I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 52, Gentleman Like Me, Warming Up


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Dhael Ligerkeys & Silavin


Silence filled the Lin Family Manor as the crowd, thoroughly dumbfounded, dared not to utter a word. As everything happened too fast, the passersby couldn’t even respond in time while the winged young Life Spirit was turned into a mist of blood, rendering all the cultivators dazed.


The Life Spirit’s old servant was even more terrified as his wrinkly face paled. The attack came so sudden he couldn’t even fend it off. Though, more importantly, he still wouldn’t be able to stop the attack even if he had seen it coming. [That attack was obviously of Honoured King Realm! How am I, who is merely Intermediate Honoured Lord Realm, supposed to block that?]


“Oh, Young Master…” His face was full of agony yet he didn’t dare to express it, and thus he turned to Ye Liuli with a miserable look.


Ye Liuli, whose face also blanched, was also stunned. An intact Life Spirit erased from the world in just one second, and that wasn’t something she had ever witnessed. After all, she was still a teenager, and having spent most of her life training in Ancient Mystic Mountains, she had never encountered such a gruesome incident.


However, she quickly took a deep breath and regained her senses. Her face was completely emotionless. Moreover, she was remarkably more mature than her peers, but of course, she also had Xue Yi backing her up.


“Let’s go,” Ye Liuli said as she headed straight into the Lin Family Manor and the Life Spirits behind her would follow after.


Compared to their previously boastful selves, they showed significant restraint after being shocked by the fact that their opponent’s attitude was much more overbearing than that of theirs with how he unhesitantly murdered one of their own. Evidently, the young master from the Beyond was not as simple as they imagined.


Concealed in the winds was a middle-aged woman. She revealed a frown as she sank into contemplation. Since the young Life Spirits was her Lady’s ally, she intended to rescue him. Alas, she felt an overwhelming aura confining her actions. Judging by the power level, she presumed the sealer to be the celebrated serf—the Prime Ancestor of the Lin Family.


Xue Yi was stupefied. As a matter of fact, her power level was of Enlightened Noble Realm, in which the existence of beings of that realm brought shame to those of True Enlightened Realm. On the other hand, the Prime Ancestor of the Lin Family seemed to be at least Enlightened Noble Realm, or Enlightened King Realm, even!


She felt distressed. [A serf that has achieved Enlightened King Realm? This is definitely more complicated than Lady Liuli expected. Besides, there seemed to be traces of a certain Cult of Immortality from the attack earlier, and even the aura of Honoured King Realm. It sure felt that way, but I’m not too sure about it yet.]


[A young man that possesses such might… He must be a prodigy. And his family name is Gu? There are not many surnamed Gu in the Beyond, so perhaps it’s that family?] At the sudden remembrance, Xue Yi felt something was off. Essentially, there were barely any Gu Families in the Beyond, unlike the abundant Ye Families and Wang Families. And the Gu Family she knew bore power not lesser than that of the Ancient Immortal Races that supported Ye Liuli.


[If that’s the case, this could be a fine opportunity. And Ye Chen isn’t even worth mentioning! Although Lady Liuli is the most beloved daughter of the family leader, she’s not the only daughter, so this may be her time to shine.] Thinking that, Xue Yi grew excited as her eyes shone. She appeared out of thin air behind Ye Liuli and got ready to share with her her analysis of the circumstances.


“Xue Yi…” Ye Liuli was surprised as Xue Yi never showed herself initiatively.


“Lady Liuli, I reckon there has been a misunderstanding…” 


What Xue Yi said next left Ye Liuli speechless.


“What’s happening? This woman seems to be proposing a truce.” Concealed in thin air, Ming Lao was baffled. If the middle-aged woman was bold enough earlier, she would have deflected the thunderous strike. Nevertheless, right now, the middle-aged woman seemed to have noticed his presence and even delivered a signal of peace. Ming Lao was somewhat perplexed. If Gu Changge’s safety weren’t under threat, he wouldn’t have interjected, let alone killed the young Life Spirit.



“Even the formidable Life Spirits from Ancient Mystic Mountains turned so cowardly. They’re completely different from before! Isn’t the young master just too daunting, killing someone in just one blow?”


“That power is obviously way above Honoured Lord Realm. How terrifying it is to imagine that massive power came from a young man!”


“The young master from the Beyond is indeed unpredictable…”


Outside the Lin Family Manor, cultivators were deeply astonished by such an extraordinary scene. It was their first time seeing the mysterious young master dealing a blow, yet it successfully scarred their minds.


To Middle State, Ancient Mystic Mountains—belonging to Godly Spirits—should not be offended no matter what. In fact, many forces and legacies were annihilated for having upset Ancient Mystic Mountains, and the extent of its might was out of the question. Nonetheless, the young master’s origin seemed far more alarming than Ancient Mystic Mountains. Therefore, the cultivators had more respect for Gu Changge.



In the palace, Gu Changge sat in the primary seat in his black robe while Su Qingge stood beside him. Withdrawing his palm, he revealed a knowing look. Judging by the commotion outside the manor, he pretty much summed up the situation.


[Ye Chen’s cousin? Ah, it’s those ancient blood, adopted in the Overworld, deep bond thing. Damn, just give me something new already! Sure, I’ve had my doubts, but for them to be actualized is quite the surprise. Man, guess I owe it all to the authors from my previous life.]


“Are you planning to kill them, Prince Gu?” Su Qingge confusedly quizzed.


“No, how could a gentleman like me murder anyone at all? Murder is, after all, a waste. I’m quite touched by the fact that you’re warming me up.” Gu Changge revealed a faint grin as he walked out of the palace with his arms behind his back, only to walk into Ye Liuli and her men, who were guided in by the leader of the Lin Family.


Almost instantaneously, Ye Liuli recognized the young man—the young master from the Beyond—before him. Although they had never met before, his nobility and pride spoke for him.


[And that’s what a youthful talent of the Beyond should look like.] Flabbergasted, Xue Yi praised Gu Changge in her heart.




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