I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 440, The Trap’s Been Set, Won’t Let Them Accomplish Their Goal


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This was an extremely powerful group that happened to include many different forces. They were all coming from various Immortality Sects, Formidable Sects, Immortal Families, and Ancient Royal Families. With how the ground everywhere shook with each stomp, one could only imagine how powerful those participating in this were.


These weren’t figures that one could casually stumble upon any other day. Whether it was a reclusive cultivator or an old monstrosity, those there were going to participate all had terrifyingly high cultivation. In fact, ‘unfathomable’ couldn’t even begin to perfectly describe them. 


In the blink of an eye, divine lights started flowing. It was like the Great Dao had descended, seemingly able to turn the entire universe. 


These people were gathered here today in the Divine City to discuss how they could kill the Demoness. According to their prediction, it wouldn’t be long before she arrived. 


The ancient Divine City, of a million kilometres had a population of tens of millions. It was the best place for them to gather.


Furthermore, many palaces here were engraved with extremely powerful arrays, and even the city walls were built with tough materials mixed in. When bright rays from the sun shone on them, the whole place exuded a powerful aura.


The Divine City got its name from the fact that it could withstand even the after effects from a fight between two Sacred King Realm experts. That was why they would set up more arrays here and have their men hide in preparation for an ambush. After the Demoness arrives, they would go all out to attack and trap her here. By then, not only could they end her killing spree, but they could also eliminate her.


Furthermore, they were only the first ones who came. Experts from all walks of life would soon arrive, bringing various artifacts to help with this cause. They would definitely be able to put an end to the walking disaster from the Demon-Burying Abyss.


Several ancient monks of the Buddhist Mountain sat cross-legged in place, they were all solemn. There was a faint golden halo behind their heads as their Buddha aura shone and lit up every corner. 


In a kind voice, they spoke to the many experts before them. “We’re afraid we’ll have to trouble everyone with the subduing of that Demoness.”


“It’s nothing, venerable sirs. The misfortune caused by that Demoness is something that all the forces in the Upper Realm have to deal with eventually. That Demoness was set to appear in six months even if the Buddhist Mountain incident hadn’t happened,” an elderly man with pale golden wings of a roc smiled and replied in a way that made him appear to have a close relationship with the monks.


He was an Ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan. He was in the Sacred King Realm. In fact, the Golden-Winged Roc Clan and the Buddhist Mountain were close because they went way back. Now that the Buddhist Mountain was going to hold a Demon Slaying Event, the Golden-Winged Roc Clan immediately showed their support by sending many experts from their Clan here.


Hearing this, the other experts on the other side also nodded in agreement. There were the Ancestors from the Golden Immortal Armadillo Clan, the Nine-Headed Lions Clan, the Sky Demon Clan, and the Feather Clan, all of whom had a close relationship with the Buddhist Mountain.


Many experts had also gathered in a pavilion not far away. Their blurry faces and tall figures made them seem as if they were standing in another time and space. The wisps of divine light that lingered made many tremble, prompting them to worship these experts. They were real Sect Masters who had unfathomable strength. Even though their true appearance was hidden, their aura showed just how unfathomably strong they were.


“If this matter is resolved, we can find a way to share a piece of that Demoness’ flesh and blood. It is said that she hails from the Forbidden Epoch.”


“She was sealed off for countless years. Even if her cultivation was once unrivalled in the world, I’m sure there’s barely anything left in her now. It will be advantageous for us if we can uncover some of her secrets.”


“That’s right. That Demoness has committed too much evil for the people’s anger to be appeased.”


At this moment, they were discussing in hushed voices. They seemed to have other plans for the Demoness. Even though they planned to eliminate a threat to the people and get rid of her, they were also doing it with their benefits in mind.


The cultivation level of the Demoness had probably surpassed that of Immortals. It would truly be a blessing for them if they could get a small piece of her, especially now when the Immortal Path was closed. It might be possible to get a glimpse of the Road to Immortality if they had her. Thus, this was a rare opportunity that they wouldn’t just pass up on.


And just as everyone was in the middle of the discussion, a sudden wave of energy came from the outside, making many frown as they looked over. 


The Divine City was now pretty empty after many were evacuated. No one, other than those who were not afraid of death, dared to stay here. Of course, there were still some young prodigies behind them who wanted to gain some real-life experiences. Though their cultivation might not be enough to help out, they held important artifacts which they could use to fight at critical times. In fact, It would still be a priceless lesson for them if they could hide somewhere and observe without participating in this battle. Naturally, it was because these young prodigies were greatly favoured that they were brought here at such a dangerous time.


*Boom!* Above the sky where there were thousands of beams shining, a golden path started to stretch out. It was blurry when divine light shone from it, revealing two figures standing on it. 


The tall and slender figure in front was dressed in dark ceremonial robes, and he had handsome features on top of that otherworldly air he exuded. He was a young man whose age could be easily disregarded. In fact, he was an infant compared to the many Sect Masters and old monsters present.


Behind him was a bear-like figure, but this one had on a battle suit made of Hell Iron. His eyes were golden, and he stood there like a bodyguard with a black spear in his hand. There was a terrifying and majestic aura about him that made everyone present turn grim as their hearts grew heavy.


[They’re strong. They’re stronger than anyone I’ve seen before.]


That was the first thought many experts had when they saw the two figures. None of the experts dared to take them lightly, as they knew that the duo wasn’t someone they could underestimate.


“Young Master Changge?”


“I never would’ve thought I’d see him here! Is he here to watch the fight as well?”


The young men and women standing behind the old but powerful figures all recognized the young man. Regardless of their gender, they were watching him with awe and respect in their eyes. Even though they were about the same age as him, he was so far ahead in terms of strength. So far that they could never hope to catch up to him.


Gu Changge’s current cultivation and power was, technically, the first of his kind. He could even sit on an equal footing with the Sect Masters and other powerful figures in front of him, and could be regarded as their peers. None of them deserved to be called a genius in front of him. 


At this point, Gu Changge was a recognised future leader of the Upper Realm. A lot of people thought that with his potential, he would become an unstoppable Immortal as long as the Immortal Path was opened. 


Of course, there were also many pairs of eyes on the tall figure behind Gu Changge. Even though they tried hard to identify him, they couldn’t figure out who it was. Still, it was impossible for a figure with such potential and cultivation to be nameless.


There was quite a commotion the next second as both the older and younger generation walked out of the buildings. It didn’t take long before Gu Changge descended in front of one of the palaces. There were already many people here, all of whom were Sect Masters, looking at him with perplexed eyes. This was their first time seeing him with their own eyes. It somewhat felt nerve-wracking that they couldn’t gauge just how strong he was.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge.” All the young prodigies held themselves back in front of Gu Changge by being respectful and courteous. They dared not treat him like a fellow peer.


Gu Changge responded by giving a small smile and nodding at them. He then shifted his nonchalant gaze to the Elders. “And I greet you, my Seniors.”


He saw quite a number of familiar faces among the young prodigies. Ye Langtian, the Young Master of the Ancient Ye Family, and his younger sister Ye Liuli were among the ones he recognised. Ye Langtian used to interact with him on equal grounds, and yet he was now respectfully standing behind the Head of his family, looking at Gu Changge as a myriad of emotions swam in his eyes. 


Ye Liuli was also gawking at him. In fact, she would sometimes recall what happened back in the Lower Realm. It had only been a few years since they last met, but Gu Changge’s cultivation had already reached their father’s level. He was now someone they had to look up to.


Right then, a rather elegant middle-aged man holding a feather fan asked, “To what do we owe the pleasure of your company, Young Master Changge?” 


He was a Sect Master and had an extraordinary bearing with the temperament of a scholar.


While he was speaking, many people were warily looking at Ah Da standing respectfully behind Gu Changge. As it was hard for them to fathom his cultivation level, they believe that he was already stronger than them. It was unbelievable how an expert like Ah Da was waiting beside Gu Changge like a bodyguard.


With a smile on his face, Gu Changge explained to everyone with a regretful tone, “Of course, like everyone here, I would like to help as much with my miniscule powers to subdue the Demoness. If I had stopped her in the Demon-Burying Abyss, no disaster would have befallen the Successor of Buddhist Mountain. I’m guilt-ridden just thinking about it.”


Many Sect Masters and old monsters were intelligent figures with lots of life experiences. They had lived for countless years. They didn’t completely trust his words upon hearing him. They even wondered if he had other intentions for coming here. On the contrary, the younger men and women among the crowd were filled with respect. They thought it was admirable how he lived up to his reputation by lending a hand even though the appearance of the Demoness had nothing to do with him.


From another palace, a group of ancient monks from the Buddhist Mountain also showed up when they heard the voices of the discussion. However, the looks on their faces quickly fell when they saw Gu Changge and heard his words. Some of them were enraged. [Do the others still not know the truth!?] 


Buddhist Mountain had no choice but to quietly take the blame for Gu Changge regarding the Demoness, but the sight of him playing innocent made them burn with rage. It was safe to say that they had never met a person as shameless as him.


Seeing everyone from Buddhist Mountain come, Gu Changge looked at them with a smile on his face and asked, seemingly concerned. “Ah, you came at the perfect time, venerable sirs. I was just starting to get curious about how Buddhist Mountain has dealt with Chosen Monk Jin Chan for committing such a mistake.”


A flash of shock swiftly appeared on everyone’s faces. They didn’t think Gu Changge would make things difficult for Buddhist Mountain right in front of a crowd. Not only did he unveil their sore spot, he even rubbed salt into their wound while everyone’s eyes were on them.


If it was someone else, they might find it difficult to bring this matter up as they were still on their toes with Buddhist Mountain. However, Gu Changge didn’t feel anything of that sort and seemed casual, as though he was asking about an insignificant matter.


All the eminent monks of Buddhist Mountain suddenly found it difficult to keep the kindness on their faces as an awkward and sullen expression took over. As composed as they were, there was no way they could remain calm at Gu Changge’s blatant provocation. [What a brute! He knows the truth, and yet he’s humiliating us in front of everyone!]


Gu Changge didn’t hesitate to release the Demoness in order to take away their treasure. Although it might be possible that he was now here to make up for his mistakes, he still tried to embarrass them. Worse was that they even saw the playfulness in Gu Changge’s smile.


“Don’t worry about it, Young Master Changge. Chosen Monk Jin Chan has received the punishment he deserves, ” an old monk with long eyebrows informed while shaking his head.


Hearing this, Gu Changge sighed regretfully, “Is that so? I feel sorry for those innocent lives who died tragic deaths because of the appearance of the Demoness…”


Not only did the faces of the monks turn cold, but the Sect Masters and old monsters were frowning. They had a feeling that there was a conflict between Gu Changge and Chosen Monk Jin Chan. Otherwise, Gu Changge wouldn’t have said this in front of everyone from Buddhist Mountain. He was obviously not giving Buddhist Mountain any respect. On the contrary, he was courting hatred.


Right then, the Ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan couldn’t help frowning when he saw how the situation had soured. He walked out and advised, “I’ll have to disagree with your words, Young Master Changge. The Demoness would have appeared in half a year at the latest. From the perspective of time, the present is not really that far from the expected time. Moreover, in my humble opinion, there seems to be some misunderstanding about what Chosen Monk Jin Chan did.”


“Buddhist Mountain will not just ignore the Demoness’ appearance. You are still young, and you see things one-sidedly. You cannot understand Buddhist Mountain’s good intentions.” In his opinion, Gu Changge was an impulsive young man. Since he was close to Buddhist Mountain, he was not as afraid of the power backing Gu Changge like the others were. His words might sound polite, but everyone knew what he truly meant—Gu Changge was a young man who knew nothing. When everyone present heard the words of the ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan, they immediately looked at him with intrigued eyes.


However, Gu Changge’s demeanour remained unchanged. “Is that so? Is it really because I don’t understand Buddhist Mountain’s good intentions?” 


He hummed as he carefully scrutinised the older man. “May I have your name, Senior?”


“The name is Jin Yuntian.” Even though the Ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan didn’t know why Gu Changge was asking for his name now, he still answered as he was asked.


“I see. Well, I look forward to hearing your explanation of what this ‘good intention’ is, Senior.” Gu Changge smiled casually, his tone sounded serious.


Jin Yuntian’s face froze. He only said that for the sake of it to persuade Gu Changge. How could he possibly know what Buddhist Mountain’s good intentions were?


“You don’t seem like you have an explanation ready, Senior.” Gu Changge smiled before his face abruptly fell and turned cold. “Are you trying to trick me?”


As the words fell, everyone suddenly felt a terrible cold sweeping over them. Even the Sect Masters felt a chill down their backs as if they were shrouded in terror and a murderous aura. The next moment, they saw Gu Changge slapping a palm at Jin Yuntian in front of him. He did it with such simplicity, directness, and indifference, but pieces of golden runes fell. It was as if they had evolved into a terrifying god with the ability to destroy the world.


“You!” Jin Yuntian’s face fell, and he quickly turned pale. He didn’t expect Gu Changge to attack him suddenly, which was why he was caught off guard. Moreover, Gu Changge’s strength shocked him.


Jin Yun Tian was now glowing all over as his golden wings appeared like thousands of deadly swords. He slashed at Gu Changge, trying to counter his palm attack. However, it didn’t do much against Gu Changge, whose casual slap sent a big wave that swept across the sky, shook the Divine Mountain, made the sky rumble, and caused the void to collapse before all the sword energy was cancelled out.


A palm then landed on him, sending him flying across the air. With a bang, he exploded into Bloodmist. His body and soul were destroyed. Before his last moment, the Ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan still had horror, disbelief, and despair in his eyes, and he couldn’t even let out a scream. He couldn’t believe that Gu Changge annihilated him with just one slap.


Everyone gasped. Even the monks were shaken as their eyes went wide. It seemed that Chosen Monk Jin Chan was lucky to have escaped from Gu Changge back then. With one palm, Jin Yuntian, who was in the Sacred King Realm, was slapped to death. Gu Changge’s strength may have already reached that of the Sacred Emperor Realm.


The rest of the Sect Masters were covered in goosebumps. They didn’t believe it at first, but now that they had witnessed Gu Changge’s power for themselves, their respect and vigilance towards Gu Changge had skyrocketed to an unprecedented height. The young prodigies’ eyes also widened in astonishment and their jaws dropped. No words could describe their fluctuating emotions.


The monks from Buddhist Mountain, too, didn’t say anything, and only frowned. Even though they were furious that Gu Changge had killed Jin Yuntian, they could only hold it in, considering how they managed to not explode in a fit of anger when Chosen Monk Jin Chan was falsely accused.


The rest of those from the Golden-Winged Roc Clan looked terrified. They didn’t dare to say anything, but they were regretful because of their Ancestor’s recklessness. Their Ancestor had only resurfaced recently, which was why he was deceived by Gu Changge’s current appearance and didn’t know about Gu Changge’s ruthlessness.


At that moment, a group of experts came from not far away, their sleeves and robes aflutter. The leader was an old woman of unfathomable strength who had a smile on her face. “With the help of Young Master Changge, the disaster caused by the Demoness will definitely be resolved.” 


She was an Ancestor of the Green Luan Clan. She was ecstatic when she witnessed Gu Changge kill the Ancestor of the Golden-Winged Roc Clan with a thrust of his palm. It was no secret in the Upper Realm that the Golden-Winged Roc Clan and the Green Luan Clan had enmity between them. Now that Gu Changge had shown his terrifying strength, many old monsters dared not underestimate him, and were cautious of him.


“I wonder what my dear Seniors have in mind about the Demon Slaying Event?” Afterwards, Gu Changge’s expression returned to normal as if it was just a fly that had he had killed with his palm just now. He had a slight smile on his face as he glanced at the many Sect Masters. Everyone’s faces seemed to waver when they heard his question. The plan wasn’t supposed to be a secret. After all, each person here had the intention to join in on the hunt.


The middle-aged man with an elegant face just now smiled gently and explained, “A few of us went to the Pavillion of Heavenly Secrets a few days ago to deduce if things will go well this time. He ended up giving us a part of the array that is closely related to the origins seal in the Demon-Burying Abyss. According to him, it can play a key role in subduing the Demoness.”


“We will set up a trap in the Divine City. The moment the Demoness enters this place and activates the Grand Array, she won’t be able to escape, given her current state…” He went into detail about the plan to Gu Changge, including where to set up the array, who would guard it, how unbreakable it was, and how they would ensure nothing went wrong.


This is also one of the things they were confident about this time.


After hearing this plan, the crowd couldn’t help but smile. They could almost imagine how the situation would be when the Demoness was caught. Not to mention, some of them came with Nirvana Grade Artifacts and even more terrifying forbidden artifacts  to suppress the Demoness. The number of times they could be used was limited, but the power of these artifacts was terrifying and vast. They were beyond what people could handle.


[A part of the array that is closely related to Demon-Burying Abyss?] There was a strange glint in Gu Changge’s eyes, and then he seemed a little surprised when he echoed, “This is a perfect plan. No matter how powerful the Demoness is, she will find it difficult to escape. Can you show me the part of the array, Senior?”


It was true that he was a little taken aback. He didn’t expect these people to have planned so much to deal with Chan Honyi. With her current state, she would definitely be on the losing end once she stepped into the array.


Of course, what attracted Gu Changge’s attention the most was the array that was closely related to the original seal in the Demon-Burying Abyss, which might be the key to this Demon Slaying Event. Naturally, he definitely wasn’t going to let them accomplish their goal after they had told him about the plan.


[How can I let my disciple be plotted against by someone who is not me?]




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  1. That is why i mostly don’t like ‘orthodox’ cultivators when the appear in some cultivation novels because the don’t give a damn about the people and only put a façade for reputation sake. Worst sometime they truly delusion themself thinking what they are doing is a good thing. At least Gu Change admit to himself that he his ruthless against his ennemies and shkw with when he deemed necessary in front of the public.

    1. Power corrupts, etc. Cultivators are essentially both warlords and politicians, and the strongest of them are invariably the most ruthless, usually growing stronger at others’ expense. I’m sure you can open news and find all the same behavior in real life, often just as blatantly hypocritical.

      1. i don’t really think that “power corrupt” is a correct saying, its more like power now permit you to express what your powerless self can’t do. Is someone a tyrant because they got corrupted by their newfound power or did they use this power to show their inner tyrant self to the world?

  2. I don’t understand why would he save her when she wants to kill him. There is no real benefit for him.
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    1. she was sealed because his demon lord self plotted against her and sealed her away, the peach tree and the rock all suffered injuries while trying to save her from an attack of the demon lord but looking at it objectively, he never really wanted to kill her as he was powerful enough to reset the universe and kill all immortals. no matter how you look at it they all survived because he wanted them to survive, so his current self can’t let greedy hypocritical cultivators try to kill her for their own benefits

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