I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 442, So Who’s Hunting Who? So Foolish.

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The battle had a wide-impact and was a devastating disaster. It sent huge waves through the sky and earth. If it weren’t for the formation, even the outside world would have been thrown into turmoil and chaos. In simple terms, the power of the Demoness was one of its kind.


The experts who fought her were True Daoists holding Nirvana Grade Artifacts. They had gone through the vicissitudes of life and were wise beyond their years. Thus, they were extremely cautious and only appeared in their Dharma bodies. Still, they were powerless in the face of the Demoness. As they fought against her, they continuously coughed up blood and retreated. Not to mention, their divine abilities also proved to be ineffective towards her. 


Some even sacrificed their supreme divine abilities to manipulate Principles of the Divine City against the Demoness. Yet, they were still smashed and turned into ash by the Demoness’ palm, without being able to resist at all. It was a terrifying scene that shook everyone to their cores. 


With the blood and bones beneath her feet, the Demoness treaded deeper into the Divine City as beams of divine light fell on her. Regardless, her aura did not falter or change in any way. As usual, it was so strong that it could reach another realm and even made everyone tremble in fear.


*Boom!* The glaring light was extraordinary. When it exploded again, once again, many retreated as they coughed up blood. An old monster was aghast and before he knew it. The Demoness had shown up beside him. Her slender jade hands wrapped around his neck and with little effort, she lifted him off the ground.


This old monster was an expert in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. Yet, in her hands, he was nothing but a tiny chick. He was feeble and frightened. His entire body glowed as Quasi-Nirvana Runes countered the Demoness. However, with a light twist, the Demoness instantly decapitated him. 




The old monster’s blood, bones and soul exploded and he was dead in an instant.  


“That old monster should have been invincible, how did she…”


“I shouldn’t have come here in the first place.”


At that moment, many started to regret. They witnessed how even True Daoists and those at the Quasi-Nirvana Realm were powerless and couldn’t protect themselves in front of the Demoness. So, how could they not be in despair? 


“The power of the Demoness is indeed terrifying, but it’s still impossible for her to reach us in such a short amount of time.” At the eye of the formation, several old monsters whispered. Their pupils dilated in shock but still remained fiery as they peered into the distance where the battlefield was. 


They knew that though the Demoness was powerful, she was bound to become exhausted after a while. Even if she reaches the eye of the formation, she would be tired. For them, that was the best opportunity to strike. 


“Amitabha… Seeing how all the monks are willing to sacrifice their lives to kill the Demoness, I sincerely respect all of you from the bottom of my heart.” The many ancient monks from Buddhist Mountain put their palms together. With compassionate expressions, they looked towards the battle happening faraway. At the same time, they focused their Buddha aura between their palms. The Buddha aura converged into the eye of the formation to maintain it. 


All along, Gu Changge felt that he underestimated her strength. Now, it looked like he had overestimated her. [I had expected her to stand in front of me by now. But, she still isn’t done with the others yet, not to mention this formation…]


[Seems like she hasn’t fully recovered. Yet, she’s determined to rush here to seek revenge from me. Like usual, she’s determined as ever.] Gu Changge nodded his head. He felt bad that she was still this foolish. He casually cast a few spells and runes into the eye of the formation. This alerted the many old monsters around the eye of the formation, before they turned their gaze back to the Demoness. 


From Gu Changge’s direction, he could see her figure. Even her skin, which was as white as snow, was stained with traces of blood. Through the array, her cold and emotionless eyes caught sight of Gu Changge. However, Gu Changge merely chuckled at her, whose eyes were now filled with a petrifying amount of hostility. 


With a wave of a palm, she pushed all the cultivators who were behind her. As her hatred erupted, her power grew exponentially. Those who weren’t at least in the Sacred Emperor Realm instantly exploded into droplets of blood after being hit. The evil spirits that surrounded her shot up and in the direction where Gu Changge was. 


It could be said that her power had reached its limits. Like white jade porcelain, cracks surfaced on her body. It looked as though she would shatter into billions of pieces at any time. 


“Quick! Activate that array! Hurry!” Suddenly, a Sect Master bellowed. When he realised the cracks on the Demoness’ body, there was a glint in his eyes and he offered up a forbidden weapon. This forbidden weapon was extremely different from the usual forbidden weapons. Its production process was unimaginably difficult, which added to its strength. 


The forbidden weapon exploded. it was like a scorching sun that had engulfed the Demoness. 


Without hesitation, they began to cast their most potent divine abilities. This was the moment that they had waited so long for, and they could not wait any further. If not, all of them would be slaughtered by the Demoness. By then, the loss would outweigh the gains. 


At the same time, the eye of the formation glowed and luminous brilliance flowed in all directions. Quaint yet crystal-clear Grand Runes flowed in the atmosphere. Like spotless mirrors, they reflected different runes that fell from the sky. They were golden ancient runes that contained the power of the Great Dao. 


They each contained seemingly infinite divine power. If their divine power was harnessed to make into different kinds of weapons, such as swords, guns, halberds, axes, hooks and etc, the Demoness wouldn’t stand a chance. 


In a more elevated area, Grand Runes transformed into a gigantic bright red millstone that was capable of bringing about the end of the world. Its loud rumbles sent tremors through the earth. 


Wisps of golden light poured down. The power it brought surpassed that of even the Nirvana Realm. The ground cracked and turned into dust. As they watched this scene, everyone felt that hope had been reignited and they cheered out loud. Without hesitation, the rest of the experts activated their forbidden weapons in their hands and charged towards the Demoness. 


At that moment, the four city gates seemed to devour the world as they rapidly absorbed all the Principles in the Divine City. 


The four city gates then intertwined into beams of light that were as thick as mountains and shot towards the Demoness. It was so strong that even a hole appeared in the surrounding space. Through the hole, endless light shot through. As if planned, the stars fell from the sky. It was as if a catastrophe fell from the sky to destroy everyone. In the vast aura, laid the intent of doomsday. This intent was simply horrifying and unimaginable. 




A loud boom resonated through the sky. It travelled millions of kilometres and reached even the deepest corners. Even those that had escaped could hear the boom from where they were. 


This was the Sound of the Great Dao. 


Nonetheless, the expression of the Demoness remained cold, as she walked towards the area where Gu Changge was. There were no attempts from her to hide from any of the attacks, which was why every light beam that was shot directly struck her. Immediately, green smoke rose from the Demoness’ body and the evil spirits around her also dissipated, as if they were washed away. It was so difficult for her to stand still that she started to stagger. 


The ground under her feet shattered and caused terrifying cracks that seemed to stretch to Hell. On her body, the cracks were even clearer, even more so with the blood that now flowed out. The Demoness’ body was absolutely frightening. It was beyond comprehension. Her physical body was so strong that no one could injure her. It was just that her previous injuries, which were difficult to heal, had recurred after these attacks. 


Still, after everyone saw how the Demoness was severely injured, they cheered and let out a sigh of relief. The Demoness was not invincible and she would be killed by them soon enough. The injuries on her body was the best proof. 


[With a few more blows, the Demoness will be killed!] Hopes rose in many experts’ hearts as they planned to cooperate to attack again. 


Where the eye of the formation was, the group of old monsters also let out a sigh of relief, “Looks like this array is really effective…” 


While they talked, they once again injected Qi into the eye of the formation. If they hadn’t cooperated for the previous attack, the Demoness wouldn’t have been this injured. 


Regardless, the amount of Qi needed to maintain the eye of the formation was that of the ocean. This caused them to feel overwhelmed as they needed to take out pills to gulp down. 


Cross-legged, the group of ancient monks from Buddhist Mountain sat there and chanted ancient scriptures endlessly. They used a secret method to also provide Qi to the eye of the formation. 


Gu Changge also cooperated and injected his Qi into the eye of the formation. However, his gaze never left the Demoness. [Judging by her current state, it’s almost time.] 


Black Grand Runes appeared in Gu Changge’s palms and they followed the path of where his Qi was headed into the eye of the formation. His actions caught the attention of some cultivators, as they looked towards him. 


“The consumption has increased! looks like the Demoness is trying to break through the formation! She is most likely going to die soon!” 


At that moment, an old monster’s expression changed as he felt a huge devouring force from the eye of the formation. 


Now, they needed more than an ocean’s worth to maintain the formation. Thus, he felt like he was going to pass out even if he had just consumed divine pills. 


This consumption was just impossible to replenish. 


“The amount needed to maintain the formation is too much… With just the few of us, it is impossible!” The expressions of the remaining old monsters also changed drastically. They had severely underestimated the consumption of the formation. If this keeps up, they would most likely die before the Demoness. 


“We’ve made a mistake. Who would’ve thought that activating the formation to its peak would consume so much…” Gu Changge sighed. His complexion turned slightly pale, his eyebrows furrowed and his tone became solemn. 


“If we lose out here, the battle will reverse.” The expression of an old monster had changed as he felt that things had gone out of hand. “Let’s persevere a little longer. We should’ve known that a formation that can be used against the Demoness wouldn’t be so simple!” 


The expressions of a few ancient monks from Buddhist Mountain became solemn as they sighed. They also felt the formation ferociously devoured all their Qi. 


However, there were many Sect Masters at the frontlines battling with the Demoness and the number of casualties was increasing by the minute. If something were to go wrong with the eye of the formation, it would definitely affect the entire situation. 


Nevertheless, someone who couldn’t take it anymore abruptly stopped injecting his Qi into the eye of the formation. If he had continued, his Source would’ve suffered. This would’ve caused him to die. 


Soon after, many others also stopped. 


Those that still held on became fearful as they felt the increased consumption. The fewer injecting Qi into the eye of the formation, the heavier the burden on the remaining cultivators. The rapid consumption could be compared to a whale’s appetite, which caused the remaining cultivators’ complexions to immediately turn pale. 


Even an old monster with extremely high cultivation stopped as a grave expression appeared on his face. He didn’t dare to joke around with his Source. At least, not at a time like this. 


“No one can withstand having all the Qi drained from their body this quickly, looks like we can only rely on the pills to support us…This formation is really one of its kind.” An old monster grumbled as he rushed to gulp down pills. Even the ancient monks couldn’t take it. They couldn’t help but shook their heads as they stopped as well. 


“I’m afraid we can’t go on like this.” Gu Changge shook his head and also swallowed a few pills. With a regretful tone, he sighed, “If we had more cultivators with us, we wouldn’t be so tired now. But then again, we didn’t know that maintaining this formation required so much… It was really a lapse of judgement on my part.” 


His words gained the agreement from the others. Even the monks from Buddhist Mountain who disliked him stayed silent. 


The experts who were at the frontlines heard this and their expressions changed. Almost instantly, the arrays in the sky dissipated. 


Naturally, the Demoness seized this opportunity and her cold eyes lingered on Gu Changge’s body for a while. 


The next moment, Grand Runes appeared around her jade hands. The Grand Runes transformed into an old yet natural giant black clock. 


*Dong!* It sent terrifyingly strong waves through the air. 


Before, the Demoness only manipulated her Qi and used her raw strength. But now that she finally grasped the gravity of the situation, she used a secret technique. 


She knew that if she didn’t destroy the arrays, she would be in trouble. She knew it would be difficult for her to understand how to break the arrays with her current knowledge. Thus, she acted out of instinct.  




The moment the arrays started to dissipate, the situation reversed horribly. Cultivators, who had a slight chance of winning the battle, coughed up blood and exploded on the spot. Even Nirvana Grade Artifacts were smashed into pieces with the Demoness’ palm, which created a beautiful explosion. 


“Quickly! Run away! The Demoness has escaped! We’ll only die if we stay here!” 


Many saw this scene and ran out of the Divine City. They ran without hesitation, afraid that the Demoness would catch up to them. 


The Demoness had already utilised powers from beyond the Nirvana Realm. It just proved how scary she was to everyone. This was a situation that could no longer be salvaged even if everyone worked together. Not to mention, something already went wrong with the eye of the formation. Thus, their chances of winning against her was close to zero. 


Many cultivators understood this and retreated, despite their reluctance. In their hearts they cursed, [how could all our efforts and meticulous planning come to this?] 


However, only a few could escape. At that moment, the eyes of the Demoness were filled with malice and ferociousness. Almost all the living things before her eyes were killed. Even the atmosphere seemed to freeze and the world came to a standstill. 


She was just too terrifying. 


With one sweep of her sleeves, the world darkened and everyone exploded. There was a sea of blood and it was difficult to even spot a single living being. Everything was either bones or fragments of broken artifacts.


The Demoness was covered in the blood of the dead. She walked through the sea of blood and towards the eye of the formation. A group of old monsters who were in the midst of recovering, trembled in fear. [She’s too powerful. The Upper Realm can only rely on the most ancient experts to be able to compete with her…] 


However, within seconds, the Demoness suddenly staggered and large amounts of blood flowed out of her body as she almost fell to the ground. 


Her red robes became redder as they were soaked with blood. Her snow-white face had lost even more blood and lost all signs of life. Even so, it was as if the Demoness didn’t know pain and fatigue. 




“She has run of energy…”


“Looks like this battle has already consumed all of her energy. In her current state, she’s no longer a threat to us.”


The current state of the Demoness caused the group of old monsters and monks to stop dead in their tracks as they were filled with astonishment. 


“Amitabha.Demoness, after committing so much evil, has the thought of this day ever crossed your mind? Today, Buddha shall save you and let you take refuge in the realm of eternal bliss.” The few ancient monks from Buddhist Mountain prayed. Their faces were once again filled with compassion as they turned to the Demoness who was close to them. Once again, they sat down cross-legged and continued to inject their Qi into the eye of the formation, to seize this opportunity to kill the Demoness. 


“Thank you, brothers. Very well then, I’ll stake a claim on one share of her corpse.” 


“No problem.”


“If I could gain some insight into her secrets, my efforts in coming here to hunt her down would not be in vain.”


When the old monsters saw this scene, their eyes flashed as they injected more Qi into the eye of the formation. Although the consumption was terrifying, they couldn’t care less at this moment.  


The Demoness, who was standing in front of them, with her robes dyed in blood, didn’t even blink even though she heard their words. She understood what they meant, yet she neither cared nor had the need to care. 


At this moment, she just set her sights on Gu Changge who was at the eye of the formation. This was the closest they had ever been, ever since the Demon-Burying Abyss. 


Malice, evil, hatred and murderous intent appeared on the Demoness’ face. 


As if these emotions of hers swept over everyone, they tremble in terror. Yet, she remained indifferent and silent, as her aura gradually rose from her body.


Gu Changge also sized her up carefully, from her facial features and body to her clothing, she was indeed beautiful. Even now, her palm-sized face and exquisite facial features were so beautiful that he couldn’t pick out a single flaw. However, her eyes were so cold and emotionless that it made one feel as though staring at them would drag him into a boundless sea of blood, a sea so deep it would drown him. 


“Young Master Gu, we can’t hold on much longer. Come quickly! The Demoness has reached a point where she no longer has strength to resist! We must not give up this golden opportunity!” An old monster shouted. He couldn’t help but get a little anxious after he realised how Gu Changge was not injecting any Qi into the eye of the formation after so long. 


However, Gu Changge simply ignored him, looked towards the Demoness and shook his head, “You have not changed, not a little. After so many years, you’re still as stupid as ever. Since you have decided to come to me for revenge, you should’ve checked your chances before coming. But, seeing how you came here so recklessly, were you planning for me to kill you?” 


He remained stoic and his tone was casual, as if he was just lecturing a Junior.


The group of old monsters and ancient monks at the eye of the formation were stunned for a moment. They didn’t understand what Gu Changge meant. [Is he talking to the Demoness in front of him?] 


Those who finally understood what Gu Changge meant became terrified. They couldn’t believe what they heard.


“You…use” The old monster who shouted just now couldn’t help but look at the young man again. With a trembling voice, he asked, “Who exactly are you? You…You know her!?”


However, with a scoff, a black spear suddenly shot between his eyebrows and cracked his skull. Both body and soul died instantly. 


“Master.” Ah Da swiftly and coldly greeted. His Quasi-Nirvana Realm cultivation erupted and he showed his full might. After his attack on the old monster, he stood respectfully beside Gu Changge and looked towards the others, who were beyond terrified. 



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