I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 48, Bonus of Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest, Fated Villain Aura Band


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Naturally, there wasn’t any resistance or pressure when Gu Changge devoured the Cursed Spirit of a Enlightened King Realm being with Nommening (his skill). He then shut his eyes to rest for a while as he read the memories of the God King of the Sky. For the strongman who reincarnated in a rascal’s body as a Fortuitous One, the most precious things were his experiences in mastering divine techniques and participating in wars in his previous life, everything else was basically dispensable.


Regardless, it all belonged to Gu Changge now. Not only could Nommening devour the origins of kings, but it could also devour the Spirits of the Gods. In fact, the reason he had Lin Qiuhan retreat was to prevent anyone from seeing his demonic Spells. Since there were innumerable spirit-searching methods in the Beyond, he couldn’t afford to trust anyone other than himself.


“Consuming cursed spirits may increase the level of my Primordial Spirits. That indeed felt incomparably orgasmic, but if the usage of this forbidden demonic Spell were to get exposed, I’m dead for sure.” Sensing the rapid growth of the strength of his Primordial Spirits, he could feel his power level even surpassing that of numerous cultivators of Honoured King Realm.


Right when he was contemplating, the System voiced a notification in his conscience.


<*Ding!* First Blood: first kill of a Fortuitous One with the Zero Fortuity Rule in effect.  Calculating…>

<Congratulations! User is rewarded with a bonus of a Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest, 100 Fortuity and 500 Fatums.>

<Assessing reward for First Blood… User is rewarded with First Blood Treasure Chest.> 

<Fortuity Conversion is now unlocked. User can now convert Fortuity to Fatums with a 1:10 ratio.>


Hearing the reminder, Gu Changge instinctively grew enthralled. Apart from the Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest, he also obtained the First Blood Treasure Chest. [Fortuity Conversion? Does that mean I’ll be able to spend Fortuity like the almighty Fatums?]


Thereupon, he found himself an ultimate pillar. There had always been an old saying of burning luck in exchange for a safe journey, and if Gu Changge, as the antagonist, were to encounter any grueling hazards, he just might be able to turn the situation around by converting Fortuity into Fatums. But of course, Gu Changge wouldn’t rashly do so. At least, as of now, he was aware of the importance of Fortuity. In fact, Fortuitous Ones were nothing without Fortuity.


“Open the First Blood Treasure Chest,” Gu Changge said. He was quite curious about the contents of the First Blood Treasure Chest. After all, the reward system, like gashapons in his previous life, were highly luck-dependent. Accordingly, a golden light flashed before his eyes and a golden chest popped up. Upon a thump, the chest revealed its contents.


<*Ding!* Congratulations! User is most fortunate! Obtained Fortuity Plundering Talisman*3, One-third Fragment of the World Seed*1, System Reward Crit Talisman*1.> The system’s monotonous voice stated.


“Fortuity Plundering Talisman?” Gu Changge was somewhat bewildered. Reading the introduction of the talisman, he found that the item could plunder the Fortuity of a Fortuitous One, but with a certain probability of failure which was determined by the Fortuitous One’s situation. If the plundering succeeded, the Fortuitous One’s Fortuity would immediately drop to zero while transferring their Fortuity to the user; if the plundering failed, nothing remarkable would happen.


“System Reward Crit Talisman? Allows random criticals when receiving rewards. Final reward may be one-tenth, ten times, or a hundred times of the original reward…” Gu Changge let out a scoff after reading the functionalities of another talisman, only to find out it was also pretty luck-dependent. However, based on his experience of opening two chests, he was quite the lucky one. And he was saving it for Ye Chen.


As for the Fortuity Plundering Talisman, it could prove handy. Before, if Gu Changge wished to seize the Fortuity of a Fortuitous One, he would have to indirectly suppress the Fortuitous One, but with the Fortuity Plundering Talisman, the procedure could be eliminated and Gu Changge could swiftly obtain a Fortuitous One’s Fortuity. Though, that came with a probability of failure.


Then, Gu Changge took a look at the price of the Fortuity Plundering Talisman in the System Shop, only to find that it cost 10,000 Fatums per talisman, which was quite burdensome. In other words, he would have to guarantee that he could earn 2000 Fortuity to compensate for his cost. Or else, it would be a total loss.


Nonetheless, Gu Changge figured that the Fortuitous Ones he would meet in the future would possess a decent amount of Fortuity. So far, Sky Blue Realm, where he currently was, was a little too puny, and wouldn’t be considered powerful among the countless Overworlds. 


Based on his knowledge, Sky Blue Realm was at most a Basic Thousand World, where cultivators of Partial-Enlightented had the ability to break through the space-time barrier. A slightly bigger Overworld—namely, Intermediate Thousand World—was where the God King of Sky was supposed to live, and it would require a cultivator of Enlightened King Realm to break through the space-time barrier. Meanwhile, the Beyond, where Gu Changge originated, functioned as an unimaginably complex bridge and platform that connected the Basic Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Thousand Worlds, and Advanced Thousand Worlds.


With that, Gu Changge opened another reward of his—Heavenly Gift Treasure Chest. He estimated its content to be related to the Fortuitous One. A golden gleam flashed before his eyes as the System voiced a notification.


<*Ding!* Congratulations! User is rewarded Fated One Aura Band. Automatically transforming… Congratulations! User is rewarded with a Fated Villain Aura Band. Congratulations! User is rewarded with the Supreme Heart.>


“Fated Villain Aura Band?” Gu Changge was rather uninterested in the rest as he was enthralled upon reading the introductory text of the Aura Band. 


<Fated Villain: Due to User’s identity as the Fated Villain, the difference in Fortuity can be disregarded when subduing a Fortuitous One.>


“What does ‘difference in Fortuity can be disregarded’ mean?” Gu Changge quizzed the System with a frown.


<Too great a difference in Fortuity may result in Negative Fortuity. When User’s strength immensely exceeds that of a Fortuitous One in addition to the huge deficit in Fortuity, the Heavenly Path will protect the Fortuitous One, and thus, Negative Fortuity takes effect.> the System explained.


“So when I first transmigrated here, my Fortuity was too low while my strength was too overbearing, but the Heavenly Path couldn’t straightforwardly deal with me, so they came up with an invisible protection called Negative Fortuity…” Gu Changge was well aware of that. Now that his Fortuity had been raised, he no longer needed to care about Negative Fortuity when confronting the insignificant Ye Chen and Lin Tian. Nevertheless, what if history were to repeat itself? Thanks to the Fated Villain Aura Band, the flaw was eliminated and things were now much smoother.


As for the other reward—the Supreme Heart, Gu Changge gave its description a brief read and found out it was the cultivated heart of a cultivator of Enlightened King Realm millennia ago. To Gu Changge, Lin Tian’s cultivated heart didn’t seem any special. However, since it was a gift from the System, there shouldn’t be any issues. Hence, Gu Changge opted for fusion, and instantly, he felt a warming sensation wrapping around his body while his conscience grew hazy, as if thousands of years instantaneously flashed across his mind. Thousands of years of events played back so speedily, yet so clearly.


He then revealed a glower. [My heart doesn’t feel anything different. Though, my perception and insight have obviously changed. Basically, they’re much more refined than before.]


After all, he was a transmigrator. Although his adaptive ability was adept, the Supreme Heart would be able to help him save some more time with certain processes. A cultivated heart, similar to Fortuity, was ambiguously subjective as everyone had a different understanding of it.




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