenched his teeth as his body shook, feeling the urge to collapse under such pressure. However, his pride wouldn’t let him surrender as he continued to defend Ye Chen.


“My questioning is your honor.” Gu Changge coldly glared at him as if the latter was a worthless dog. With an apathetic voice, he interrogated, “What gives you the right to question me?” 


As he was speaking, a petrifying pressure gushed upon Jin Yang like a fountain.


Yelling, Jin Yang spewed a mouthful of fresh blood as he fell on his knees and his face was a white as paper. He didn’t even manage to protect himself.


“The Saint was foolish to challenge you, Your Highness. Please forgive him!” All of a sudden, Jin Yang’s hidden guardian, who had been in hiding, was startled and hastily showed himself. Quickly, he got on his knees and begged for forgiveness out of utter fear. Never did he expect things to escalate this way. [Why is the Saint so ignorant? Does he not know such a decision would bring doom upon the holy land?]


Instantaneously, silence filled Starsnatcher Schloss as the crowd was on the edge of their seats as if they were facing judgment.


<*Ding!* Sudden mission: Defeat the Fortuitous One’s blood brother is completed. Calculating… Sudden mission accomplishment grade: Perfect. An additional 40 percent of Fatums is rewarded. User is rewarded with a total of 700 Fatums.>


Suddenly, the system voiced a notification in Gu Changge’s mind.



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