I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 50, Adopted Ye Liuli, Born Limited


Translator: Fate

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The young woman, blessed with snowy skin, was dressed in purple. Her features were impeccable while her long legs were slender as her body emitted icy aura. She didn’t seem too old. She looked as if she was in her late teens. Her eyes were unlike those of humans, they were bewitchingly glistening.


In that instant, the young Life Spirits from the Ancient Mystic Mountains were looking at her as if she was their leader. Evidently, by the admiring looks in their eyes, the young woman in purple carried a significant identity in Ancient Mystic Mountains.


Hearing her words, the young Life Spirit with wings swayed his arm and expressed his approval. “Worry not, Miss Liuli. Although the origin of the young man from the Beyond may perhaps be alarming, it shouldn’t be of any concern to us, beings of Ancient Mystic Mountains. How dare he upset Miss Liuli. We must get to the bottom of this! Huh, it’s  been millenia since our last expedition, and the beings in Sky Blue Realm must have forgotten our existence. When we finally conquer Sky Blue Realm, they’ll be nothing but slaves! To think a young man who came from the Beyond with his old servant has stirred up such a great disturbance in Middle State.


The rest of the young Life Spirits nodded with agreeing looks with underlying pride and indifference. The so-called empires and holy lands in Middle State were nothing but dust to them and could be wiped off the map with a lift of a finger. Since Ancient Mystic Mountains depended on the Beyond, there were quite a number of cultivators of Partial-Enlightented Realm that dwelled in the Mystic Mountains. The great races backing them up were even more daunting as they took over innumerable cities and had existed since the beginning of time. Those great races also gained respect from certain unnamed factions and immortal legacies.


Hearing that, the young woman in purple nodded wordlessly as her aura grew even icier.


With that, the young Life Spirits began to suggest that they bring the young man from the Beyond over to the young woman in purple for execution, to which she shook her head and coldly said, “No, I wish to go see for myself who that man is, and how he is bold enough to frame Chen! All he has is a Partial-Enlightented Realm old man, what gives him the right to act so mindlessly! I’ll never forgive him!”


Upon those words, the crowd agreed unanimously.


“His origin would no longer matter once he’s before Miss Liuli! By then, he’d be begging for mercy on his knees…”


Before the crowd stood the young woman in purple whose position was respected, and she was also a Direct Disciple of a powerful clan in the Beyond. Her name was Ye Liuli.


When she was three, she was sent to the Overworld for adoption due to certain reasons. When she was six, due to a turmoil that took place in Ancient Mystic Mountains, she was once again sent away to the successor of an old servant. That successor belonged to the Ye Family—Ye Chen’s family. During that time, she grew up with Ye Chen and their bond was deep. When she turned thirteen, she was returned to Ancient Mystic Mountains for training, which took five whole years. And this time, she wished to head out of Ancient Mystic Mountains to look for Ye Chen, only to hear unpleasant news about him on her journey.


Thereupon, she was dazed, restless, and vexed. [Chen offended a young master from the Beyond and had to run away from Eastern Barren before ending up in Middle State. That doesn’t feel real at all! Eyeing for the Most Graceful Damsel of Eastern Barren without knowing his place? Chen’s an honest, kind, resolute man! He’d never do such a thing! This was undoubtedly slander! What’s even worse is that Karura Holy Land, the force Chen was close with, was annihilated!] Thinking of that, Ye Liuli grew even more infuriated as murderous intent surged in her heart.


After regaining composure, she arrived at Moonward Metropolis to seek information regarding the young master from the Beyond. Bearing vengeance in mind, she was ready to get to know the origin of the young master from the Beyond.


“Xue Yi, I want news about Chen.” All of a sudden, Ye Liuli began talking to the empty space beside her with an emotionless voice.


*Whoosh!* A ripple occured in the air before a stunning middle-aged woman appeared. Hiding within thin air and in the ground—such methods were only achievable by cultivators of Partial-Enlightented Realm.


Hearing that, as helplessness flashed across her eyes, Xue Yi gently replied, “Miss Liuli, Ye Chen’s whereabouts are unknown. Even I am clueless about them. All I know is that he has come to Middle State.”


Despite saying that, Xue Yi wasn’t at all interested in the matter. After all, to her, Ye Chen had a lowly identity, and wasn’t worth the noble Ye Liuli’s time and effort. If they were to find Ye Chen, the first thing Xue Yi intended to do was to have Ye Chen stay away from Ye Liuli. After all, given Ye Liuli’s magnificent identity, Ye Chen didn’t deserve to know her or even take a peek at her. Since they came from different worlds, there shouldn’t be any interactions between them in the future.


“Really?” Somewhat saddened, Ye Liuli muttered, “It must have been hard for Chen all this time…” Her eyes grew hazy as she started reminiscing about her past with Ye Chen. Due to her dignified identity, her peers from the Ye Family never dared to talk to her as they all feared her, but not Ye Chen. Ye Chen would always share all the fun things and delicious foods with her. There was even one time where he almost lost his life venturing into the woods behind the mountains in order to forage some fruit for her.



Reliving such memories, Ye Liuli grew even more depressed, worried, and perturbed, fearing some sort of accident would take Ye Chen away from her for the rest of her life.


“Miss Liuli, you will eventually return to the Beyond and are bound to be a mighty empress there. Ye Chen couldn’t even achieve Partial-Enlightented Realm in his lifetime, why don’t you—” Seeing that, Xue Yi intuitively voiced her advice. 


[Ye Chen is no good-doer, and perhaps even an evil man. Ever since he was a kid, all he did was try to win Miss Liuli’s heart. In fact, the only men that could match Miss Liuli’s grace were those youthful talents in the Beyond.]


Nonetheless, Ye Liuli shook her head and interjected with an unwavering voice. “Xue Yi, you don’t have to convince me. I’m aware that none of you bear any respect for Chen, but I firmly believe that, one day, he, too, will break through the skies. Even now, I still remember what he once told me—’The sky’s the limit for a young one.’”


Helpless, Xue Yi was rendered speechless. [Oh, Miss Liuli, you’ll only understand that Ye Chen is nothing once you meet the youthful talents in the Beyond. None can determine what the future may hold. ‘The sky’s the limit for a young one?’ Give him thirty thousand more years and he’d still be standing where he is. Some people are just born limited.


“Xue Yi, let’s go meet the so-called young master from the Beyond and see who he is. By then, his Partial-Enlightented Realm servant shall be yours to handle.” Coldness quickly reoccurred on Ye Liuli’s face as she spoke. She was getting prepared to head to the Ancient Lin Family to meet the young master and avenge Ye Chen.




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