I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 46, Cheated and Betrayed, Zombie

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The devastation of Karura Holy Land did not affect Gu Changge at all. To him, it was equivalent to stepping on an insignificant bug.


After all, Ming Lao was a strongman of Enlightened King Realm in the Beyond. Although he couldn’t use any of his powers that were above Partial-Enlightented Realm, annihilating Karura Holy Land was still an easy feat, especially with how there hadn’t barely been a handful of cultivators that achieved Partial-Enlightented Realm in the recent ten thousand years in Middle State. Moreover, the supreme leaders of holy lands and empires were the only ones who achieved Honoured Lord Realm while no trace of an Honoured King Realm being was anywhere to be found.


As such, Gu Changge estimated that beings of Partial-Enlightented Realm only dwelled in places like ancient forbidden areas and Ancient Mystic Mountains. 


In fact, Ming Lao’s strength allowed him to do whatever he wanted in various regions of Middle State. But of course, Gu Changge wouldn’t be so dull, and he wouldn’t care what Ming Lao did as long as he wasn’t involved in any trouble.


After leaving Starsnatcher Schloss, Lin Qiuhan was obviously more shocked than the rest, fearing to behave the way she did previously. She was indubitably dumbfounded by Gu Changge’s true colosr—apathetic and proud—and how he decided to destroy an ancient holy land without any hesitation. That was completely different from the amicable Gu Changge she knew. Baffled, she wondered which side of Gu Changge it was that attracted her. Was it his benignity, utterance or insightfulness?


“You must be shocked.” Naturally, Gu Changge knew precisely how to fix that. As tenderness reverted in his eyes, he caressed her hair, and it was undoubtedly effective.


With that, her heart started palpitating when she realized how the emotionless Gu Changge treated her with such warmth. Thinking that, she began to feel dizzy.


“A little…” Lin Qiuhan candidly answered.


“I was shocked too, Prince Gu.” At that moment, Su Qingge impatiently said as she felt as if she was being ignored by Gu Changge. She was an intelligent woman, but at the end of the day, she was still a woman, and seeing how Gu Changge treated another woman with such compassion but was constantly bullying her, she couldn’t help but feel jealous and disaffected. Though, without question, she knew that was done on purpose.


Gu Changge glanced at her with a heart-lighted grin. “You too? It’s not a big deal.”


[What does he mean ‘not a big deal’!? What biased treatment is this?] Su Qingge was annoyed and somewhat angered.


“Here is a beginner’s guide to Alchemy, as my token of apology.” As Gu Changge was speaking, he pulled out the beginner’s guide to Alchemy he prepared earlier and handed it to Lin Qiuhan since he would be giving it to her either way.


He spent 100 Fatums for the guide in the System Shop, and after giving it a brief read, he discovered that the book had recorded numerous priceless, apprentice-level alchemy prescriptions. Even the cults of Alchemy over in the Beyond did not have such detailed records of Alchemy. The goods of the System Shop were of utmost quality, and that couldn’t be any truer.


“Thank you, Prince Gu.” Lin Qiuhan was slightly surprised. [Prince Gu gave me a present… He remembered I’m into Alchemy?] With that in mind, she was touched. As her father insisted that she trained continuously in order to elevate her power level and not waste any time on anything else, her passion for Alchemy was never cultivated.


“Glad you like it,” Gu Changge replied with a beam. [What an innocent girl. She’s lucky to have met me. If it were another guy, she’d surely get cheated and betrayed.] 


Nonetheless, he, too, was waiting for Lin Qiuhan to advance in Alchemy so she could serve him in the future.



In a flash, three days had passed. Due to the relationship with Gu Changge, the Lin Family had been rather busy, tending to guests from various forces that wished to establish an alliance with the Lin Family. It was as if the devastation of Karura Holy Land was a message to Middle State, signifying that the Lin Family was growing stronger than ever. Thereupon, every member of the Lin Family would always have a smug, happy smile on their faces. Wherever they went, as long as they disclosed that they came from the Lin Family, they would certainly be treated with respect. Although the Lin Family was already dominant before, what they had achieved right now was incomparable. Indubitably, their respect for Gu Changge persisted as they were aware that, without him, they wouldn’t have come so far.


For the past few days, Lin Qiuhan, upon Gu Changge’s words, had been sending men to overlook Lin Tian’s corpse. [What if he’s really faking his death…] She was rather skeptical. Furthermore, during those three days, she noticed something unusual—Lin Tian’s corpse did not show any sign of rotting, which was highly uncanny. Even the body of a cultivator of Spiritual Sea Realm was bound to rot in three days, but that wasn’t what happened. As a matter of fact, Lin Tian was a rascal that hadn’t even achieved Spiritual Sea Realm.


The discovery left Lin Qiuhan stupefied as she was even more convinced by Gu Changge’s idea. Lin Tian wasn’t actually dead, and was only faking it to deceive everyone else. Knowing that, Lin Qiuhan was vexed as her eyes grew colder. His innocent brother wasn’t just possessed and manipulated, but he also almost brought the Lin Family to ruin. As such, she grew tempted to slaughter and dismember the person who took over her brother’s body.



In a dim underground prison where a damp atmosphere and pungent smell wafted, an icy, old body of a teenager on the ground suddenly opened its eyes as a hint of light flashed across them. “It seems the trick worked…” Muttering, the body sat up and observed its surroundings. Unquestionable, the body belonged to the young man who escaped death at the most crucial time—Lin Tian! He felt very fortunate thanks to his decisiveness back then.


With that, he started scrutinizing the situation he was under. [An underground prison with seemingly no guards. I was a being that was once in the Enlightened King Realm, yet I was forced into using such a lowly tactic to survive… What a joke! Though, I managed to survive and trick the others. I reckon this is not the end of me yet.]


[What a relief that I wasn’t cremated, but they didn’t bury me either. What a shame. However, the situation isn’t exactly atrocious. By then, I’ll just pretend as if I lost my memories, which shouldn’t be hard based on my experience. Gu Changge, I’ll eventually take my revenge!] Soon, when Gu Changge’s face popped up in his mind, his face immediately grew gloomier.


At that moment, the hidden technique Lin Tian used was working its magic. His ruined heart was healing, allowing blood to flow while his chilly body began to grow livelier. If there were someone next to him, they’d surely be startled by the impossible—to see a dead person slowly resurrect and recover their lifeforce. It was unbelievable, miraculous, even.


Nevertheless, Lin Tian’s face remained old. Regardless of the effectiveness of the hidden technique, it couldn’t help him regain the lifespan he lost. Hence, he was baffled. [What is Gu Changge hiding? What did he do to scare the Otherworldly Sky Demon so badly? I have never seen such a thing in my millennia of life as a cultivator.]


“Z-Zombie… Zombie!” All of a sudden, a terrified shriek thundered through the underground prison. A disciple of the Lin Family, who was responsible for guarding Lin Tian’s corpse, coincidentally came in, only to almost piss himself upon seeing Lin Tian sitting up.



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