I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 441, The Demoness in Red Has Appeared, Why Doesn’t She Come Out To Meet Me?

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Gu Changge’s request made the Sect Masters of the various great sects look at each other dubiously. However, none of them rejected the request. With his current abilities, Gu Changge was indeed qualified to participate in the hunt. 


On the contrary, the monks from Buddhist Mountain furrowed their brows as uneasiness rose in their hearts. They didn’t trust Gu Changge and were afraid that he harboured ulterior motives. 


Their unease wasn’t entirely unfounded. If Gu Changge would let out the Demoness, what else dare he not do? Regardless of how strong he was, Gu Changge probably wouldn’t dare to risk everything and steal the seal in front of everyone. Despite the relief such a thought brought them, the monks’ gaze continued fixated on Gu Changge.


“This is the array Elder Qing gave back then, it is really mysterious…” Many Sect Masters soon locked eyes with each other. Without hiding their intentions, they moved closer and practically sealed up the place. 


Previously, they kept the array hidden and protected to prevent any unwanted accidents. Upon seeing the array appear in front of their eyes, they could not contain their curiosity. They moved closer, trying to uncover the mysteriousness of the array. 


[This array is the key to this Demon Slaying Event?] 


“Is this the array?” Surprised, Gu Changge raised his brows as he felt a surge of energy, similar to the one in the Demon-Burying Abyss. However, it was at most similar. It was not even close to the real thing. Although, it was hard to imagine such an array at the current epoch. The person who made it mustn’t be taken lightly. 


The vastness of divine power contained in this array was hard to fathom. Runes emerged and condensed into one. They even shone bright light as though they were bright stars in the galaxy.


The array was made of unknown materials and was only the size of a palm. As it continuously shone, a mysterious energy loomed over it. 


The moment it appeared, it made the whole space tremble. It was as though time and space were shifting. The expressions on everyone’s face changed drastically as they all felt the great force. One could only imagine the horror once the array got fully activated.


Yet, this brought smiles to their faces as they felt at ease. [This will increase our chances of killing that Demoness]


“With such a strong array and Young Master Gu’s capability, killing the Demoness will definitely not be a problem.” As the crowd was observing the array, the Ancestor of the Green Luan Clan happily chirped while casting a flattering glance at Gu Changge. 


Seeing this, many from the Golden-Winged Roc Clan turned livid. To them, seeing the Green Luan Clan curry favour with Gu Changge was like a slap to their faces, especially when their Ancestor was just killed by him. Furthermore, they knew those selfish donkeys from Buddhist Mountain would never stick out their necks to help them out.


Although Buddhist Mountain was the reason why Gu Changge killed Golden-WInged Roc Clan’s Ancestor, those from Buddhist Mountain were indifferent to their predicament. 


Gu Changge’s eyes glazed over the Green Luan Clan, indifferent towards their words. Many have tried to please him before, but not everyone had the qualifications to do so. In his heart, he was still thinking about the array. [From what has happened so far, she will definitely feel threatened by this array. If she is still sensible, she wouldn’t fall into this trap. Still, with me being here, she obviously knows where I am and will head over regardless. When she arrives and goes ballistic, such a trap shouldn’t be able to do anything to her.] 


[Still, this array must be controlled by me. If someone else controls it, my plan will be ruined.] Gu Changge thought about the solution as he looked away from the Green Luan Clan. 


“Here’s the plan, we need to set up the Great World-Sealing Formation in the Divine City and use this array as the eye of the formation. Cultivators will be sent to guard the four directions: north, south, east and west. With the whole area sealed off and Nirvana Grade Artifacts in our hands, it is impossible for the Demoness to escape unscathed once she falls into our trap.” Confidently, an old monster stood out to lead the discussion. He looked haggard with sunken eye. Yet, he had a strong chaotic aura with eyes that seemed to contain universes. 


At his age, everything in the world was as important as grains of sand. Even if the Demoness wanted to cause destruction to the world, people like him wouldn’t care as long as their lives weren’t at risk. The only reason why he was present was because they were interested in studying the Demoness’ corpse as it may help them in their cultivation. If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have been so kind as to gather in Divine City nor would they put in so much effort to capture the Demoness. [So what if millions get slaughtered? If my lifespan decreased and living became difficult, people like me would also devour others to extend our lifespans. Afterall, what do the common man have to do with me? They are no different from ants.] 


Upon hearing his words, the crowd remained silent. With complicated feelings, they looked around. Everyone was divided in terms of opinions and thoughts. 


“In this case, why not let me guard the eye of the formation alongside those from Buddhist Mountain? If the Elders are worried, they can send other cultivators. However, I do think that the current number is sufficient to guard the eye of the formation.” At that moment, Gu Changge suddenly opened his mouth again. His eyes swept across the crowd with a smile on his face. 


“Young Master Gu, what do you mean?” A confused Sect Master couldn’t help but ask. Others also looked at Gu Changge quizzically as they didn’t understand why Gu Changge brought up this matter out of nowhere. They were unable to comprehend Gu Changge’s motive. Similarly, those from Buddhist Mountain were even more confused. They felt as though they had been led on by Gu Changge since the very beginning. 


“Why not just leave the duty of guarding the eye of the formation to me and the monks? This way, all of you only need to guard the four city gates.” Gu Changge replied with a smile on his face. “This way, if anything goes wrong, only the monks from Buddhist Mountain and I will be responsible.” 


“Are you sure about this, Young Master Gu? With your capabilities, you do not need to put yourself at risk.” A Sect Master persuaded. It wasn’t because he doubted Gu Changge’s abilities, instead he was afraid of the implications if something went wrong. Not to mention, the eye of the formation was of paramount importance. There was no room for any mistakes. This was why they had discussed who and how to guard the eye of the formation for days. 


If the Demoness wanted to break the formation, she would definitely go for the eye of the formation. Thus, the eye of the formation was obviously the most dangerous place. Many were reluctant to guard the eye of the formation as they could easily lose their lives.


This was the problem that troubled them the most but Gu Changge had volunteered to guard the eye of the formation, alongside the monks from Buddhist Mountain. Naturally, this made everyone both shocked and confused. 


It was obvious that Gu Changge wasn’t on good terms with those from Buddhist Mountain. Yet, he wanted to guard the eye of the formation with them? Was he planning to use this chance to get back at the monks? Or was it because he wanted to keep an eye on the monks as he didn’t trust them? 


Dumbfounded, everyone guessed Gu Changge’s motives. 


“Since Young Master Gu has said so, we naturally have no objections.” One by one, the many monks of Buddhist Mountain agreed with Gu Changge. If Gu Changge were to covet the array, at least they would be there. 


“Well then, I will send some cultivators to assist all of you from the sidelines.” Upon hearing the monks and Gu Changge’s words, the group of Sect Masters looked at each other and agreed. They felt weirdly assured. 


Soon, more cultivators rushed into Divine City. Their footsteps were akin to earthquakes, it was apparent that their abilities were terrifying. They each brought their own set of skills, and had rare artifacts. These people were assigned all around Divine City. 



What happened today has already shocked many people. Gu Changge’s abilities had already reached the point where no one dared to ignore. Even Ancestors had to treat him with utmost respect. The Green Luan Clan was one of the strongest clans in the Upper Realm, yet their Ancestor was trying to please Gu Changge. The problem was obvious. Gu Changge wasn’t just thriving. He was on the same level, if not higher, than these Ancestors. After what happened today, there would never be peace in Divine City. 


The many monks from Buddhist Mountain brought along their strongest and began to discuss the plan. In contrast, Gu Changge was pretty relaxed. He even had time to reminisce about the old times with the siblings from the Ancient Ye Family. 


However, Ye Langtian was no longer his laid-back self around Gu Changge, instead he was extremely respectful. 


Similarly, after she returned from the Lower Realm, Ye Liuli’s personality had completely changed as well. She forgot many things, but she couldn’t forget the way Gu Changge humiliated her and how she was almost killed by him. Nevertheless, she tried her best to bury these memories somewhere deep in her mind as she was truly afraid of Gu Changge. Though, at the same time, deeply admired him.


During the days that followed, the entire Divine City got to work. Almost every cultivator was somewhere arranging and setting up arrays. They were doing so on the city walls, pavilions, palaces and many other places. 


The sky and the earth changed. Inexplicable Qi emerged and covered the entire world. As if the Milky Way surged forward, the stars, the sun, the moon and the galaxy started to spin. Endless world energy rushed towards and gathered in the Divine City. The Star Territory dimmed as if countless stars fell from above. It was painfully dazzling. Principles began to be evoked as innumerable runes shone. 


The completed formation could be described as the creation of the heavens and earth, against the sun and the moon. Divine fog and golden light surrounded the eye of the formation, which was so big that it touched both the sky and the earth. 


Gu Changge appeared with his black robes fluttering in the air. Faint light surrounding his body. Behind him was Ah Da, his subordinate who would be in charge of guarding one side of the eye of the formation. 


Another direction was filled with Buddha aura as the many monks from Buddhist Mountain appeared. Similarly, their dignified-looking equipment was also surrounded with a faint Buddha aura. 


As for the remaining directions, other cultivators together with some old monsters with unfathomable cultivation, arrived. 


Thus, everyone was prepared. They all hid in the dark as they awaited the arrival of the Demoness. 


“Wow, this subordinate of Young Master Gu has such unfathomable cultivation.” The eyes of an old monster flashed as he jumped on the opportunity to converse with Gu Changge. Many were curious about the identity of Gu Changge’s subordinate since his cultivation level was frighteningly high. 


Gu Changge chuckled, “Of course, Ah Da’s cultivation level is high. Afterall, I was the one who personally handpicked him.” 


Hearing this, the old monster became even more afraid of Gu Changge. He had lived for a very long time and his eyes were equally discerning. He could tell that the follower in dark grey iron armour had an unprecedented amount of respect for Gu Changge. [What exactly did this young man do to make such a strong cultivator so loyal towards him?]


Just half a day after the formation was finished, a petrifying rumble came from the sky above the Divine City. It was as though someone pushed endless waves of blood towards the Divine City. Murderous auras enveloped the skies and earth. Suddenly, the ground shook so vigorously that even faraway stars trembled as though they were going to fall. 


“The Demoness is here!” Within the Divine City, several cultivators’ expressions became solemn as they looked towards the end of the sky. Everyone present felt an extraordinarily terrifying aura. It felt as though thousands of troops were dashing forward, together with the endless waves of blood. The atmosphere felt icy cold, to the point where the shaking cultivators felt as though their souls were being pierced. 


At that end of the sky, a blood-coloured light shot up. There was a billowing red cloud in the sky, visibly condensed with evil spirits. It seemed endless as tremors could be felt throughout the world.


A woman in red emerged. She had lustrous hair that reflected traces of blood while her bare feet treaded along in snow. She was like a lotus flower that had bloomed in a sea of blood. Her visuals were clean and stunning, yet her expression was indifferent with not a single trace of emotion. Her pace was slow, yet every step shook the world. 


Unconsciously, knots formed in everyone’s hearts, as though she was walking on their chests. Even those in the Sacred Emperor Realm couldn’t shake off the unease. Their expressions became stoic with fear.


At that moment, some even doubted if the formation could really kill the Demoness. They felt as though she could destroy everyone and everything with a flick of her finger. In a blink of an eye, the Demoness arrived just outside the Divine City. Her billowing red cloud pressed down on the Divine City in an attempt to destroy it. 


It was as though she didn’t see the myriad of arrays set up for her. Or perhaps, even if she knew that the Divine City contained great danger for her, she would still set foot in it without any hesitation.   


The monstrous evil spirits condensed within the red cloud spread out and enveloped the Divine City. The Demoness stood high within the sky. Her cold and emotionless eyes swept across the many buildings within the Divine City. [This place contains his aura. He is hiding here, somewhere.] 


“Why don’t you come out and meet me?” At that moment, everyone’s expressions dropped dramatically as they heard those words come out of the Demoness’ mouth. Although it sounded natural, it contained so much hatred that it made hair stand. 


Many couldn’t help but shudder. They had always felt that the Demoness was disoriented as she never stopped her killing-spree ever since she had emerged from the Demon-Burying Abyss. Now that she spoke, her words were of an ancient language that was hard for the cultivators to understand. 


Gu Changge, who was at the eye of the formation, remained composed and unmoved even though he knew the Demoness was talking to him. [Her animosity to kill me is already a problem. Now, there is also the risk of her uncovering my identity…]


“It seems like the Demoness is saying…’why don’t you come out to meet me?’ Who exactly is she talking to?” An old monster, who was well-educated on ancient history, furrowed his brows as he tried to understand the meaning behind the Demoness’ words. This made them look at each other in confusion. [Could it be that the Demoness came and killed all the way here just to find someone?] 


Her words were laced with deep hatred. The person who she was seeking definitely did not have a simple relationship with her. It was most likely a relationship that was embroiled in many secrets. It was likely a hatred born from love, an extremely deep-seated hatred. This coupled with the knowledge of what era the Demoness was from set off waves of questions in their hearts. [If that old man’s translation is right, then that means that there are still more people from her era who still exist. Naturally, there is still a possibility that she isn’t talking to someone, but is just randomly rambling nonsense. but…]


“The Demoness has entered the Divine City, activate the formation!” The next second, a Sect Master instructed while suddenly urging the runes within his palm. Instantly, bright rays of light burst forth and Principles blanketed the Divine City. 


At the same time, a ray of light shot through the atmosphere, as though it pierced the sky. A booming sound followed, while clouds fell from the sky, covering the Divine City. 


Everything became a blur, it was though they had time travelled to the beginning of times where the sky and earth had not been separated yet.


A terrifying aura emerged from the activated formation. It revealed the Demoness who was trapped within. However, her expression didn’t change in any way, and she continued to walk into the city gate, unbothered by the formation. She was indifferent to everything that had happened around her, as if she was only focused on killing.




“Quickly! Kill her and return peace to the world! Hurry!” Cultivators appeared at the city gate. Their bodies were surrounded with light as they activated the formation to trap the Demoness. 


“He’s there.” The Demoness’ crystal-like eyes carried a red hue and were just like rubies. At that moment, she landed in an area deep in the Divine City as she felt the familiar aura belonging to Gu Changge. Thus, she continued forward as every array under her feet came to life, which caused divine powers to bombard her. 


After all, every stretch of the Divine City was filled with arrays, it should be impossible for her to continue forward. 


Blinding light started to burst forth, as if countless stars exploded. It made it hard for the surrounding cultivators to even open their eyes. Even for a True Daoist, it would be undoubtedly difficult for them to resist such strong power. It seemed like the Demoness couldn’t resist the power as well. She looked ahead and tried her best to move forward but to no avail. 


“She is looking for the eye of the formation. She’s looking there…Quickly! Stop her! If she escapes, all our efforts will go to waste!” Once he saw how the Demoness was bemused, a powerful member from one of the Ancient Royal Families shouted loudly. With a purple-gold sledgehammer in his hand, he rushed towards the Demoness. 


Thunder and lightning crackled while purple runes floated around like stars. With the hammer, endless divine light was shone. 


However, the Demoness merely looked back at him. As if she tried to drive away an annoying mosquito, she waved her sleeves. 


Shocked, he tried to back away. But it was too late. The mighty force crashed onto his body and he let out a painful scream. Just like that, all of his divine abilities were instantly wiped away, leaving behind an explosion of blood.


The blood permeated the atmosphere like mist. The sight terrified the others and gave them goosebumps.


[The Demoness killed someone in the Sacred Emperor Realm just like that!?] 


Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in fear. The Demoness was too strong. Fortunately, the formation suppressed her. If not, the cultivators inside would have been in even greater danger.


“All other methods are ineffective towards her, use the Nirvana Grade Artifacts!” A Sect Master snapped out of his reverie and yelled in rage while he gathered his powers. Like the brilliant sun, his entire body was covered in golden light. Other cultivators and old monsters did the same. 


There was no turning back. If they didn’t kill the Demoness, they would be killed by her. 




Another terrifying fluctuation broke out, the sky was dark. All buildings were destroyed. Despite being protected by arrays, they were reduced to ashes.



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