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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 511, Make a Daring Guess, Escapees

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Xiao Yang, Lin Wu, and Luo Feng were bound together by thousands of Karmic connections.


The Family of Protectors, the Four Powerful War God Clans, and Luo Feng, whose identity remained unknown. What tied them together was the cause of the separation between the Upper Realm and Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains countless years ago.


To Gu Changge, it was perfect to take all three of them down at once. After eliminating the Family of Protectors, he would have to deal with the Four Powerful War God Clans in order to locate the Tree of Epoch.


And now, the opportunity presented itself.


“Are you looking to die? How dare you threaten me?” When the crowd in the grand hall was stupefied by Luo Feng’s words, Yan Ming started to take action with rage all over his face. Followingly, a surge of vigorous aura, resembling a violent tsunami, was about to engulf Luo Feng.


In Yan Ming’s perspective, Luo Feng must have gone insane as he had yet to recover from his delirious state, given how he threatened him and even disrespected Gu Changge. [He must not know of death!]


*Boom!* Yan Ming’s strike of anger bore unimaginable divine powers. In a split second, the grand hall was left quaking as the intertwining runes occurred. The crevices that were left on the walls immediately exploded.


Startled, the guests hastily fled in all directions.


Earlier, Luo Ying’s Master was certainly vexed, but she didn’t allow her aura to scatter all over the place and end up destroying the hall.


Unfortunately, Yan Ming’s attacks were unrestrained as he cared not about the lives of the guests. As such, the guests grew furious and more terrified at the same time.


“Cease at once!” The leader of the Luo Clan was still shocked by Luo Feng’s remarks after the latter awakened. Even worse, he never expected Yan Ming to strike right away without sparing him any thought.


After regaining his senses, he quickly moved directly to Luo Feng’s front to parry Yan Ming’s attack.


“Father, you need not block him.” Luo Feng held back his father and shook his head. There wasn’t much change in his expression, and he seemed strangely serene, as though he wasn’t bothered by his opponent.


Seeing how unaffected Luo Feng was, the crowd was baffled, wondering whether he was stupid or really that confident.


*Whoosh!* The next moment, before the dumbfounded gazes of the crowd, a faint, golden gleam appeared on Luo Feng’s forehead. It bore the semblance of an ancient symbol, carrying an intertwining aura of mystery and wonders. Its emergence was followed by an intimidating, horrifying aura. Anyone touched by the spine-chilling aura would then feel the temptation to kneel towards Luo Feng.


Seeing the ability, the crowd in the grand hall was awestruck. Their bodies froze as they couldn’t believe their eyes.


“I—Is this…”


Upon the sight, Luo Ying’s jaw dropped in stupefaction, and she couldn’t even finish her sentence. As a Direct Member of the Family of Protectors, she was aware of many secrets, naturally including this symbol and what it signified. In that instant, her mind forcefully rang as she could barely trust her eyes.


*Boom!* While the golden symbol was taking form in the air, Yan Ming’s attack landed.


Vaguely, the crowd could see shrieking gods and demons, chanting of Immortals within the symbol. Even the air began to grow hazy, followed by an eruption of unparalleled force, as if stars were exploding right before their eyes. Runes gushed to the sky, and its blinding shine forbade anyone from opening their eyes.


Many started to tear up as they quickly turned their heads away, not daring to look into the dazzling light, and that indicated how frightening the shockwave was.


Apart from that, what left them absolutely shocked and dismayed was the existence of the golden symbol and why Luo Feng was able to conjure it and deflect Yan Ming’s attack.


“Argh…” Following a groan, Yan Ming, who initiated the fight, spewed a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying away like a broken sack.


Everyone was appalled by the sight. After all, Luo Feng had never cultivated.


“W—What is that thing…” The members of the Luo Clan opened their jaws agape and stuttered an incomplete sentence with their shivering voices.


What they just witnessed was truly traumatising. None would have expected that Luo Feng, the twenty-year old idiot, would suddenly regain his senses, let alone summon such a strange symbol and gravely injure Yan Ming.


After regaining their senses, the Luo Clan members grew frantic with awe and worry. After all, Luo Feng injured the Young Master of Crimson South City right in front of the public eye, so they couldn’t help but be concerned whether the Swallow Clan would forgive them or that they would be exiled from the vast Crimson South City.


With that in mind, they genuinely hoped that Luo Feng had never regained his senses.


“Who is Luo Feng? What connection does he bear with the Prime Ancestor? Why does he have the symbol of the Prime Ancestor?” The members of the Luo Clan were distressed.


In that instant, Luo Ying couldn’t be any more shocked. Her breath quickened as she stared at Luo Feng. At the same time, to her, the intimidation from Gu Changge and his gang was no longer worth worrying about, as the symbol alone was the very proof that Luo Ming bore no simple identity.


“This is a light punishment for disrespecting me!” Unbothered by the disbelieving, agitated faces of the crowd, Luo Feng retained his serene expression with a trace of coldness as he glared at Yan Ming, who was being helped up by other members of the Swallow Clan, as he blandly spoke. As he spoke, the symbol on his forehead gradually disappeared, as though the exchange earlier was merely an illusion.


“Feng’er, t—that was…” Perplexed, the leader of the Luo Clan peered at Luo Feng as he still had yet to process what just happened.


“I shall explain everything to you after I have resolved the problem, Father.” Luo Feng gently shook his head without saying much, as his gaze was fastened on Gu Changge.


Now that he had revealed his own origin, Gu Changge would be wise to retreat, or he would only find himself filled with regret.


With that, the grand hall instantaneously became silent as everyone was peering at the unaffected, extraordinary-looking Luo Feng with their thoughts jumbled.


“Young Master Gu…” Yan Ming faced a major loss as he never expected such a move from Luo Feng. Shamefully, he walked towards Gu Changge. He was still unable to comprehend what ability Luo Feng used to defend against his full-powered attack.


“So that was it? Well, it’s not that surprising…” Nevertheless, Gu Changge did not pay attention to Yan Ming as he was gazing at Luo Feng. He seemed to be whispering to himself in a somewhat disappointed tone, with an inexplicable feeling.


Gu Changge was still figuring Luo Feng’s true identity, thinking that the latter must be related to the Prime Ancestor of the Four Powerful War God Clans, but after seeing Luo Feng’s symbol, he realised that it was the fabled Symbol of Epoch.


The Symbol of Epoch’s function was similar to that of the Symbol of Reincarnation. Nevertheless, the origin of the Symbol of Reincarnation was even more mysterious. Meanwhile, the only way to obtain the Symbol of Epoch is by cultivating through the Tree of Epoch.


By now, he was almost certain that the person who stole the Fortuity of the Upper Realm as well as the Tree of Epoch was the very man before his eyes—Luo Feng.


As for why Luo Feng had fallen this low, there could be many reasons to it, but none of them piqued Gu Changge’s interest. All he wanted to know was whether Luo Feng was precisely the person who stole the Fortuity of the Upper Realm, and that was enough to him.


[What an great coincidence, this is.]


“You know of this symbol?” There was a hint of confusion on Luo Feng’s calm face as he subconsciously asked, thinking that things were out of his expectation.


From what he could tell, there wasn’t much change in Gu Changge’s face, nor did he seem afraid of the symbol. Rather, he appeared as though he was leering at an object, much like a predator towards its prey. As such, he grew discomforted.


As one of the Ancestor of Supreme Principles of the Immortal Palace, not only was his cultivation peerless, but he was also a valorant being that dared to steal the Tree of Epoch from the Upper Realm at the brink of the collapse of its World Principles before initiating the Heavenly Dao Authority War.


Back when he was at his peak, no one would dare to look at him in such a way.


“Naturally. It is the rare Symbol of Epoch, after all,” Gu Changge replied with an enthralled smile in response.


“What…” Hearing that, Luo Feng was dazed as his pupils slightly contracted. A loud explosion thundered in his mind as he stepped backwards, almost losing his voice


Little did he expect,  not only did Gu Changge recognise the symbol, but he could even name it.


Incredulity and fear arose in his heart, given that things would no longer develop as he predicted. As a matter of fact, only a few knew of the Symbol of Epoch, and even less could recognise it right away. Essentially, most of the people in this world had never heard of such a thing.


Seeing that, the crowd in the grand hall grew baffled as they were oblivious about the Symbol of Epoch nor had they heard about it. It was certainly something out of their reach, but judging by Luo Feng’s expression, the Symbol of Epoch must be a powerful entity.


“Who in the world is he…” Having calmed herself down, Luo Ying could discern that Luo Feng was of complex identity—one that was at least from the same generation as their Prime Ancestor.


However, to her, Gu Changge’s identity was more of a mystery. He was daunting and enigmatic, instilling fear in anyone before him.


“Who are you?” Followingly, Luo Feng forced himself to calm down as his eyes were fixated on Gu Changge. He was trying to observe the subtle changes on his face.


“Who am I? Why don’t you make a daring guess?” Gu Changge merely feigned a smile. In others’ eyes, his casual, condescending expression resembled that of a cat when it was toying with a rat. Nonetheless, at this point, he no longer had the intention to entertain Luo Feng’s trivial chat.


“Take him down and away.” Immediately, he gave the Bone Ancestor an instruction.


Now that Gu Changge knew of Luo Feng’s identity and the fact that he was only formidable in appearance, there was no way he would let him off. After all, there was no need to waste time.


“Yes, Young Master Gu.”


At that moment, the Bone Ancestor, having remained silent behind Gu Changge the entire time, nodded and walked forward. His eyes were deep and tranquil.


*Whoosh!* In that instant, the crowd in the grand hall could only feel themselves suffocating as their faces blanched. Their souls were trembling, and they felt the irresistible temptation to bow towards the old man in grey.


The entire room was subdued by the ordinary-looking old man in grey’s suffocating aura. It was only until then that they realised that the muscular man who attacked earlier was the weakest among their enemies.


The old man in grey’s cultivation must be limitlessly powerful. With that in mind, they grew even more fearful, wondering what kind of being they had come in contact with today.


“Who? What?” At once, Luo Feng’s face drastically changed. As he was still guessing Gu Changge’s identity, he never expected that Gu Changge would directly order his men to capture him.


*Boom!* The symbol on his forehead resurfaced amid blinding, intertwining lights. Within, ancient time and epoch occurred forming tiny fragments that were to defend against the incoming terrifying aura.


However, the next moment, Luo Feng’s face greatly paled and was filled with shock and dismay.


As the Bone Ancestor’s swing of an arm, the intimidating aura swiftly dissipated, as if it was smoke dispersing in the air. There was even an indescribable pressure engulfing the space as the World of Principles condensed into a solid, unchangeable form.


In that instant, even the Symbol of Epoch dimmed and vanished under the terrifying pressure.


“Impossible!” Every bone in Luo Feng’s body cracked as blood flowed out from every one of his pores. With his extremely widened eyes, he stared at the Bone Ancestor. [I’m not imagining it! This power! It is close to someone in the Immortal Realm!] 


I was to be expected/ After all, in the entirety of Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, the Bone Ancestor must be an invincible being that had no rivals.


As for why such a being would make an appearance in tiny Crimson South City and behaving so respectfully towards Gu Changge, Luo Feng was unable to fathom nor believe it. There was nothing but overwhelming shock in his gazing eyes.


“Blargh…” He spewed a mouthful of fresh blood as he fell down from the sky. Blood was pouring from his pores as his body was stained by its redness.


Upon such appalling, horrifying sight, the crowd in the grand hall couldn’t stop shivering.


“Impossible…” Luo Ying stuttered as her face gradually blanched. She never expected Luo Feng to be helpless under the situation. For a moment there, she even felt relieved, thinking that Luo Feng could deal with the matter right away


With that, the Bone Ancestor drew his hands, and a frightening giant palm plunged from the sky and directly grasped Luo Feng.


As the members of the Luo Clan watched the encounter, they could feel their body being torn apart by the dense, terrifying aura. Forget stopping the enemy, they couldn’t even raise their heads as their souls were trembling.


“You must not be of this realm…” Luo Feng was grabbed in the Bone Ancestor’s hand. His face was absolutely pale as he continuously coughed up blood, his bones were constantly cracking. No one in the world could be more miserable than this.


All of a sudden, he had an epiphany. Glaring at Gu Changge, he spoke in a cold tone—one that was unable to conceal his agony. [That must be it! There’s no other possibility!]


In the vast Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, no one could ever find a young cultivator as terrorising as Gu Changge. Coincidentally, Sky Deer City was now broken through, allowing the Upper Realm Army to charge and spread across Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


As such, Luo Ming at least figured out Gu Changge’s origin.


Upon Luo Ming’s words, the faces of everyone in the grand hall, including Luo Ying, drastically changed, growing more terrified than they were before.


In their eyes, the Upper Realm’s power was not to be rivalled by that of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. Besides, now that the Upper Realm and the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains were adversaries, if Gu Changge wished to kill every single resident of Crimson South City, no one would be able to resist. The entire city would be instantaneously disintegrated into smoke and dust if he wished it to be so.


Yan Ming’s face was also subtly changing. He somewhat figured out Gu Changge’s origin prior to this, and he was merely pretending not to know. With Luo Ming making such a claim in public, he would be turning everyone else against Gu Changge.


“Indeed, I come from the Upper Realm. You may have heard of my name, and it starts with ‘Gu.'” In response, Gu Changge retained the faint grin on his face, feigning his unaffectedness.


“Gu… The person who murdered the Young Master Yunze… The commander of the Upper Realm Army… W—Why are y—you here…”


The ring in the crowd’s minds intensified at once. There was nothing but fright on their bloodless faces as they were uncontrollably shaking in dejection.


“Naturally, I am here for her.” Hearing that, Gu Changge simply answered with a smile before turning to Luo Ying’s pale face with an enthralled look.


“For me…” Luo Ying had yet to recover from her stupefaction. As soon as she heard Gu Changge’s answer, she instantly raised her head as she felt a chill up her spine.


“Some escapee from a family we hunted down twenty years ago, who am I to find other than you? Though, I did not expect to bump into such a pleasant surprise.” Gu Changge gently shook his head, retaining his grin. Right as he finished speaking, Ni Shang, who was behind him, suddenly disappeared into thin air.


Thereupon, following the eruption of an alarming shockwave, loud thumps continuously sounded, as an odorous mist of blood surged.


Unable to withstand the shocking sight, the witnesses immediately rolled their eyes and passed out.


“Twenty years ago… So, it was you…” Luo Ying’s face instantly grew bloodless as she was violently shivering. It was as though her greatest secret would be exposed to the public.


Her face was filled with horror and unconcealable resentment. She couldn’t help but regret. [I should have known he knew of my identity and was aiming for me all this time!]


Besides, her subordinates that were planted in the dark were all instantaneously taken out by the beguiling woman in black dress, without any survivor. Even her old servant, who was in teh Sacred King Realm, was killed in an instant without managing to let out a shriek.


As such, Luo Ying was devastated as she collapsed to the ground.


At that moment, the crowd in the grand hall felt hopeless of it all, as though they were facing the apocalypse.


The Luo Clan members never expected that not only had Luo Ying been hiding another identity the entire time, but she even hid it from everyone else while setting up her plans.


“Twenty years ago… Could it be that incident…” Since Yan Ming was more knowledgeable, he quickly recalled the incident that haunted Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains twenty years ago. His body was slightly shaking. Never once had he expected that Gu Changge played a crucial role in the annihilation of the Family of Protectors, as well as the fact Luo Ying had been hiding such an identity.



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