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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 502, This Fortuity Is Already Corrupted; Will Usher in a Terrifying Catastrophe

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Sky Deer City had sat in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, standing firmly atop the mountain ranges  for aeons. The city wall alone spanned tens of millions of kilometres, standing tall even after defending against countless Upper Realm invasions. Even the stars were as tiny as specks of dust in front of it.


However, it has all been ruined now. The wall was shaking, and all the runes on it crumbled down like the tide, fading away in two trembles. The blue-grey wall was filled with marks left by weapons, with blood splatters everywhere.


*Rumble!* Countless stars revolving around Sky Deer City exploded into clouds of dust under the supreme experts’ powers. A massive and terrifying rift had formed on the barrier outside Sky Deer City.


Endless strong wind and Principles rushed out, making all on the city wall shudder with pale faces, terrified beyond words.


From their line of sight, only legions of terrifying Upper Realm soldiers could be seen, charging in their direction with unstoppable momentum. The sea seemed to surge at every step and even thunder and lighting appeared weak compared to them.


Inside the city, countless began gathering at the city wall, but even more ran in the opposite direction, using the chaos to flee the city. Even the few supreme experts who had fought outside Sky Deer City had chosen to yield and dared not continue to fight the Upper Realm, so why should they continue to resist? 


All those inspiring, morale-igniting words to fight to the death were only to win their hearts. In the end, they ultimately revealed their true cowardly characters. 


[Four Powerful War God Clans? More like a phoney, glory-seeking group!] 


Many cursed the Four Powerful War God Clans while running for their lives. Divine rainbows wrapped around them, and at the same time, ancient altars glowed one after another, and brilliant passageways connecting to other places shone, one after another.


While Sky Deer City was in utter chaos, the several ancient great halls right in the centre shone brilliantly.


Inside sat several figures that looked to be older than time. They sat seemingly lifelessly in their spots, looking like they hadn’t moved in aeons. Now that they sensed the atmosphere outside Sky Deer City, brilliant divine light began emerging. It was a sacred and crystal-clear light, shining on the top of their heads as massive waves of divine sense emitted from them. Every one of them, who had fathomless power, was gradually awakening.


Among them, someone moved his eyes before slowly lifting his eyelids.


“Has the day finally arrived?” he sighed, seemingly already aware of what Sky Deer City and the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains were facing.


“I had seen endless blood and fire. The earth had been engulfed in darkness; the sun and moon had been eroded by the crossfire, and everything got crushed…” Another Elder had also opened his eyes. He looked hoary and scrawny; even his cheekbones were caved in. However, his eyes burned brilliantly bright.


*Boom!* Rays of light exploded and shook the heavens, illuminating the depths of the galaxy. 


Many from Sky Deer City beamed with joy when they sensed the turbulence.


No True Daoists apart from those of the Four Powerful War God Clans could be found in Sky Deer City anymore. They had been held captive, but worst of all, they voluntarily yielded to the Upper Realm, and it left those inside Sky Deer City devastated.


Now that a different group of True Daoist aura had emerged, they were naturally elated.


Meanwhile, within the several palaces, the supreme experts, who had all entered into retreat within Sky Deer City for some reason, began getting up. They gradually exited their retreat after sensing a great battle had befallen Sky Deer City.


Brilliant divine rainbows flew across the sky and landed atop the city wall, but what they saw left them devastated and shaking.


“Charge!” Outside Sky Deer City, the ginormous Upper Realm Army was pouring in from the horizon with mighty and terrifying energy.


Charging at the forefront were the even more terrifying war beasts that were ridden by Sacred Emperor Realm experts. Each stride the beasts took would leave the ground shaking, and one step from them was enough to stomp countless to death.


It was a piece of black sun that spanned trillions of kilometres, a sight of the apocalypse. Meanwhile, a corner of the defence array had been ripped apart, making it the weakest spot, which the entire Upper Realm Army charged towards.


*Boom!* Right then, an even more terrifying explosion came from the sky, and a red spear formed from many Principles slit the sky open, seemingly able to pierce through eternity and lacerate the universe before heading straight for Sky Deer City.


The sight made all within the city kneel involuntarily. Chills ran down their spines as they watched the spear obliterate all the terrifying runes that appeared on the city wall, completely unstoppable.


Unfortunately, the city no longer retained the power to defend itself. It violently shook as though it would crumble following the attack, and the revelation left those of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains devastated.


Gu Changge finally launched an attack. To those of Sky Deer City, his existence was nothing but a nightmare. Though he looked handsome and otherworldly, his powers were unparalleled. This casual attack alone was already enough to break down the defence array.


“Surrender, and you shall live; fight, and you will die!” announced the Upper Realm True Daoists impassively. Though they weren’t loud, their voices could be heard clearly.


Intense auras enveloped them as they moved forward, forcing those in front of them to kneel.


On the other hand, those within Sky Deer City couldn’t help shuddering. Now that they had no more True Daoists to defend them, and their cultivation levels were far too low, the situation would be tantamount to ants facing a Dragon. This was especially so when they had to face True Daoists. Only death awaited them.


“A while more until we can enter the city. No matter, it won’t take long.” After launching one attack, Gu Changge gazed into the depths of Sky Deer City. He had a feeling the place wasn’t as simple as it looked on the outside.


The Land of Rebirth the Sky Deer Goddess mentioned was very likely to be hiding a great amount of Fortituity and Karma. But now, Sky Deer City’s forces alone couldn’t even withstand his attack, so what more the Upper Realm Army?


*Boom!* Just then, light burst through to the sky in the heart of Sky Deer City. The aura of True Daoists permeated the air and raged on. They belonged to none other than the powerful figures who had just awoken and exited their retreat. 


That said, they were prudent when facing the Upper Realm’s intimidating army. Though they had just awoken, they already knew all that had happened at Sky Deer City, and they couldn’t help sighing. Of course, they were saddened and furious.


Who’d have thought the clans would abandon the city and flee instead of sticking together in times of crisis!? That even the True Daoists of the Four Powerful War God Clans surrendered to the Upper Realm in front of those of Sky Deer City.


The revelation made them livid and sad. A burst of sky-shattering and ground-shaking emotions surged within them. However, nothing could be done anymore. They understood no one from the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains could hold back the Upper Realm Army back after Sky Deer City had been breached.


Just the sheer number of True Daoists the enemy had already left them hopeless, so what more those who were still hidden and hadn’t attacked?!


Some from the Upper Realm had already taken half a step into the Immortal Realm. Their powers alone could subdue the world, making them peerless. So how could the Sky Deer City cultivators stop them? They were no match for the Upper Realm at all from the very beginning.


“Now that the city has been breached, surrender if any of you want to. No one will accuse you. This is just destined,” said the powerful beings to those of Sky Deer City with helplessness.


A few ancient characters recognised them but couldn’t help feeling saddened, for these were brave, heroic beings who had fought in past battles with the Upper Realm. In fact, they had been crowned as heroes.


However, word was that they had disappeared, seemingly having entered a retreat somewhere or passed away. Who’d have thought that somewhere was inside Sky Deer City all this time!? But now that it had come to this, the chances of turning the tide around were practically next to none, and to the ones who were once labelled as heroes, it was even more depressing.


“The Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains had long fallen far from the place we used to protect. The Fortuity here has already corrupted…” The Elders sighed. They chose not to fight the Upper Realm, for they would only be sending themselves to death for nothing.


That said, if there was still a sliver of hope, they would certainly fight even if the world would end in the process.


Outside Sky Deer City, the sound and turbulence were even more horrifying, and it could be seen that the massive barrier had been ripped apart by endless light beams, with True Daoists leading the Upper Realm Amy into the city.


Just like that, the originally towering city wall exploded under the collective attacks of the True Daoists. The turbulence caused was so great that the runes on the wall shattered.


The scene left those within Sky Deer City to fall into hopelessness.


“Is surrendering the only way?” many questioned in a shaky voice, feeling fearful.


Some still tried to fight the Upper Realm Army, but the war beasts had already smashed them into bloody meat patties before they could even get to the Army.


Some Upper Realm True Daoists descended loftily upon the city in battle chariots that had various terrifying weapon scratches and arrow holes. Their presence alone was intimidating, and everyone involuntarily knelt before the incredibly powerful supreme experts.


Many were beyond devastated, and as unwilling as they were, they still chose to yield. However, many more still stood firm on their feet, choosing death over succumbing to their enemies. They glared daggers at the Upper Realm Amy, who had entered the city, looking like they were ready to fight to their deaths.


“These ants want to take down a True Dragon? What a joke!” Sneered the True Daoists as their divine-thunder-like gaze swept across the space, causing wherever they looked to explode and instilling fear.


Such contempt made those of Sky Deer City to become livid. However, the True Daoists’ aura suppressed them so badly that they couldn’t even lift their heads up. In fact, their bones cracked audibly, and their skins were also splitting horribly.


“Die invaders!” Unable to accept such a situation, a cultivator roared, activated all his Qi, and charged ahead with a glow enveloping him. However, before he could even get close to the True Daoists, his body blew to bits.


“If it wasn’t for Young Master Changge, we’d have killed all of you the instant we charged into the city. It’s not our fault that you don’t appreciate our kind offer of letting you live,” said the powerful True Daoists of various Upper Realm forces as they stood within Sky Deer City.


Of course, they weren’t idiots. They knew that the Sky Deer Goddess had a very close relationship with Gu Changge, and no doubt they had some kind of pact since she was willing to stay by Gu Changge’s side.


They knew that if they massacred everyone in Sky Deer City, who was to say they wouldn’t offend Gu Changge because of the Sky Deer Goddess!? After all, to them, the entire point of invading Sky Deer City was to get to the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. It was just a gateway. There was no need to overdo it and risk offending someone like Gu Changge. 


Outside Sky Deer City, many World Principles suddenly form a path, and Gu Changge descended with the massive, powerful Upper Realm Army behind him.


“That’s right. I do want to give all of you a chance to live. But that is if you don’t want to die,” said the young man as he swept his gaze across everyone.


The countenances of the other True Daoists shifted subtly while the entire Sky Deer City fell into dead silence.


They weren’t very fearful of the unfamiliar True Daoists. However, their fear of Gu Changge went down to their bones.


*Boom!* The True Daoists who had awoken inside the palace had shown themselves at this moment. Though they had just awoken, they had learned of every crucial thing that had happened in Sky Deer City lately using secret techniques. Hence, they knew the young man before their eyes was the leading figure of his generation in the Upper Realm, and he possessed absolute voice and authority. Even the Upper Realm True Daoists present behaved as though Gu Changge was their leader.


Just then, the Sky Deer Goddess appeared behind Gu Changge. She swept her plain gaze across those of Sky Deer City and softly said, “there’s no reason for you guys to continue resisting now that it has come to this.”


“Sky Deer Goddess…” Everyone’s countenances turned for the worse when they saw the Sky Deer Goddess. They couldn’t believe she would choose to appear at this time. Also, who’d have thought she would accept the circumstances so impassively as though she wasn’t surprised at all? It made many livid, wanting to cuss her out. But with Gu Changge standing right in front of them, they dared not do so.


That said, even more of them felt deeply despondent, thinking perhaps the only way out was to listen to the Sky Deer Goddess. But were they to survive just to become a slave for the Upper Realm to be used as they saw fit?


“Your fates have nothing to do with me. I just want to secure Sky Deer City, which my Master had left behind for me,” the Sky Deer Goddess monotony said. However, her words sounded aloof and heartless to those in Sky Deer City.


To the Sky Deer Goddess, Sky Deer City was much more important to her than the people living in it. This was the place she grew up in and also the place she promised her Master she would protect. As long as the city remained standing, she could sacrifice anything else.


On the other hand, bitterness laced the faces of the Elders, who had just rushed over, upon seeing the scene. But they understood too. The best plan was to surrender if they didn’t want more casualties. Hence, they took the lead to yield without a fight.


However, many from the Sky Deer City gnashed their teeth with deep loathing. They had a irreconcilable feud with the Upper Realm. Thus, they chose to stay when everyone else ran away from Sky Deer City. But now, they were told to yield to the Upper Realm. Of course, they weren’t willing to do so.


“No? Die then,” ordered Gu Changge plainly when he caught their expressions.


Everyone from Sky Deer City was aghast upon hearing the young man’s words. However, it was too late for them when they decided to change their minds. 


The next second, blood spewed everywhere, painting the sky red. 


After receiving the order, the army behind Gu Changge charged ahead like a massive torrent.


Unsurprisingly, many within the city were unwilling to yield even after the Upper Realm Army had successfully invaded Sky Deer City. But, of course, they were defenceless against absolute power.


That said, those from the Four Powerful War God Clans who stayed, like their True Daoists, immediately yielded without even putting up a fight.


To many, it wasn’t surprising, for Sky Deer City was just a city after all. Without the support of other forces of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, they would instantly fall in the face of the terrifying Upper Realm Army.


Followingly, the Upper Realm Army searched through every building and killed any who refused to surrender.


News of Sky Deer City falling spread across the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


Many forces who had long fled were even more so appalled while also feeling glad that they had run away quickly, or they would also certainly die a brutal death within the city. Not only that, they could foresee what terrifying catastrophe awaited the entire Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.



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