I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 528, The Su-Ji Sisters’ Fight; Honestly Difficult to Tell Apart


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


Nothing but silence filled the grand hall as countless runes glowed on the walls and in the air. Never had Su Qingge thought Ji Qingxuan would one day kill her for her identity, and as the older sister, she felt deeply disappointed, heartbroken, and livid.


The two were blood sisters, if anything. Sure, they never grew up together, but they should be supporting each other in the foreign Upper Realm. Who’d have thought they would one day become enemies!? And all for some stupid identity.


“I should’ve expected this day, shouldn’t I? You’re very ambitious, and staying in the Ji Family Residence will hinder you from realising your ambitions. But our identity switch has given you a chance,” Su Qingge said, gradually recovering her composure after coming around.


It wasn’t her fault, nor Ji Qingxuan’s. The fault lay in the fact that they shouldn’t have switched identities in the first place and that she shouldn’t mention switching back now. Perhaps the best solution now was that she lived as Ji Qingxuan for the rest of her life while Ji Qingxuan continued to stay by Gu Changge’s side as Su Qingge.


“What point is there for you to say this now?” Ji Qingxuan remained unmoved after hearing Su Qingge’s words. She waved her arm, and more mystical runes emerged. Even condensing into various glowing weapons that pointed at Su Qingge.


“I can give you a second chance if you stop. I won’t play nice anymore if you continue to be insistent,” warned Su Qingge as frost laced her expressionless face. She was actually seething with rage. However, she was still hesitant to attack her sister.


“Oh? Do you actually think you’ll have any chances, Sister?” Ji Qingxuan mocked with a slight smirk.


She had advanced to the Sacred Noble Realm, having powers enough to match many young prodigies. More importantly, the arrays in this palace were under her control. Even cultivators of the Sacred King Realm would be apprehensive. Hence, Ji Qingxuan believed the present Su Qingge had nothing on her. 


“In that case, I shall teach you a good lesson,” declared Su Qingge icily as several glowing lights emerged from her sleeve and merged on her palm. It was a somewhat damaged horn. Though it looked ancient and quaint with dried blood stains on the edge, the dragon bellows one could vaguely hear caused the entire palace to slightly shake.


Ji Qingxuan’s countenance shifted slightly upon seeing the object. That said, she recovered very quickly and commented plainly, “You do have quite a few neat treasures, Sister. To think you even have a broken dragon horn… But if you think a mere broken dragon horn can destroy my array, think again.”


Though a dragon horn had the power to destroy an array, it had to be a perfectly fine dragon horn with immense Qi injected into it. As powerful as Su Qingge was, it would be impossible for her to break a Sacred King Grade array with a damaged horn.


However, Su Qingge said nothing but knocked the damaged dragon horn against the array in front of her.


As the Successor of Demonic Arts, her powers advanced with breakneck speed. Even a powerful expert like the Successor of War Immortal Manor, who was recognised as one of the strongest cultivators among the young generation, had nearly died in her hands.


Ji Qingxuan wasn’t worthy of her to go all out at all.


*Buzz!* The next second, a brilliant light exploded, creating a powerful shock wave that caused the entire palace to shake violently. The glowing dragon horn was so dense and powerful that even the space exploded with a boom, and many runes were wiped out from that strike alone, causing the brilliant light in the room to gradually dim.


“No, impossible…” Ji Qingxuan’s countenance turned multitudes as she watched the scene develop. Things were seemingly getting out of her hand as her sister was far more powerful than she had imagined. It seemed that the array couldn’t defeat Su Qingge. Instead, it was obliterated by the broken dragon horn.


“This all you got? You don’t actually think you can kill me with just this, do you?” Su Qingge monotoned as her white dress fluttered, making her look pure and otherworldly.


Ji Qingxuan, on the other hand, smiled plainly and said after calming down, “I admit I have underestimated you, Sister, but… you seemed to have underestimated me too.”


The next second, the palace shook and bellowed; even the space turned blurry as wisps of chaos mist gushed, causing the place to look like it had returned to when the universe was just born.


“This palace is a space artifact?! You intend to trap me here forever?” Su Qingge was somewhat surprised that Ji Qingxuan had a Plan B. However, a simple space artifact wouldn’t be enough to contain her.


“You seem to be very confident in your powers, Sister,” commented Ji Qingxuan while keeping a watchful eye on Su Qingge’s expression, only to be surprised that the latter was merely somewhat surprised after she activated the palace.


Being blood sisters, though it wasn’t to the extent of being telepathically linked, they could vaguely feel each other’s emotions right then, and Su Qingge was a lot more composed than Ji Qingxuan imagined.


“Speak for yourself,” Su Qingge rebutted.


Very quickly, the sisters fought within the palace, throwing punches and various talismans against each other, creating a brilliant scene as various spells were cast and techniques were thrown.


The space became incredibly blurry. In fact, the surrounding chaos mists dispersed from the shock waves, scattering across all directions.


The two were incredibly powerful, enough to be regarded as champions among their peers, especially Su Qingge, who was able to give Ji Qingxuan a hard time. She could force her younger sister to cough up blood after a few dozen exchanges of attacks without ever using her strongest attack.


“Impossible…” Ji Qingxuan stepped back as blood trickled down the corner of her lips. She had a hard time accepting the fact that her powers were beneath Su Qingge, who lived in the Lower Realm, when she was born in the Upper Realm and had assiduously cultivated since she was little. The notion left her doubtful and frustrated.


“You want to kill me with just this?” Su Qingge smiled with conceit and ridicule as she charged towards Ji Qingxuan after she was greatly injured.


Incredibly, mystical silver vines that could merge into various godly artifacts interwoven mid-air and seemingly rooted themselves onto the spot.


It was Su Qingge’s incredibly powerful and tricky divine technique.


Even when Ji Qingxuan cast a Ji Family technique, she still couldn’t break this divine technique and was even severely injured.


Despite having a slightly pale face, her gaze remained calm, evidently having some tricks up her sleeves still.


But just then, she frowned as she sensed footsteps coming from outside the hall, and she had no choice but to stop what she was doing.


If it wasn’t anything dire, no one would dare interrupt her at this time.


At that, she waved her arm. The thick chaos mist dispersed, and the aftershock of the fight, too, disappeared in two shakes.


Su Qingge too, stopped upon sensing someone else was approaching.


“What is it?” asked Ji Qingxuan plainly as she took her handkerchief out to wipe off the blood on the corner of her lips.


However, strangely, the person outside the palace remained silent, leading the Chaos Queen to frown with displeasure. It was inevitable she’d be upset when she was disturbed at this moment. Especially when she was at a disadvantage the whole time, causing her to be seething with rage, having nowhere to vent her anger.


“If it’s nothing important, don’t bother me,” Ji Qingxuan scolded impassively.


“Oh, have I interrupted a good moment?” 


A chuckle rang out from outside the hall the next second, and the door Ji Qingxuan had shut with a secret technique opened. Outside, her underlings and handmaidens stood deferentially with their heads lowered. 


The one who spoke up was a young man, and both Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge’s expressions stiffened upon hearing the voice. In fact, their minds went blank in a snap.


[Young Master Gu?! What is he doing in Chaos City?] More than that, neither of them felt his presence at all!


If he hadn’t spoken up, they wouldn’t have believed he was here at all, especially when the two were at each other’s necks.


At that moment, cold sweat gathered on their backs and palms.


However, it was Ji Qingxuan who came to herself faster, and she hurriedly welcomed the man with great delight. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, Young Master? I could’ve at least welcomed you outside the city.”


The way Ji Qingxuan looked now, with a beaming smile as her arms wrapped around Gu Changge’s arm, was night and day to her stern and aloof manner when she faced everyone in Chaos City.


Meanwhile, Su Qingge reflexively wanted to go up to Gu Changge as well, but upon remembering her identity, she repressed the urge at once. However, mixed emotions, mainly anxiety and worry that Gu Changge would sense something amiss, enveloped her face.


She had been following Gu Changge the longest, so she knew just how terrifying the man was. Be it his schemes or thoughts, they were near demon-like.


Who was to say he hadn’t sensed it when she and Ji Qingxuan were battling out in here just now? After all, his current powers were unfathomable and such ‘weak’ arrays should not be able to obstruct his senses.


“There wouldn’t be any surprises if I notified in advance, would there?” Gu Changge smiled plainly as he quietly glanced at Su Qingge. “This must be the sister you told me about. Now that I see both of you together, you two do look identical. It’s honestly hard to tell you two apart.”




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