I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 45, Gu Changge’s True Color, You Will Too Fall

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Gu Changge was satisfied by the System’s notification in his head. The sudden mission was rather simple and he was rewarded with a sum of 700 Fatums, which was more than enough to compensate for the 100 Fatums he spent on the beginner’s guide to Alchemy. Thereupon, he now possessed 3000 Fatums, which could be regarded as a tremendous sum. As for the grading, the System naturally had its own algorithm, which Gu Changge couldn’t be bothered to figure out.


He was simply expressing his genuine thoughts. Unquestionably, he treated Su Qingge and the rest with amiability only because he had underlying intentions. [This Karuran Saint, Jin Yang… Who does he think he is? Does he think he’s on par with the Fortuitous Ones, doing anything he wants after offending me? Hell, he’s not even worth dog shit!]


He could easily kill Jin Yang, but first, he would need an appropriate reason. And he couldn’t care less about Ye Chen’s whereabouts. After all, his intention all along was to accomplish the sudden mission.


At that moment, suffocating silence filled Starsnatcher Schloss as everyone who witnessed the incident was either shocked with their blanched faces or trembling in wordlessness.


“Mercy, please, Your Highness. The Saint had been foolish to go against you.”


Jin Yang and his guardian—their faces pale—kneeled on the ground as immense fear conquered their hearts.


However, Gu Changge didn’t even look at them as he faintly said, “Ming Lao…”


“This old one is present, Prince Gu.” An anomaly surged in the air before an elderly man in black appeared with a respectful expression. That elderly man was none other than Ming Lao. Although he had returned to his family, but he had always been by Gu Changge’s side.


In that instant, watching as Ming Lao appeared, the crowd was absolutely dazed and terrified as it was their first time seeing the legendary figure who broke through the skies thirty thousand years ago—the Prime Ancestor of the Lin Family. And seeing the admiring expression on his face, they could now confirm the rumors were true.


“I do not wish to hear a word regarding Karuran Holy Land’s existence by tomorrow,” Gu Changge blandly stated.


“Yes, this old one shall tend to it right away,” Ming Lao courteously replied before disappearing into thin air from the crowd’s eyes.


*Zap!* Right now, the crowd’s mind was overwhelmed by fear as if their heads were about to explode.


“You—” The Karuran Saint, once again, spewed blood and he opened his eyes wide in disbelief. He never expected his actions would draw such an abysmal consequence to his Sect. He was angered, frustrated, and remorseful, thinking how ruthless the young master from the Beyond was.


“It’s over… It’s over…” His guardian scowled tensely as his eyes were filled with hopelessness.


In the meantime, including the Saints of Primeval Holy Land and Prosperity Holy Land, all of the youthful talents immediately blanched. Since they also came from enormous forces of Middle State, they couldn’t help but imagine the same thing happening to them if they were in Jin Yang’s shoes.


Despite the young master’s previous amicable face, in his eyes, everyone was as insignificant as dust, and none of them meant anything more. With just a brief sentence, he instantaneously decided Karura Holy Land’s fate. It was as if the crowd could already see endless pools of blood just because someone from the holy land went against the young master.


Even Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan were startled as they witnessed Gu Changge being so cruel—cold and condescending, as if he was a God overseeing all lives. And that was his true color.


Thinking that, Su Qingge inevitably felt fortunate, realizing Gu Changge’s treatment of her was actually a blessing in disguise, and it could even be considered as pampering.



Almost in an instant, news pertaining to the Karuran Saint offending the young master from the Beyond in Starsnatcher Schloss was disseminated from Moonward Metropolis to various regions of Middle State, causing great disturbances and immense panic. Countless cultivators were horrified as they felt a chill up their spines.


The details of the news were spread by numerous youthful talents, which quickly drew the attention of various regions. Not only did the Karuran Saint become the blood brother of the young master’s nemesis, he even attempted to hide and resist surrendering the truth. As a result, the young master was vexed and unleashed doom upon Karura Holy Land. 


Upon the information, many cultivators heaved a sigh, thinking it was foolish for the Karuran Saint to drag his holy land with him to his downfall. Of course, there were also those who internally celebrated, mocking Jin Yang for his negligence.


As a matter of fact, Karura Holy Land had stood for more than ten thousand years, and they, too, had a Prime Ancestor of Partial-Enlightented Realm—possessing innumerable Spells and limitless power—who ascended to the Beyond. Alas, as he was ascending, a gargantuan palm appeared in the sky and suppressed him, and no defensive Spells or tools were of any use, as if he was facing the wrath of nature.


Buildings and mountains within five thousand miles were turned into ashes as the might of Partial-Enlightented Realm surged in the sky, instilling fear in innumerable cultivators.


“Of all things, you had to choose evil. One day, you will, too, fall…” At last, the Karuran Archbishop’s final words echoed through the sky.


In a blink of an eye, Karura Holy Land was erased from Middle State, and that caused a huge turmoil in Middle State as well as the rest of the world. If Karura Holy Land, despite having a Prime Ancestor of Partial-Enlightented Realm, were to perish so easily, none should be able to survive the attack.


Greatly disturbed, cultivators grew even more terrified of the young master from the Beyond. Essentially, to the cultivators in the Beyond, every being in the Overworld was as unimportant as ants, let alone being worthy to think of.


At the same time, the cultivator from Eastern Barren named Ye Chen, rose to infamy as he was perceived as the cause of disaster. And in order to please Gu Changge, some cultivators and forces even began to scour for information regarding Ye Chen’s whereabouts so they could capture him.



In the Central Sky Domain of Middle State, a town far away, an ordinary looking man with a resolute face heard the news and was instantly taken aback as he remained stunned for some time.


“Jin Yang… I will slaughter Gu Changge for you! And for Karura Holy Land!” Ye Chen’s eyes reddened as he gritted his teeth; his body trembled as his heart ached. In fact, he was planning to get into Karura Holy Land with the bond he shared with the Karuran Saint and the Karuran Archbishop’s favor. Nevertheless, now that Karura Holy Land was devastated and erased from history, he was exasperated as frenzy and murderous intent filled his heart.


“Master, tell me now. How should I become stronger even faster? I’m dying to kill Gu Changge! I want to slaughter him!: Ye Chen clenched his teeth as his eyes reddened. Jin Yang, who he treated as a brother he held close to his heart, was a man of justice, and he was always kind to him. Sadly, due to their bond, Jin Yang, along with Karura Holy Land had fallen. All of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Gu Changge. Even if Ye Chen succeeded in dismembering and disintegrating him into ashes, those might not even be able to soothe his resentment.


“Chen…” In his ring, Yan Ji helplessly shook her head after seeing how things developed in the way she hated the most. She finally gave up trying to persuade Ye Chen from going further into the path of revenge as his eyes were burning with disdain. Her words no longer mattered. Right now, there could only be one survivor—Ye Chen or Gu Changge. She felt deeply perturbed. On one hand, she bore admiration toward Gu Changge’s tactfulness, but on the other hand, she couldn’t just ignore Ye Chen.


Letting out a sigh, she advised Ye Chen, “According to the torn ancient page you obtained, the Ancient Sky Domain is about to activate, and within it is an ancient demonic tool and the legacy of the person who sealed said demonic tool.”


“I’ll definitely retrieve his legacy and kill Gu Changge!” As the agony on Ye Chen’s face waned, he quickly regained composure. After listening to Yan Ji’s response, he clenched his teeth and said through his teeth.



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