I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 513, Disaster Befaling The Blood Dragon War God Clan, An Absolute Bloodbath


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


The Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains were now embroiled in  war. The Upper Realm Army headed everywhere and many domains had already fallen. Many natives were concerned that it wouldn’t be another half a year before the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains would fall under the Upper Realm. 


The Upper Realm Army could be seen crossing the Border Marker Sea, flying over Sky Deer City, directly into the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. This made many feel hopeless. Even the ancient clans, who had already predicted this. tried to migrate to some Lower Realm worlds before things further escalated. However, the Upper Realm seemed to have predicted this and managed to track them down. All these clans ended up being massacred during their journey.


*Boom!* A terrifying sound rang out in the depths of the universe as ancient ships with Chaos Qi rammed through the sky. The forces of the Immortal Gu Family surged across the sky like a flood, shaking the world and the void while also tearing apart World Principles.


“Judging by Lin Wu’s aura, the Blood Dragon War God clan is in this area. They have concealed themselves quite well.” On one of the battleships, Gu Changge stood with his hands behind his back. His clothes snow-white and flawless as he looked into the depths of the universe. 


The World Principles of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains here were clearly thinner. It was because this place was much more barren since it was at the edges of this realm, and had probably experienced an unimaginable war which caused the Principles here to have broken apart. This was how the place had become so desolate.


The fact that the Blood Dragon War God Clan had moved here to hide slightly surprised him, but it seemed logical after some consideration. [They are much smarter than the others, since fleeing to the Lower Realm would result in the Upper Realm Army blocking their path before they could arrive. They chose to take the opposite approach and concealed themselves in the most remote place in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. If not for Lin Wu, it would have taken more time for me to find them.]


“I can’t believe the Blood Dragon War Clan actually hid here.”  The Bone Ancestor, clad in grey, stood behind Gu Changge like an old servant. He sighed after hearing Gu Changge muttering like he was talking to himself.


“This is what happens when the circumstances dictate the individual. What could they do other than hide like street mice?” Gu Changge smiled carelessly. “The Four War God Clans? What a joke.”


Something flashed in Ni Shang’s eyes as she stood behind him. She looked cold, proud and unapproachable in her black dress, with hair fluttering in the air. Based on her cultivation level, there weren’t many who were stronger than her, yet she had struggled to bear the duty of attacking the Family of Protectors. 


She hadn’t really met Gu Changge for long, but she could already feel the terrifying control he exuded with every movement. It seemed like everything in the world was within his control and he rarely seemed surprised by anything.


[How can the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains stop someone like him?] She thought, now more understanding as to why the Sky Deer Goddess would choose to yield. Even the Bone Ancestor had to treat the young man with great respect.


“The Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains no longer have any hope of survival,” Gu Changge said, his gaze becoming solemn. All his plans and efforts were for a similar reason as the other Forces from the Upper Realm. To enable him to step into the Immortality Realm. 


After leaving the Crimson South City, he had returned to the Gu Family’s camp and sent out the order for his forces in preparation to destroy the Four War God Clans. There was no news of the other three clans yet but everything would be easier after dealing with the Blood Dragon War Dragon. 


As for Luo Feng and Luo Ying, he had locked them up in the Ice Prison and told someone to put them under close watch. They couldn’t die before then. Besides, he had already successfully gotten answers from Luo Feng regarding the secrets of the split between the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains and the Upper Realm. 


The wilting of the Tree of Epoch was within his expectations but he hadn’t expected Luo Feng to choose to steal the Fortuity of the Upper Realm to rejuvenate it. He was a decisive man who had great ambition but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough strength and ended up suffering from the war over the Heavenly Dao Authority. This resulted in his death and reincarnation. Naturally, he could only accomplish all of this due to the World Principles being greatly damaged at that time.


The Tree of Epoch was the thing planted in the Land of Rebirth within Sky Deer City, but it had already been moved before the Upper Realm Army conquered the city. Thus, Gu Changge currently didn’t know which clan had it with them, but it must have been one of the Four War God Clans. Once he exterminated all four of them, the Tree would naturally fall into his possession.


*Boom!* While the frightening army marched on, there was a remote cluster of stars where several were filled with signs of life while others without. Bright entrances appeared from which enormous cargo ships and countless soldiers emerged, seemingly bringing goods towards these stars, making it a noisy scene.


The biggest star was in the centre of the cluster, groups of palaces and pavilions rose from the ground while islands floated in the sky. A silver waterfall cascaded from it, emitting clouds of mist. The rate of construction was fast for cultivators but the trouble lay in carving the arrays to protect the region. 


Nevertheless, it had only taken several days but its layout was already laid out. It formed levels with mansions and caves laid out in clusters. It was clear this was now turning into a new place to live.


This place belonged to the Blood Dragon Clan, who had moved out of their original homeland, and were creating this new place now filled with life. Many powerful array masters were situated around the stars. Solemn faces were covered with sweat as they busily carved mysterious runes, which were branded into every centimetre of the sky.


“In another half a month, our new home will be complete and it will be protected for millions of years without danger of being found when the arrays are done. It won’t be an issue and the disaster will end by then.”


Several Elders of the Blood Dragon War God Clan appeared in the sky, closely observing their surroundings with smiles on their faces. They were thankful yet sentimental since they got out of the crossfire in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains early. They had already moved out of their original land and found this place, for which they felt grateful for. A moment too late, and they would be exterminated by the Upper Realm Army.


The World Principles here were still in pieces and the place was extremely remote and barren as well, so it wasn’t likely that the Upper Realm would discover the clan here. Instead, the Upper Realm would think they had gone to the Lower Realm. This would give them millions of years where they could recuperate. 


It wasn’t an issue that the World Principles in the place weren’t suitable for cultivation; their Prime Ancestor had reawakened and returned while bringing a treasure which was hard to describe in terms of value and words. With that treasure, they didn’t need to worry about cultivating here. Of course, only the higher-ups knew about it since it involved their Prime Ancestor, whose life could be traced back to the birth of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


“Prime Ancestor may be back, but he is still weaker than the Upper Realm Army. We won’t have a chance of turning the tables on them unless he can reach that cultivation level.” The Elders looked excitedly at the distant prospect of ruling over the Upper Realm. After all, if their Prime Ancestor truly achieved that cultivation level, why wouldn’t they have a chance to do that?


“Brother Lin Wu, are you saying we can only remain here and no longer leave?” 


In the depths of this place, several young men and women gathered on top of a mountain, looking dejected as they drank wine. An attractive young woman was the one who had spoken, while Lin Wu sat opposite her. He looked similarly depressed as he sipped at his wine.


It had been the fifth day since he listened to Gu Changge’s instructions and returned to the clan. Similarly to Gu Changge’s predictions, he had managed to get back without hindrance, easily finding this place after being informed via a secret technique by the clan members waiting here. 


However, the authoritative figures of the clan had all already decided to seal up the place and hide here without getting involved in the issues of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. If Lin Wu had been a moment too late, he would have been exiled and could never return to his clan. In fact, his own family members didn’t care about his survival either, which made him feel disheartened. 


The Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains had changed drastically after the Upper Realm invasion. Many from his clan became much more selfish, making them vastly different from the people he knew so well in the past. This disappointed him immensely since everyone now showed their true selves in the face of death.


“Not leaving sounds pretty good. At least we are safe and not destroyed by the Upper Realm like the other clans.” Lin Wu smiled at everyone else, his gaze now open as if he now understood everything. There was even a hint of exhaustion which didn’t fit his age.


He still had things which he hadn’t said, but there was no need for them now. He knew that this place would be found by Gu Changge soon and the current peace was only brief. Could the Lin Clan fight against Gu Changge’s army? Even Sky Deer City couldn’t stop him. Although the Lin Clan was no pushover and didn’t lack the ability to fight, they would still be helpless against him.


[He promised me already. He will let me and Lu Luo go when this is resolved, which is also when my mission will be complete.] Lin Wu clenched his fist for a moment, as he had used that to convince himself to continue. How were the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains as well as the Lin Clan, which were both rotten to the core, worthy of him risking his life to protect?


Just as the Lin Clan was busy carving powerful arrays, a booming sound came from the distant stars as if a million men army was arriving. A murderous aura rushed towards the cluster of stars like a torrent which could shake the world apart. The land shook as the barren stars quaked in unison, ready to fall to the ground.


The sudden sound stunned the Lin Clan, They took some time to understand what happened, which made them shiver. They all turned pale as divine rainbows shot into the sky. The sounds of trumpets soon swept through space, making everyone put down what they were doing and rush out.


“Enemy attack!”


“Enemy attack!” 


The Elders of the Blood Dragon War God Clan all looked stricken as they drew their weapons. They behaved very cautiously since no one other than the Upper Realm Army would attack this place. They couldn’t understand who had exposed their new whereabouts and consequently brought disaster upon them.


[It’s him!] Lin Wu naturally noticed the commotion. He shivered lightly, filled with excitement and fear, which made him feel conflicted. The young men and women around him were taken aback as well, fear showing on their faces.


[What’s happening?]


[Who leaked our location?]


In the depths, where great palaces stood surrounded by Chaos Qi, a strong aura suddenly appeared.




Several figures emerged from within the centre, all of them exceptionally old while exuding terrifying energy. They were the Lin Clan Ancestors who were all True Daoists. They frowned, filled with suspicion about the army’s sudden arrival. It hadn’t been long since they fled here, so how had the Upper Realm found them? Did the clan have a traitor in their midst? Someone who had secretly pledged loyalty to the Upper Realm? It wasn’t the time to think about that though.


[It’s still fine if it’s just the usual Army from a normal Force. Let’s deal with them first, then we can go through our clansmen. Let’s see who’s the one brave enough to betray our clan.] Their expressions were dark as they stepped out of the current space into the starry sky so they could watch the army.


In the deepest part of this place was where an ancient altar was situated. Mysterious energy permeated the place and made this place resemble a separate world. A black river converged like the Spring of Death to form a deathly quiet sea. Several ghosts could be seen wandering the riverbank, descending from somewhere far away, eventually dissolving into a cloud of bright dust and moving into the sea.


The sea was enormous and emanated mysterious and obscure energy. An ancient tree with withered leaves could be seen growing inside the sea, surrounded by wisps of light. A young-looking man, who seemed ancient, was speaking to a figure sitting cross-legged on the altar.


“Father, will the Upper Realm Army’s arrival affect your plans?” This man was Lin Qinglong, the same man who had appeared in Sky Deer City and ordered the clan to abandon the city.


The figure on the altar opened his eyes for a moment, which released a rush of energy. “The Fruit of Epoch needs some more time to ripen. No matter what, slow them down.”


“Yes, Father.” Lin Qinglong nodded and left, appearing in the sky outside. His strength was incomprehensible. Despite not being within reach of the Immortality Realm, he was already considered top among the True Daoists.


*Boom!* Within the remote location deep within the current universe, stars surrounded by Chaos Qi exploded, followed by the enormous planets orbiting them while trumpets blasted.


*Mmmmm!* The void shook as the mist split apart to reveal ancient domain-breaking battleships, which tore the sky apart. Pressure from the movement of Qi pressed down as the surrounding stars cracked. The world shook as if facing an apocalypse. A frightening army then moved through the universe like a flood.


Gu Changge stood on one of the battleships, looking otherworldly as he gazed upon the cluster of stars before him. He shook his head and gave the order. “Charge!”


*Boom!* As his voice faded away, Qi surged out from the edges of the world.




The Immortal Gu Family’s Army marched forward with an all-encompassing aura, which shook countless worlds. Soldiers charged into the cluster of stars in droves, before frightening screams and sounds of fighting rang out. A murderous aura swept through the air. 


At the same time, figures stepped out from the ancient battleships as supreme experts began displaying their abilities. 


*Boom!* The terrifying force of Principles spread everywhere. Both small and bigger stars impacted by the mere vibrations were submerged in Principles and immediately disappeared. Naturally, their inhabitants died before they could even react.


In this current era, the power of a True Daoist could easily destroy anything. 


A terrifying light suddenly shot out and a True Daoist growled. 


Dharma Bodies, more than a million kilometres tall, appeared. Their arms crossed millions of kilometres as the two sides became entangled in a fight.


“That’s Gu Changge!”


“He’s here!” Members of the Lin Clan turned pale and shivered with fear as they recognised the man leading the charge. It was a traumatic memory for them and made them frightened, especially after seeing the great army heading towards them.


*Mmmm!* The world shook as the Immortal Gu Family’s Army rushed forward like a rising tide, the weakest of them being in the Sacred Realm and already battle-hardened. They moved alongside the ancient battleships, holding ancient weapons surrounded by light. They looked like they had come from Hell, covered in blood and exuding a bloodthirsty aura.


All the beasts ridden by them were strong and of pureblood, raised by the Gu Family from a young age. Their armour was emblazoned with runes which shimmered with power. 


This army had crossed the Border Marker Sea and invaded Sky Deer City, leaving countless corpses in their wake. 


Naturally, their appearance here meant that this would be another absolute bloodbath!




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