I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 49, One Fell Swoop, Life Spirits of Ancient Mystic Mountains

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Lin Tian was dead, and what remained of him was a hollow vessel. 


To Gu Changge, there were a number of ways to deal with a Fortuitous One. Namely, direct slaughter, which was the simplest method, but only a portion of Fatums could be earned this way. Besides, the Zero Fortuity Rule wouldn’t be triggered, and thus no Heavenly Gift could be acquired.


The other way was by continuously oppressing the Fortuitous One and seizing every Fatum and every bit of Destiny they held. Accordingly, murdering them after their Fortuity was exhausted to zero could gain an extra Heavenly Gift. Although it was more tedious, the reward could potentially be maximized. And Gu Changge was confident which method he liked best.


With that, with a calm face, he summoned the virtual interface as he was walking out of the underground prison. The virtual interface seemed new.


<User: Gu Changge

Aura Band: Fated Villain

Identity: Direct Disciple of Skyward Schloss

Bloodline: Demonic Heart, Daoist Bone

Level: Intermediate Honoured Lord Realm

Spells: Skyward Ascension (Level 7), Demonization (Talent), Nature God’s Chant (Talent), Nommening…

Fatums: 4500

Fortuity: 450 (Onyx)

System Shop: Unlocked

Storage: Domain Shattering Talisman*1, One-third Fragment of the World Seed*2, Fortuity Plundering Talisman*3, System Reward Crit Talisman*1>


“This batch of harvest is quite fruitful.” Gu Changge subconsciously revealed a grin. “With 450 Fortuity, there’s so much I can finally do. Besides, the Eight Barren Demon Halberd is about to show up. I shall quickly deal with Ye Chen now that he no longer has any use for me. Also, I should probably get prepared for the Beyond, or my return is gonna be messy.”


Then, Gu Changge’s brows tensed as he was contemplating matters in the Beyond and making plans to make his return smooth. It was as he once imagined—although he came from a family of immortals and got into the Cult of Immortality, his position in the Beyond wasn’t exactly pleasant. Essentially, he bore ill intentions as he was getting into Skyward Schloss. Therefore, he was made a Direct Disciple instead of a Legend, which was closely related to his other identity. Due to that, many elders of Skyward Schloss were defensive against him. Hence, he had to think of a way to stabilize his position whenever he returned to the Beyond. Otherwise, he’d be dead before he could kill another Fortuitous One.


Skyward Schloss, as an unrivaled, overdominant Cult of Immortality in the Beyond, stood for an eternity, and its might was not to be questioned. Many ancient families and mystic empires wished to send their disciples to Skyward Schloss to obtain a fortuitous future. On the other hand, although Gu Changge had the support of his family of immortals, conquering the Cult of Immortality was still quite the hassle. [Well, I can leave those problems to my future self when I return to the Beyond. There is no point worrying about the unchangeable now.]


“Prince Gu…” Outside the underground prison, Lin Qiuhan was waiting for Gu Changge and intuitively called him when she saw him exit. Her eyes were still red as she had yet to recover from her despair.


“Don’t worry. I’ve dealt with Lin Tian for you. The Cursed Spirit that took over his body was erased from existence,” Gu Changge comforted with a subtle smile.


“Thank you, Prince Gu. I shouldn’t have bothered you with such a trivial matter…” Lin Qiuhan expressed her gratitude.


“You’re welcome. All in a day’s work,” Gu Changge replied in a tender tone as his smile remained. As a matter of fact, even if Lin Qiuhan wished to kill Lin Tian himself, Gu Changge wouldn’t allow her. At the end of the day, he had to be the one who drew the final strike in order to acquire the Heavenly Gift. At the same time, he could also deepen Lin Qiuhan’s admiration and loyalty, and that, to him, was a win-win situation.


“Let’s put your brother to rest. After being possessed for so long, his soul might still be around and he could still make it to his reincarnation.” Followingly, Gu Changge said with a smile.


Back when Lin Tian was possessed, his soul had already merged with that of the God King of Sky, or there wouldn’t have been a conflict in desires. In fact, Lin Tian’s soul was also devoured by Gu Changge earlier. ‘Reincarnation’ was merely a comforting word as right now, Gu Changge’s priority was to calm Lin Qiuhan’s heart.


“Understood. I shall make arrangements for his burial right away.” Lin Qiuhan was surprised that, even now, Gu Changge was still thinking of her. As she felt touched, she quickly went to arrange her brother’s funeral.


Watching as she departed, Gu Changge said not a word as his smile waned. An innocent woman was the easiest to manipulate, and all that was needed were a good look, courteous speeches and a splash of tenderness. Later, Gu Changge, unaffected, spent 3000 Fatums to break through from Intermediate Honoured Lord Realm to Advanced Honoured Lord Realm. Although these two levels were only a sub-Realm apart, to the young master, the breakthrough gave him immense power unimaginable by the ordinary.


In spite of the fact that Gu Changge rarely got involved in combat, his strength was not to be underestimated. In fact, he wouldn’t even need to lift a finger as his aura alone was able to suppress his foes. Therefore, if he were to get involved in a fight, even a being of Honoured King Realm could be killed off easily.


Indubitably, breaking through a sub-Realm was quite a costly decision. Thus, in order to break through to Peak Honoured Lord Realm, he estimated he would require even more Fatums—at least 5000. However, the expenses were definitely worth it.


As of now, his Skyward Ascension was about to reach level eight. According to his memories, no Direct Disciples of Skyward Schloss had ever achieved the same level. Though, there was no telling if they encountered any breakthrough or Destiny. However, having descended to the Overworld for almost half a year, Gu Changge thought his progress was quite a swift one.



It was less than three days until the commencement of the Great Conference in Middle State. Moonward Metropolis was growing merrier than ever as its streets were filled with cultivators and Life Spirits of various Sects and factions. The town was incomparably exuberant.


After the devastation of Karura Holy Land, forces grew even more respectful toward the young master who came from the Beyond, but in the same way, they assumed they could achieve prosperity as long as they were able to please the young master.


The Lin Family was the perfect example. They were so complacent their noses were in the sky; everywhere they went, their domineering faces earned them respect and gratification as none dared to upset them. In this world where power meant everything, only the strong were in control, and many forces practiced such a belief.


At that moment, in Moonward Metropolis, in a mystic chamber where spiritual mist wafted, a number of young Life Spirits were in discussion. They either had a pair of wings, grew violet scales on their forehead, bore outworldly charm, or had their arms engulfed in flames. Each of them was shielded in godly beams and their aura was obviously daunting. Even the legends from each holy land of Middle State were nothing compared to the Life Spirits. Hell, they weren’t even worthy enough to be compared to them.


Among the Life Spirits, the weakest was of Mighty-Transcendent Realm, and that was enough to trump slightly older cultivators. Moreover, not far away from these young Life Spirits stood old servants and subordinates with alarming aura. If an outsider were to barge into the room, they would surely be shocked, terrified and scarred for life.


Ancient Mystic Mountains was where these Life Spirits came from, and their origins were highly horrifying. In that instant, they were having a discussion.


“To think Karura Holy Land was annihilated so effortlessly… Who is that young man from the Beyond? What’s the deal with him?” The young Life Spirit with a pair of wings shook his head, seemingly sentimental. Though, the sentimentality was merely pretense. To be honest, he couldn’t care less about Karura Holy Land.


“No matter what his deal is, I’ll make sure he pays!” An absolutely stunning young woman with a pair of freezing, hostile eyes shouted as she gripped a white sword on the table.



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