I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 51, Ye Chen’s Cousin Sister, Let Them In


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Ye Liuli had utmost confidence in Xue Yi. She figured that the serf of the young master from the Beyond was definitely above Partial-Enlightented Realm. Nevertheless, in the Overworld, he could only use abilities of Partial-Enlightented Realm or below.


Xue Yi, on the other hand, possessed power mightier than that of Partial-Enlightented Realm in the Beyond. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been assigned as Ye Liuli’s bodyguard. In fact, even the elders in Ancient Mystic Mountains had to show restraint and respect to Xue Yi.


“Worry not, Miss Liuli.” Hearing that, Xue Yi nodded. Since it was her mistress’s order, she must wholeheartedly commit to it. The opponent’s ability to descend from the Beyond insinuated that he was a more than capable fighter, but she wasn’t at all concerned. After all, regardless of how formidable he was, he must still be far more inferior to the Ancient Immortal Races of the Beyond.


Quickly, they departed from the mystic chamber and headed toward the Lin Family Mansion. With overflowing aggression, the Life Spirits of Ancient Mystic Mountains showed up and hurried toward the Lin Family Mansion, immediately causing a huge commotion in Moonward Metropolis. 


Thereupon, numerous cultivators were thoroughly stunned and they would rush to the Lin Family Residence to keep up with the incident. Many among them predicted that something big was about to happen, and it must be related to the young master.



Within the enormous mansions of the Lin Family stood an extravagant palace that grandly oversaw the city. Inside the palace, Gu Changge was seated, leisurely sipping his tea. Beside him was Su Qingge who was peeling spirit fruits before feeding them to him. She would get embarrassed by his occasional tease, though things weren’t exactly intense.


For the past few days, Lin Qiuhan finally achieved visible results in her Alchemy Talent. As the saying went, ‘a diamond never loses its shine.’ Even without a mentor, Lin Qiuhan was able to craft pills that only masters of Alchemy could make, all solely depending on the beginner’s guide to Alchemy Gu Changge acquired from the System Shop. At the end of the day, if hard work mattered, geniuses wouldn’t have a spot in the world.


At the same time, Lin Qiuhan’s skill in Alchemy put shame on the faces of many Alchemy prodigies, and that solidified Gu Changge’s decision to take her in. Sometimes, she would be on cloud nine for consecutive days whenever she received a compliment from Gu Changge.


Under Gu Changge’s ultimatum, the leader of the Lin Family was prohibited from stopping Lin Qiuhan from practicing Alchemy, and instead, the entire Lin Family was obliged to support her so she could practice in peace. They could foresee that, for the family to thrive, Lin Qiuhan pleasing Gu Changge was the only way.


All of a sudden, a giant earthquake occurred outside the Lin Family Residence. There were gleaming runes on the manor gates as a terrifying aura trembled the Lin Family members.


“What’s going on?”


“Who are they?”


“Who are you people? How dare you storm right into the Lin Family’s territory? Sick of life, huh!?” Immediately, a member of the Lin Family yelled in exasperation.


The Lin Family was not the same as before, especially after their Prime Ancestor annihilated Karura Holy Land with one blow, which then garnered more influence for the Lin Family. Even cultivators, whenever they passed by the manor, were intimidated yet retained their respectfulness. Nonetheless, the aura they felt today was completely different, and it could even rival that of the Lin Family!


*Whoosh!* Many elders of the Lin Family showed up floating in the air with their eyes glowing golden lights as the aura of Mighty-Transcendent Realm filled the air. As pride was important to the Lin Family, they couldn’t help but feel insulted by the assaulters’ barge-in.


“Oh, little Lin Family, where’s your respect for the Ancient Mystic Mountains?” Outside the Lin Family Manor, a well-built young Life Spirit with scales on his forehead let out a scoff as his voice thundered through the skies. At that, many cultivators on the street were stunned as their ears blaringly rang while their blood rapidly pumped. They were terrorized.


[Those are indeed the creatures of Ancient Mystic Mountains! Even the young ones are already this powerful! They must have achieved Mighty-Transcendent Realm.]


“Ancient Mystic Mountains?” The Lin Family was visibly dazed. If there were any forces left in Middle State that could startle the Lin Family, that would unquestionably be the ones from Ancient Mystic Mountains.


“To what does the Lin Family owe the pleasure of Ancient Mystic Mountains’ visit?” The leader of the Lin Family came forth with a perturbed face. Without a doubt, he was absolutely shocked. However, the presence of the Prime Ancestor and Gu Changge gave him a sense of relief. As he calmed down, he figured that the purpose of the young Life Spirits’ visit was surely to meet Gu Changge.


“Our Lady wishes to see the young master from the Beyond.” The winged young Life Spirit smugly snickered, obviously indifferent to the surrounding cultivators.


Those words confirmed the assumption of the leader of the Lin Family. “If you wish to see Prince Gu, you shall have to wait for a moment as I seek his approval.” With a scowl, the leader of the Lin Family replied. Although the assaulters came from Ancient Mystic Mountains and had the support of the Beyond, the privilege of seeing Gu Changge remained exclusive. Therefore, Gu Changge got to decide whomever he wished to meet. Moreover, given Gu Changge’s noble identity, there was no way the Lin Family would trouble him for any guest as that would be utterly humiliating. Besides, their current guest came with no amicability.


“‘If you wish to see Prince G—’ cut the crap! Do you know who our Lady is? Destroying your puny family is nothing but a sentence away!” The young Life Spirit was clearly annoyed, feigning his berating attitude toward the leader of the Lin Family that he was dissatisfied with. Upon those words, the surrounding cultivators were even more horrified.


[A sentence away from destroying the Lin Family? Aren’t those words too big coming from a tiny mouth? Or are the Life Spirits from Ancient Mystic Mountains indeed as powerful as they present themselves?


“Silence, Que Tian!” Hearing that, Ye Liuli helplessly revealed a scowl. Since she came here to avenge her brother, she naturally didn’t want things to unnecessarily escalate. She then coldly added, “Do inform the young master that requesting to meet him is the cousin sister of Ye Chen!”


At once, the Lin Family members, as well as the surrounding cultivators, were taken aback. Recently, Ye Chen’s name had been spreading across Middle State as he was promoted as a bringer of plight and misfortune and he was closely affiliated with the devastation of Karura Holy Land.


Nevertheless, for the frightening young woman in purple to claim herself to be Ye Chen’s cousin sister, she plainly came for vengeance, and that baffled the crowd.


After taking a deep breath, the leader of the Lin Family sternly said, “Very well. I’ll pass it on to Prince Gu.” Saying that, he turned around and made his way to the palace to make the report. Things seemed to have turned into a hassle with how enemies came to the Lin Family themselves, and doing so required substantial true strength and courage.


However, before the leader of the Lin Family barely took a step, a spine-chilling noise roared, resembling the scream of a thousand beasts. *Boom!*


*Whoosh!* A set of glowing runes turned into a daunting, golden palm that resembled God’s hand. Under light speed, before anyone realized it, someone was heard collapsing to the ground. In the blink of an eye, the winged young Life Spirit’s face was filled with fear and desperation as he yelled, “Lady, h-help m—”


Before he could finish his sentence, he disintegrated into a cloud of red mist. At that moment, an emotionless voice of a man came from the deepest part of the Lin Family’s palace.


“Let them in.”




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