I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 510, The Smell, One Fell Swoop

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Someone in the Sacred Emperor Realm was slaughtered, disintegrated, so swiftly in the grand hall without any warning. The shock caused by the scene was too great, and the witnesses’ minds were still ringing as they had yet to recover from it.


Hearing Gu Changge’s words, they felt nothing but fear, not daring to make a sound.


The members of the Luo Clan were especially dumbfounded as their eyes were filled with undiminishing dread. To them, someone in the Sacred Emperor Realm was an unimaginably terrifying being which they had to treat them with utmost reverence.


Yet, Luo Ying’s Master was blown to death by a mere sonic wave. There was no way they wouldn’t be horrified by that.


If Yan Ming insisted on taking Luo Ying away, they wouldn’t dare to stop him—not like they had the means to.


[Luo Feng’s patience is quite commendable. I wonder what identity lies within him.] Gu Changge observed Luo Feng with an interested gaze. In his eyes, he could see the change in Fortuity within Luo Feng. Amid the latter’s Fortuity, there was also a substantial amount of Fortuity from the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. As such, there was only one possibility—Luo Feng’s true identity was closely related to the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains itself.


As Gu Changge pondered in his mind, he had a hard time figuring out Luo Feng’s identity, hence he was uncertain whether Luo Feng had any cards to play. Though, a Reawakened-Formidable-Cultivator Fortuitous One shouldn’t be much different from regressors.


Regardless, judging by the current situation, Luo Feng’s strength was currently far too low. Therefore, Gu Changge was more curious about Luo Feng’s value and what he could offer.


“Men, take Lady Ying’er away. This wedding banquet is officially cancelled.”


With that, Yan Ming revealed an icy grin as he suddenly waved his hand, summoning his followers to take Ying’er away.


At once, Ying Luo recovered from her daze. Her face immediately changed as she was tempted to step backwards. She never expected Yan Ming was actually intent on taking her away by force right on her wedding day.


At such a moment, if she were to order her men to take action in the dark, the setups she had made all these years would be exposed. Thus, she had her hands completely tied. Alas, the members of the Luo Clan could only watch the scene in stupefaction as none of them dared to intervene.


“Luo Feng, are you just going to watch as they take me away?” All of a sudden, Luo Ying turned to Luo Feng, who wore a red robe, and subconsciously asked. She could see that the current Luo Feng was hugely different from the one she knew. It seems like the current Luo Feng was no longer the fool everyone assumed.


Nevertheless, Luo Ying herself didn’t know why she would suddenly say those words to Luo Feng. All she knew was that he was no longer the simple fool she knew him to be, and he surely had a solution.


Upon those words, the guests in the grand hall were stunned. Even the dumbfounded members of the Luo Clan turned to Luo Feng. They couldn’t comprehend why Ying Luo would ask Luo Feng the idiot for help.


However, when they looked at him, they found themselves surprised. They had never really paid attention to Luo Feng, but he seemed obviously different compared to how he was before. His gaze was deeper and he was no longer drooling. As he stood still, there was an exceptional aura surrounding him.


“Feng’er!” The leader of the Luo Clan uncontrollably yelled.


“Is he still the idiotic Luo Feng we had known?” The guests were also dismayed as they were carefully observing the current Luo Feng.


“Feng’er, you are no longer sick?” The leader of the Luo Clan asked with a shaking voice. He wasn’t sure whether Luo Feng recovered or he was just imagining it.


“Father, for some reason, it is as though I have suddenly woken up. It is as though the past twenty years are a dream.”


Taken aback by Luo Ying’s direct plea for his help, Luo Feng was stunned for a second before coming up with an excuse to explain the situation. Though, the excuse was sufficient to explain why he suddenly woke up.


Upon the unexpected speech of the twenty-year fool, every single person in the grand hall was amazed as some of them were completely in disbelief. After all, the fool they had known wouldn’t have spoken intelligible words.


“As long as you are awake… As long as you are awake…”


The members of the Luo Clan didn’t doubt Luo Feng’s explanation, and they were delighted and thrilled by his awakening.


“Luo Feng’s awakening is surprising, but will that change anything?”


In that instant, Yan Ming was also dazed. He never expected Luo Feng would suddenly wake up from his twenty years of idiocy, but even so, there was nothing Luo Feng could do.


As the cold grin on Yan Ming’s face deepened, he instructed the men behind him, “Take her away. We’ll see who dares to interrupt!”


“Yes, Young Master!” Without wasting any time, the individuals behind Yan Ming hurriedly walked towards Luo Ying, intent on taking her away.




Upon the sight, the coldness in Luo Feng’s eyes intensified as he suddenly stood out, blocking Yan Ming’s men.


“Luo Feng, what are you doing? Do you dare to stop me?” Yan Ming questioned with a gloomy face, not expecting Luo Feng’s to dare obstruct.


“Luo Ying and I are bound for marriage. How do you explain your attempt to seize someone else’s loved one?” Luo Feng glanced at Yan Ming with a calm gaze before turning to Gu Changge.


He had an intuition that the bride-seizing incident must be ordered by Gu Changge, and Yan Ming was nothing but a pawn on the chess board. Therefore, his words were actually directed towards Gu Changge.


Nevertheless, Gu Changge merely smiled and disregarded his question.


Yan Ming, on the other hand, then scoffed. “Cut the nonsense. Luo Ying will go with me today. What will you do about it?”


His attitude was of utmost rampancy.


Nonetheless, none in the grand hall dared to refute. Even a blind man could see that Yan Ming, apart from his identity as the Young Master of Crimson South City, was backed by Gu Changge.


“Such a detrimental act truly opens my eyes.” A chilly sensation flashed across Luo Feng’s eyes as he blandly continued, “But allow me to say this. If you dare to take Luo Ying away, I promise you that even your clan wouldn’t be able to protect you tomorrow.”


His voice was serene, yet as it sounded, everyone in the grand hall was thoroughly stupefied.


The members of the Luo Clan were especially stunned as if their brains were going to blow up. They couldn’t help but suspect that Luo Feng hadn’t really woken up from his delirium given how he said such words.


[Even the Swallow Clan won’t be able to protect Yan Ming? That is a big statement!] The crowd was in dismay, thinking that Luo Feng was still in his insane, unconscious state.


However, to Luo Ying, Luo Feng’s words bore inexplicable persuasion, as her eyes glistened.


Compared to the daydreaming, silly Luo Feng, the current Luo Feng was remarkably confident and steady. It was though his entire person was filled with an extraordinary quality of unwavering determination. Seeing that very quality of his, she suddenly felt safe.


“Big words coming from the Young Master of the little Luo Clan. How bold of you. Shall I teach you a lesson about ‘death?'”


Hearing that, Yan Ming snickered. He grew somewhat colder as he was embarrassed by Luo Feng’s provocation.


“Then I hope you and that Young Master behind you will not regret what you are about to do.” Luo Feng shot Yan Ming an icy stare, though he was still guessing Gu Changge’s background.


Nevertheless, no matter how formidable Gu Changge’s origin was, there was no way it could be greater than him, the Prime Ancestor of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, the former Ancestor of Wind.


Right now, all he had to do was activate the Symbol of Immortality in his soul with his mind and contact his former subordinates and they would definitely charge over to meet their Master.


In fact, during the past countless years, his four greatest subordinates had already established massive forces across the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


Thus, what could a Young Master from the insignificant Crimson South City ever do to him?


Everyone was stunned once again. [Does Luo Feng not fear he would bring upon the Swallow Clan’s wrath with his words?]


The faces of members of the Luo Clan who were joyed by Luo Feng’s awakening seem somewhat stiff. In that instant, they hoped that Luo Feng never awakened, so that he wouldn’t have spoken such words to offend the entire Swallow CLan.


[Does Luo Feng perhaps possess another identity?] However, Luo Ying was visibly taken aback as she seemed to have thought of something else.


[Now, that’s the scene I wanted.] Gu Changge furrowed his brows before revealing a grin, thinking that the current Luo Feng resembled the War Immortal he had encountered.


[Since Luo Feng is so confident, his subordinates must have survived till this day. They must be the ones that have the remaining Fortuity from the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains…] After pondering for a while, Gu Changge concluded that Luo Feng must be related to the Four Powerful War God Clans.


[Well, well, now that you all have finally revealed yourselves, I can finally take all of you down in one fell swoop.]



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