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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 527, So, Sister, Please Die; Ji Qingxuan Will No Longer Exist in This World


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“The Successor of War Immortal Manor?” Gu Changge was also somewhat surprised by the news.


He remembered encountering the Successor once back at the Aether Abyss in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. However, because he had killed the former War Immortal, the entire War Immortal Manor regarded him as an enemy and was never happy to see him, even though they dared not cross him.


The way Gu Changge saw it, what happened to the Successor of War Immortal Manor was no accident.


[Maybe this is why Su Qingge challenged and attacked the Successor?] Gu Changge mused. He couldn’t think of a possibility other than this one that would cause Su Qingge to attack the Successor of War Immortal Manor.


It was obvious that the Successor of Demonic Arts the outside world had been buzzing about was Su Qingge. After all, it had been some time since he last attacked someone from the younger generation. So even if someone were sceptical, they wouldn’t suspect Gu Changge.


Judging from the current situation, Su Qingge had stirred up the hornet’s nest. Not only would forces like the War Immortal Manor hunt her down, but even Forces whose Successors Gu Changge had killed would also dump all their vengeance on her.


[Having met with such massive trouble, she would probably have no other choice but to flee. It’s a pity that she is still an amateur. She failed to get rid of the Successor of War Immortal Manor and landed herself in bigger trouble. Looks like she will land herself in danger if I continue to sit back and do nothing] Gu Changge mused.


Of course, it wasn’t that he was worried about her safety but that the young woman being in danger would trouble him.


It was likely that the Successor of War Immortal Manor had seen Su Qingge’s face since he survived the attack, and if something were to happen to the young woman, there would be one less person for Gu Changge to shift the blame to.


Furthermore, it still wasn’t time for his identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts to be revealed just yet.


[I’ll have to think of a way to make Su Qingge settle down for a moment, at least until after the Successor of War Immortal Manor has been dealt with.]


[This will be a good time to have Bai Lian’er dispatch one of her assassins to kill the Successor. Speaking of which, it’s been a while since I last visited the Chaos Star Territory. It’s time I stretch my hands towards the Hidden Ji Family.] The thought suddenly came to Gu Changge.


He would need Ji Qingxuan if he wanted to get to Su Qingge. The sisters might have swapped their identities, but they would surely keep in touch.


With that, Gu Changge ordered his men to get the ride ready to head to Chaos Star Territory. [As for the Hidden An Clan, I’ll only devise a plan and attack after An Yan presents me with the Hidden Celestial Blood.]


[Anyways, it is about time I dealt with Jiang Chen and Niu Tian after leaving them aside for so long.]


All the Forces feared crossing the Chaos Star Territory because of Bandit Thirteen, and though Gu Changge had already annihilated them, a new criminal force under Gu Changge was growing stronger by the day, and their size and complexity were no lesser than Bandit Thirteen.


Nowadays, the new Force has become a dominant power around the Chaos Star Territory and even swallowed many criminal Forces of various sizes.


The travelling caravans were no strangers to their exploitation and suppression. However, none dared say anything, for they knew Gu Changge was behind this new Force.


On the surface, the leader of this new Force was a young woman, but many Forces knew she was merely Gu Changge’s subordinate.


With time, many businesses that traversed the region had gotten used to the situation as they wouldn’t be looted of their goods after paying the toll. Thus, in a sense, they provided these businesses with a form of security.


One should know that, in the past, it was common for the Bandit Thirteen to go back on their word and extort goods even after they paid the toll.


The Chaos Star Territory was made up of chunks of land and stars that floated in the galaxy. The domain was practically boundless, and a place named Chaos City was located in the heart of it. 


The city was shrouded in a massive grey mist while surrounded by a city wall that stretched to the skies. In fact, it was even busier than most ancient cities of the Upper Realm as it accommodated billions.


Right then, a beautiful young woman in purple with commanding and impassive eyes, luscious black hair, and a face veil was overlooking the vast Chaos City. Her hands were clasped behind her back as she stood on the tallest tower of the incredibly majestic palace in the depths of the city.


She had a sense of intimidation that would render one’s heart racing, and dared not look straight into her eyes. Behind her, many underlings and handmaidens were also behaving absolutely deferentially and on high alert.


“Chaos City and even the entire Chaos Star Territory might now be in my hands, but compared to the vast Upper Realm, this is nothing but a tiny place that can be wiped out with a flick of a finger,” said the young woman in purple plainly as she swept her gaze across the land below with wildly bold ambition surging in the depths of her eyes while stretching her fair hand out, seemingly wanting to wrap the entire land in the palm of her hand. 


After hearing her words, the countenances of those behind her were enveloped in ill-conceived reverence.


The young woman was none other than the one the countless cultivators of the Chaos Star Territory, now called the Chaos Queen, Ji Qingxuan.


At the same time, she was the current authority of Chaos Star Territory, which controlled the lives of countless as she governed over the tens of millions of kilometres of territory.


Ji Qingxuan looked at the city wall far away with a profound and aloof gaze, then suddenly shook her head. “I always thought I could control even more, but looking back at it now, all of this might just be something I’m creating for someone else…”


“We believe you will have a place in the Upper Realm very soon, Your Majesty,” said her underlings and handmaidens differentially after hearing her words.


“A place for me? But all of this doesn’t really belong to me.” A disdainful chuckle escaped Ji Qingxuan as frost spread out from her body, making everyone shudder slightly with barely noticeably paled countenances.


That said, the emotion only lasted for a split second before she came to herself.


Just then, someone came rushing over from downstairs of the tower and reported deferentially, “Your Majesty, your sister has arrived and is currently waiting in the hall.”


Many in Chaos City were aware that Ji Qingxuan had a younger sister that looked exactly like her, and the sister was a renowned prodigal damsel of the Hidden Ji Family. She would often visit her. In fact, she’d sometimes even arrive with several Elders of the Ji Family.


Of course, none of them knew their Chaos Queen was actually the prodigal damsel of the Ji Family while the said sister was actually her older sister, Su Qingge.


The sisters had switched identities a long time ago.


“Oh? Why has she come again?” Ji Qingxuan was deadpanned as a profound glimmer flashed across her eyes.


“I’m not sure, but your sister has come alone this time. The Elders of the Ji Family aren’t present,” answered the man who had come to report Su Qingge’s arrival.


“Alone?” Jin Qingxuan nodded emotionlessly, making it hard for anyone to read her thoughts.


Followingly, she left the top of the tower and headed towards the hall where a young woman in white had long been waiting. A chilling expression was laced on her stunning face as her luscious hair made her seem otherworldly.


“What brings you here so suddenly today, Qingge? Did something happen?” she asked concerningly with a smile.


There was no one else but Su Qingge in the hall, for it was a rule Ji Qingxuan had set when the two met up in the past. No one was to disturb them when she was seeing her sister.


Su Qingge turned around in response and looked plainly at Ji Qingxuan while saying, “Indeed. That’s why I’ve come to you.”


“Oh? What is it? Do you need my help?” Ji Qingxuan couldn’t help asking after a blink.


Su Qingge gazed thoughtfully at her for a moment before saying softly, “It’s time we switch back…”


“Qingge…” Bewilderment laced Ji Qingxuan’s face, and it looked as though she had a hard time digesting her sister’s words as she reiterated, “Are you serious, Qingge? Haven’t we been doing fine with our switched identities? Why switch back all of a sudden? Have you met with some kind of trouble?”


That was the first thought that popped into Ji Qingxuan’s mind. [Why would she bring this up out of the blue if everything is fine?]


“No trouble. I just want to switch back. Given my position in the Ji Family now, you will no longer have to tread your steps anymore, and mother has also gotten much better,” said Su Qingge with a gaze as plain as her character.


Ji Qingxuan fell silent at once, and the smile on her face disappeared as well.


“Are you really being serious, Qingge?” she reiterated, leading Su Qingge to frown. Su Qingge already had a feeling her plan wouldn’t run so smoothly, and her sister wouldn’t be willing to switch their identities back. But she didn’t expect Ji Qingxuan to be so persistent, even asking twice at that.


“Naturally. It’ll be fine even if you return home now, as I have already sorted everything out,” explained Su Qingge as she eased her brows. She believed Ji Qingxuan was worried about her situation after returning to the Ji Family Residence. But she had already foreseen all that and had already sorted everything out.


“I see. You have come to reclaim your identity because you have completed everything you needed to do, haven’t you!?” Impassiveness had replaced the smile on Ji Qingxuan’s face at this point, and her faint mocking was night and day to her expression earlier.


“What are you saying, Qingxuan?” Su Qingge frowned, thinking the young woman standing before her eyes was starkly different from the sister she had gotten to know lately. In fact, she thought the young woman was a stranger.


Then again, this young woman called Ji Qingxuan had always been like this when they first met. It was just that the obedience and whatnot on the surface was nothing more than a facade she had shown to the world because of her situation.


“What am I saying?” Ji Qingxuan sneered, “Do you really not know what I’m saying, Sister? I did everything to please Young Master Changge and, even more so, managed this vast Chaos Star Territory in all its details. I’m governing these tens of millions of kilometres of territory and the people living in it, and you want to take everything without any effort, removing me from everything that I have built up till now!? Has it ever occurred to you how I would feel? Do you think I’d be happy about it?” 


As she spoke, frost enveloped her face as well as her voice.


Su Qingge, on the other hand, fell silent, never expecting her sister to say something like that. Then again, it was her fault for being inconsiderate, as it never occurred to her that Ji Qingxuan would care so much about this identity.


“But this is all ultimately a lie. You’re not me, nor am I you either. The lie can only go on for so long. Do you even dare to imagine the consequences we’ll face once all of this is exposed?” Su Qingge reasoned with slightly furrowed brows.


Honestly speaking, she was never certain if Gu Changge really knew about her identity switch with Ji Qingxuan, but now, as long as the two of them switched back, there would still be a way for everything.


“Yeah, everything’s a lie. You’re ultimately you, and I’m still me,” monotoned Ji Qingxuan with impassiveness. “So all I have to do is kill you, and henceforth, I will be you. Ji Qingxuan will no longer exist in this world and there will only be Su Qingge. All that is mine will still be mine, and Young Master Gu will spoil only me. You will have nothing to do with anything.” 


“Qingxuan, you…” Su Qingge’s countenance shifted slightly as she sensed a chill. She knew it was from Ji Qingxuan’s pure desire for her to die. The notion shocked her. In fact, she couldn’t believe her younger sister intended to kill her and then use her identity to live the rest of her life. That way, it’d be just as she said—Ji Qingxuan would no longer exist in this world. There would only be Su Qingge.


“I didn’t want it to come to this, but you just have to force me, Qingge. I don’t want to lose Young Master Changge’s affection, nor do I want to lose everything I’ve so painstakingly built up. So, dear sister, please die.” There was nothing but frost and impassiveness as Ji Qingxuan spoke, and it was as though she was merely mentioning something insignificant.


*Buzz!* The next second, brilliant waves of light emerged within the palace, and quaint, powerful, mystical runes appeared on the walls and in the air, one after another, weaving into a vast starry sky that could kill any living being that entered it.


“You’ve set all this up long ago just so you can kill me?” Su Qingge retreated grimly as terror enveloped her.


It genuinely never occurred to her that Ji Qingxuan would set up such a powerful array inside the palace just for this day to come.


“I didn’t want to activate this array, nor do I want this day to come either.” Ji Qingxuan remained cold as she approached Su Qingge. “But why must you barge into my life and try to steal everything that’s mine? Can’t you just acquiescently be Ji Qingxuan? I have constantly been worrying if Young Master Changge would suddenly discover I’m not the real Su Qingge but her useless little sister. Tell me, what do you think I should do?”


In response, Su Qingge retreated back with anger lacing her face as she questioned icily, “So, your first thought is to kill me!?”




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