I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 5, Beautiful Moon, Easy Fatums


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Silavin


[So what you’re saying is that, even at the lowest Fortuity, I still can’t murder the Fortuitous One?] Gu Changge conversed in his mind for a long time. After listening to the system’s explanation, he revealed a frown.


“Yes, User. Fortuity is erratic and by no means predictable. With your current strength, killing Ye Chen takes no effort, but that will lead to a series of aberrations, because, User, you are the biggest aberration yet,” the system elucidated.


Heeding the message, Gu Changge nodded. [The Fortuitous One really lives up to his name, doesn’t he? Even the Gods are shielding him.] With the simplest analogy, if Gu Changge were to kill Ye Chen off right now, a lightning bolt would instantly be cast from the skies upon him. [Regardless, the Gods can’t do anything as your downfall is only a matter of time!] Unaffected by the obstacle, Gu Changge scoffed in his heart.


With that, he took a glimpse at everyone’s Fortuity in the palace. Apart from Ye Chen’s five hundred Fortuity, Su Qingge had the highest Fortuity at three hundred and fifty. Discovering that, Gu Changge grew even more determined about his inference that Su Qingge was undoubtedly the female protagonist. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but wonder whether ‘conquering’ Su Qingge right away would also lead to Negative Fortuity. If the answer was a yes, things would certainly be inconvenient.


In the current world or the previous one, the transmigrator was never an insensible man who constantly revolved his decisions around his crotch. After all, although Fortuity was intangible, its existence was as real as it would get, so he couldn’t afford to risk dying by it.


Regardless, it wasn’t the end of the world as all the transmigrator had to do was to exhaust their Fortuity, just like the system notified. 


<*Ding!* Ye Chen was defeated in public, losing 10 Fortuity. User is rewarded with 50 Fatums.> 


Fifty Fatums was considered as an amount that was neither too large nor too small. Either way, to Gu Changge, fifty Fatums could get him a handful of rewards such as increasing his power level and Talents, which was much more rewarding than going through tedious training sessions.


“Ye Chen defied the Sect rules publicly and even insulted Prince Gu himself. Men, confine him in prison to await Prince Gu’s execution.” At that moment, the elder from the Justice Court announced. He was a daunting-looking old man with a muscular build and a broad jaw. He was also highly respected in Supreme Stygian Holy Land. Although he was a highly equitable man on normal days, where he held Ye Chen in high regard, he was aware of the current circumstance—Ye Chen had offended someone he shouldn’t have. As an inconsequential Sect Disciple, Ye Chen was obligated not to bring forth turbulence to the Sect.


Sensing gratification in the Justice Court elder’s testing eyes, Gu Changge slightly nodded before retreating to his seat with an expression as ambiguous as ever. [Me executing Ye Chen personally? What a good idea. But d*mn was it a surprise to know that bushy-brow justice man is in on this as well!] He snickered in his heart.


As Gu Changge’s suppression waned, Ye Chen could finally stand up. His face was full of stupefaction and reluctance as he felt utterly discredited. Right now, he was questioning himself the exact same thing Gu Changge predicted. [Why did Master not respond to me at such a crucial moment? Had she, too, betrayed me? Or was she also horrified by Gu Changge’s background?] 


In that instant, his body froze as his eyes grew icier, especially so when he saw Su Qingge’s behavior. She spoke not a word the whole time, simply standing by in silence, and she even willingly served tea to Gu Changge. Ye Chen saw everything and was devastated by how the damsel he adored pleased another man so willingly. [Does she not see that I’m giving up everything and challenging the entire Supreme Stygian Holy Land, all for her sake?] Consequently, all there was in Ye Chen now was remorse and nothing else.


But of course, how could Su Qingge miss the look on his face? She acknowledged that he misunderstood her, but she couldn’t simply let the Sect that raised her for twenty years be threatened for Ye Chen. Thus, she chose to lower her head quietly as she clenched her snowy fists, not turning to meet Ye Chen’s eyes.


“Saintess Qingge, I heard the moon is going to be beautiful tonight. Perhaps you’d allow me the honor to invite you to a moonlight serenade?” Gu Changge uttered all of a sudden. Indubitably, he had caught both Su Qingge’s and Ye Chen’s expressions, so he wouldn’t forgo such an impeccable opportunity. On his boney face was a striking, tender smile.


However, his words caught Su Qingge by surprise. Instantaneously, her face subtly blushed as she was visibly flustered. Nevertheless, she quickly grasped Gu Changge’s intention before her body stiffened as her face started to pale, especially when she noticed the mischief and mockery in Gu Changge’s deep, ebony eyes. [He was only saying that to provoke Ye Chen.] Su Qingge discerned his implication, unlike the rest in the palace. There were even some that were jealous of her.


Meanwhile, the Archbishop was ecstatic as he kept on eyeing his daughter. If Gu Changge had eyes on Su Qingge, regardless of whether they would be brought to the Beyond, to Supreme Stygian Holy Land, it would only mean undwindling opportunities. By then, power and glory were no longer mere dreams.


“Gu Changge, you sly, shameless b*stard! What can you do besides persecuting the weak!? If you’re that strong, descend to my Realm and let’s have a fair fight! You brazen son of a b*tch! I’ll murder you as soon as I can!” At that moment, Ye Chen, as if a lunatic, uncontrollably roared as his eyes grew red. In that instant, his mind was in no right state to endure Gu Changge’s words and gestures.


Alas, Gu Changge made no response as he proceeded to take a sip of his tea; never once did he raise his eyes to look away.


*Pfft!* Ultimately, Ye Chen, overwhelmed by the immense humiliation, spewed blood before passing out.


With that, the Gold Finger’s ring system popped a notification. 


<*Ding!* Ye Chen encountered mental perturbation, losing 100 Fortuity. User is rewarded with 500 Fatums.> 


[Tsk. Fatum? More like easy money!] Gu Changge leisurely sipped his tea.




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  1. Why are words like “damn” or “bastard” censored? The censorship is jarring. It seems out of place. It makes me feel like I’m reading a forum post instead of a novel, it really brings the quality of the translation down.

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