I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 514, Experience The Feeling Of Betrayal; Such Restraint


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin




The battle commenced immediately and the terrifying army descended into the cluster of stars below like a torrent. The Lin Clan members, who had risen from the ground, fell apart at once and disappeared under the onslaught. The thick smell of blood spread in the air as bright balls of light exploded, while bones dropped from the sky. It was a chilling sight to behold.


“Charge! Kill them all!”




The Lin Clan members knew they would never come out of this alive and shouted battle cries despite their desperation. Their bodies glowed as they rushed towards their enemy. It was a terrible fight which many had thought they could avoid after their clan migrated here. Who would have thought Gu Changge would lead his army to attack them without leaving any chance for them to survive?




The most brilliant of lights burst out, seemingly able to illuminate the universe. The arrays surrounding the place hadn’t been inscribed for a long time and were unstable in several places, yet they appeared in the sky and transformed into light beams, which shot towards the army from above.


“Young Master Gu, do you require our assistance?” the Bone Ancestor and the others standing behind Gu Changge enquired respectfully despite the man remaining unruffled. Many Bone Clan experts had come including several True Daoists, which could be an unstoppable force in itself.


“Not now. There is still another force from the other side that is hiding from us. Wait for them to show before acting.” Gu Changge shook his head. He could see that the World Principles at the depths of this place was changing slightly, and was now emitting a strange new fluctuation. There were only two possibilities: either someone was manipulating it, or it had been suppressed. Both these possibilities did not alter the fact that a stronger expert was hiding.


“Yes. But, I heard that the Prime Ancestor of the Lin Clan had not passed so I wonder if it’s him.” The Bone Ancestor nodded, flames flickering eerily in his eyes.


“Oh? That might be the Blood Dragon War God himself then.” Gu Changge smiled. [It’s good that he isn’t dead yet. I am in great need of resources.]


*Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!*


Gu Changge sent the order for those behind him to activate the arrays on the ancient battleships. 


Ancient and obscure runes projected into the void, the ships shook while the arrays emitted countless beams of light. They transformed into a formidable giant sword, which could split the world apart.


The sword sliced towards the giant star before it, emitting a strong and ruthless aura. It was so powerful that even those in the Sacred Emperor were turned to powder as soon as they got too close. Any and all would be frightened at the sight of it!






After sensing the frightening energy pressing down from above, an astounding aura suddenly surged. This aura shocked even the Lin Clan experts fighting the True Daoists from the Gu Family.


“You have crossed the line! I will destroy all of you!” 


Lin Qinglong appeared from the depth of the Lin Clan’s new home with a cold snort. He didn’t look that mighty and imposing. However, those were just his physical attributes, the aura he exudes was alarming. 


A click of his fingers was enough to block the unforgiving sword strike coming from the battleships. It showed how unfathomable his cultivation was. 


Two people followed him, both of them belonging to the Nirvana Realm. These were the true core of the Lin Clan, amassed over the years!


“How did you find this place?” Lin Qinglong sharply enquired the instant he appeared, looking straight at Gu Changge with a cold gaze. He knew that this man was the mastermind. The one who had planned everything. Many cultivators of the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains hated this man more than they did anyone who belonged to the Upper Realm!


“On? That? Well, you have to ask your clansmen, Lin Wu.” Gu Changge smiled, standing proudly on the ancient battleship while sleeves moving with the breeze. His gaze landed on the star behind Lin Qinglong. 


Lin Wu didn’t have much use now, so Gu Changge immediately got rid of him. This so-called Fortuitous One should experience the feeling of betrayal. Of course, this catastrophe befalling the Lin Clan had been brought upon them by Lin Wu. 


Gu Changge was merely helping them discover the traitor.


“What? Impossible!” Many from the Lin Clan were taken aback by this, especially the younger ones whose eyes were wide with disbelief. How could Lin Wu have betrayed them?


“Gu Changge, you—” Lin Wu hadn’t expected Gu Changge to break things off and betray him. This shocked and infuriated him; however, his face turned pale after seeing the expressions of his fellow clan members around him.


“What? How is that possible? He is the most brilliant prodigy in our family for several years now, so how is that possible? That is definitely a lie.” 


Several could not believe it, their minds went blank. They were more surprised by this than when Gu Changge attacked.


“Nothing is impossible. After all, I gave him a chance to survive, with a new Upper Realm identity.” Gu Changge smiled mockingly.


“Gu Changge…you shameless and lying bastard!” Lin Wu roared, now understanding Gu Changge’s malicious intentions. His expression darkened, eyes filled with hatred. He knew that there was no longer a place for him in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains; even if the Lin Clan wasn’t exterminated, they would never accept him ever again.


“How despicable!” Lin Qinglong knew what Gu Changge was implying. They really did have a traitor in their midst, who was also the most brilliant genius of his generation. It was just as the clan had guessed. Nothing else could explain how Gu Changge had found the clan so quickly and led an army to their new place.




Lin Qinglong’s expression suddenly shifted as he sensed a beam of Sword Qi, containing as much power as a falling mountain, heading towards him. It was powerful enough to cut down the stars in its path. 


Soon, a gorgeous yet cold and imposing figure, clad in a black dress, emerged from behind Gu Changge. A pearly white sword seemingly made from bone appeared in her hand, shimmering with celestial energy. She looked much weaker than him, but her aura was still intimidating.


“You are Ni Shang of the Bone Clan. Your clan has betrayed the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains as well!” Lin Qinglong immediately recognised her after blocking the attack and his expression turned ugly. He did not expect that even the Bone Clan had taken part in this war and secretly become loyal to Gu Changge. [No, maybe, they have been secret chess pieces that the Immortal Gu Family had placed in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains from the very beginning?]


“We were originally from the Upper Realm, so how could we have betrayed you?” Ni Shang glanced at him, wielding her sword once again. Its aura was like a stormy sea which threatened to drown Lin Qinglong. She was extremely decisive and decided to attack instead of saying anything meaningless.


“So, you really have been planted here by the Upper Realm…” Lin Qinglong was shocked and angry. He might be a descendant of the Lin Clan’s Prime Ancestor and possessed unrivalled abilities, but it was still difficult for him to take her down quickly. She was inferior to him in terms of cultivation but her powers were nevertheless formidable.


They became entangled in a fight, Nirvana Realm energy filling the atmosphere. Sword Qi sliced through the air as if about to split the world apart. The other Nirvana Realm experts from the Bone Clan appeared as well to fight against the Lin Clan, eliciting yet another wave of fighting.


In an instant, Nirvana Realm energy rushed about and countless balls of lights exploded like stars. The scene resembled the formation of a universe as thick clouds of Chaos Qi were expelled. Stars were destroyed in swathes, emitting cracking sounds as they became powder since they could no longer withstand such force.


“So you want us all to die? Let’s see how many people from the Gu Family I can kill today!” Lin Qinglong’s strength was frightening, his eyes glowing as he raised his hand threateningly while still fighting Ni Shang. Smoke filled the air, yet Gu Changge clearly didn’t want to give him any attention.


“Ni Shang may be inferior to him but she wouldn’t lose so quickly.” The Bone Ancestor’s eyes flickered, choosing not to act. If the Lin Clan merely had this much, then it could be destroyed by Gu Changge completely without his help.


“It’s no matter. The biggest fish here isn’t him, after all.” Gu Changge’s gaze remained calm. He hadn’t attacked yet because there was no need for it. Furthermore, his real target wasn’t Lin Qinglong.


“You think you can stop the Gu Family with incomplete arrays? You are all suicidal. No one can escape this place.” 


The fighting on one part of the area had already ended. A cold voice had spoken, causing the True Daoists of the Lin Clan who were fighting with the True Daoists of the Gu Family to cough up blood in unison. They could no longer withstand the power of their enemy and had sustained heavy blows, since they were so much weaker in comparison. 


When they coughed up blood with injuries and blood all over them, they no longer resembling humans


“We are willing to surrender!” they called out in fear after seeing that the True Daoists of the Gu Family were preparing to attack once more. They didn’t want to die here!


“You can live, but you have to surrender willingly and seal up your cultivation,” a Gu Family expert uttered coldly, a request which they instantly fulfilled from fear that any hesitation would cause death. This made many Lin Clan members still fighting against the soldiers of the Gu Family to become even more desperate and frightened.


“What cowards…” Lin Wu stared at the ancient clansmen who had chosen to surrender with clenched fists. He was not regretting the disaster he had brought upon his clan in the slightest. His only aim now was to survive this and become stronger in order to seek revenge upon Gu Changge.


*Pop! Pop! Pop!*


Blood spattered while corpses piled up. It wasn’t surprising that after a battle which lasted merely one day and one night, the Blood Dragon War God Clan had no hope of defending themselves no matter what they did. 


Those True Daoists, besides Lin Qinglong, who hadn’t chosen to surrender, ended up being chopped to pieces. Both their bodies and souls were destroyed as they disappeared with a puffing sound.


“Damn it! Damn it! Immortal Gu Family, we would never forget this for the rest of our lives!” 


The dying Lin Clan members were shouting, moaning, or pleading for mercy as they turned into bones and ashes, souls completely extinguished. Blood flowed like the sea while countless corpses piled up to form mountains. The thick and terrible scent of blood permeating the air was spread by the wind into the other solar systems.


“Ahhhh!” Lin Qinglong screamed in pain and anger after seeing this. He might be strong but he was becoming exhausted towards the end. He had far too many opponents since he had other True Daoists fighting him other than Ni Shang.


“If Father is still around, the Lin Clan will not be exterminated! All our sacrifices will pay off!” He was still trying to drag out the fight, but Gu Changge would never give him that chance. 


Gu Changge hadn’t attacked yet, still waiting for the Lin Clan’s Prime Ancestor to show up. [The battle is almost over and nearly everyone from the other side is dead. Yet, my meal hadn’t appeared. Such restraint is surprising.].




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