I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 47, First Blood on the Fortuitous One, Taste of Cursed Spirit of Enlightened King Realm

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Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Dhael Ligerkeys & Silavin


After knowing of Lin Tian’s ‘resurrection,’ Lin Qiuhan was thoroughly stupefied before she quickly realized that was what Gu Changge was referring to as ‘faking death’. She had men tightly guarding Lin Tian’s corpse and keeping her updated on the situation. Therefore, Lin Qiuhan’s eyes were filled with coldness and rage, after which, she looked for Gu Changge and told him about the situation. Lately, she had been basically tell Gu Changge everything, as if she was treating him like a support pillar.


“Since Lin Tian has revived, we shall go and identify what kind of being possessed him, and the reason it is occupying his body.” In the palace, Gu Changge sank into contemplation before replying to Lin Qiuhan. In that  instant, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated. Essentially, he had been waiting for three whole days for the moment of Lin Tian’s ‘resurrection.’ And since the grand finale was about to take place, Gu Changge couldn’t afford to miss it.


[After tonight, Lin Tian’s value as a crop will be siphoned to zero. Oh, powerful figure! Of all the things you could have possessed, you chose this good-for-nothing rascal? You couldn’t find anyone more decent than him, really?]


“I heed your words, Prince Gu.” Lin Qiuhan nodded. 


Very soon, Gu Changge and her arrived at the underground prison, only to find the patrolling disciple of the Lin Family who was obviously still scarred by the encounter.


“Greetings, Prince Gu, Lady Qiuhan.” After bowing to the two, the disciple hurriedly departed as he felt a chill run up his spine, dazed by the fact someone who died three days ago just revived out of nowhere.


“Keep it to yourself,” Lin Qiuhan said to the disciple. After all, resurrection was overly eerie, and explaining it to the others would be a hassle. Plus, she didn’t want any unnecessary attention.


In the underground prison, Lin Tian grew restless as he watched Lin Qiuhan and Gu Changge walking toward him. Yet, he seemed dazed and confused. It would be rather simple to trick Lin Qiuhan, and given her sister’s naivete, all he had to do was to look for something from his memory and act flawlessly.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t exactly confident about dealing with Gu Changge, and due to his ambiguity, it would require much more effort to deceive him. Worst case scenario, the lie would be overturned and seen through. Even with his innumerable experiences in wars, at that moment, he couldn’t help feeling anxious.


“Qiuhan, why am I here? Last thing I remember, I was in your class. How did I end up sleeping here? Who is this man? How come I’ve never seen him before?” Accordingly, Lin Tian voiced a series of questions in confusion with a face ever so oblivious.


[Memory loss, huh?] Seeing that, Gu Changge scoffed in his heart with an uninfluenced face without making a sound. After all, things would only be more interesting if Lin Qiuhan were the one that exposed Lin Tian’s pretense rather than Gu Changge, who was nothing but an outsider.


If he wasn’t mistaken, the original Lin Tian’s final longing and desire were toward Lin Qiuhan, and if she were to respond with scorn and disdain, Lin Tian would surely be disconcerted. At the end of the day, the biggest flaw of body possession was having to deal with the host’s desires. If the host’s desires failed to be fulfilled, conflict was prone to occur between the possessor and the host. Alas, Lin Tian had, since then, fallen under an unliftable curse.


Naturally, Gu Changge could easily get his hands on Lin Tian’s final 200 Fortuity and at the same time accomplish his mission to kill the Fortuitous One. Besides, the Zero Fortuity Rule came with a Heavenly Gift that Gu Changge was very eager to seize. As for the possibility of the siblings killing each other, Gu Changge believed it was very low as Lin Tian was disrupted by his desires, and he would never do anything that would harm Lin Qiuhan.


“You’re still pretending, even now?” Gazing at the older face of her brother, Lin Qiuhan was visibly pained before iciness and malice surged in her eyes.


“Qiuhan, what are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re saying!” Hearing that, Lin Tian seemed stunned, questioning with a perplexed face, as if he was actually clueless to what his sister was saying. He gawked at his surroundings in fear. “Qiuhan, you haven’t answered me. Why am I in this underground prison?”


Worldless was Lin Qiuhan as icy was her stationary gaze. If it weren’t for Gu Changge’s warning, she might still be under Lin Tian’s deception and assuming that he was truly oblivious to the recent happenings. When a Cursed Spirit possessed a body, it would devour the host’s memories. Thus, pretending to be amnesiac might have been too easy,


“Qiuhan! I’m your brother, Lin Tian! Why won’t you believe me!? I still remember how you came to me to rant after being scolded by Father when you were six years old…”


No matter how Lin Tian persuaded, Lin Qiuhan wasn’t affected in the slightest. Instead, her emotions gradually waned. It would have been better if he kept quiet as the more he spoke, the more depressed and nostalgic she grew.


[Ah, this went south!] Swiftly, Lin Tian noticed something was off as things felt dire. When he saw Gu Changge’s mischievously enthralled eyes, he grew even more perturbed as he realized he couldn’t trick two people at once. [I’ve just escaped death once. Am I going to die here once again?] 


Lin Tian was completely reluctant. In that instant, he could even sense the host’s desires vilely shunning him as the Cursed Spirit started to intertwine with his desires.


“Shut up!” Lin Qiuhan was out of patience. With her reddened eyes, she furiously, coldly shouted, “You damned Cursed Spirit!”


“Qiuhan…” A vacant look momentarily flashed across Lin Tian’s eyes as he muttered, “Why? I’ve never hurt you… I’ve never even had the intention to. Why are you treating me this way?” 


Right now, he could no longer distinguish whether he was the God King of the Sky or the rascal of a teenager; his identity became ambiguous with the Cursed Spirit and his desires fused.


<*Ding!* Lin Tian encounters a desire backlash and loses control of his body, losing 200 Fortuity. User is rewarded with 1000 Fatums. Reminder: The Fortuitous One’s Fortuity has now reached zero. The Zero Fortuity Rule is now in effect.> 


All of a sudden, Gu Changge heard the System’s notification. Knowing his patience had come to fruition, he revealed a tender look as he gently comforted Lin Qiuhan. “I know you can’t do it, so let me deal with this evil creature. Why don’t you step out?”


“Alright.” Lin Qiuhan was moved and quickly fled with her reddened eyes. Despite her intense impulse to murder the man before him, he looked just like her own brother, and there was no way she could execute him.


After Lin Qiuhan left, Gu Changge approached Lin Tian with his arms behind his back and revealed a subtle grin. “Do you know why I didn’t have you cremated or buried?”


“You knew I was faking it? Gu Changge, who are you, really? And what are your true intentions?” With that, Lin Tian growled like a beast.


“Intentions? What intentions could I have? You were the one who tried to kill me,” Gu Changge casually said as his eyes grew deeper and inkier. As if millions of demonic beams were surging in his eyes, he glared at Lin Tian straight in the eyes.


“Who are you? Why do you know of such methods?” Lin Tian panicked as he looked back at Gu Changge’s eyes. He felt as if he had fallen into an endless abyss, as if he was about to be engulfed by a dark, gargantuan spiral.


[This young man, Gu Changge, possesses an abysmally intimidating demonic aura and there are millions of demons backing him up as if they are about to turn order into chaos. And it’s too dangerous for Lin Qiuhan to trust him this much!] As the thought popped up in his mind, Lin Tian’s heart started to ache, devastated by the unfair circumstance.


“Why’d a corpse want to know this much?” Gu Changge leered at Lin Tian with his chilly eyes as he covered his forehead with his palm.


“What demonic power is this… Ah!” Immensely terrified, Lin Tian shrieked.


Gu Changge’s palm traveled across Lin Tian’s conscience and ebony light gleamed as a black goblet appeared and waited to contain his mind. The next second, dim glows illuminated as the goblet sent a powerful devouring force. Consequently, Lin Tian’s Cursed Spirit instantaneously dispersed before the room was filled with silence once again.


“Ah, so he’s a creature that was in the Enlightened King Realm in his past life. Still, that doesn’t affect the scrumptious taste of the Cursed Spirit.” Gu Changge subconsciously shut his eyes and softly praised.


Silavin: Hey guys, changed the realms cause, the names sucks. I’ve even changed the past chapters as well. The index page will have the glossary of cultivation levels I plan to use. To me, these new terms makes more sense that what they have on the wiki, which isn’t their fault since the author just wanted to make the cultivation realms sound cool.

Easiest for you to remember is God -> Enlightented. Kinda strange that God came up first then later on, you become a Saint. Makes no sense. Worse, after God, you don’t really have a level system that works since God is typically the highest being. Note: the index page will have the terms which shows the future realms as well.

False God / Pseudo God / Quasi-God Realm Partial-Enlightented Realm
True God Realm True Enlightented Realm
Celestial God Realm Enlightened Noble Realm
Divine King Realm Enlightened King Realm
Quasi-Saint Realm Quasi-Sacred Realm


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